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List of Songs: English Translation

List of Songs: English Translation

·         KAT-TUN – Remember

·         KAT-TUN – Right Now

·         TANAKA KOKI – Make U Wet (Chapter 2) - (So dirty but love it! xD … ) koki chan what have you done to me!!!(^-^)

·         YAMASHITA TOMOHISA – One In a million

·         YAMASHITA TOMOHISA – Loveless

·         Nishikido Ryo - Code

·         NEWS – Fighting Man

[FIC] Reality or Dream? - Chapter 4

My name is Kamenashi Kazuya, 24 years old, Business Manager for Tokyo Sky Tower Company with my partner Yamashita Tomohisa. It wasn’t the best environment or atmosphere but really i enjoyed it even when my boss when extremely demanding type, it pays well.  About a month ago my best friend introduced to the world of the Sims 2 world a PC game; this seemed to relief half of my stress for everyday working life. Until then I lived a normal life when my world was turned down in a bizarre way when i woke up in my own PC game. As strange as it was, I met my sim that I created named Akanishi Jin apparently an ideal lover & Mei-chan who is a female version of me; I know strange right.

During my whole entire life, I never once thought about love, and I never once believed in it, and yet I’ve created one in my own imagination in a PC game. Somehow I feel that life was trying to teach me a thing or two about in a strange way, whatever is happening  Reality or Dream i can’t live it out and for the best and except outcome chooses to reveal itself to me...


Collapse )

It been has 6 days since he had been in this crazy unknown world,  kazuya opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time before turning to the coffee table in front of him where his mobile phone and pouted.

What are you doing now pi? Are you feeding my little one? Pi, what do I do?” kazuya sighed “I want to go back home, come and get me you always do, please, i want to go home...” azuya pleaded to his phone as Jin watched from afar at the man’s strange behaviour, he’s never seen so depressed, it’s been 5 days already and the boy had been really silently.

He didn’t dare to ask the other but watched him, of all this time living alone, he only knew how to comfort himself at his depressed but to having someone like this from a different place that’s beyond his understanding he was clueless of how to comfort people and or even people around another world. The only explanation that he could come with their homesick or the other had come down with something. 

Jin turned to his watch as it already 8:30am, he had to work in half-an-hour, and he didn’t want to leave the other like this he was his housemate other after all. 

So with not much hesitation is picked up the phone and dialled his work number

Hey Lawerence, it’s Jin here, can I apply for 7 days leave as of today, I have things I need to sort out personally and this week is the only time I can do it....” Jin asked his boss as he heard a grunt

Sure, you need a break anyway, you been workin’ too hard lately, take the time all the time that you need Jin, are sure 7 days is enough i mean you have like 3 – 4 months worth of holiday loading?” His boss heard as Jin just smiled

I know, yeah 7 days is enough?” Jin reassured his boss grunt in agreement again

Okay then well, you take care and I will see you about then... “his boss Lawerence replied as Jin hang-up the phone as turned back to the strange boy talking to his phone for way too now that it was starting to worry for the man’s health.

Meanwhile, kazuya picked up his phone as he tried to turn it on, thinking maybe if could turn it on he call yamapi. Mum and cousin or someone in contact with in Tokyo. But to his luck his would not turn on, confirming that it was completely dead and there was no chance of getting home to Tokyo any time soon, throwing to his phone to the carpet really hard watching bounce he sighed even more. 

Just as he sat back into the chair, his phone was present in front him, making kazuya turn to face Jin was smiling in front of him the owner of this house, as he blushed seeing that smile.

he’s just a sims he’s not real, not real he’s not real’ Kazuya repeated to himself over and over again in his head ‘he’s just a PC game he’s not real, men like him aren’t real, they don’t exist

“You shouldn’t throw just a valuable phone like that...” Jin said the other who did say anything as Jin continued to examine the phone immensely “I have to say, you have a funny looking phone” Jin as turned it over when he saw a picture of a person and an unknown person with he didn’t know.

“Is that you partner?” Jin asked curious as he felt his heart a little seeing that photo for a moment as kazuya turned to see Jin was talking about as he pulled his phone out of Jin’s hand instantly

“Gimme that...”Kazuya muttered he turned to over to see the photo of him, Pi & ran-chan on the back as he smiled “these are my two best friends Pi and my pet ran-chan” Kazuya answered as Jin smirked a little

“You have a dog as a best friend?” Jin chuckled as kazuya glared at him before shoving his phone into his pocket “I don’t want to see you right now...I just want to be alone right now and get things straight....” Kazuya announced as he was about to walk away but Jin grabbed the other’s arm making kazuya stop as he turned back to his Sims

“As your creator, I command you to get your hands off me...” Kazuya demanded as Jin smirked “As a landlord who let you in this house for free, i will not agree to your command and let you go, you have to pay me back remember?” Jin answered back as kazuya sighed

“What the hell do you want from me? Huh?” surprising Jin from the other’s sudden outburst of anger “Can’t you see that I’m not in the mood, of getting into a heated argument with you, over a stupid matter...?” Kazuya continued “let me go” kazuya pleaded as Jin saw those tears streaming from the man’s eyes for a moment he felt his heart stop at that, he hated seeing people cry because they were in pain, and he didn’t like to see people in pain.

He had seen Mei cry all the time and he comforted her but this stranger wasn’t her like he was different. Knowing that the other was from a different world; could that be why the other was different from Mei and also why he was so depressed all of a sudden? That had to be reason why, there couldn’t be any other reason to it unless he was the problem, but he doubted that.

He watched the other closely for a moment once again not making any move of letting go. Before he placed his hand on the crying boy’s forehead to see if the has a fever. For a moment kazuya stopped crying as he felt a warm palm that came into contact with his skin making kazuya jump a little. 

What the hell was going on? Why did everything in this sim world feel so real? Everything about this was too weird; he didn’t understand at all, he even started to wonder had died in his sleep or something. He was so confused at that moment; he didn’t know what was going on right now, everything was just a mess, what did he do to be taken out of his world and be put into this one? Was life trying to teaching him a lesson that he should cherish his job and co-workers more, if that was the case he will do it.

“Thank Goodness you don’t have a fever, at least that you are still healthy” Jin smiled in relief as kazuya didn’t answer the other but turned away instead

“Come on, you and I lets go out for a bit” Jin said trying to lighten the mood as kazuya turned back to him “It’s fine, don’t worry about me” kazuya continued “It’s a Monday don’t you have to work?” Kazuya asked as Jin smirked

“Screw work, I rather go downtown right now, it’s been while seen I’ve been downtown with someone” Jin smiled looking at the other again didn’t answer “I can’t bring you back but I can show you around mine, and believe me downtown are really good to release stress” Jin explained

“So, how about it little robber...”Jin smirked as he saw the cute anger the other wore the first time he saw the other in his house “It’s Kamenashi kazuya...”kazuya repeated his name as Jin had to smirk “geez, even your name is too long.....” Jin groaned “I like the name kazu” as kazuya blinked a couple of times at that nickname, that’s what Pi and his cousin would call him, he wasn’t comfortably with this virtual PC game character  called him by that nickname

“Kame...call me kame” Kazuya said as Jin grinned wider “Okay, kame it is...” Jin said as he turned on his feet, i’m going to go and get ready, and you better go and have something to eat, I cooked from sushi earlier if you want some, I’ll be back in a moment” Jin as turned walking his room

“I never agreed to go out with you” Kazuya muttered under his breath once he the other disappeared into his room to change, while turned on his feet as he eyed the fridge for a moment “Sushi?” kazuya repeated “could it be they have Japanese food here that tastes like Japanese sushi? Kazuya didn’t hesitate as he walked over to the kitchen opening the fridge seeing a plate of sushi there no doubt so without questioning he picked one up sushi and ate it, for a moment as his went big while he took another after another. Right at the moment Jin walk back into the kitchen he saw the boy in fridge.

“What you can’t find the sushi...?” Jin asked as Kazuya turned with his mouth covered in pieces of rice from Jin had smiled before he covered his mouth covering his laughter, from the sight. Moments after he calmed himself down; kazuya took out the plate out and wiped his mouth as sat down on the table placing the plate of sushi on the table

“I’m sorry .....and stop laughing at me” Kazuya barked making the man even more “for someone who was just sulking for almost for a week, and then crying a few minutes ago and then acting like it never just by eating a plate of sushi, it’s laughable” Jin said as smiled before a single sushi was thrown his way as Jin it instantly as he eat it.

“No playing with food when the house is cleaned” Kazuya heard the man speak showing the other an angry pout to “You clean because I created you that way” Kazuya answered back as smirked

“Well, it’s seems like the sushi brought you back to your normal you damn little robber...” Jin teased as kazuya squinted his at him “don’t call me that call me that, I didn’t w---“kazuya started but he was stopped by Jin laughter again as he looked up to the other again

“You can finish the sushi, I’m not really hungry anyway”  Jin said turned away laughed out again as kazuya pouted more when he heard the man laugh at him before stuffing the last 4 sushi’s into his mouth and placing the place in the dishwasher as he followed the man.

In less than a minute, Kazuya ran out to the car porch, as he saw a deep indigo Lamborghini parked there as a huge grinned appeared on his face. Just when Kazuya was about to have any ideas Jin stepped in

“I don’t care if you are my creator or whatever and you can do anything else but you are NOT driving my car, only me...” Kazuya pouted when hearing that but then it was to be expected so he shrugged it off skipping to the side of the passenger’s side. He pressed a button on the door handle as it opened automatically, kazuya was stared in awe by the auto door, Jin just shook his head again, grinning ‘this outsider really is a newbie to everything...” Before walking to the driver’s seat of the car, the boy was like a man a child’s body that was fascinating to him.

“You’re from a poor family aren’t you?” Jin asked as kazuya smiled sadly “Yeah, you got a problem Mr.” Kazuya snapped snobbishly, as he turned away “Don’t be sensitive, geez” Jin muttered as the other child-like behaviour as he heard the other continue

“I never asked to be poor, it just happened that way...”Kazuya said “My parents passed away when i was really young so yeah growing up was hard for me it was even hard living in that ohrange, so pi convinced his parents to adopt me because I had nowhere else to go and i was glad excepted they me into their family and until I found my own house and that i had a job that I could afford to pay for the rent” Kazuya spoke out the memory of the past, thinking how grateful he was to pi for everything, it wasn’t enough for words to express how everyone helped him, that was probably the one thing that he couldn’t do was show people how he feels towards about anything.

“I’m sorry, i didn’t know someone could suffer that much in a lifetime, but i’m glad you that everything worked out in the end though” Jin smiled, kazuya snorted “sometimes I wonder did it really work out” Kazuya said gazing at the window at the beautiful morning outside “i don’t know anymore, i don’t really have the right to question my own reality anymore, because of strange events that have been happening to me” Kazuya said sadly

“Sorry, i don’t even know why i’m telling you this; I’m fine it’s just that I’m a little ....”Kazuya started “homesick..?” Jin finished as kazuya went quiet again, Jin chuckled at that silence too well already that means he guess right.

“At least I can understand you a little more of why you are the way you are...” Jin replied “makes me feel a little closer to you from the short days that I’ve known you...considering that you claim to be my creator and you think you know everything about me....”Jin explained as kazuya snorted back at that before to his sim

“Are you claiming that i’m a liar?” Kazuya questioned “I just it’s okay though, we are both aliens to each other, so, i guess it’s okay if you don’t believe me..”Kazuya agreed when the car came to a complete stop and as they both sat there quietly in the car as Jin to the other once again in a serious matter.

“I didn’t mean it that way, okay” Jin continued “and your right, you are an alien to this world” Jin pressed on ‘a gorgeous alien’ Jin wanted to say but decided against it because it wasn’t the time for flattery with the boy because he wasn’t in a good mood today.

“a little crazy but definitely not calling you a liar, besides if i was in your world I’ll probably be the same in your world...”Jin admitted

“anyway, it’s time to go, we are here” Jin said happily as he clapped his hands together once, kazuya looked up to the building in front of him in amaze when suddenly he realise wasn’t the car anymore “wasn’t I just in the car a moment ago?” Kazuya asked himself as Jin turned to the boy

“Huh? What was that?” Jin asked as kazuya shook his head with a smile “oh it’s nothing...”kazuya said giving a small smile “And you said that you’re not a liar, you’re lying to me right now” Jin said to pointing to the other’s face as kazuya look confused

“Your face shows everything about you” Jin explained “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Kazuya snobbishly replied as he walked into the building as Jin just merely watched the other as he snorted

“Lying brat...”Jin muttered before smiling as follow his housemate into the large building.


“Cheater...” Jin announced watching the man pouting “no one gets a strike before before me, you must of cheated” Jin said as kazuya smiled at this “In my world, there was two things that i did in my leisure time to keep my stress levels down, one was dancing and two was ten-pin bowling” Kazuya chuckled “ten-pin bowling i played to release my anger, and dancing was to the loosen my tense muscles from drama work havocs.” Kazuya finished as he sat next to the other man grinning brightly

“Thank you....”Kazuya said to him again “for what?” Jin asked as kazuya turned around with the bright smile still on his face, just seeing that smile Jin’s heart melted, as that warm feeling came back, the same feeling that he felt when he saw the man at the club dancing, but somehow different more gentleness, happiness.

“Thanks to you, Mei and Andy; the people that I have met here for making me feel right at home, even though my original home is so far away to god knows where. In my world it’s not easy for people to accept you...” Kazuya said earnestly, Jin gave the other a puzzled look

“How come..?” Jin questioned as kazuya shrugged not knowing the answer “I’ve been asking that myself for the last 10 years of my life, and I still can’t answer it, but i guess it’s just that a lot of people have a lot of issues and then it becomes personal and suddenly it turns into hate making them become wicked people” Kazuya explained “for here, seems somewhat peaceful and relaxing just like when i would arrive home to my own apartment everyday and relax after a hard day’s work.”  Kazuya chuckled to himself a little

“I miss that...”Kazuya admitted as forced a smile before giving out soft giggles as Jin just  continued to that strange boy named kame. He didn’t have an explanation as to why the boy landed in his house, or why he chose to accept a stranger to live with him. But somehow he felt that this was a gift to him; to show him that there are other worlds out there that he never heard until kame dropped in.

“Hey, it’s your turn or do i have to play for you so your score doesn’t look as bad next to mine?” Kazuya teased as Jin glared at kame while smirking “what are you talking about your only mine and your pretty cl-“ Jin started before he looked at the screen read

‘KAME – 120
‘JIN – 57

Pointing to the screen “how on earth did you get that score after one strike..?” Jin said in shock tone “it’s all called spares my dear housemate, it adds up, idiot” Kazuya teased “Your scoring here, is the same in my world too” Jin snorted as he picked up the ball angrily

“I’ll show you, who’s the idiot when i leave you in the dust” Jin announced storming off the bowling aisle, with much confidence he bowled the down the middle of the aisle as he smile almost to happily when he turned back grinning at the other who burst out in laughter  all of sudden

“What’s so funny?” Jin barked as kazuya pointed to the screen “congratulations on getting a gutter bowl” kazuya spoke as Jin looked for a moment before turning around to like at the screen before glaring at it.

“How dare you make a fool out of me...” Jin snapped at the man who just smirked at him “What did I do wrong?” kazuya asked feeling slightly insulted “this is your entirely fault you ruined my mojo” Jin barked again, kazuya snorted “in my world, this attitude is what we a call a ‘sore loser’ “kazuya said as Jin gave the man a smug look turning around as he grabbed the ball once again

“In my world this, in my world that, quit saying that already” Jin muttered under his breath as bowled the ball down the bowling aisle, as the anger bowl earned him a strike as he Jin was shocked and surprised when he turned to see his housemate sitting clearly in his impressed.

For the rest of the day, Jin and kame continued to hang-out the whole day soon kazuya had forgotten about this homesick because of Jin. Despite the fact of being in a different world compared to his own world, it still shared their similarities, the trees, smell of cleanliness, the smell of furniture and the smell of fresh air, as soon as they reached home it was night already when both of them collapsed on the both while passing through the gates of Jin’s house in Pleasantville as giggled while doing so.

“Oi, Bakanishi...”Kazuya said hitting the other in the shoulder as Jin turned to face the instant hearing that nickname “what the hell does that mean?” Jin asked a little offended making him pout “it’s my nickname for you, Ba-ka-nis-hi...”kazuya giggled as sounding it out in English

“It’s sound better in my language...” Kazuya said sadly “language, what do you speak in your world?” Jin asked curiously, as kazuya replied “Japanese..”Jin merely an eyebrow “What language is Japanese...?” Jin pressed on as kazuya nodded

“Japanese is from Japan, that’s the language that we speak in my world” Kazuya explained “but, for some reason I’m speaking English here in this world all of a sudden when in my world I don’t understand this English very well let alone speak it? Not a word but here, it can” Kazuya answered as Jin smirked before turning to him “the more you talk about this place the more i want to visit this place you call Japan Tokyo” Jin chuckled as he look back up in the sky

“It seems more interesting than this will ever be” kazuya giggled as he heard that “when I promise I will take you there sometime, if i ever make it back there i will let you visit...” Jin nodded satisfied with that answer “don’t forget your promise, yeah?”  Jin warned

“Don’t worry, one thing that I know that i’m good is keeping promises” Kazuya reassured the man grinned wider “hmm, i wonder about that it, for someone who is not good at lying, i’m not so sure” Jin teased as he felt a thump on his stomach as he ran off and just snorted

“Ah,  oi! You crazy, violent, lying newbie ...” Jin screamed “when i get to your world, I will make sure to teach everyone like you a lesson of how to treat their landlords...”Jin muttered as sighed while a grinned as walked himself in his house as the other was on the couch sleep, Jin  snarled, shaking his head before smiling once more

the brat, doing anything that pleases him, just because he says that he my creator in chuckled again moving towards the other who was fast asleep on the couch with his hand dangling down the side of the sofa bed as Jin squatted right beside him so he look at the stranger closer, brushing the strands away from his face. This man was mysterious, as so many he wanted to about the stranger.

Why was he so captivating the other had did nothing to draw him closer or wanting to know more about him, he didn’t understand why a mere stranger who dropped into his house that day


[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Seventeen

 “I love you baby, and I’m never going to give you up even if you ask me to...”Kazuya only smirked as he whispered as let out a groan as grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his waist while pushing the hard into the wall feeling each other’s erections pressed one another in a delicious way, kissing the those again.  Just a Jin was about to the party started as heard a familiar voice from behind him 

“Jin, is that you?” he turned around in annoyance out of his trance of passion as he now  turned to his partner and best friend looking at him in shock seeing the scene in his front of his eyes with Tegoshi standing behind him



“W-w-wwwhat happened to you?!” Yamapi asked in an outrage not believing the outcome as tegoshi sighed knowing that WOULD be the outcome that how that’s it always happens you get yourself involved with a vampire, you eventually becomes one yourself the moment you are affected by their blood.  Tegoshi however watched his pointless argument, knowing interfering the other’s conversation is also pointless because he would most likely he ignored as always.

Tegoshi watched as Jin smirked a little while turning to face his friend with an expression that Tegoshi had seen before on vampire when they are hunting for their prey somehow that was different and he couldn’t put a finger on it.  Kazuya turned his annoyed expression from being distracted by the vampire hunter again but this time at a time that was completely stepping out of his borders of respect.

“I’ll leave you and friend to talk, me and Mr. vampire hunter here have unfinished business…” kazuya said for picking up the man  without hesitation as he dragged him away from the two and fled elsewhere while he left his lover now with his business to deal with.

“This is all my fault...”Yamapi said with a sad smirk “I should been a better partner to you, and maybe just I would have saved you for making the wrong decision” yamapi pressed on shaking his head as Jin stared at this partner grateful expression for the other taking care of him all these years.

“You were a better partner than you know, and this not your fault” Jin reassuring the other “it’s my fault, i played with fire and got myself caught in falling in love with a vampire was the first, the second was meeting my sworn enemy everything seemed to be going wrong for me as a cop even though i took so much pride in it and I still do, and it’s all thanks to you pi and but this is where my police officer days stops...” Jin said as yamapi couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Jin no doubt, this wasn’t the Jin he knew anymore, he was a stranger to him now yamapi just shorted

“Just because I’m your partner and best friend you think I’m going to except something like this? This entire vampire shit, I shouldn’t have told you anything about it,  I wish my curiosity of vampires ever got the best of me, maybe if no one knew;  maybe everything would have been different, maybe even...”Yamapi stated “you wouldn’t have thrown your life away so easily for  STUPID thing called love” Yamapi snapped as Jin just listened, admitting that he did feel bad about leaving everything to the other thinking to he could handle it.

“To be honest, I’m surprised that you still consider me as a friend or a partner? After all that, making u do my work for me, you’ve proved to me that you are worthy to work under extreme conditions when something is thrown at you even if it’s from me or someone else” Jin said earnestly “I’m truly grateful my friend,  so as a last request I’m entrusting the police department to you now, I believe in you partner that you can do I better job that I could ever do” Jin continued

“DON’T FUCK WITH ME?!” Yamapi shouted glaring at Jin “I don’t have your skills to run the police department by myself, everyone or left for the people in the police department not one of them respected or take me seriously as a police officer it was always about you and chief tatsuya, fuck man I couldn’t even save your cousin miroku from our chief who was also a vampire, i saw him get thrown in a trunk of a car and I was right there, all i could do was stand there and watch” Yamapi smirked

“You choose not to because you were thinking what would of happened if you did” Jin answered “you chose what was the best, that’s all us police officers can do...” Yamapi just laughed at that statement “Letting an innocent person get dragged away only to be killed; how the hell is that the best option....” Yamapi stated as he turned his head away

“What’s the use of being cop when you can’t protect the innocent and the people that you care about that most” Yamapi spoke turning back to the other “all that time when i was worried about you, I spent a lot of time with agent yuya, his arrogance is twice as bad as yours, but I learnt things about his past and it shared some similarities to you but different. You both lost something dear to you, and i never really understood what it was to lose people that are dear to you before when I came into this job” Yamapi pressed on as he turned the other “so many assholes who like to committee suicide because they broke the law... damn idiots i can deal with that because they are idiots ...” Yamapi cursed “but this...”

“All because of vampires existence the human world is fucked up, it’s taken everything away from me, my job I started to grow to love, my dear colleagues, my pride as police officer, and even you my best friend everything is gone in just only 8 days you damn bloodsuckers ...” Yamapi said taking out his gun pointing it in front of Jin’s face who didn’t move an inch

Jin and Yamapi’s eyes were glued on each other “As your partner in crime and best friend’s last request I will save you, by killing you.”Yamapi said as Jin chuckle a little “Haven’t you forgotten? I’m already dead; your bullets are pointless against me...”Jin stated and yamapi smirked

 “I’m a highly trained official all I need one shot, that’s all and it’s over” Yamapi snarled moving in the gun to his Jin’s chest, just as he could to that Jin was on his friend in an instant pulling the gun out of Yamapi’s hand, yamapi didn’t waste time before pulling other gun out from the back of his pocket firing a few bullets as Jin dodged them easily as yamapi used that creating a diversion to get closer to the other wanting to catch him off guard.

Yamapi picked up two wooden stakes from the ground that had probably been from a building or house; as he threw one of them in Jin’s direction who instant flip himself backwards dodging the second attack just as Jin did Yamapi ran up from behind him about to stake his best friend but Jin clasped his hand onto his yamapi wrist with the wooden stake in mid-air making Jin smirked at that effort.

“I see you’ve mastered quite a lot in the training camps...” Jin said proudly smirking wider while graduating yamapi “but you still have a lot to learn...” Jin said twisting his hand as yamapi let out a groan while the wooden stake was knocked out of the man’s hand before fisting his arm around yamapi neck holding him in place, he could feel the blood through that the warm skin of his best friend as it started to cloud his senses of the dark nature that he had become.

Right then yamapi saw an opening pulling out of the other’s weakness grip retreating away the other who stood there, Jin felt his body pulsing from his friend blood all of a sudden. The desire to drink the other’s blood was so strong

For a moment Pi couldn’t move, as those fiery red eyes stared straight back at him like those vampires that were chasing him and Tegoshi a while ago but different; like he was a prey ready to be hunted and eaten, he didn’t dare to move an inch. However Jin was just standing there as he remembered takki’s words to stop himself his demon spring out once again

“At some pointing your hunger instinct will kick in, if you make contact with a human body, it’s natural for any vampire no matter how you fight it, how superior the feeling is, it’s all most in possible to stop once you start feeding once you’ve tasted human blood as a newborn pureblood.  Once a pureblood feeds on purely human blood before their training it’s all over, never make my mistake by giving into it otherwise.....fight it Jin until you complete the training”

Yamapi watched Jin as he slowly moved shifting closer when Jin was about to get any closer he watched Jin fall to the ground revealing the younger vampire smirking “YOU” Yamapi pointed remembering him “That’s the second time I saved you....” Kazuya said as yamapi stayed there not moving “I tranquilized him, my superior gave it to me just in case, I used one on your vampire hunter friend as well, and he should be coming too right about soon...” Kazuya said chuckle seeing the other was scared of him too

“Don’t worry; I’m not interested in drinking blood, only Jin’s no one else...” Kazuya said turning his head to the older man “Your friend is new to this vampire thing, I kind of predicted that he would try and attack you considering that you’re human, you know craving human blood, will always be a vampire’s nature no how powerful you are...” Kazuya explained, yamapi glared at the man for a long time

“I wish he’d never had met you, because of you, I’ve lost my partner and friend” Yamapi said in a displeased attitude and kazuya sighed “Well, I’m glad that I had met him, because of him I have changed for the better” Kazuya responded back before turning to the other with a smile

“He showed me there was something that I could cherish other than myself” as yamapi just smirked at that statement “what do you know about cherishing something?” yamapi mumbled “more than enough to protect him from you, he doesn’t belong in this world anymore right now, so I won’t let you kill him, now he’s mine to keep...” Kazuya warned the other

“Uchi and takki believe when this one is in power maybe the human and underworld can live together except us the way we are, just the way..”Kazuya snorted at that ridiculous dream “...... to me? It’s load of crap” Kazuya smiled picking up the older man as he threw the man over his shoulder like a bag of sand before sending a sweet smile to the man called yamapi once more

 “You’ve probably become a vampire hunter by then and maybe be a better one than that sad case Yuya-san who knows” Kazuya said as he chuckled at his own “Become the best, the best vampire slayer you can ever be and then come and find us if you dare” Kazuya winked, blowing a kiss to the man giving him sexy smile

 “Sayonara, you watch your back baby..” as he disappeared out of sight as yamapi watch the other disappear from his sight as he continued to standing here with his eyes not moving from he stood, not knowing how to come to terms of these mixtures of feelings that was eating him inside. When the sudden chills entered his body making him quiver that gesture from the boy. Before he turned on his feet in the direction the other pointed to where to Tegoshi was

“Just you watch; I will become the best...” Yamapi answered his mixed thoughts, pulling off his police badge from his shirt and wallet as he threw it on the floor

“I will become the world’s awesome vampire slayer you won’t even hit you both...” picked up Tegoshi help as he drag the other away to his house


Jin’s eyes went wide, turning to that deep fiery-red colour, groaning and in need of human blood to satisfy his hunger, moving towards the front of the steel door with a displeased expression; not happy of being locked in a room right now, when he is craving for the taste of blood.

 “I know someone is out there, let me out so I can feed...”Jin warned “no” came a simple reply as Jin smirk “You can’t keep me in here for long, I’ll find a way to get what I want...”Uchi snorted “good luck with that, your first task is to bust yourself out of that room, takki couldn’t even do it...” Uchi responded as he heard the other banging on the door trying to let himself out as uchi smirked wider

“How long do you think it will take...” Uchi someone speak from behind him “A month or 2 or 3 maybe worst case scenario maybe a year” Uchi shrugged “he will might be a handful but nothing that I can’t handle, but definitely stronger than takki no doubt, it will be easier rid that hunger for him because thanks to your tranquiliser his own human blood in his system which is almost completely gone ...” Uchi said as he turned to kazuya who so troubling to him

“What’s wrong?” Uchi asked as kazuya shook his head “it’s nothing; do whatever you can help Jin...” Kazuya bowed, uchi just watched walk away from him “Toma, wouldn’t want you to be lonely” hearing that kazuya turned around

“He chose you out of his own free will, because he knew that he would get along with you... despite of how you treated him, he knew one you’ll come to understand his feelings when he sacrificed himself...” Kazuya smiled at that

“That brat...he still never used his stupid head for anything...” Kazuya grumbled uchi chuckled before hearing another thump was heard against the steel door “ah.. this bitch is really troublesome... he’s serious in trying to break my door down...” uchi in annoyance as it was Kazuya’s time to chuckle at that

“Do you want me to try and tame the beast inside the box?” Kazuya said almost too happily “if you can save my underworld prison from collapsing , be my guest” Uchi smirked “ you whatever you want, nothing can be seen or heard once his doors are closed” Uchi said winking as that earned him a playful kick from the younger vampire, as the elder uchi left kazuya to business to deal with Jin.

“Do you hear me? Let me out NOW!” Kazuya the older man shout he smiled before opening the window on the prison door “What will you give me in return, if I do...” Kazuya innocently as he pouted at the other from the window with arms folded “....I give you whatever you want, just let me out of here” Jin answered as he clasped his hands around the steel bars staring at the other’s intensely as that look chill of desire from his dead body 

“As much as I want you, you don’t want me to satisfy you...”Kazuya sighed in disappointment “You want human blood to satisfy you” kazuya pouted turning to the other looking at the older man with through the window “so, therefore my answer is no” kazuya replied as he stuck out his tongue “doesn’t matter if you are the prince of the underworld now, no matter how much  I love you and loved to be punished by you, I’m not giving you what you want” was kazuya’s final answer  “I’m not going to be trick by you...” kazuya pressed on

“Sorry, I’m trying, really am I?” Jin responded honestly before he was interrupted “well, then try harder” kazuya snapped “I don’t want see you trapped in this prison, you don’t belong here; you belong with me in my room” Kazuya pleaded to the older man “was it like this with you?” came Jin’s apply as kazuya sighed before looking away

“Yes and no...”Kazuya said biting his lip “because of that feeling I didn’t recognise who I was, I killed 15 people in just a day when ryo turned me and feed me my first human...”Kazuya leaned his head against the door “ I took in the pleasure of their fears and turned them into my satisfaction of my game, I’ll never forget the eyes of my victims, their screams until now, I did  not careless, killing your first human as a vampire is the start of your rampage no matter if you’re a pureblood, that’s the power of human blood it makes us lose ourselves, it’s like a drug to us... ” Kazuya pressed on

“The first few nights, as a pureblood vampire will be hard but, I have faith in takki and I have faith in you my love, you purebloods have the power to suppress the urge to kill, and only kill at will, you aren’t like us newborns, takki saw that you in and he trusted you and that your complete the training before you feast therefore me and elder uchi trust you too, so until you know what you want and that you understand I’m not opening this door” kazuya said turning around to face the other but he couldn’t see other there, peek through the window he saw Jin on the floor not moving.

“Jin...?” kazuya called out in a worried tone “Are you okay? What happened?” kazuya asked again but he still didn’t get a response by that time of worry Kazuya the opened the door to the underworld prison as Jin smiled at how gullible the younger vampire was, until the boy was in the room he quickly the pulling other in and pressed the other up against the prison door closing it in the process. Kazuya only let out a gasp begin pushed hard up against the steel door.

“Help me...”Jin pleaded to the younger vampire as Jin kissed kazuya’s inner neck piercing it a little tasting the cold and bitter blood, sending him in a daze, as kazuya yelped as Jin bit him “Help me, get over this, please...” once to him kazuya the man to the floor instantly as he kissed the older man roughly moaning while the older man’s hands against the floor.  For a minute Kazuya stared down at the older man smirking at their position remembering the first time he was onto the other when he was that  tasty sexy human being back then and now he was delicious sexy pureblood vampire made the atmosphere so much more desire

“I can’t help you get over the cravings, because I’m not a special pureblood like you, but I can stay here with you as you long as you need me, I will not leave you, and your welcome to drink my blood if you have to, but don’t drink it all because then i can’t be with you if you do..” kazuya pouted as Jin looked at the other for a moment

“Have you forgotten already?” Kazuya said raising an eyebrow “I’m not like you, I’m not a pureblood like you, I don’t have the generation of unlimited blood supply like you do...once you touched human as a first meal your cursed forever to be forever drinking human blood for eternity unless you suppressing the feeling with something else and believe that time you’ve probably feed on countless of humans for you reach that stage, which is why I can’t be a pureblood, I’ve been tainted, like every other newborn...” Kazuya pouted more smiling at the other on the ground “But you haven’t, you have only drunk vampire’s blood which makes you pure....”Kazuya explained as he traced his playfully on the chest as Jin followed that finger before letting out a groan knowing where that hand was

“And your cravings now for human blood is what’s left of the vampire’s blood that you have fed on that has been tainted human blood maybe your own human blood that left in your body as soon as that leaves your body, i promise you’ll be as good as new and after your training you’re a free pureblood vampire, and forever mine....” Kazuya smirked as crawled down, hovering over the lump in the other’s pants that he was rubbing not too long ago

“At least there’s one thing that I’m glad that hasn’t changed now that you’re a vampire” smirked wider while he moved his prize as he watched Jin’s body part come to life right at that moment from under his jeans making him grin wider, soon enough Jin had forgotten all about his cravings and now his attention to needs, with red eyes glowing with desire as he again pushed the younger vampire against the steel door. Kazuya could feel the man’s erection rubbing against his own making kazuya tilt his back from the friction the older man was creating.  

“God, I’ve miss you so much...” Kazuya whispered before he was pushed harder into the steel door as he chuckled letting another groan showing the other that he was clearly enjoying whatever he was going to him...“before he grabbed the other to change their position so that now Jin was against the steel door with kazuya down on his knees freeing the other’s erection from his prison while wetting his lips  

“I don’t how long we will be apart after this night so I might as well make it worthwhile right...” Kazuya said winking before taking the other into this mouth as Jin’s cock hit the back of kazuya’s throat making Jin let out  a loud groan as he  shiver at the pleasure of being taken whole in one go “fuck, ry-kame...”Jin groaned 

“Oh yeah...” Jin said through gritted teeth grabbing hold onto the other’s head with both of his hands as his eye’s never the thin lips that were around cock sucking him off just like that time in the men’s bathroom. He had to admit all the girls that he had been with in the police department their blowjobs didn’t even come close to this boy, not that he’ll ever tell the other that, knowing the boy would arrogant about it. Jin let out a growl of pleasure as held onto that head a little as he continued to move his cock in and out of that beautiful mouth groaning continuously loving the friction it was causing this cock making his harder each he would push it back in.

“Ahh, fuck kame, you like that huh... “kazuya moaned as he let the other do as he pleases loving every single minute of being roughly controlled by Jin, moaning and holding onto Jin’s hips as the other continued to use his cock to fuck his mouth roughly few more times before pushing the other way, as kazuya’s indigo eyes glowed fiercely from that gesture smirking continuously as he licked his lips breathing heavily, before he could make a  move Jin pinned him on the table on his stomach showering the other’s back with his kisses tickling his skin from under the kimono. At that moment he could  feel younger vampire’s calling to him he slowly pulled the kimono down revealing that pale milky skin kissing it instantly all the way up to the other’s neck as he sunk his teeth onto that skin for a moment.

Kazuya yelp at the feeling the older man’s sinking into his neck, knowing that the older man needed it because he was getting deprived on the human blood that he craved for. Kazuya quick turned around to face the man who stopped the moment the other pulled away.

“I’m sorry, the cravings just won’t go –“Jin started when Kazuya cut him off by kissing the other while wrapping his arms around the older man’s neck “It’s okay” Kazuya whispered “besides it not human blood, so it’s fine” Kazuya said smiling as he kissed the man “I love you, so I trust you....”Kazuya pressed on as pressed another soft kiss the man’s lips

“Besides, I always have a blood bank nearby, so you won’t get rid of me that easily...”Kazuya smirked as the confused look for a moment, even though Jin was a part of this family now and forever. What was left Jin’s human self he was glad but he knew after this whatever training the purebloods do, he will still the same Jin no matter what, once Jin heard that jealous flicker into his eyes

“I Forbid you to do such a thing, i won’t let go out and let you just anyone touch you who is not me...”Jin in outrage as kazuya smiled more at this “jealous much?! You plan on making me starve soon to be Prince of the underworld? We lower class clan leaders need to feed on a regular basis you know; unlike you purebloods are so lucky...” Kazuya pouted

“You can always drink mine, all after all, once I’m done with all whatever I am told to, I’m free a pureblood vampire I’ll figure what to do, for now for you, human blood is off limits, because your mine and no one else” Jin said emphasizing on the word ‘no one else’   

“You damn control freak...”Kazuya playfully pouted at the older man who kissed kazuya once more to stop the other pouting “and no pouting” Jin warned but kazuya’s pout widened before a pleasurable groans the other’s mouth as Jin for a moment

“Are u okay? What’s wrong?” Jin asked casually, as kazuya knew the other just being annoying right at that moment so impatiently kazuya bit into Jin’s neck as hissed “You dare to ask me that, after shoving me against the table in such way, finish what you start baby” Kazuya whispered in need, as slowly peeled off the man’s jacket as he licked the bruised skin by his tongue on the neck moving closer until there was no room to move only skin on skin.

In that moment he understood before picking up the man throwing the against the hard steel wall, kazuya squealed in delight, Jin’s sex-drive never seemed to amaze him, because he knew what to except that time, Jin and him became one when Jin was still human, but Jin has a vampire it’s unpredictable and exciting making want more. Maybe has a vampire wasn’t so bad after all, it doesn’t matter what the future holds to he knew his wish had came true that’s all that mattered.

‘Jin belonged to him, and he belonged to Jin, forever and eternity in this underworld that he could call home...

At that moment Uchi, the prison underneath him rattled, making his wine rattle in his hand as well as a few bits of sand down from the truth. “Ahh, seriously these two; they know how to destroy an elder’s quite time don’t they?” Uchi muttered clearly not pleased ‘maybe it was a bad idea to leave Kazuya with him’ Uchi then thought to himself before he felt another rattle making his wine spill onto the bed

“Ahh, these two really..!” Uchi repeated as he let out another sigh “Yep bad idea...” Uchi said while he lifted himself off from the bed to pour himself another glass “oh well, at least there’s some entertainment in this boring underworld for a change” Uchi said smiling “It’s going to be a long night...” as took a sip of his drink savouring the taste of the wine before

The End
(The Epilogue)
will be soon, as I get my back into play

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[FIC] A Fairytale Just Around the Corner - Chapter Fourteen

Jin was rolling around in his bed wanting only one thing right now which was the pain from his aching headache and the soreness of his dry throat to disappear, of all the days he had to get himself sick, how on earth he got sick he had no idea, for now he couldn’t worry about that; for the rest of the day he had to be a useless person until he was better. Jin slowly pushing himself out of the bed needing a glass of water, the sudden movement caused his head started pounding making Jin curse at the sudden ache before he sat on the side of the bed, his luck the headache started to ease a little. As soon as he lifted himself up the bed soon he could stand his knees started to feel like jelly at the pain of his ache head struck him again falling to the ground with a thud being paralysed by the flu overtaking his body.

Shit...” Jin cursed in his thought “damn, stupid flu, I just want some damn water…” Jin whined “water…” Jin said in whisper he saw someone in front him by he couldn’t tell who it was all he see a blurry image of a mere shadow for he knew it his eyelids felt so heavy all of a sudden.

He could hear someone calling his name, Jin’s eyelids refuse to open at that moment because they were so tired and heavy but he was really thirsty so repeated “water..” to the shadow in front of him for a moment he felt shadow touch him, it was so warm just like ryu’s touch

“Why do you, a mere shadow have such warmth…” Jin mumbled in rasping tone before letting out a pain cough making the person worry, in that moment a cup a was brought to Jin’s lips gently, he gladly excepted it without hesitation because his throat was really dry feeling a little better that the water soothering his just a little before curling back onto the bed to sleep more, hoping to sleep the aching headache away.  The person was about to get up and leave but as soon as the person did Jin unconsciously reached out and grabbed the person’s hand

“Please, don’t go please stay here with me, even though you are only a mere shadow to me, you saved me, so please stay don’t go, even though a figure of my imagination, please don’t leave me...” Jin said with a smile when he saw the shadow sit down beside him, feeling the cold hand that grabbed his own

“you have cold hands, but yet  they feel so warm to me, just like my ryu, my one  and only love disappeared in front of me, and I regretted it for years because I couldn’t do anything.  “I’m powerless, until now I still am, please don’t disappear, just stay with me, I don’t want anymore regrets because it hurts too much” with that Jin smiled “thank you…” Jin said as he drifted back to sleep.


That night Jin shifted in his position in the bed before fluttering his eyes open looking at his clock as it read 12:30AM as he moaned turning to other side only to see a person on the side of his bed. Jin instantly panicked as he jumped up while he held his headache from getting up too fast as he making the other stir in his sleep with arm that was covering his face drop to the side of him revealing a face Jin knew too well.

“Ryu….”was Jin could say as he stared at the boy for a long time, thinking was the boy doing here when around the room he could see a steel bowl of water and a tray of with an empty bowl of food with a box of flu tablets and medicine on the side. For a second a few coughs crept up his sore throat making the boy’s slowly flutter his eyes open, Jin quickly got back into the bed and closed his eyes pretending to be still asleep. Kazuya turned smile at the sleeping, feeling a little happy Jin had gotten his colour back, and he wasn’t so pale looking as he yesterday getting up where is was sitting picking the pail with him to the bathroom to fill the steel bow with freshwater returning to the room as he dipped the towel into the warm before placing twisting the access water from it and placing it onto the older man’s forehead firmly with a sad smile watching the other sleep peacefully. Remembered the last time when the same sleep but it was when they were happy they were only depending on each back then, it was the happiest moment of his life.


Ryu curled up on his side in Jin’s bed in his naked glory as he stared at the sleep other with a smile, reaching out to touch the strand of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes pushing it away with a smile. When Ryu withdrew his hand away Jin caught it in mid-air making the teenager smile widened before pouting at the older who was pretending to be a sleep.

“Jin….”Ryu whined to his boyfriend, before he was pulled into the embrace of the older man’s arms as ryu instantly relaxed into the warmth of the older man’s body “It’s already it’s 12pm, it’s time to get up…” Ryu tried again as mumbled into the teenagers shoulder “10 minutes…”the older man said making the younger man giggle at that sleepy cuteness

“I want to stay like this with you, for another 10 minutes… can I?” As ryu pouted suddenly feeling in embarrassed “Can I lease get changed first?” Ryu said blushing realising that he was naked and Jin was hugging him, he could his shivering not from the cold the man’s gently touches on his skin as Jin moved closer to his ear smirking “no, because I like you like this...”Jin smirked wider when the smaller frame tried again to wiggle out of older man’s iron grip around his slender body

“You damn pervert…” Ryu squeaked, before he was tackled to the bed and kiss roughly with Jin taking his breathe away in that one moment

 Flashback ends

Thinking about that day again gave him goosebumps everytime, how he wanted to feel the older man’s strong arms captivate him again, those arms that made him feel and so secure once he was locked in them, so safe. When he was wrapped in the man’s arms why was he thinking of such negative thoughts that time, when he felt so secure. ‘God, he was a really stupid child back then’ he admitted in his thoughts for choosing the wrong side from that day forward. Turning back to the older man who kazuya thought was sleeping as he smiled

“Do you remember Akanishi-san, that day when we were closer than ever, when I snuggled me closer to you all that I was worth?” kazuya asked smile “that was the happiest day of my high school life, where I really felt I belong to the world together with you and that I had fallen in love with someone who actually cared” Kazuya sniffled a little “but it was also the day that I was scared because my father wanted to kill you with his bare hands because I loved you so much that I was already  for you to take me away with you to an unknown destination where no one can find us, and live happily ever after” kazuya chuckled

“It was like some stupid child’s dream that I wished so badly for it to come true but in the end, I go and fuck everything  up, just like my father” Kazuya smirked as jin listened to the younger boy’s blabbering  wanting to smile for but it fought against it hearing the other continue

“I don’t know if you’ll ever find it in your heart to forgive me for causing you so much heartbreak all those years” Kazuya smiled sadly “I really wished I could take back all back” kazuya sighed out before giving out a sigh “despite how much I loved you I still couldn’t protect anything of our relationship and it sickens me and makes me hates myself more when I think of the past life that happen” kazuya said biting his lips, quickly wiping his tears away as he chuckled

“I know that a thousand apologise aren’t enough, but I feel that’s all I can do is say I’m so sorry” Kazuya said fisting his hands into his jeans that he was wearing “I love you and I promise I never meant to hurt you…” Kazuya pressed on

“I Just I wanted to free myself from that part of my life, and then build another so that I could live with you hassle free, with only trusting in each other and helping in each other in our dreams” Kazuya said a wipe a few tears away from his eyes “I felt that I have grown up in a lot of ways when I rebelled against, my father, I’ve survived on my own, fighting for my own freedom by using what materials that I had at my disposal and I believe that’s what you taught me Jin; in some ways I think should be thanking you for all those years  when we were together” kazuya chuckled once more as from that moment Jin felt his tears running down his cheek as he listened to the younger man poured his heart out to him, the ryu that he knew back then would never pour his heart out to him like this, normally the younger boy would stay silent and never say his heart’s feeling unless he pressed the other about it.

Ryu had really grown up, he wasn’t a little kid anymore; he had matured in so many ways in that moment of listening to him. What was he waiting for? So why couldn’t he just open his eyes and turn to hug this beautiful man tightly. Fighting through the negative thoughts Jin slowly opened his eyes, facing the most stunning sight he had ever seen, how could’ve he yelled at this beautiful boy after 7 years straight in his face over and over again.  Seeing the milk skin that he always loved to tease the boy of how the sun hated him, thinking maybe that was why he was so pale compared to him, that flawless smooth skin with that pitch black-brown hair colour blending well with his pale skin. Jin lifted up his hand to reaching for the other;  but in that instant he stopped that urge and smiled inside before watching the other get up hid spot walk out the door probably to get some materials he needed because he was sick knowing that the other would be back. For now he just let the other tend to him, he didn’t want to say anything, for now he just wanted to be ridden of this awful cold and then work out his and ryu’s relationship when he can actually stand on his two property again, he couldn’t think straight without a headache getting in the way. Soon enough sleep had overpowered him once again.


“Shit….” Kazuya cursed himself he was going to be late for his lecture, as he quickly pulled out everything that he needed for his class before running towards the kitchen as he grabbed a fresh loaf of bread out of pantry. He hadn’t realised that it was that late already when he was looking after Jin watching the other sleep so soundly. He was happy that he could be that close to Jin again; even if it takes a while to repair all those years lost when they were separated, he would take it a step at a time, now that ryo had given him a second chance and knowing that ryo normally never gives people second chances very easily. So he didn’t want to disappoint the other or lose his trust again knowing it would be his last if he did, after all, Ryo, Pi and Jin were the first friends that he ever had in America. Kazuya smiled himself while chewing on his piece of toast, as the radio in the kitchen turned on itself once he read 9:00am.

This is Jamaker delacruize, and you’re listening to popasia, the time is now 9:00am. Right now, we have a band who just debuted a few days about already their hit is already dominating the charts with millions of fans wanting to hear their singles, so here it is people ‘DarkenGrey’  with their debut single D-techno Life’

Hide and seek repeated endlessly
It's the intersection of light and dark
The boundary line of you and me
The line is drawn, and separated two people
The eye liner that ran, it made black tears fall
Light that reflects in the eye, the stairway that continues to the sky
The light of the moon dyes my heart, this finger is untied
If even eternity fades, stop this moment
In shallow sleep, gather and paint
Using tools of pictures of dreams and thoughts

Our dance floor is like that
The overlapping moon is a mirror ball
My wish isn't a shooting star, please let it reach you
If everyone is alone, we wouldn't have met
It's a rain of stardust in the mirror, towards the revolving seasons once again
Before long, light will go from the past to the future, so goodbye for now.
The words made hoarse in the chain of sadness, they called out your name, danced in the air
I'm still calling The sky clouds, with dirtied wings, go on and run through now
Will this song be able to play without withering
No matter how much time passes, how much tears dry up? Because I wish to be by your side at that time

Kazuya stopped for a moment as he grinned happily listening to the song, it was really catchy and shirota did have a really good and unique voice that is very clear and catchy and yet soothing at the same time, thinking this kind of song suited the other so well, as mysterious as the other was personality wise he didn’t know what to make out of it but no matter what he thought of the other he knew the other had a real talent for singing that’s for sure

“Yokatta, shirota-san…” Kazuya smiled after when the song had ended kazuya looked at the clock once again that read 9:10am as he squealed that he was going to miss the last bus, finishing his toast quickly in one bite as he grabbed his bag from the chair and his folder on the kitchen table before opening his umbrella and heading out of the house and running towards the bus stop in the heavy rain.

“What a miserable day…” Kazuya thought frowning at the heavy rain, once reaching the bus stop he saw the bus was already driving off kazuya acted quickly running as fast as he could hitting the side of the bus as another boy the other before yelling at the bus driver to stop for the boy. To his relief the driver stopped and to let him as kazuya swiped his card before bowing to the bus driver who smiled shaking his head telling him not to worry.

He quickly made his way onto the bus, as there was only one left which was the boy he saw in the window seeing him wave to the other with a big smile, kazuya made his way to the boy and sat down next to him

“Thank you for asking the bus driver to stop for me…”Kazuya said with a smile as boy just chuckled a little “you’re welcome, it is was last bus after all, then you’d have to wait until the afternoon and seemed like you were in a hurry” the man thoughtfully replied and kazuya nodded “yeah, my lecture starts at 9:30am, I usually catch the 8:30 bus but I woke up late” Kazuya said sheepishly biting his bite in embarrassment

“It’s the first time too...” Kazuya added laughing a little “Oh, you’re a Tokyo university student too?” the boy asked as kazuya nodded once with a smile

“Yeah, I am I’m a Third Year bachelor of music, how about you?” kazuya said “Really? I’m doing the same course as you, just that I’m in my last Year of music degree, just different lectures and tutorials, ha-ha” the boy laughed as kazuya giggled with him. The boy held out his hand with a friendly smile

“Oguri Shun…”the boy said as kazuya shook it “Kamenashi Kazuya” kazuya replied as the boy laugh happily ‘no wonder your father could not find you chose such a name like that …tch…’ Shun smirked in inside but he smiled on the outside

“Geez, that’s a long name man…” the boy laughed again as kazuya pouted “you can just call me kame for short…” Shun smiled “Kame-chan, it is…” the boy called shun smiled happily

“Just a call me in Shun, is fine…” the man said in a friendly gesture “well, this is our stop” Shun announced as kazuya before there they both got off the bus together thanking the bus driver

“I guess I’ll see you around campus then…”Kazuya said as shun nodded “yeah sure thing, see ya later kame chan” shun said as he turned the other way smirked “5 tillion is all mine for the taking…” Shun smirked wider as he chuckled to himself.


It was Midday already as he sighed wanting to know how Jin’s condition was, listening to this boring lecture, he’s rather listen to the boring man on his tapes in the library and doing the work in his own spare time because he knew that he would get much more done. Sitting there trying to be wake and attentive watching the lecturer flap his lips was all he could see  and not hear, soon before he knew it the lecture had ended and it was lunch time then they had the tutorials that starts 3pm giving him in enough time to check on the older man.

“KAMENASHI KAZUYA!” Kazuya heard his name being called by his friend who was eyeing him “what is it misaki?” kazuya asked as she  pouted at that response not knowing to ask her question when tegoshi pop from the side  “She wants to ask why do you have a close relationship to that shirota yuu” Whispered in his ear

“There’s no relationship between him and I and there never will be, he’s just a pain in the ass that will not leave me alone” Kazuya almost immediately outburst shocking Jun and tegoshi for a moment and kazuya sighed “quit looking at me like that, it’s the truth, I only admire him for his music…nothing else” kazuya pressed on making Jun’s pout widened

“What is it about me that celebrities are not attracted to me but attracted to you?” Jun mumbled  “for starters, you have an unbelievable stalkers vibe when it comes to celebrities, that I have noticed” Kazuya pointed as tegoshi lifted his finger “and your unbelievable big mouth that can’t keep secrets about anyone, that is a really important fact especially for a celebrity” Tegoshi added as Jun now pouty face turned into an angry pout

“I’m not a stalker and I don’t have a big mouth, and I can keep keeps, I’ve been keeping secrets just like I’m keeping yours how you have the hots for that super h-“Tegoshi covered her mouth again as smiles at the people around them nodding apology to them before glaring at her “I’m sorry…” as kazuya smirked “I think that secrets already anyway…” kazuya smiled sweetly before sticking his tongue out. Tegoshi turned his to the younger boy

“Your one to talk, you’re not any better…”tegoshi raised an eyebrow as that thought hit Jun “by the way, how was it? You know that night of DarkenGrey’s debut to Johnny’s Entertainment?” Jun asked excitedly as kazuya shrugged shyly “nothing happened…”kazuya said in annoyed tone as he remembered that night he just let out sighed but he was smiling on the inside ‘he won’t thank his friend yet, because it hasn’t really started, until that day when his happy ending he will keep his cool for now…” kazuya shrugged giving the same emotionlessly expression towards Jun’s way making confused at that reaction

“Did I say something wrong?” Jun asked her “I don’t know I haven’t decided on that yet, I’ll get back to you on that…” kazuya in the same cold tone like always 

“Now, that’s not very nice kame-chan…” Kazuya heard a voice familiar  from behind him, making him turn around to be faced with the boy that he had met on the bus on the way to university  “Shun, konchiu’wa” kazuya bowed as the boy mere blinked at that before smirking “what’s with the bowing…” the boy said in an uncomfortable tone making kazuya giggle

“sorry, I think it’s just out of habit, Shun, like you to meet my best friends Tegoshi Yuya and Misaki Jun” as the waved as shun before the fixed his eye staring at the girl smirking as Jun mere narrowed her at that expression

“You’re giving me the dirty look already?” Jun asked not liking the way boy was at her “sorry, Shun apologise immediately, I’m was just admiring your beauty, miss Misaki Jun-san…” Shun corrected making misaki blush at that “You’re POOR flattery will not work on me...” Jun said before turning her head away

“Really? When why are your cheeks all red...” tegoshi teased as that earned him a hard kick in the shin but her luck she missed when he looked next to tegoshi tilting her head to the side “eh? Where did kazuya go?” Jun announced in realisation that Kazuya wasn’t standing next to shun or tegoshi anymore tegoshi just shook his head knowing the other had went shrugging his shoulders to the other

“That’s just like you kazuya… always disappearing as usual?” tegoshi chuckled “ba-ka…” tegoshi said knowing where the other went as he turns to the new comer


Jun dragged herself around the university campus shield herself from the heavy rain until she was under the shelter with a big pout present on her face as tegoshi was the first to see it  laughing at her when seeing it knowing that she was doing it on purpose because he  was seeking attention and playing the sympathy card.

“Quit it with that face already you look like a granny in a young ladies body” Tegoshi said laughing again and Jun pouted more at that statement “why is everyone being so mean…” Jun announced “leave me alone” Jun turned around sulking as Tegoshi only sighed

“What happened? I thought you’d be happy that you were locked up my house with a celebrity?” Tegoshi pressed on before the girl turned to her friend the pout still present on his face “ne, I have a question?”  Jun asked curiously “Am I pettier than kazuya?” Jun asked as tegoshi smiling before laughing out loud that statement

“What kind of question is that?” tegoshi smirked before laughing again as Jun more pouted “It’s just….that day with when you left shirotan-san in the house with me, he was asking a lot of question about kazuya? And why I match made him together so this so called Jin …” Jun responded “and well seems as though he was angry with me, and saying how I could do such a thing to my poor and innocent friend, I didn’t understand at all than it hit me…” Jun sighed “kazuya must be really pretty to attract such hot men while I can’t attract celebrities like him, I must not be pretty enough” Jun said with her head low

“As much as I hate people who still my spotlight especially against men, I can’t hate kazuya he’s my friend right? It’s wrong to hate to your best friend, that’s abnormal right?” Jun then asked as Tegoshi just patted the girl on the shoulder with a smile before shaking his head “It just means you a kind-hearted person that’s all and they you don’t have a single hate bone in your body, it’s a rare quality that you have and this is why kazuya and I are your best friends” Tegoshi assured the girl who smiled at that before pouting again

“You make it as though I’m really biased only against the both of you because your both gay” Jun muttered before she even realised once again “oh wait a minute, if shirota likes kazuya that means the leader of DarkenGrey is gay too…”for a moment Jun’s eyes went wide “omg, that means BIG trouble if it’s tr-“Jun mumbled on before she could say anymore tegoshi covered her mouth

“If it was true or not, you shouldn’t say such information to the world like that, you can the man’s reputation especially if they are a celebrity, keep it to yourself geez. No wonder rumours spread so easily, with people like you…”  In realisation she stopped struggling and nodded in understanding to the situation as from what the other meant

“Sorry…” Jun apologised once tegoshi removed his hand from his friend’s mouth while sighing “idiot...” as Jun only muttered under her a what whatever and sighed “But you know, I could feel his sadness when I was talking to him in your apartment, even he wouldn’t tell that much but I can tell” Jun just shrugged “what the hell is up with this rain?!” Jun growled “Where did the sun go?” Jun whined at the sudden miserable weather before turning to yuya

“Could it be like those dramas? Where something bad is about to happen…!” Jun suddenly said before yuya pinched her cheek hard “Itai itai! Mou Yuya-chan it hurts itai...” Jun moaned massaging her cheek once tegoshi let go as her pout widened “baka, don’t add your drama fantasies to real life dramas” tegoshi snapped in a whisper glaring at his friend

“Knowing your predictions are normal always accurate, whatever is coming we will embracing it and fight for what is right like we always do…”tegoshi in confidences as Jun merely looked at the other “Are you saying my predictions always bring bad luck?” Yuya smirked “always, so stop thinking, it’s dangerous in your case…that’s probably why it’s raining... ” Yuya said as Jun pout widened at her friend’s statement

“So cruel, making such assumptions…”Jun said to the man sticking her tongue out as she waved before running to her class as tegoshi just smirked at that attitude with a smile as he turned to the rain pelting down really heavily as tegoshi pouted at it thinking this rain had come out of nowhere


As soon as Kazuya unlocked the door he slowly crawled himself through the door and then silently closing it as he than tip toed up to the stairs to check on Jin. Seeing the man was still asleep on the bed a big grinned was presented on his kazuya’s happy features, before closing the door quietly.

He made tip toed his way back down the stairs into the kitchen as he placed his bag and folder onto the couch as he started to prepare late lunch for the older man. Kazuya went on a hunt in the older man’s the ingredients could use to make  the perfect American meal  that Jin loved the most back then and was pretty sure that Jin’s liking for food hasn’t changed as much unlike him. Once opening the fridge he spotted trays of different sorts of meats laughing at that for a moment.

“The same akanishi alright, way too much protein and not much in vegetables” Kazuya mumbled while he smiled he reached for one of the trays of steak and the little amount of vegetables that he had making use of it all before there over due date runs out.

Meanwhile, upstairs Jin was fidgeting around in his bed until he unwantedly lifted himself up in an upright position from his sleepy slumber yawning on his bed whiling his look around his surroundings before letting out a small cough, remembering last night event. The only thought that when through his mind was, was Ryu really here last night with him somehow he didn’t believe it? He remembered hearing the other pour the truth in his heart that he probably has been keeping inside him all these years just like that night when yamapi was giving the other a piece of his mind only to protect him, thinking he was happy to have such caring and supporting friends in his life to get him through rough time. Jin gave out a sigh as he lifted from the bed to the bathroom. Just as he reached the bathroom door he heard some noise that was coming from his kitchen for a moment he was thinking Yamapi? Who normally comes in to help him cook his meals because he only thing knew how to cook was pumpkin soup from a tinned can, that scared yamapi because he was undernourished or something. Or maybe it was Ryu, with that thought he quickly got ready and out of bed.

He quickly and brushed his teeth and changed in record time, before heading downstairs as the aroma of freshly cooked egg rice porridge  hit his nostrils, as soon as he turned the corner to be faced with a person his kitchen couldn’t help but smile at the other knowing that he thoughts were always right. At that moment all Jin could do was stare at the other as he watched him run around in his kitchen looking for things. He had always known the boy to be fast finding things when he came to cooking utensils even back then.

Oven mitts, oven mitts oven mitts” Jin heard the man repeated over and over again “It’s on the cupboard to your right...” Jin said as the boy nodded as he turned to open the cupboard spotting them with a smile, taking them as he then pulled out the bowl of egg rice porridge out of the oven, with a smile he only then realised the other older man standing next to the door as he blushed at the sight as Jin could see that blush on the other’s cheek which made him smile for more looking being able to hide it from the other

“I-i-m-mmm-m sss-s-ss—ooo-o-orry, how are you feeling?” Kazuya asked as Jin nodded “much better...”Jin replied making kazuya hide a small smile “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be here, I just...um...”Kazuya mumbled “Your friend ryo called me, and said to me that you weren’t feeling well, so I automatically assumed it was my fault then I kept you and Yamashita out that night” kazuya bowed “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to act like that you to know. Forgive me Akanishi-san” Kazuya replied as Jin only watched to the bow constantly he hadn’t seen the other in years and yet all he had done yell at me at their meeting, sending death glares and watched the apologise and bow non – stop. He was the one that should feel guilty right now.

“Well, I’ ve got to get going now, I have uni tutorials start in 1 hr, so I made some  sweet egg rice porridge  for you, they are really good,  I made sure of it, it get you back to your feet no time..” Kazuya happily sliding his bag back onto his back as walked up to the man standing a safe distance from the other smiling.

“I left some medication on the table and make sure you get a lot of rest, kay?” Kazuya smiled before turning away, Jin has seen that back to many times, the first time he couldn’t do anything, the second and third time anger got the better of him, but now, right now for the fourth is was about to let the other walk out on him again now that he knew the truth

 “I know that a thousand apologise aren’t enough, but I feel that’s all I can do is say I’m so sorry

 “I love you and I promise I never meant to hurt you…”

“don’t go” Jin mumbled just the other didn’t hear, as soon as reached the door he felt himself being pulled backwards feeling those pair of strong arms that he had missed so much

“Don’t go Ryu….”The younger man heard the older man this time as he could feel the tears trickle down his cheeks “Just for a few minutes, I promise I will not make you late to class, just for now, let me hold you..Ryu..” At that moment, the younger man bit his lip as more tears started to fall from his cheeks but now they were tears of joy. To have Jin’s around him again he was so happy to wished time stopped here, he had no idea what the future was going to bring but for his mind was full with the thoughts of Jin that’s all that mattered right now nothing else

[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Sixteen - Part Two


In a split second Jin was forced into a wall, with ryo’s hand by Jin throat, as Junno was on the ground not moving after Ryo’s malicious attacks, just like how he remembered the other to be but worst, suppressing his vampire self, he knew that ryo would be no match for him so he decided to play with the other for a while. Let the other have his power over  him once again just like the way the other did to his victim he could smell on the other, after all this was a serious payback so he was merely playing behind enemy lines to their advantage just like now the other did back then 12 years ago. Jin just laughing inside enjoying

Ryo smirked at the weakness that he saw in the other’s eyes at that moment, before ryo let out a evil laugh, watching the other two people who made him crumble and rot in the god forsaken jail.

“You seriously are still trash just like then, thinking you can beat me” Ryo chuckled “Such as weakling like you cannot beat the hatred that I hold inside, no human can with stand no attacks from me” Ryo said in victory “no matter how strong you have become, you a human can never beat me” Ryo laughed once again before kicking Jin the stomach as Jin moaned at the sudden pain of kicking in the stomach

“You know, when ryu told me, that he wouldn’t sense you anymore, I was somewhat pretty upset, how I have loved to kill you myself as the pathetic human being that you right now, I was sad, but in the end you decided to show your ugly face to me” Ryo replied as he let go of the man who felt to the ground in the piled of bricks that he was forcefully pushed into for the last minutes to say it hurt, was joke to him as he was smirking inside. For a moment he understood what it meant to have power over someone, the feeling was too exciting to stop he played the other’s game by giving the other a show of he wanted, to see him crumble

“You’re pathetic; thinking you a mere petty human and animal bloodsucker can beat a superior vampire like me?” Ryo snapped snarling happily as this image reminded him of someone

“Where have an seen this miserable look before, I’m sure it was recent too…” as ryo smiled wider “Ah, now I remember this is the same way you cousin died before sucked him completely dry” Ryo snarling as Jin look to him trying to look as miserable as possible adding to the other’s ego thinking that he has won

“My cousin….you mean Miroku?” having to admit that he was shocked at hearing that name, he hadn’t heard of his cousin for 6 years ago when he left Kyoto, knowing that his cousin was bound to get himself killed some day had come, he never excepted it to be by Ryo knowing the other was good at hiding himself from this enemy or any cases for that matter.

The hard fact of his situation was his father, how was he going to tell his uncle his son is dead he didn’t know, for he while pounded on that note, as he felt another blow to his stomach from Ryo was apparently getting annoyed when he felt the ryo chin tightly as stared Jin in the eyes as ryo anger filled them

“A smart ass and a stuck-up snob you guys were the perfect family to fool me thinking that we were friends...”Ryo gritted as Jin stared at the other “You were my friend, until you decided to sell your soul to the demons of father’s business, don’t you remember ryo” Jin said in a serious tone for a moment ryo just smirked

“Why would I remem-“Ryo started but Jin interrupted him once again “She loved you until the end, the one sided love was always me not you...” Jin finally said from that moment everything “She only came running to me asking me to save you from you hell that you had drag yourself in all the time, saying killing people for her, I had to deal with her cuts and cuts abuses that you cause everytime she would come from you house, do you have any idea how it was for me what a woman that I loved with all my heart come back my friend’s house looking like that? Of course you don’t know” Jin snapped

“you say that was I so naive yet you have no idea, that Ayumi loved you more than anything in the world more than life it’s self  because she was so scared of you she came to me, did things to me made me believe me that she loved me when she was in love with you...” for a moment Ryo was lost for words  “don’t go fill my head with yours li--“ Ryo started but was stopped again

“They are not lies, she loved you, and I asked her to marry me because she was pregnant with your child.  That when finally had the guts to approach you , you were pissed drunk that night and you couldn’t of known what you did as always. When found out she didnt know what the future would hold for that child and she didn’t want an abortion because the child was yours” Jin explained before pressing on


“Jin, are you listening to me?” Ayumi said as Jin only look at the girl a face of annoyance “what has ryo done now...?” Jin ask knowing the reason “I think I’m pregnant” Ayumi pouted  with her head low as Jin just stared at the woman for a moment for letting out a  loud laugh

“That’s a good one, Ayumi; you’re good “Jin chuckled again as Ayumi pouted before pulling an angry face “I’M NOT LYING!!!! About 2 months ago ryo and I and few of his friends were at a club and ryo, well he was super drunk and.....well, ryo and I kinda of shared body fluids when was under the influence of alcohol and right now I’m like 3 weeks pregnant and I have no idea how to tell him that he is the father” Ayumi pout widened as Jin split out his water to the side before choking on the rest

“WHAT??!?!?!”  Jin screamed as suddenly his ear to the woman’s stomach who chuckled under pout “Omg! I can hear it...” Jin smiled which Jin a hit on the head “baka stop it, it’s embarrassing, I’m carry ryo’s baby tummy, please help me you said that you would always him!!” Ayumi said as Jin smirked at that as jealously struck him hard in his heart, thinking that he had this on himself.

“Please, ryo is your best friend right? I want to help me push him into the right direction; I can’t tell him about this baby until you and put on the right path” Jin merely to his smirked in annoyance “It’s impossible to help someone who in the yakuza business you know that already, he can’t be saved”  Jin questioned the woman’s suggestion

“You are the cruellest woman ever, you play with another man’s heart and you love another man, I hate you and I yet I can’t because I love you too much it hurts, Maki-chan” Jin said as Ayumi sighed as heart to sting a little seeing Jin break down this way because of you stupidity getting involved in him

“Please, Jin don’t start this conversation agai--?” Ayumi started as Jin interrupted her “marry me...?” Jin in softly as Ayumi as her went wide “What..?” Ayumi said “I’m sorry, I just, i do, I know I’m selfish but i can’t help it; I’m in love with you i can’t change my feelings of love towards you, that’s your fault for making me this way...”Ayumi just sighed not denying it as he smiled “I’m sorry Jin, I really am, but you must understand that I’m in love with ryo and I see you as my best friend in the world” Ayumi smiled

“How can you love someone that you’re afraid of?  You took advantage of the guy when he was drunk and out of his drunkard-ness he’s made you pregnant? How on earth you do you put that has logic thinking maki...”Jin scolded the other about the situation but Ayumi didn’t anything she just stared at the tiles on the ground

“Yeah, I know, but I can’t help but love him, you understand right? Don’t you?” Ayumi pressed on “No, I don’t, because I love you, and you don’t even know if ryo loves you and yet only you’re carrying his child... I think that’s too much of a bomb shell don’t you think?”Ayumi just shrugged at those words before smiling once again

“I guess but he still has to know the truth and my feelings, I’m sure he has feelings for me, I know he does. But if he doesn’t I’ll marry you ...”Ayumi said as Jin sighed “So, are we best friend’s with benefits?! is that it?” Jin snorted as Ayumi stayed silent as she sighed once again for the last time

“I’m sorry, whatever the reason is,  and even I get rejected either I know that I will not be alone, because I don’t want to lose you either, because you are just as important in my life...”Ayumi smiled the older man happily as Jin just more than happily complied to that gesture hugging the woman in his arms back.

Flashback ends

”So she agreed to marry me after confronting you, she never told me the details she only told me that you rejected her and I know that wasn’t the true, I know it was something that she saw when you were on yakuza business and in the end she changed her mind again and wanted confront you one last time about the truth that day I was suppose to marry her she ran to you  and you murdered her that day along with your child” Ryo dropped everything as he took a step backwards shaking his head with sudden mixed feelings

“Ryo, please” Ayumi begged “you damn slut, sleeping with my best friend carrying his baby in you, how dare you come and approach me and say that you love me, HOW DARE YOU!” Ryo with rage as he grabbed the woman from the neck until he was on the bed with her choking her, watching the woman struggle for her dear life as that ryo smiled

“Damn you bitch for loving that bastard, you both are dead i will make sure of that, but before that...” that ryo ripped her clothes off, roughly sucked on the woman neck, as the woman cringed at the feeling as her shook with fear, not knowing to stop the man

“Please stop it, ryo please, it’s not like that promise, I do love i really do...”Ayumi begged as cried “really..it’s the true and about this baby its yo-“Ayumi started as ryo grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the woman in the arms pinning it down as ayumi screamed
 “shut your mouth, you bitch, you’ve lost the authority to talk the moment you  lied to me.” Ryo said watching the woman in pain when he stabbed her sudden in the arm seeing that blood gushing out from his arm probably because he an artery but he didn't care. 

Ryo suddenly remembered the woman’s screams that night, could never forget the screams of all the people he had killed when he was alive, either good or bad hearted people they were people that could feel pain regardless. But up to that point, Ayumi was the first woman he had ever killed, they had all been men who committed crimes and were perish under his father’s laws and killed under his hands but Ayumi was the first woman ever killed in his own hands when anger got out of control making everything turn black.

“you better shut up... it’s all your fault she left me, you stole her from me” Ryo warned as Jin pressed on “You always jump to conclusions that you were so engrossed in being a yakuza for your father killing innocent people that you forgot the most important things in life that was right front of you that you believe didn’t love you... she was just scared of you and what you had become that’s why she kept her distance from you and running to me, so much that I fell in love in with her, I was ayumi’s comfort doll,  a close friend with benefits that’s  all I was to her no matter hard I tried she didn’t love me, she loved you, and I never hated  you  or her for it because somewhere in my heart you were still my friend....” Jin explained

“Do you want to know what my nightmare was every night?” Jin pressed on “Ayumi was looking as beautiful as bride i could ever be going to marry me, and the next moment I see her in covered in with her own blood from head to toe enough to make me vomit, seeing that childish note that only serial killers would leave on the bed next to their victim’s body in that case it was ayumi’s body that I couldn’t even look at” Jin smirked angrily “And , yeah that’s probably when I started not to care about you... about was about the time when you going be sentenced to death, and how I watched you get taken away from by the cops, i wanted nothing more than you kill you myself but my father and Junno stopped me from my arguments in about it... ”Jin glared hatefully at the other man 

“Do you understand now?” Jin staring at the now confused ex-friend “I was the one- sided it wasn’t you, it was never you...”Jin reassured ryo didn’t say anything he just stood there in silence for a moments before Jin heard a slight chuckle as it got louder and louder before ryo’s laugh turned as he into a evil laugher throughout the streets of Tokyo.  

Jin on the other hand; glared hard at the man excepting this outcome, for someone who had no heart to begin with it wasn’t a surprise.  Catch Jin off guard, ryo picked up a piece of glass from ground stabbed him in the chest with it, he wouldn’t deny that it hurt in this form he bared with it.

“Love me or not, the moment she walked into your arms she was dead to me, she never had the guts to face me to tell me that truth...”Ryo said in smirked “I don’t need anyone, the only person capable of loving me is myself” Ryo chuckled “no will understand me, better than myself, the most powerful person in the world right now, I need love and I control it all the newborns at my mercy, everything is mine to control...” Ryo laughed

“Even the superiors from the underworld is not match for me, but makes you think a  mere hu-“ Ryo started at his was faced with a Jin’s red fiery eyes and smirking expression “ You....”Ryo was stopped once he felt his body paralysed as he lifted Jin into the air suddenly as Jin’s smirk never left his lips

“If you are the most powerful then why are you so weak against me?” Jin smirked sending the other a hard blow into the building as they collapsed on top of him for a moment  before he moved himself out of the pile rocks in annoyed expression again “damn you, when did you become a pureblood vampire... so even your still no match for me because I’m also pureblood” Ryo said confidently before appearing into front of Jin with his hands on the head smirking

“I win again, goodbye old friend” as ryo was about  to twist his neck Jin disappeared right before his eyes in  flash before Ryo could even process what happened to felt the kazuya’s  sword pierce through his heart making him cry out in pain as he slowly looked down at the sword that wedged through him

“H-h-hh-how? I-i-i-iii-drank megumi’s blood, a Superior leader’s blood, W-w-ww—hy--?”   Ryo stuttered out as fell to his knees “that’s because she wasn’t a leader, you killed the wrong person” as Elder Uchi walked towards the scene

“You killed Takki’s younger sister, in which you should have killed takki....” Uchi answered ryo’s question “I sensed i—t-t—t---tttt, takkkk—k-ii-ii was killed by a mere human, there’s no way a human inherit a pure vampire’s blood without killing themselves, he –hh-h-ee-e his power, s-should have disappeared” Ryo cough, as he skin started to turn whiter than normal as he found it hard to breathe of all a sudden

“Not unless an you already died and brought back by a pureblood vampire” Jin answered “Takki new that his demon self was left to kill his very soul and so chose to me to kill him and at the end when he accepted its fate, turning into a vampire, I had to my human demon self overpowering  sucking takki’s demon soul dry until he was no more...”Jin smirked wider as Ryo looked up from the ground as he laughed once with difficulty “In other words you’re the replacement for  the prince of the underworld, pureblood vampire with a soul of a human...” as Jin smiled

“That’s too bad for you....” Jin in victory as slowly walked up to the man who was kneeled on the floor as Jin smiled “You only have the power that you have because you drank the blood of a vampire who drank the blood of a pureblood vampire; so you technically will not die not” Ryo started to feel fear shaking through his cold body from Jin in front of him, this feeling on came when takki was in front of him. All purebloods had the ability to make the newborns and other vampire’s who have no control over their body and crumble at their feet this just a stare and smirk

At that moment the feel got worst when crouched down in front of him as he could see that disgust smirk his ex-friends face “for me to become the prince of the underworld your blood is needed because you have takki’s blood sister coursing through your cold body of yours..“ as Jin watched the vein pop out from ryo’s neck confirming that megumi was calling  to her brother in his body as no more words were said he grinned at this new ryo in the front of as a mouse

“I still hate you....” ryo moaned out as Jin smirked wider at that “Well then aren’t you happy, you get to go to jail for eternity in hell” Jin smirked “hate me all you want I don’t care...” Jin grinned “see you there when i get there” Jin said before his sinking his teeth into ryo neck, as Ryo screamed at the pain from the fangs that entered him

“I won’t accept this, i-I won’t” Ryo growled irritation wanting to push the man away but he couldn’t because his body wouldn’t move thanks to the Jin’s power

“Damn you...” ryo groaned again as he ignored the words that came out of the man’s mouth as he embraced the feeling of the cold blood entering his body form his mouth. In less than a few seconds ryo’s body disintegrated into the night sky.  Jin closed his eyes as he accepted the sudden adrenalin coursing his veins as he looked up to the sky seeing the clear dark blue night sky with the moon that could clearly be seen now, smiling

Maki-chan, if you’re listening, I hope Ryo will rest in peace now, I fulfilled your wish either heaven or hell you have forever look after him now....now I can forever forget you that you were ever in my life…goodbye Ayumi maki-san...”

As Jin opened his eyes as he was faced with a grinning Elder Uchi “welcome to the underworld you pass” the elder patted on him the shoulder as a familiar figure popped out from behind Uchi  as Jin only smirked at the figure hid himself behind uchi 

“You did takki proud...” Uchi added turning to the man on the ground as he sighed as Jin chuckled “Taguchi Junno, I have a feeling takki was the one that turned him, I’ve known takki for far too long to know what he is the one responsible” Uchi smirked before turning back to kazuya as Jin was smirking happily for a moment uchi watched the pair as he could see ready to the poor boy up so he decided to leave not wanting to see anything “Now, I’ll leave you two love birds alone and this...” turning to Junno on the ground once more

“Everything in this world should be fine now, kazuya and I have vanquished all the newborns hopefully, maybe still some lurking around but I’m sure that you can take care of them right Prince Jin? ”  Uchi smiled while pulling Junno over his shoulder “I’ll take care of Junno, you guys check over the city, there’s 4 more hrs until daylight returns so you have plenty of time”  Uchi pressed on as he walked to the direction of the underworld before stopping again

“Oh and Jin when you come to your new home, please stop by my office I have something that rightfully belongs to you” Uchi grinned as he walked off leaving kazuya and Jin there. For a moment Jin saw Kazuya stumble backwards as Jin caught them before the other fell.

“Are you alright, my love?” Jin softly said to the other who just smiled looking at the older man; mesmerised by the other’s beauty “Yeah, I’m just really exhausted that’s all” Kazuya responded with a small pout, falling into the older man’s arms as he hugged Jin tightly buring his face to other’s broad chest how he felt sad because the other didn’t have that warmth anymore that he had when he was human.

“What?” Jin noticing the man’s mood “you don’t love me as much, because the takki turned me into your kind?”  Jin asked the younger vampire who just shook in his head as Jin just smiled “then why are you so down” Jin pressed on about the other’s mood

“I overheard your conversation with you and ryo while you guys were fighting because I was curious about you” Kazuya started as Jin chuckled before letting go of the man to sit next to him as he turned his head away “Before Ryo joined his family’s Yukaza business he was a normal kid, he did everything together me, Ayumi & Ryo, we were inseparable friends and at that time, we both fell in love with her, but she fell for ryo instead of me and but she didn’t tell her feelings to ryo, she told them to me” Jin explained

“It hurt, to hear that the person you love was in love with your best friend, it tore me up inside but I quickly tossed it aside because selfishness of stealing her away wouldn’t solve with anything because I knew feelings wouldn’t change and so everything as they were. Until one day she told me she wanted to ryo about her feelings on his eighteenth birthday. But everything going so well, and when ryo announced to me that his father wanted to him to go on business trip to Hokkaido with him for a mission” Jin said

“I knew there was something wrong? And I tried to stop him, and tell him that he shouldn’t involve himself with his father’s business and that’s when our disagreements started, ever since Ayumi has known Ryo, we couldn’t tell her any of ryo’s father because it wasn’t important, the only thing we told her was he was a rich businessmen” Jin pressed on shaking his head as he smirked

“ever since ryo come back from Hokkaido everything had been a rollercoaster between, love, hate, betrayed, violence, envy & losses” Jin continued “I knew what ryo had become and I wanted to ask her away from him, it pained me to see that she fell hard for him and how she began to think when ryo torturous ways was a way of his love for her” Jin laughed that memory of his friend’s stubbornness

“But in end she still picked him and ended up dead like i knew she would…” Jin sighed remembering the past “if she was still alive today, would be go back to her?” came a question out of the blue as Jin smirked at that “I see someone is jealous...”Jin said as he then turned to the other feasting his on the perfect body that was slowly starting to heal looking delicious as ever since when he first saw that body in that club only more editable. To think he was calling kazuya a horny creature of the night and he seems to be one right now, but probably much powerful, sharing his human body with a demon soul was too much for him, but as takki said in time his human side complete fade away as he grows use to the pureblood vampire thing once takki and megumi’s blood has settled.

“I’m not jealous...”Kazuya said in denial, before looking his shoulder as he saw Jin staring him down with the  other’s dark eyes, making  him blush slightly but then frightened as well for a moment kazuya got down on all fours crawling to the other who let out a groan as the other closer

 “Are you sure okay? Are you still really still you?” the younger vampire a hesitantly as Jin just smirked once the other was close enough wrapped  his arms around the small frame that he had missed the other making the younger vampire yelp at the embrace

“Yeah, I promise it’s really me, takki trained me for the past few days to win over my inner demon and I won, I’m all me just with powers that comes with form” Jin replied, placing a sweet kiss on the man’s forehead making kazuya smile, snuggling closer “I’m still sorry that I couldn’t protect you, and that I couldn’t save you when you really needed me, I’m sorry that your fate had to turn out to be like this, I blame myself for everything” kazuya sighed out 

“It shouldn’t be like this, this is all m-“kazuya started but he was silenced by the older man in an  instant as kazuya back against the wall as his lips was on Jin’s in less than a second, he let himself be kissed by the older man right at that moment. Those lips, he had missed since last had touched them, sweet as ever just like he remembered only colder, but more desirable; more delicious, bringing that feeling brought comfort and security.  Jin deepened the kiss, sucking out the younger vampire’s breathe not letting the other say anymore words from his mouth, and better yet let the other’s body do the work for now because it’s all wanted from his victory  and triumph with his new found love and self as a pureblood vampire with Kazuya that’s all nothing else.

“It was my choice to live or die and I choose to die to be with you forever…”Jin said between kisses

Kazuya got the picture as he melted into body as they became one, as he let out a gasp as the older man sucked on his neck kissing him, licking me

“Jin…” Kazuya spoke but stopped when those delicious lips were on him again sucking out his inner soul, as he started craving for that passion once again shared in his hidden and that alleyway, he felt as though he couldn’t control his body as though he had been overtaken by lust and desire in hit making him forget his injury on his stomach that was healing.

At first he thought his body was going to hunger mode but then he realised there was no need for craving for Jin’s blood now that the other was an immortal vampire just like himself but an all-so powerful pureblood, much stronger than him and much more maniler, kazuya groaned at that thought as he let the older man do as he please loving the feeling that the other was creating.

“Oh Jin…” Kazuya moaned again as Jin looked up the expression the younger had, it was the hottest look he had ever seen and also that he will never tire of now that the boy was his and no one else’s. Just the way he had planned, as Jin smirked while moving towards the younger vampire’s ear whispering only words of love over and over again.

“I love you baby, and I’m never going to give you up even if you ask me to...”Kazuya only smirked as he whispered as let out a groan as grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his waist while pushing the hard into the wall feeling each other’s erections pressed one another in a delicious way, kissing the those again.  Just a Jin was about to the party started as heard a familiar voice from behind him  

“Jin, is that you?” he turned around in annoyance out of his trance of passion as he now  turned to his partner and best friend looking at him in shock seeing the scene in his front of his eyes with Tegoshi standing behind him


To be Continued

[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Sixteen - Part One

“You’re alive…How?” Kazuya only asked as the older man just smiled “Thank you for saving me once again..” Kazuya looked at the man confused at that statement he had saved him again “so, now it’s my  turn to payback the favour, so  stay here and rest with uchi okay..?” Jin said in a softly giving a soft smiled at that confused expression liking it a little too much. He wondered when becoming the dead could be so thrilling seeing such an expression suddenly he wanted to become more eager to get more accustom to it and the nature that he was now in a good way.

“You…”Jin heard someone speak next to him before laying kazuya onto the ground “Are you the one takki that was talking about?” the older man moaned out as turned to face the older man before kneeling down on knee while his hand placed on his chest smirking

“I have accepted his terms and has giving me only one mission and that is to eliminate the pests in the underworld and take takki’s place as a rightful servant under you my lord” as the elder just smiled “so takki has kept his promise after all, but has he found someone worthy taking his place? I don’t know yet…” Kazuya’s only went wide at that, taking takki’s place? He remembering takki saying that the underworld was in search of new purebloods to protect the underworld coming to terms of what takki said to him when he first met him

“I will find someone worth taking my place next to elder uchi, someone who is capable of taking charge one day but for now, you will do as I say with no question, is that clear?”

When he remembered takki’s words back then, takki couldn’t keep his hunger in check and he would rampage the underworld for the purer vampire’s blood all the time in his case was elder uchi because takki was turned by him so it was natural to seek the blood of the vampire that turned you; that was the way of the pureblood vampire but Takki was different to the other pure blood his thirsty for vampire blood indescribly scary at times. Even though they will only kill at will when they are asked to by the elders, but takki had no control over his thirst so therefore the rule for him was hard to maintain and to respect over the underworld.

The other had a dark side that only elder uchi helped him control it but in time takki knew it that even elder uchi wouldn’t be able to control it anymore and that he would soon one day lose to himself to his demon self.  Soon enough he turned back to Jin who was kneeling on the bowing to elder uchi with a smirk on his face in realisation of what had become of his lover now

impossible?’  Kazuya thought, as he complete bewildered “Are you okay..?” Kazuya asked as Jin just smirked at that turning to the other

“You have been stabbed really deep into your stomach by a sword and you’re asking how I am?” Jin said in amusement as the young vampire frown at that answer. The older man merely gazed at that beautiful pouting face that was suddenly presented to him by the other; loving the sight that he had never seen smirking wider as he quickly moved to the young vampire and gently pressed a gently kiss onto the young vampire’s forehead before he smiled once

“Never better, you just rest now; it’ll be over soon promise…”Jin reassured kazuya before turning back to elder uchi once “I’m sorry my lord, I don’t plan taking takki’s place by your side…” Uchi merely at the other curious “Because I don’t think I can ever take takki’s place because I’m not him,  as that being said I will take responsibility in whatever happens and make sure that takki’s last wish does not go to vein…” Jin responded as elder uchi just gave a small chuckle

“As I  thought, takki choses someone who makes no sense…”elder uchi laughed again but then smiled “Takki picked you for a reason, and I trust takki so therefore I have to trust you, considering that I’m pretty useless right now until I’m completely, I don’t have a no choice do I?” Uchi smiled a little wider

“What’s your name boy?” Uchi asked “Akanishi Jin…my lord” Jin polite responded as Uchi snorted “So, all I ask of you is; show me why takki had so much faith in you, by taking down Nishikido Ryo the now outcast of our underworld and the rest of the newborns…”Uchi spoke as Jin was too happily in hearing that as he bowed again

“Yes, my lord…”Jin said again as kazuya lifted himself up limping a little towards Jin  with a worried expression on his face “Jin…”Kazuya said “Are… you really okay?” Kazuya repeated his question as Jin only laughed at that young vampire cutest right at that moment

“Thanks to takki he helped me win over my other self, I feel like a brand new person, from now on I’m not going anywhere I’ll forever be yours just as you are now forever mine…” from the click of his fingers to kazuya fell into a deep sleep as Jin smiled at that brushing that beautiful black hair out of kazuya face placing him next uchi

“Lovesick fool, hurry you damn newbie, I’ll look after him your vampire kitten for now and take out that trash already, that’s your first order, you brat…”Uchi commanded Jin smirked “Sorry, and I will not disappoint you, my lord…”Jin said as he stopped once again “ you better take cover my lord with Kazuya....” Jin replied as the elder waved his hand in the front of him

“From now, you call me Uchi and I’m already on it... I will take care of the newborns and I leave you to clean up the mess here...” the elder man replied  smirking as Jin smirked eagerly as he bowed once again before hearing Ryo’s echo in the background running  to help Junno smiling almost too happily.


“Long time no see, Nishi- Ryo-san…..”Junno sang out loud before smiling all too happily at the shocked expression on the older man’s upon seeing him.

“Why? Why are you still here, I watched you die” Ryo’s angry boiled underneath his skin as Junno smirked at that statement “I could say the same thing about you who was on death row 12 years ago for man slaughter” Junno replied with the same arrogant tone “Somehow I knew you’d be alive, and I should say thanks to you and your partner I never felt better…” Junno snarled evil at the man who use to be his friend 

“Plus, I knew you’d weasel your way out to stay alive I never would have guess that a midget like you become a corrupted vampire for revenge because of a girl who didn’t love you…”Junno gave out a small chuckle, when ryo turned the tables pinning the other against the wall who unfazed by that action

“Shut up, what the hell do you know?” Ryo snapped as Junno easily forced the man off him which enraged ryo even more “Unfortunately, I know a lot about you thanks to knowing your ass and Jin for way too long...” Junno replied “you both as stupid as each other, which is why I thought you’d were the perfect best friends for each other, until that day you decided sell yourself to your father’s Yukaza Business” Junno explained

“besides, the stupidity you both had, I thought you’d be smart enough not to throw yourself into the business that sells their soul in killing for money, but it turns out that your stupidity manipulated your mind into becoming a criminal that even your best friend wouldn’t save you” taguchi smirked Ryo grabbed the man his collar and push into the wall

“I told you to shut your mouth, or I’ll make you…”Taguchi only smirked wider at that statement “Like always, stupidity just gets worst, it’s amazing how much you HAVEN’T changed” Taguchi push the other away once again as the both started into one on one combat fight, for a moment he dodged Junno’s sudden punches, catching him by surprise with his fist connecting with ryo’s jaw sending the other back into the wall and through a building wall

“You brought this on yourself, nishi Ryo-chan, the least I can do is to give you a welcome present from me?” Junno smiled all too happily “Today’s your lucky day you get to see how much I’ve changed”

“Even though I was looking forward to enjoying my life a little more before you had arranged to have me killed of some sick game…”Junno  smiled before he turned serious “you better thing twice, there’s no way I’ll let you kill me again” Ryo just have an slight chuckle before laughing out at that statement

“Correction, if I did kill you wouldn’t be here in front me” Junno smirked at that “over confident as always…” Junno pressed on before he even make a move ryo’s drew kazuya’s steel sword only to run it through Junno’s stomach just like kazuya hearing that painful moaned from his ex-friend as he laughed liking that cry

“You petty animal blood diet vampires like yourself can’t beat me...” Junno stared at the man gritting his teeth together “What? You think I didn’t know such vampires existed?” ryo laughed again “for someone as smart as you are, you are so naïve, I’ve already been through hell and back and now that I’m back in this world of humans and I’m going to making everyone of them suffer like I have suffered in that god forsaken jail that I was thrown into for 3 months, you have no idea” Ryo growled pushing the sword deeper

“Actually, I completely understand you all thanks to you, when you hired chief tatsuya from the Tokyo police department to kill me” Junno snorted as he chuckled with great difficulty “whoever saved me wanted Jin and I to stop you” Junno smiled wearily “I lived like animal like you, I’ve killed my share of people and reflected back on my crimes that I have committed for my survival for the past 3 months of not knowing who I was,  that was like jail for me, so I understand” Junno explained, forcing the other away once creating enough of a distance to remove the steel sword slowly out of him then throwing  it aside, letting out a pain moan once removing the weapon he gave a sheepishly smirk as ryo just looked at the other with a unimpressed expression

“I’ve looked up everything about you, of how you became a vampire, and the way you’ve been living; poisoning everybody with your lies, bringing them into your twisted game just for fun, and not to mention your foolish jealously is probably what blinds you from your pathetic revenge, even Miroku could see right through you that’s why you killed him because you couldn’t handle that everyone like Jin better than you…even Ryu” Junno huffed

“Did you think that Ayumi could love you, because you killed for her?” Miroku continued with his smirk widening

‘shut up…’ Ryo screamed in his head remembering that short conversation with Miroku; Jin’s cousin who re-surfaced those scars he didn’t want to hear about his only best friend stealing his glory and loved ones from right under his nose, and his conversation with Ryu too

“You were just jealous, that my cousin was better than you in everything, because he knew how to treat women better than you ever could...”Miroku continued “She couldn’t stand the sight of a Midget like you who couldn’t satisfy her needs, so she had to turn to my cousin for the love you couldn’t give her”

“Killing and slaughtering her stalkers didn’t make you her hero; you only made her run away from you, that’s what you call loving someone? That’s more like the first step of a becoming a monster” Junno shouted

“You better shut your m-“Ryo started but was interrupted by Junno “your revenge is pointless and your never win, why? Because that is your weakness which is why you always lose everything and everyone whom you come into contact with” Junno pressed on

“The difference between you, miroku, Jin and I is that you had no heart to begin with; so therefore you let yourself become a monster the moment you stepped into the yakuza world” Junno replied “once you become a monster you are incapable of loving anyone not even yourself, your destined to be alone and to disappear” Junno pressed on

“Killing human being, shows your weakness in your heart from your actions, it doesn’t necessarily prove that you stronger or protecting someone Nishikido-san…” Miroku said

“That’s one thing that you had forgotten for being dead and all for what? 10 or what, 12 years now; No wait, you already died the day you sold your soul to your father’s Yakuza’s business in order to fulfil your greedy needs of love…but one day you’ll know that your revenge is pointless and will be the greatest weakness making you fall back to the hell that you were meant to go all those years ago…”

“What the hell do you know? You know nothing about my revenge, I will not let anyone stop me; and I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way…” Ryo snapped in full of rage

“You won’t prevail…” Junno answered immediately which added to the other’s anger “Jin and I….” Junno confidently as he casual walk up to the other as though he was never stabbed “We will definitely stop you like we stopped your father and you all those years ago, we will make history repeat itself but only this time, you’ll be burned in the depths of hell the way you should of like your father” Junno replied as Ryo’s rage boiled underneath his skin as he picked up the sword ready to put an end to the annoying person in front of him for good so he hear another words that mouth he couldn’t stand

“I said, shut your fucking mouth you disgusting animal drinker!” ryo growled as Junno just smiled when Jin jumped in front of them grabbing onto ryo’s hand letting a slightly chuckle before knocking the sword out of his hand in less than a second and then into his own as he threw the other away next to the trash can where Jin thought he belonged to holding his stance again while smiling

“Practice is over.” Jin said “Game start, now you fight me”


Yamapi was constantly checking behind him for any movement as he didn’t dare to shut his eyes thinking that vampire come and suck his blood from out of nowhere, he started to wonder he had read so a many book about vampire’s that never scared him one bit but to see the real thing he was so scared to the point he didn’t dare to move once he was face to face with one in real life.  

They were totally not like the books at all, or the TV series that he had been watching everytime, they were totally unpredictable and definitely more scarier than any criminal he could put to rest it jail.  For a moment Yamapi quick footsteps behind him making him turn around as tegoshi came to a complete stop as yamapi bumped into the man making the fall onto the ground

“Watch it you idiot!” tegoshi growled at the man as yamapi narrowed his eyes back “You’re the one that stopped!” yamapi answered back, as they both could hear those quick footsteps again “d-d-D-did y-ou h-hh-he-aa-ar-r t-that?” Yamapi stuttered in fear as he hugged the bounter hunter’s leg “Yeah..” tegoshi answered looking down at his leg in anger

“What the hell are you doing? Let go of my leg, what are you a baby?” tegoshi growled at the annoying person attach to him “But, I’m scared…” Yamapi whined “I don’t like this; I didn’t sign to the police force to be a killed by a vampires that I thought never existed!” Yamapi complained as tegoshi looked at that the other shaking his head

“well, get use to it, they are real, you are going to be killed if you’re not careful and if you keep acting like this, you’ll get us both killed!” tegoshi groaned in annoyance, when he heard the crashing of a building it seems like “Sounds like there’s fighting against themselves, I can smell their disgust stench from here” tegoshi muttered before a strong stench reached yamapi’s nose when he saw a vampire approach them slowly in the dark

“Oi! Keep your guard up” Yamapi barked as twisted his around non-stop “I can smell them, I think we are surrounded” Yamapi said as tegoshi smirked “So they finally decided to come and play with us…” Tegoshi snorted “not that they will be a match for me anyway, how boring…” yamapi turned his head to face the man

“Never underestimate your opponent even if they are not human, they will surprise you…”Yamapi warned as tegoshi smirked wider “I’ve been a vampire hunter for 8 years; I’ve been bitten by them so many times that I have lost count” Yamapi widened before he was about to ask tegoshi turned to him “I’m vampire hunter, a trained elite official, I’m immune to their poison he doesn’t affect me at all, so over my dead body that I will become one of them, it’ll never happen” Yamapi smirked at that arrogant statement from tegoshi

“Thank god, I was about to say...”Yamapi mumbled as Tegoshi continued “My life is my job, that’s all” making frown geez he lost of many times he heard that line before over and over again

“God, you’re starting to sound like that workaholic officer that I know…” Tegoshi chuckled at this statement “is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Tegoshi had to ask “ depends on you how look at like, the only thing you haven’t done yet that is like him, is dump your shit on my table and ask me to complete it for you when the deadline is in  4 hours the same day” Yamapi snapped in annoyance as tegoshi laughed

“This is why I’m not a police officer, I refuse to be trained like a dog in the police office for them to use as they please, right now I chose to do what I want and when I want to do it with no deadlines, just as long as I can vanquish the demons and vampires that cause our world to be in danger I’m satisfied to be the only one in my workplace… ” tegoshi smirked before turning to the other hearing the mumble about being called a dog

“but, I’m willing to make an exception…”Tegoshi raised an eyebrow while looking at him before he could another world the vampire’s came out of his hiding places to attack.  Tegoshi and Yamapi acted together vanquished the one’s that came at him in sync.

“You have the ears to sense supernatural noises already, and lots of other potential points to be become a vampire hunter…” tegoshi said as moved to kick one of the vampire’s down to the ground as he through the stake aim it right the vampire’s heart as he smirked watch it disintegrate in dust before his eyes and back to the man who sitting on top of the vampire, as yamapi skilfully pulled out his gun pressed it against the vampire heart shot him instantly as the creature turned into dust right before his eyes sitting on a pile of dust.

“Are you kidding? Me? A vampire Hunter?” yamapi asked the other bewildered “I almost make it barely to be a Police officer, you thinking I have potential to be a demon killing machine like yourself? No Way… ” Yamapi pressed on and tegoshi smirked “I barely made it as a lawyer, that’s no difference” Tegoshi blurted

“You were a lawyer before...” Yamapi was astonished by that answer for some reason as tegoshi just laughed “Yeah, I know, right?” Tegoshi then laughed “I was the law, I’m use to being hunted down by my enemies, but my Job I discovered a lot of things even the killer of my family was in fact a vampire that I  later  discovered was the very enemy and client’s case that I won” tegoshi chuckled “I guess you could say that’s probably where my life began so to speak,  at the age of 25, becoming a vampire’s hunter as hunt down my prey while I was being hunted by them, in order in keep myself alive I studied from every aspect history I could find in every library in Japan and I trained my myself to be becoming a vampire hunter…” tegoshi sighed

“Taking revenge on the demons that killed my family that day as well as to protect those who are in danger of them… I made it a profession of my own to protect people that the police cannot fulfil…“ tegoshi smiled before to the other “I could use an apprentice, that maybe even inherit my one man business one day in the near future but for now, Apprentice  as partner to help me, I cant complain so,  what do you say?”  Tegoshi said as yamapi only looked at the other who just snorted

“What makes you think that I have any great skill that seeks to be a potential vampire hunter?” Yamapi asked another two vampire’s pop out from behind yamapi who turned in shock as he let out a scream before closing his eyes and shooting as tegoshi pointing to the other

“Right now; even though you are scared of them you still manage to kill them so easily, it’s amazing, someone who is scared of them normally can’t do that, that first extinct is to runaway yet you don’t, it’s fascinating…” Tegoshi replied before turning around to kill the last vampires that weren’t moving from their spots as they their friend disappear right before their eyes to wanted to run; tegoshi smirked wider at that loving that on the enemies faces as he knew what about to happen. The three vampires, wanted to make a break for it, but they were late, tegoshi dusted them even got a chance to move away,  turning to face Yamapi who was deep in thought probably confused like hell

“Consider it a promotion from a police officer, I guess…”tegoshi shrugged as Yamapi stared at the ground for a while leaning against the wall “A vampire Hunter. huh?” Yamapi said

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