March 14th, 2010

[FIC] Misfortunes can turn into miracles - Chapter 14 (Final) Part 1

Uchi was in the kitchen, as usual cooking food the older man with a smile on his face as tasted his stew potato, corn and cream soup nodding that it was just right, putting the lid to cover it as he watched it simmer for another 5 minutes before turned it off and then moving over to the melon as he looked at the pink bread grinning.

“Perfect...”Uchi cheerfully clapping his hands together

“What’s perfect hiroki...”the younger heard a deep voice behind him as he happily turned around with a smile on his face, holding a piece of melon bread in front of him

“This, I have perfected the melon bread making just for you...”Uchi said smiling happily while a hiding a blush, hearing a crunch from something being bitten he his eyes to a smirking Tak, blinking with a little hope of shinning his eyes

“It’s still horrible...”Tak replied as the swiping the bowl away from the table behind them without the other knowing was too busy pouting looking at his melon bread that he had in his hand bitting into it to chew for a bit before spitting it out as he looked for the bowl full of it when he saw in the older man’s hand he ran over there quickly trying to retrieve it from Tak.

“Tak, give it to me, your right it does taste horrible how on earth you are eating that” Uchi asked in horror trying to snatch the bowl back his hand in the process

“Tak-san!” Uchi started to whine in amusement he had ever heard the other whine like that before even when met he continued to chuckle and tease the younger for a bit longer before he caught the two slender wrist in his hands as he pinned them down the ground as holding down with his strength making Uchi squirm underneath him for a bit.

Holding the bowl of melon bread in his other hand with a victory smirk on his face, while Uchi was finding it hard to breathe as he watched the spread all over on top of him blushing not knowing what to do. As the older man threw the bowl onto the floor as Uchi was about to protest when he felt something wet on his stomach making his breathe hitch a little.

Ryo his hand to lift up the younger shirt, exposing more of the pale skin to his predator eyes, sliding his tongue higher a nipple and sucking on it roughly but gently not hurting it, as he Uchi gave out a low moan at the pleasured feeling on the man sucking on his now probably abused as he felt the being pinched making his squeak on delight.

“Tak..”Uchi moaned to keep a stable voice as he brought his hands wanting to other stop, and think about what he is doing before taking it any further, successfully prying the older man to face him seeing the tint of lust slowly pulling up in heart as he watched those dark eyes clouded with black already to devour him, resisting the urge to moan at the sight.

However, Ryo was growing impatient, he didn’t waiting for something that he wanted to do when he knew the wanted it bad as well but he was fighting the urge to take other right then and now.

“What about breakfast ?” Uchi pouted in pretending to be sad as ryo just bypassed the question by devouring the lips as he successful shutting the boy up as latter moaned into the kiss as he tight wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck as let himself be swallowed into the depths of pleasurably world

“Oh yea, harder” Uchi moaned liking his upper and bottom lip as they giggled rolling off the bed with a thud.

“OW!” Uchi wailed once he hit the around in great pain, cringing as he rubbed his affected area that hit the hard surface, opening his eyes he felt embarrassment wash over him when he saw Ryo figure was staring at him as he was on the floor rubbing his back side pretending not to notice the other presence. On the corner of his eye he saw the older man staring at him sending him a glare

“What the hell are you staring you at?” Uchi growled in annoyance rubbing the pain away from his aching butt, and look at his front just to be sure that was no boner or that Ryo failed to tell him because he didn’t want to as Ryo just could passed him as he shrugged and yawned

“And good afternoon to you to...”Ryo replied tiredly to the younger man who was now lifting himself up from the ground. Ryo with seated himself f the chair as snag a piece of melon bread with a smirk on his face as he stare the man who and dusting himself off

“So, would you mind telling me why you were humping a pillow in your sleep...”Ryo asked rather curiously as the other pouted as response  fighting in his head to find a excuse that he wasn’t humping a pillow and thinking that it was “he” was thinking about feeling so embarrassed by it.

“I-I w- wwas h-having a- nn-n nightmare, OKAY?” Uchi defended as Ryo just looked at him with a smirk turned into a smile

“wow, you must be having some dream...”Ryo said as he walked off into the kitchen in search of what the other had cooked for  breakfast , lifting them up to see a bowl of melon bread some see burnt and perfectly done. Uchi panicked once seeing the older look the toast he made

“The toaster wasn’t working, so I put it in the oven and the oven also wasn’t working properly either so I kind of burnt about 5 of them and rest I cooked in a frypan..”Uchi explained, Ryo turned to younger man bitting into the burnt piece of melon bread and smiled, making the other blush

“I always love your melon bread no matter if it’s burnt or not, Uchi” Ryo answered when he turned around smiling with the melon hanging out of his mouth

“Stop flattering me Damnit” Uchi screamed out in his head hiding his now blushing face, as he looked back at the latter who chuckling at him turning his eyes back to look at the wall again as though it was the most interesting in something in the room besides the latter.

“Baka!!” shouted out as he feel the anger boiling in his blood but his was jumping for joy, turning to the latter was now gazed onto the hotpot on the stove, he saw the older man eye the two pots on the stove, walking over instantly as opened the lid to one of them smelling the scent of yellow coconut rice entered his nose.

When looking at the image of the older man’s expression so happy and peaceful to what he remembered it to be when he first seen the man then, but some he saddened him feeling it was the last face that he’ll see of him. With his head hung low biting his lip nervous as his head up to the oh so happy face while eyeing his food intently

“Tak-kun...” Uchi started stared at the other turned to him suddenly the instant he called him making the younger man’s eyes focus on the ground again

“Hm?” Ryo answered who scooping the food onto his plate

“Are you still going through with it; that lame fight between you satoshi’s gang?”Uchi suddenly asked, Ryo stopped for a moment not saying word before turning to the boy with a smile as the latter just stared at him intently with questioning eyes

“No, of course not ” Ryo lied hoping that line would be enough to make the other to drop the topic, Uchi searched for the truth behind that those eyes but he only got confusion but he knew that the man was lying it was written all over his face

“Why do you continue to lie to my face all the time?” Uchi to ask ‘why he thought all this time by now he thought he could see what the older man was thinking but he didn’t, he was so unpredictable. But this was Tak he was trying to decipher from the beginning he was hard to read or why the other would lie to him and instead just telling him the truth.

Here we go again’ Ryo thought, Uchi saw the other turn around with his plate in hand as he was making his way to his room but he was stopped by Uchi’s hand.

“I maybe not understand you as well, those damn celebrity friends do? But ...” Uchi started as it was his turned to be stopped the man moving closer to him making step back, as Ryo sat on the chair looking at the other for a moment and then turning back to his food

“You don’t have to worry about them anymore, there were my friends in the past who made who I am today, I live in different worlds from them that I understand now” Ryo said honestly chewing on his melon bread “What matters is what I have now I cherish the most than the past” Ryo continued

“Then why do you continue to lie to me up until now?” Uchi spat out in frustration “Is it that hard for you to trust me?” Uchi wailed

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just think there are things that are not worth not being said” hearing that answer he just looked away disgust knowing fully aware what he meant by those words meant it always screamed ‘you protect yourself and hide’ reaction. Turning back to the older man who was munching in his melon bread in silence then he turned back gazing at the floor before mumbling.

“I’m going with you....”Uchi mumbled as Ryo looked at him for a moment, Uchi turned his head to face the now unreadable expression that was on the older man, swallowing hard making to glare back that angry expression pretending that face was no effect on at all.

“You can’t lie to me, I can read you like an open book you, you’re not going anywhere without me!” Uchi demanded, for a moment of a long staring contest Ryo just turned away from smirked putting down his plate onto the bench before slowly walking over the other.

“You can read me like a book huh?” Ryo said slowly, Uchi could hear the angry behind that tone of voice, somehow he found it a mega turn on, soon he anticipating of how the other was going to do next with that his heart skip beat as watched the latter take a step closer to him with his heart jumping for joy. Just when he was about to get a little closer the latter, he felt an arm against him, showing that the latter ignored him and walked straight passed him heading towards the door, he Uchi stopped him again

“I told you I’m not letting you go without me...”Uchi repeated “You wanna follow me to the bathroom do you?”Ryo pointed as Uchi looked away a little red

“Fine..” Uchi mumbled before getting the door slammed in his face, after a few minutes the latter came out seeing the younger man was fast sleep on the ground

“You were only bugging me a few minutes ago, how the hell can you be asleep” Ryo snapped to the sleeping boy, But he couldn’t help but smile at the sight, he slowly turned to the figure and lifting him up bridal style from the ground carrying him to the bed placing the blanket over him

If I tell you that I’m not coming back, you’ll definitely follow, just like yamapi and I can’t let you do that to the same reasons why I can’t let you come with me...”  


Kame opened his eyes as he was greeted with the same darkness always, lifting himself from the bed using the table as his eyes as he felt his way to the upper window opening it, as he took in the fresh air that he loved, the one thing that made him feel that he was alive. A few moments are lately there was a knock on the door as turned to it

“Who is it?” Kame called out, the person who from behind opened popping his head in

“Kame-chan, are you up?” the cheerful Koki said, walking to the man to hug him with a smile

“Good Afternoon sleepy head...”Koki chuckled at his innocent patient

“Your back, how are you? How’s work? Not too stressful I hope” kame smiled pried himself off the older man when a delicious smell entered his nose, as he turned to Koki, narrowed his blind eyes at him

“Why are you making Jin cook for us, he’s our guest Koki?!” Kame said scolding his caretaker for treating his boyfriend like a slave, folding his arms in front of his chest, as Koki just looked at kame pout

“He wanted to cook, I never asked him too but he insisted” Koki defended put hands up in the air “and work is fine, I’m still alive and kicking “Koki grinned happily “Ah! And I have hair, feel?” Koki said while lifting the delicate hand to the top of his head as kame feeling the slightly longer prickly feeling of hair underneath his fingertips making it made him giggle

“This is a wig isn’t it?” Kame teased as Koki pouts “No” Koki wailed a little offended  but then laughed

“Your pretty mean for a disabled person, you know that right?” Koki stated in his still pouting state, kame stopped his laughing, reaching up to put his hand through the softness of the slightly longer stubble on his caretaker’s head with the smile

“You really hated me calling you Tsururin that bad?” Kame had to ask as Koki laughed and then made a face

“Of course I hated it even when I visited my family for the first time in years the first question they are ask me ‘what happened to your hair?’ “Koki complained as kame just giggled that.


“So, you finally visited your family after so long? I’m glad...”Kame smiled “How is everything? I’m sorry for everything that happened...” Koki turned to the other

“You will quit apologising, they don’t hold anything against you, it’s was my choice to look after you okay? Don’t let their back stabbing thoughts tell you otherwise, it’s the more reason why I come to hate them so much.” Koki explained, kame just smiled at that statement

“They don’t acknowledge lovely disable people look like you other than themself” Koki said smiling, softly pinching the man’s cheek as kame pulled away his rubbing his slight abused cheek from his caretaker and nodded

“They are still my family, and I will make them understand one day” Koki pressed on “I’m scared that I might turn into my scary sister one day” Koki said worried at that thought

“She’s just worried about that’s all, and you’ve been away from your family for so long that’s why she thinks that way. You have to understand her mutual feelings as well you know. “Kame explained thinking of that time when he and maru over heard their conversation in his dressing room. He could feel a connection towards caretaker’s sister was exactly like his oldest brother Yujiro with that thought he smiled sadly

“Kame, are you okay? Sorry I shouldn’t be talking about this with you, I’m so sorry” Kame just smiled

“It’s okay, I’m alright you don’t need to worry okay? I’m fine really...” Kame nodded

“I’ve wanted to visit my family for a long time, because I won’t be able to see my own family, so I told myself that I will someday when I’m healed, when I can see again. I don’t want them to see me like this... not until I’ve forgiven myself as well..”Kame in a hurtful tone but he still smiled, koki took the latter’s hand in his hand placed it between his own his own

“Well,  can I tell you something on their behalf, they would be proud of you kame just like how much I am proud of you no matter if your blind or not it doesn’t change a person it only makes them stronger” Koki said sincerely as saw kame smiled there was a still a saddened expression behind that smile but he was glad that kame could grin like that despite he has been through.

“Well, I have to go now, I have to get to work” Koki announced as he moved from where he was standing bring the other into a hug as wrapped his arms around his caretaker sighed happily

“Will you be okay? I can trust that man in my kitchen right?” Koki said he could feel the younger man nodded into his shoulder as he giggled at the thought “Hai, thank you Koki.” Kame mumbled prying himself off the man as he was about to get up from the chair

“You’re not staying for lunch?” A voice was heard from the front of Kame’s room, koki turned to the man at the door

“Unfortunately, no I have to get to work, I will pack for work if you don’t want to waste any food?.” Jin nodded

“Sure, I have an extra container there on the table you might as well take it...” Jin pointing behind to the kitchen bench with a smile as koki nodded, as he walked passed

“Please take him out somewhere” Koki said patting the man’s shoulder with a smile “I will be back around 8pm” Koki whispered before leaving the room. He saw his lover looking out the window sill with the same expression on his face

“Hey, beautiful” Jin whispered as the other turned around to the description that Jin called him he just smiled

“How are you feeling?” Jin asked sweetly, kame lifted up from the edge of the window as Jin grabbed the smaller hand and held it in his own bringing kame closer to him left him smiling happily.

“I’m alright, I’m sorry about last night…”Kame said mournfully on the other’s chest and Jin just shook his head

“Don’t worry about it..” Jin said in soothering tone as he brushed his fingers through the soft locks that belonged to his lover

“You didn’t have to make lunch you know?” Kame said relaxing into the warm chest as wrapped his arms around the older man’s waist, which Jin gladly expected as he did the same he wrapped his arms possessively around the smaller frame

“I’ll be living here for a while because I have to hide, and so I have to make myself useful somehow” Jin answered as kame let a smaller heartily laugh, as he snuggled closer to the wanted warmth from the latter’s body heat

“You’re doing it already, just by being by my side again” Kame replied reaching up to touch Jin’s face feeling the warm skin under his fingertips down the latter’s face to touch his  mouth, making kame let out a giggle

“I really like it when you smile, I wish I could it see someday..” kame smiled sadly as Jin grinning through his ears, leaning in to press a sweet on the side of the latter’s head whispered

“If you could…”Jin answered as kame just smirked

“I’d be lost for words, to be honest and I’ll finally be able to see you and say sorry to my family that I have wanted to do for years …”Kame sincerely as Jin looked at the other for a moment

“I thought I told you not to blame yourself for their death, it’s not your fault” Jin assured the other who snuggled into the latter’s inner neck as he curled into Jin’s lap happily

“I know, I don’t, but I just feel that I need to say sorry.” Kame replied he shrugged a little

“Come on, let’s have lunch, it’s already 12 if you sleep anymore I’ll be starving” Jin said, kame turned away little who thought the expression on his face was just too adorable before kame could speak, Jin took his hand, dropping a kiss on it making the other blush

“Before you protest of why treating you like a princess is because I just want to wait for you...” Jin said as the latter smiled at that

“Baka, y-“Kame started but was cut off again

“I wanted to...” as the other pouted in response “ and besides I have someone who really wants to meet you, before you go to the hospital...”As looked at the moment

“To the hospital? Does tat-chan want to see me?” Jin nodded unsurely

“No, I just want to check on Toma” Jin smiled happily “He’s operation was a success, they found a donor and now he’s all better but at the moment he’s resting, so that’s why I want to go later.” Jin answered, playing with the slender fingers in his own

“Really? So he is back to normal, with his memory all?”Kame asked hesitantly, as Jin just shrugged “Is he okay?” Kame ask curiously

“I’m not sure, that’s we what we are going to find out later together” Jin replied who smiled in response, kame away from a little hanging his head low

“When tat-chan told me that Toma had cancer, I was devastated that one of my friends had cancer at his age. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t so kept in it inside and prayed really hard that he would be healed” Kame admitted 

“It was answered, but the consequence of the other losing parts of his memory” Kame explained, feeling a slight squeeze on his arm the younger man rested h

“And…” Jin started as lifted up his head “Ryo, wants to see you too, he said that he’ll by the hospital tomorrow at about 11pm”

“Ryo-chan? Wants to see me” kame ask curiously as Just nodded with kame sighed loudly to himself

“He always wants to talk to me, he should be taking care of himself more often not caring about me who caus-” kame hanging his head low, as he burst out into fits of laugher once finger attached themselves to his ticklish spot of his ribs, moving away from other

“What did I say about blaming yourself about things that aren’t you’re fault?”Jin warned as kame pouted but while smiling. I know, but every time I would walk down the streets I would attract a lot of unwanted attention, and at one occasionally I’d get attacked a few times, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself without not being followed until I even notice what happened or  what’s going on? I would hear Ryo next to me, saying that I’m in a hospital bed, and that everything was going to be and then I’d  end up crying like a baby” Kame replied with a small voice

“I haven’t changed according to Ryo either, last time he told me to stay the way I am before he had to go to work...” Kame pressed on “every time he would visit I could sense it in his face as I touched it, I’d feel those lumps that were obviously bruises. I don’t like feeling huge lumps on his face, it makes me feel guilty as though I am responsible for every bruise I don’t like that feeling uncertainty when he tells me that he’s fine when I know that he is not” Kame explained “Just like you...” kame said hitting the other lightly on the arm

“Because that’s the way he has always been always making people feel guilty a lump that means nothing to him but the person he protects is more valuable than himself” kame just sat there in silence Jin was right that always has been Ryo when he stepped into that school the first two friends that he ever made friends was the two popular guys in school Ryo and … ‘Jin’   the two who were most likely to get into a fight and not care about how many bruises they would get.

“I have this feeling that Ryo is hiding something from me all the time, hiding himself out to the world ever since our accident, despite I suffering the most he’s suffering inside I think” Kame explained

“He’s like a new person, from the inside wanting to forget, I really don’t understand him anymore Jin….” Kame mumbled  “That is not the Ryo that I remember” kame pressed on leaning against Jin’s shoulder enjoying the warmth coming from the older man’s body heat, Jin watched as the other rested his on his shoulder ‘ either do I kame, either do I…’ Jin thought thinking about that phone call from earlier from Ryo


Earlier phone call:

“Moshi moshi...” Jin said in a shaky voice to hold his tears streaming down his face from seeing the younger man such a trauma from his accident.

“Are you crying Bakanishi...”the voice on the other line teased

“Firstly, Shut up I’m not crying secondly, in mood for your teasing now it’s a good time and thirdly how on earth did you get this number as well, it’s private” Jin spat in frustration as Ryo smiled but it soon faded

“Firstly, yes you are you practically moping, Secondly, I’m not teasing I’m just amused, and thirdly I wanted to call and apologise for putting you through that time with those guy and leaving you there. I guess the media thinks that I’m a bad person right?” Ryo asked chuckled

“I couldn’t care less about the media or myself right now...” Jin said angrily  

 “I heard the news of the conference, and I thank you for still thinking me as a friend. You were always the trustworthy type, an idiot but trustworthy...”Ryo answered

“I’m not an idiot! I got myself a spot in the JE entertainment and yet now, it’s been thrown out the window because of me, my career nothing in comparison to him” Jin explained, Jin just heard a loud sigh over the phone

“That is why my friend what makes you an idiot!”Ryo snapped lightly on the other line “you should know that giving up your dream isn’t going to help at all. It’s a job that you need to support yourself now and in the near future. And I’m sure kame realises this too.” Ryo reasoned

“Yeah, whatever...”Jin croaked

“What happened anyway Ryo wanted to know what make his friend cry in the first place, hearing a sigh over the phone

“I-I don’t know what happened, I just woke up to kame’s screaming, I think it was a nightmare was about his accident, he was wailing for me to save his brother, and save his family and it just makes it worst that he’ll be re-living everyday in that nightmare for the rest of his living in darkness, and it makes me feel so.....” Jin explained frustration, closing his eyes as he opened them again

“Hopeless” Ryo finished his sentence, the sighed as a response

“How is he now?” Ryo asked as Jin nodded “He’s fast asleep again, but I have no idea what he’s dreaming again so I’m going to stay close.” Jin assured the latter on the phone

“So, I never got to ask you, how’ve you been keeping? I heard you were in pretty bad condition as well...” Jin worried by his friend

“Never better, I suffered minor injuries compared to kame, so therefore you don’t need to worry about me, and I didn’t call you to talk about me, I called to talk about kame.” Ryo said turned the conversation is a serious talk

“Jin, I’ve been by kame’s side for 3 years and now that he has found you, he doesn’t need me anymore..”Ryo answered as Jin looked confused for a moment

“Ryo, what are you talking, of course he still needs you, you’re his friend and my friend, ueda, yamapi and toma’s right?” Jin replied

“No...’Ryo answered, as the latter smirked at that “No, I’m not.. “

“Of course you are!!” Jin Whispered loudly walking away from Kame’s room so he didn’t scare or wake the other up

“You leaving aren’t you? Where are you going this time? Are you coming back?” Jin questions the man but didn’t say answered

 “Have you at least told Yamapi? And or toma, or wait forgot, toma’s in a COMA!” Jin snapped angrily

“I promise that toma and yamapi will be fine...”Ryo assured the man

“And what makes you think so? When you left yamapi he was a total wreck, I had to force a man who you loved to eat properly so that he wouldn’t eat bread that had fungus growing on it!” Jin whispered angrily

“Believe me, if I stayed I would make more suffer and I could not afford that with the family that I lived with. I had I a reason why I had to leave, just like Kame-chan did” Ryo explained

“Don’t you dare bring kazu into this ....” Jin warned the man who smirked “My journey is at a end and I need to move on and accept it... something that I can’t go back on even if I wanted” Ryo answered

“So, please Jin, take care of Yamapi and Kazuya and everyone else for me, that is my last wish to you...”Jin smirked at that

“ You are really are just going to walk away from start your life as a gangster, are you ?” Ryo smiled at that answered

“Yeah, I am I’m really no good anymore and as for yamapi he hates me too now so he will forget me easily” Ryo said with a smile

“And what about me” Jin then asked

“You don’t give a damn about me, at all” Ryo replied as Jin smiled at this “Yeah, I almost had you that day” Jin smiled

“You wish you pompous jackass” Ryo teased 

“In that case I will see you in jail!” Jin teased back “maybe...” Jin sighed as bit his lip

“Ryo....please don’t do this, please stay...” Jin suddenly pleaded to the man on the phone

“I’m not going anyway, I just giving a dream back to someone who needs it more than I do, please make your sure you keep your promise to me” Ryo said as Jin had a look of confusion on his face not understanding what the was staying.

 Goodbye Jin...” Were his last words on the phone before the other line went dead

P.S> “I will be at the hospital, about 11pm. Tomorrow…”  

He remembered testing a message back but he never replied back to him at all

What the hell was that about you damn Shorty” Jin snapped in his head not understanding that phone just now ‘goodbye’ and ‘I’m not going anyway, I just giving a dream back to someone who needs it more than I do’ the hell he didn’t understand at all. At the moment he felt a soft touch to his cheek, at once he gazed upon that those greyish brown orb that belonged to kame. Kame could feel the expression of distress, worries, and confusion just by a touch, the younger frown at such expression when he felt a warm hand over his own hand.

“Jin…are you okay? Your expression feels like your distressed” kame said in a worried tone

“I promise everything will be okay...”Kame added as leaned forward bringing his slender arms to wrap around the latter neck as he brought him into a hug, making the older man smile accepting the embrace without hesitation. These arms belong to kame, this is what he had been craving for the last five yrs, this man was missing and now he was back in his arms again. Never again he told himself he will never this man go without a fight, with that he smiled

“I’m fine; I know it will too...” Jin assured “Now come on, we have a long day today and on top of that I’m hungry” Jin complained happily as the other happily nodded to Jin’s response.


“Jin, where are you taking me…” Kame asked curiously holding onto the man’s arm with nervous of about this surrounds were because he had never left his house without his guide dog or his walking, right now he’s was Jin’s arms and the latter’s sense of direction they were doomed even if the latter knew where the place was really well he’d still have to remember what things look like

“It’s a surprise...”Jin looking around the area as looked at the street names ‘Damnit where is that street’ he heard the older man curse nonetheless it made him smile about 1 hrs so of walking they had finally reached their destination as soon as the door opened immediately frightening kame a little as Jin sighed in annoyance of sudden action from the person in front of them sent him a glare

“Young man you have a lot of explaining to do and you are gonna start with the conference I was on TV about ka- “the women stopped talking to her son as she stopped to peer at the boy next to her son, pushing son away as ran to over his side with her eyes widening

“Kazuya...” Kame felt a pair arms wrap around him tightly as he could feel the women tears damping the side of his clothes on his shoulder, lifting his arms to close them around the older man as well. Prying her off a little

“Mama Aki...” Kame sounded out “Is that your voice?” Kame he felt tears threatening to roll down his cheeks again, the older women burst out in happiness hearing that nickname only kazuya given her all those years

“oh my god, I can’t believe it, it’s really you...”the women cried some more pulling her away to look at the grown man in front of her she could only smile “ My little Kazu baby is back”.

After a moment after the touching union, Mrs Akanishi guided the other into the house with both Jin and Mrs Akanishi helping him into the house to sit on the comfortable couch as Jin down next to him and Mrs. Akanishi went to and get some snacks for the two boys to eat.

“Sorry for bringing you here, when she called she immediately wanting to see you, hope you don’t mind” Jin said the other’s hand in his own, as kame just smiled shaking his head

“It’s okay, I always felt like home when I use to come here...”Jin smiled at that memory

“Yeah, you ran over to my house because you didn’t want to eat your tomatoes that your mum forced that time...”Jin giggled an innocent Kazu back then.

“This is still your home kame...” Jin replied but didn’t to that, but he just gave out a small smile

“Mum, missed you and your family a lot too...”Jin said “ever since my dad left as you already know she use to spend great a amounts of time together with your mum back then through those years when we were altogether” Jin pressed his lips together 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking about that now shouldn’t I? I’m sorry” Kame instantly shook his head with a sad smile

“I don’t mind, it’s nice to know that you remember those memories of them” Kame said with that smiled, at the moment the women turned with a place of cookies and milk as she happily placed it on the table.

“It’s been awhile since I had visitors here, most of the time it’s just me and Reio, and sometimes Jin if he wants to visit me ...”The older women said sadly

“Don’t compare me to reio I have to work most of the time... “Jin defended himself

“For 5 years I thought you have stopped your bickering to each but it seems like you haven’t” Kame giggled “It’s been a long time, listening to you too, it’s a nice listening to birds fight” Kame giggle as Mrs. Akanishi turned to kame and smiled

“It’s not intentionally, I just to him visit me more often, I’m kinda sick of seeing reio and his girlfriend all the time, you know” Mrs. Akanishi stated

“I miss my single perverted son here..” Kame covered his mouth to contain his laugher in as Jin on other was glaring at his mother for why she was been so wide open


“Jin honey, can you go and check on my chicken please” Jin’s mother spoke in the sweetest tone of voice responded

“But there is no chicken in the pot!” as kame heard Jin

“Can you make your way to the kitchen? And I would like to talk to your sweet boyfriend here….” Jin’s mother said through teeth, as kame blushed as the statement that left Mrs. Akanishi mouth as left heading towards the kitchen as he was told

“Ano… I’m sorry for ruined your son’s career I swear I didn’t mean no harm to it”Kame apologised as the women turned to him smile

“Like polite as ever I see, I’m glad you haven’t changed like that ungrateful man in the kitchen” Mrs Akanishi whispered

“I heard that!…”Jin announced from the shouted out from the kitchen

“Who freezer do you dump your food in every time?” Jin growled looking for something that was editable in the fridge top eat while he waited

“Still giving you trouble by the sound of it?”Kame stated as Mrs. Akanishi just smiled shrugged

“Jin will always be Jin…” Mrs Akanishi replied, turning head to the kitchen grinning as she then turned back to the younger placing her hand on his as she let a warm loving grace her lips

“You will always be my little kazuya too; you are my son too…”Kame bit his nervously at the statement as he tried to smile as though it was inappropriate

“I understand what you’re going through, the only difference is that you and Jin lost a mother and my husband and I lost best friends who mean the world to us. Jin told me everything, I demanded him too, and when Jin told me that you were alive I was so happy.” Mrs. Akanishi explained as sniffed a little holding the hands in her tight

“I remember the she always tell me and the line would I tell her as well ‘My family will ALWAYS be your family’ and ‘what hers is mine, and what’s mine is hers to share’ she would always say” Mrs. Akanishi laughing remembering the times spent they had with her best friend at the restaurants they use to go to.

“That part of me died 3 years ago, I didn’t know what to I couldn’t tell the rest of my family for while why I was not around for while, I lied and said that I was at a friend’s house for work but instead I sat in my office and cried for a week every night in my office as thought I had lost hope” Mrs. Akanishi pressed

“But you’re here, I knew Jin wasn’t lying when he said that it was you, he would never lie about being a alive because he loves you just as much as I do” the women happily as kame hung his head low

“You are my son as well kazuya, don’t you ever forget, you’re also a part of our family too” Mrs. Akanishi looked at him as just nodded

“Promise me kazuya, you can’t make an excuses, I expect you come for dinner at least at three times a week. You hear me?”  Kame that line brought a fresh down his cheek as he nodded once again

“Thank you Mama...” kame said bowing as Mrs. Akanishi only lifted the younger man from the couch his shoulder guiding the other to stand up, for her to look at him

“So, since you’re here, you’re staying for dinner right?” the women said clearing the younger man’s face as kame nodded, turning his face embarrassed



“So, you finally showed yourself” Satoshi smirked as silently Ryo as he watch the flock of gangs members grinning at him from every direction blocking exit there was to escape

“You don’t need to block the exit, there’s no chance I’m running before I play with you...” Ryo grinned “you have approximately 4 hrs until the cops get here, so which you have 4 hrs to okay with me...” Ryo widened at his statement as glared at all the angry gang members who pounced at him

Meaning while in Uchi and Ryo’s apartment

“Damnit, that asshole; leaves me here like this? What the hell!” Uchi cursed trying to free himself from the tight ropes, tumbling over again once in frustration, walking himself down the stairs with the chair strapped to him slowly, when a knock his concentration making him almost lose his balance.

“Who the hell can that be at his hour?”once finally making it down the stairs safely the door bell rang again annoying to the bone not he had enough fighting that who left him here, but it also had annoying person the door that he couldn’t even open because he was tired so tightly against the god sakin’ chair it pissed him right now, no matter he told myself that you loved the older man he hated how the man does things like this is keep him away. The door bell ringing growling

“For fuck sake, how the hell is it? And what do you want? If you want Tak the bastard is not here....” Uchi yelled, making to the door as he spun around to press the button letting the person in as he was about to open the door for him the door slide open before he could even speak

“You’re that thief from the convenience store” Yamapi barked at the other was a shocked expression plastered all over his head

“You’re that damn celebrity who tried to hit me!” Uchi growled in somewhat disbelief “What the hell are you doing here?” Uchi angrily, not wanting to see that damn face

“I came to see, Ryo is he here?” Yamapi asked as Uchi just smirked “I’m sorry I think you the wrong apartment number I don’t a have Ryo with me...” Uchi snarled the other who thinking a little confused when he remembered something

“Sorry, not Ryo I mean Tak or something like that....” Yamapi looked at the tide who glared at him “Can you help you anything?” Yamapi offered but the other back away from that hand only almost tumble backwards

“Don’t touch me!!” Uchi squealed as, frightening Yamapi a little from the shock of the other’s loud tone

“Sorry.” Yamapi said as he retrieved his hand back as there was a long silence that followed between them as they didn’t look at each other

“That’s all you want to know, can you please leave as you see that I’m not in the best mood to fight with anyone...”Uchi explained, wobbling his way back into the apartment to close the behind him but it was stopped by the other man, leaving the other growling in annoyance.

“What part of “PISS OFF” do you not understand? You’re not welcome in this apartment of mine” Uchi roared as Yamapi looked around, biting his lip but he just stepped into the hallway and closed the door behind him

“GET OUT!” Uchi screamed

“I’m sorry, but I can’t leave not now, it took me forever to this place so now that I’m here I’m not leaving” Yamapi said stubbornly

“Someone like you shouldn’t here, so get out” Uchi tried again but again didn’t budge

“Not until Ryo explains to me why left me a like this, it’s almost like a suicide note” Yamapi angry cried out, for a moment Uchi looked at him in confusion w

“What…?” Uchi softly “Gimme that!” Uchi snapped swiping the note from the celebrity’s hand