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Welcome to LinnyChan's LJ! (^-^)

LinnyChan's Journal is now
Friends Only

Reason... read below 


Hello Everyone & My Fellow Readers…

Thank you for stopping by, as you know my Journal has been set to friends only due to plagiarism of my Fics. I clearly don’t like it when people do it and it’s just wrong please for those, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE if you wanna plagiarise I will gladly report YOU Immediately. If you want to use my Fics tell me, credit me and link me. I will be glad appreciated.

All my Fan fiction will be locked after 48 hours due to protection of my beloved fics from being stolen so please understand this matter

As for everyone else, I'm sorry for the trouble of adding me to read my Fan Fiction I hope you don’t mind.
Just drop me a message or a comment and I will add you so you can read the following list:

Akame Fic List ( Click Here )

Inspiration for my Fanfiction (requests for stories lines ( Click Here )

Other JE Pairing Fic List (Coming Soon)

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