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[FIC] - Clueless Innocence

 Kazuya was in Jin’s kitchen swing his hips; singing to some random song on a random CD that he had put into Jin’s CD player he had found through Jin’s foreign music stack of CDs on the floor next to the TV. The song was addictive he continued to bopped his head to it, and to the words that were in English. He had was glad that Jin had taught him some English but there were some English words in the lyrics at he was still clueless about. But that didn’t stop him from signing to the catchy tune of the song with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, as kazuya was so caught up in dancing and singing to the catchy tune song happily, made the sound of his boyfriend’s front door unlocking unnoticed.
From a rough day’s work, he forced his way through his front door wanting to have a super-hot shower and then go straight to bed and sleep in the whole day on his day week off. But the moment he entered his apartment the wonderful smell of almost cooked pasta, with a hint of bolognaise sauce entered his nostrils, as he smirked.

There was only person in that he knew who can cook the best pasta in the world better than any Italian restaurant can he imagine, with that thought he mood immediately lightened up as he was greeted the sound of his foreign music cd giving played with a current that he had downloaded recently, which amused him even more.  It was rare for his kazu to be listening to his foreign music without him, but what surprised him even more was he could hear his kazu singing those English songs perfectly and swinging those hips. With that Jin’s smile grew wider as the smell of dinner was forgotten as he moved further into the kitchen where kazuya was as Jin stood right behind him. God he had he still missed that tight ass when he was in America Jin thought to himself, licking his lips consciously as Jin’s eyes followed his boyfriend’s buttocks that continued to sway side to side with the tempo of the music.

You got me up against the wall
You keep pushing me back
And everything you do,
You know I like it like that
Were up against the wall
Get into it show me how you move girl
Were up against the wall
Go head and lose it this is how we do
Were up against the wall, up against the wall
Were up against the wall, up against the wall

Continuing to sing the song, kazuya made his way back to the stove to check on his pasta to see if it  was ready by picking up one single strand of pasta and  putting it into his mouth, tasting it with a satisfied smile. Just as he was about to move to his the sauce, he felt a pair arms wrap around his slender waist making contact with body behind him as the sudden touch made him jump. Just as he was about to protest, he heard that voice whisper into his ear instantly knowing who it was

“Hey Beautiful, What are you doing here? Are you trying to seduce me...?” Jin whispered huskily into kame’s ear as kazuya just snorted “what does it look like; i’m making you dinner how is that seducing you? Kazuya asked in questions as continued to stir the bolognaise sauce in the big hotpot as he continued to sing making Jin’s smirk widened

“Kazu, can I ask you something?” Jin whispered hotly to his boyfriend with his hands not moving away from that slender waist; kazuya nodded before turning the heat down for the sauce so it can slowly brew

“It’s rare for you to listen to my collection of music because your English isn’t as good as mine...”Jin teased as Kazuya pouted at hearing that “I’ll have you know my English is fine thank you very much, I just need practice” Kazuya defended himself

“You know how I have to listen to something when I cook so I happened to find this CD on the floor, plus you don’t really have much Japanese music anymore expect for our band and I don’t really want to hear that because I listen to it all the time.” Kazuya reasoned shrugging 

“So, I put the CD in and this was the first song that came up and I really liked, even though I have no idea with they are singing, its a really addictive song and soon enough I started singing and dancing to it., and the chorus is super addictive” as Jin had to smile at the unnoticeable innocence from not knowing he was singing or dancing to added to desire to pin the slender figure up against the wall and get into it and show him how he moves. Just listening to those lyrics right now he felt himself hardening immediately thinking that dirty thought of his boyfriend sweating from such  intensity of pleasure up against the wall made groan. Jin was too far gone; he forgot how innocent his boyfriend was especially when it came to any song that wasn’t in Japanese. At the moment the desire of wanting to claim that body in front of him became his number one priority.

Kazuya  with not knowing the meaning of those lyrics that he was singing and dancing to and also how it was affecting Jin, kazuya just shrugged in response to his answer with a smile

“Kazu...”Kazuya heard Jin call to him again enjoy the closeness of being hugged by Jin from behind “Do you want me to teach  you what the lyrics mean?” Jin asked his innocent little boyfriend before Kazuya lit up in excitement “really? I would like to know what i’m singing, it’s so frustrating at times, especially now your CD cabinet is full of American music, I feel like I don’t know you anymore..”Kazuya said a little upset as he turned to his lover; at that moment kazuya was faced with an unreadable expression in Jin’s eyes that gave him goose bumps every time the other would stare at him so intensely making him turn back around blushing hard.

“How badly do you want to know…”Jin asked as he brought that body closer to him as he face heat up that huskily tone his used. Just as Kazuya turned back around to the stove as he was about answer, Jin caught his wrist and turned him back around to face him directly, moving them both away from the stove not forgetting to turn it off before pushing the other up against the wall claiming those lips that he wanted to taste the moment he saw them.

In less than a minute, Kazuya found himself slowly returning the kiss, and his body started moving on its own accord; his arms wrapping tightly around Jin’s neck. Their tongues were battling for dominance, and while Jin’s lips were still attached to Kame’s, Jin let his hands wander all over Kame’s exposed skin; touching and teasing everything he could. Kame threw his head back with a throaty moan as Jin lowered his kisses along Kame’s jawlines, and then to his neck and shoulders.

“Ah...”Kazuya moaned “.... w-what a-bout di-i-nner...” his little kazuya moaned as he pressed the other even further into the wall kissing those lips shutting the other up successfully before smugly replying “I’m in the mood for my appetizer first…” Jin said continued kiss and bite every part of Kazuya’s skin he could see

For a moment Kazuya lost his breathe moaning, as Jin started to peel off kazuya’s shirt before doing the same with his own shirt as it was discarded to somewhere the apartment near the living room. Kazuya felt the cold chill hit his hot naked skin the moment his shirt removed from him, but it was soon placed by the hotness of Jin’s mouth sucking hard on his nipples, making him shiver at the wonderful sensation.

Kazuya tilted his head from side to side, moaning louder as he felt them hardening along with his touch with smirk widening at the sensitive of the smaller body still was

“ah ..hmm..Jin..” Jin then continued kiss his way down the path to kazuya’s navel, licking it making kazuya arch beautifully off the wall. Jin felt those shaky hands being placed on top of his head as the latter tried to push him down wanting Jin’s skilful tongue to go elsewhere, oh how Jin loved when kazuya begs with that desperate whine, it only increased his desire to devour the other more and want to hear that pretty of voice of his kazuya screaming his name.

“Jin...please...” Kazuya moaned, as Jin smirked at that adorably reaction well aware what the other needed, he didn’t want to give kazuya what he wanted just yet, so he slowly moved his hand to unbuckle kame’s jeans as he pulled them off his hips down leaving the other stark naked. As he could feast his eyes on his boyfriend’s already hard member before closing his hand around kame’s erection tightly and kissed Kame roughly once more leaving no chance the other to breathe.

Before whispering “You naughty little thing, you like being treated like this don’t you?” Jin whisper in a rough tone, as that sent a spark through kazuya’s body straight to his member making him even harder than he was. Jin proceeded on devouring those thin lips with his own once again as he pumped Kame’s length real slow. He could feel Kame’s lips trembling against his own with every stroke.

“Faster...”Kazuya moaned, again Jin smiled at that response as he licked his lips seeing the beautiful boy fight the pleasure that was creeping up inside him from his slow movement

“What was that Kazu, I can’t hear you...” Jin whispered his kazuya’s ear bitting it hard making the letter yelp at that, kazuya could feel Jin’s hardness through the material of the other jeans, pressing against his inner thigh adding to the friction of the material rubbing against his naked member in such a delicious way that was making him lose his mind

“Oh god…” he groaned as the older one’s mouth moved back from his neck to capture his lips, kissing him fiercely and taking all of his breath away. The hand on his erection continued its caress, until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jin… I need… please…” Kazuya begged as Jin watched the other with a lustful desire burning in him at that slender body shaking with pleasure at his mercy and under his control. Kazuya squirmed against the wall. He could feel the latter’s fingernails digging into his skin as he continued to trail his tongue down his neck while pinching his already hard nipples, pumping the latter faster just as the latter wanted as he groaned listening that pleasurable sounds coming from his beautiful lover was making while pleasuring him. Right at that moment kazuya couldn’t think or process anything anymore. All he wanted right now is to feel Jin. His knees started weaken which Jin noticed so he used one knee to support his lover by lifting it up

“I ...I...want…. you...” Jin smiled at the latter’s desperate plead “That was quick, I haven’t even gotten started” Jin said far too amused of how far gone his lover was after a small gesture of a hand job. Panting heavily kazuya reached down between their legs dipping his hand into Jin’s pants as he squeezed the hot member before whispering

“I…want ...this, deep, inside...me” Kazuya hissed “now…” Just that made Jin remove his pants in less than a split second with one hand, kazuya let an out a satisfied sighed feeling Jin’s full naked torso pressed against his own as they grinded their members together, leaving the other moaning louder non- stop. Jin released his grip on his lover’s member and moved toward the younger boy sweet hole to prepare him for the main event. He placed two fingers into kazuya’s mouth ordering him to suck

“If you want it so badly, suck them until their drenched” Jin said in hoarsely desire as kazuya complied immediately, at the sight alone made Jin moan in anticipation, Jin watched that  his fingers disappeared in and out of kazuya’s mouth making him growl in dark desire before removing his now saliva coated fingers out from his boyfriend’s mouth, as he inserted one of the drenched fingers into the tight asshole. He growled at the hotness that was surrounding his finger, he could wait to feel his lover’s sweet hole muscles to squeeze him of his love juices all night long.

Kame moaned from the sudden invasion calling out his lover name assuring him to add another finger. Jin happily added the second finger and waited till his boyfriend got used to it and added the third one. Kame was at a breaking point as kazuya screamed out his pleasure as those fingers sliding in and out of him to the tempo beat of the song. Kauzya whined from the loss of Jin’s fingers when he removed them, licking his fingers before in such a sexual way making the other groan at that sight.

“sweet” Jin mumbled before moving closer as he hooked his arms under kazuya’s knees with his hands on either side of the wall, successfully pinning kazuya right against the wall with just his arms holding him, exposed.

“You are fucking beautiful kazuya…” Jin smiled licking his lips as he drank in the sight of his lover looking so vulnerable, hopeless and horny up against the wall just the way that he liked it. Inching closer until there was no space between them, until all he could feel that beautiful pale skin up against his own, he rubbed his hard member between kazuya’s butt cheeks teasing the other a little more before he kissed the other more aggressively now; biting the latter’s already swollen lips.

“Oh God Jin…”Kazuya moaned into the kisses as he could feel heat raising 10 times more; hissing and panting uncontrollably up against the wall, the only thing that he could move was his hands, which automatically fisted into Jin’s chocolate brown hair tightly.

“ahh…J-jin .o-o-g-god..put it in already..” Kazuya moaned “Please, I beg you…fuck me… please fuck me now…”Kazuya begged as he moaned louder tilting his head backwards as it hit the wall. Kazuya saw Jin moved his member into position ready penetrate him, he saw Jin grab the stereo control in his hands as he turned up the music in the ground smirking at him.

“Ne? Sing to the song while I fuck you …”Jin said as kazuya looked up at the other a little confused “What…?” kazuya said as Jin asked “I want you to start singing the chorus to the song while I fuck up against the wall..” As those words left Jin’s smirk devilishly “If you do, I give your asshole a hammering just the way you like it, if you don’t you have to settle with just a hand job, which is it?”Jin pressed on nibbling on his jawline as he rubbed the tip of his member against the kazuya entrance making him groan louder.

“Come on, baby, let me hear those lyrics from your  sexy  voice of yours” Jin breathe out as he heard the broken english words his boyfriends lips his smirk widened
You got me up against the wall

Jin pushed into kazuya, right to the hilt letting out a satisfied groan as he welcomed the wonderful tightness surrounding his member. He stayed there while the other got use to have him so deep inside, listening to that trembling voice sing to those lyrics in the background making him harder.
You keep pushing me back
He slowly started sliding out until the tip but then pushed in hard making him smirk as he heard the other groan but still kept singing.
He rammed his big member back and forth, taking his big jinjin almost out of the heavenly hole and all the way back in, hitting his lover's sweet spot.
“Fuck yeah…” Jin groaned the amazing feeling the tightness on his member, he felt kazuya relax as he sped his movement as he closed his eyes leaning his head against the wall next to kazuya breathing against his neck, moving to the fast tempo of the song

“Oh yeah…you feel so good…” Jin said a satisfied pleasurably feeling as he thrust hips a little faster in beat, as he watch his lover face that was perplexed with immense pleasure as the words of the song left that pretty mouth, he smirked at that, he growling more just watch him
And everything you do,
You know I like it like that
Were up against the wall
Get into it show me how you move

While Jin was enjoying the sight as Kazuya was having a hard time trying to sing those lyrics while he was receiving such pleasure as he sang to the song with great difficulty. He saw that smirk on Jin’s face, well aware that Jin was clearly enjoying this game. But he didn’t care, Jin was always like this, always finding a way to spice up their sex life but he never complained about it. Just at that moment Kazuya started to feel light-headed as he felt the man push into him harder against the wall making him scream at the roughly treatment. He loved it, rough-sex with Jin was the best, he would never deny.
Were up against the wall
Go ahead and lose it this is how we do
Were up against the wall, up against the wall
Were up against the wall, up against the wall

“Fuck yeah, don’t you love this song kazu…” Jin moaned, picking up his pace as growing eager to push his release listening to lyrics that sounded so dirty from kazuya was a mega turn on.

“Oh, god…yes…”Kazuya moaned, by the end of this he swore to himself he would never forget the lyrics to this song anytime soon. Kazuya found it hard to sing to lyrics while being hammered from behind; so deep at the latter kept hitting his sweet spot inside him. Kazuya grabbed onto forearms as felt other move in and out of him in amazing speed sending him in over-drive as the beat for the changed he felt Jin slow down making whine

“No, don’t slow down…”Jin chuckled at that, just as the song sped up again so did Jin’s movements “Fuck, harder…Oh god,..Ahh.. Jin” Kazuya screamed is pleasure, nearing his climax, with heavy and fasting panting, followied a growl from Jin

“Harder, baby harder..” Kazuya said through gritted teeth “oh yeah…that’s it” increasing the pleasure moving even faster if it was possible, leaving kazuya screaming his Jin’s name

“Fuck, I’m there …yes…”Kazuya growl, pushing against his boyfriends hips harder until the sound of flesh on flesh hitting against each could be heard; the pleasure started to cloud his senses from the amazing friction of Jin’s talented hips. Jin crushed the other against the wall as Jin positioned himself a little before slamming into the other harder as he whispered

“Come for me baby.…”Jin growled as kazuya’s orgasm hit him without Jin having to touch him. His vision went white and he gripped into his lover's hair intensely, shooting out his essence at the latter's upper body as jerk out his immense orgasm.

"J-JIN!” Jin felt the other inner contract around his hard member, as he threw his head back, almost screaming the other’s name from the intense sensation feeling his hot juices shotting out of his length spread inside Kame’s body making him shudder at the surreal feeling as Jin hugged the smaller his riding out his intense orgasm with guttural growl before carrying the other with all the strength that he had left to couch with on top of him still connected

Jin and kazuya had a satisfied smile on their face; it took them some time to calm down from their high intense and hot sex session. Kazuya was the first to recover as he turned to Jin before placing a sweet kiss on the older man’s nose lifted himself from Jin laid there exhausted but with a smile

“You could have told me that I was singing a really dirty song…” kazuya pouted at him as Jin merely turned his head to face the smaller on top of him with a smirk

“Why the hell would I do that, when I get hot sex out you as best welcome present from you…”Jin explained making pout widened “Is that what you’ve been thinking of when you were back from America the last two days? Thinking of ways of how to seduce me and surrender to your dominant sadistic side?” kazuya guessed as Jin looked him with a smirk victory

“I don’t have to do anything to make you bend to my will for that…”Jin happily as that earned a whack on the back of the head with a cushion by kazuya sighed “I’m kidding, geez” Jin said cuddling with the other on couch

“You make it as though I forced this plan onto you, by planting that CD right there for you to listen to …” Jin replied as kazuya looked up narrowing his at his lover “Being you, it sounds like something you do in order to get into my pants when you really want it bad enough…” kazuya answered back as it was Jin’s turn to pout at that response from his boyfriend now.

“Mou…kazu-chan!! don’t be so mean…”Jin said as he continued pout while hugging other tighter “You know, I can’t resist you, when you dance on my kitchen, you should better than to cook and swing your ass at the same time in front of me…”Jin explained as kazuya sighed but then smiled forgetting how horny boyfriend when he dances

“To be totally honestly with you, kazuya” Jin started “it was actually the first day of my entire life, that I was extremely tired and plus the jet leg added more to the tiredness. I actually wanted to have a nice shower and sleep in a warm without dinner because I have already eaten enough on that damn plane I felt so bloated…” Jin said before turning to the younger man so was looking at him thoughtfully

“But then I was embraced with a pleasant surprise with a figure in my kitchen who was singing and dancing to ‘that’ song while cooking with such seriousness and not to mention you had no idea the meaning of giving me raging hard on, you think I could sleep it off?” Jin smirked, as kazuya hissed in annoyance turning away pretending to insulted

“Bastard you look advantage me and my innocence, damn pervert…”Kazuya said as Jin placed two fingers under kazuya’s chin to turn the other to face him again before bringing the other into a sweet kiss as kazuya melted at the gentleness of Jin’s lips, as Jin pulled away as he into that beautiful of his lover he gave a genuine smile 

“But you love it otherwise you wouldn’t be stuck with me for so long…” Jin smirked, as kazuya just smiled “Yeah, there must be something wrong with me…”Kazuya said sarcastically the other back “You only fall in romance. Love is cultivated” kazuya snuggling closer to the warmth of older man’s body again as Jin smiled, brushing his fingers through kazuya hair

“You’ve been reading my twitter?” Jin asked a little surprised as kazuya smiled wider and then pouted “of course and all of your conversations on twitter with ‘BoA’ really started to worry me, but today showed me what I have and she doesn’t…” Kazuya replied as Jin smiled 

“And what’s that my love…”Jin responded placing a kiss on the younger man forehead, before pulling the blanket that was discarded on the floor near the couch to cover them both

“Your love and you right by my side…”Kazuya said happily, Jin let out a chuckled hearing that
“You don’t need to be jealous she’s a good friend, there are just words of friendship. No one can replace a beautiful, sexy and innocent turtle like you ever… I love you kazu…” Jin said as kazuya relaxed at those words blushing at them. He knew it was wrong to be jealous from all those twitter comments from his boyfriend and BoA, still reading all the fans that were replying to them; saying they were the perfect couple was really heartbreaking. 

He knew they were just words, even the other was only here for a short time he knows no matter how far apart they were, no matter what country or city those words from Jin’s mouth just now; he knew that their love for each other can last forever.

“Ne, Jin…”Kazuya said happily “hm?” Jin answered with his eyes closed as kazuya whispered 

“I love you too, and Welcome home…” Jin could smile at that “I’m so glad to be back with you again... with you..” Jin mumbled happiness as he drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, Jin wouldn’t ask for anything more, no matter where he was in the world, he knew he could come back to his kazu here in japan, the place he could call home. Forever…

“Jin…” Kazuya called out again as Jin sleepy answered him “hm?” 

“I’m hungry…”Kazuya moaned sleepily at that moment Jin opened his eyes “ah, I totally for forgot” Jin breaking himself from the warm and to run the kitchen naked. Less than a few second Jin came back to the living room holding two bowls of pasta in his nakedness dropping as he saw the other dancing to another song that was even raunchier than the first one

“Jin! How this song! I love this song as well!” Kazuya as he danced with the blanket around his body bouncing to the beat. As Jin watched in excitement as he smirked thinking that  no one can replace his innocent boyfriend not even BoA in a million years.
The End....

A/N:   Firstly, for people who love this song.. I'M SORRY!!!!! I FILLED IT WITH AKAME SMUT!!  XDDDD  Random one-shot fic, I love this song to bits and I'm sorry  i haven't posted in a while, because of due to my busy life at the moment, but I'll get a move on my fics, but for now. 
I hope you enjoy this.... BAD SMUT fic!  xD  (I'm really good in writing porn in my HEAD!, but writing or typing it BIG FAIL!!!!) hahahahah you have no idea how amused i was then i was writing this... xDDDD 

(Inspired songs - Tino Coury - Up against the wall & Missy Elliot - How many licks)
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