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[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Sixteen - Part One

“You’re alive…How?” Kazuya only asked as the older man just smiled “Thank you for saving me once again..” Kazuya looked at the man confused at that statement he had saved him again “so, now it’s my  turn to payback the favour, so  stay here and rest with uchi okay..?” Jin said in a softly giving a soft smiled at that confused expression liking it a little too much. He wondered when becoming the dead could be so thrilling seeing such an expression suddenly he wanted to become more eager to get more accustom to it and the nature that he was now in a good way.

“You…”Jin heard someone speak next to him before laying kazuya onto the ground “Are you the one takki that was talking about?” the older man moaned out as turned to face the older man before kneeling down on knee while his hand placed on his chest smirking

“I have accepted his terms and has giving me only one mission and that is to eliminate the pests in the underworld and take takki’s place as a rightful servant under you my lord” as the elder just smiled “so takki has kept his promise after all, but has he found someone worthy taking his place? I don’t know yet…” Kazuya’s only went wide at that, taking takki’s place? He remembering takki saying that the underworld was in search of new purebloods to protect the underworld coming to terms of what takki said to him when he first met him

“I will find someone worth taking my place next to elder uchi, someone who is capable of taking charge one day but for now, you will do as I say with no question, is that clear?”

When he remembered takki’s words back then, takki couldn’t keep his hunger in check and he would rampage the underworld for the purer vampire’s blood all the time in his case was elder uchi because takki was turned by him so it was natural to seek the blood of the vampire that turned you; that was the way of the pureblood vampire but Takki was different to the other pure blood his thirsty for vampire blood indescribly scary at times. Even though they will only kill at will when they are asked to by the elders, but takki had no control over his thirst so therefore the rule for him was hard to maintain and to respect over the underworld.

The other had a dark side that only elder uchi helped him control it but in time takki knew it that even elder uchi wouldn’t be able to control it anymore and that he would soon one day lose to himself to his demon self.  Soon enough he turned back to Jin who was kneeling on the bowing to elder uchi with a smirk on his face in realisation of what had become of his lover now

impossible?’  Kazuya thought, as he complete bewildered “Are you okay..?” Kazuya asked as Jin just smirked at that turning to the other

“You have been stabbed really deep into your stomach by a sword and you’re asking how I am?” Jin said in amusement as the young vampire frown at that answer. The older man merely gazed at that beautiful pouting face that was suddenly presented to him by the other; loving the sight that he had never seen smirking wider as he quickly moved to the young vampire and gently pressed a gently kiss onto the young vampire’s forehead before he smiled once

“Never better, you just rest now; it’ll be over soon promise…”Jin reassured kazuya before turning back to elder uchi once “I’m sorry my lord, I don’t plan taking takki’s place by your side…” Uchi merely at the other curious “Because I don’t think I can ever take takki’s place because I’m not him,  as that being said I will take responsibility in whatever happens and make sure that takki’s last wish does not go to vein…” Jin responded as elder uchi just gave a small chuckle

“As I  thought, takki choses someone who makes no sense…”elder uchi laughed again but then smiled “Takki picked you for a reason, and I trust takki so therefore I have to trust you, considering that I’m pretty useless right now until I’m completely, I don’t have a no choice do I?” Uchi smiled a little wider

“What’s your name boy?” Uchi asked “Akanishi Jin…my lord” Jin polite responded as Uchi snorted “So, all I ask of you is; show me why takki had so much faith in you, by taking down Nishikido Ryo the now outcast of our underworld and the rest of the newborns…”Uchi spoke as Jin was too happily in hearing that as he bowed again

“Yes, my lord…”Jin said again as kazuya lifted himself up limping a little towards Jin  with a worried expression on his face “Jin…”Kazuya said “Are… you really okay?” Kazuya repeated his question as Jin only laughed at that young vampire cutest right at that moment

“Thanks to takki he helped me win over my other self, I feel like a brand new person, from now on I’m not going anywhere I’ll forever be yours just as you are now forever mine…” from the click of his fingers to kazuya fell into a deep sleep as Jin smiled at that brushing that beautiful black hair out of kazuya face placing him next uchi

“Lovesick fool, hurry you damn newbie, I’ll look after him your vampire kitten for now and take out that trash already, that’s your first order, you brat…”Uchi commanded Jin smirked “Sorry, and I will not disappoint you, my lord…”Jin said as he stopped once again “ you better take cover my lord with Kazuya....” Jin replied as the elder waved his hand in the front of him

“From now, you call me Uchi and I’m already on it... I will take care of the newborns and I leave you to clean up the mess here...” the elder man replied  smirking as Jin smirked eagerly as he bowed once again before hearing Ryo’s echo in the background running  to help Junno smiling almost too happily.


“Long time no see, Nishi- Ryo-san…..”Junno sang out loud before smiling all too happily at the shocked expression on the older man’s upon seeing him.

“Why? Why are you still here, I watched you die” Ryo’s angry boiled underneath his skin as Junno smirked at that statement “I could say the same thing about you who was on death row 12 years ago for man slaughter” Junno replied with the same arrogant tone “Somehow I knew you’d be alive, and I should say thanks to you and your partner I never felt better…” Junno snarled evil at the man who use to be his friend 

“Plus, I knew you’d weasel your way out to stay alive I never would have guess that a midget like you become a corrupted vampire for revenge because of a girl who didn’t love you…”Junno gave out a small chuckle, when ryo turned the tables pinning the other against the wall who unfazed by that action

“Shut up, what the hell do you know?” Ryo snapped as Junno easily forced the man off him which enraged ryo even more “Unfortunately, I know a lot about you thanks to knowing your ass and Jin for way too long...” Junno replied “you both as stupid as each other, which is why I thought you’d were the perfect best friends for each other, until that day you decided sell yourself to your father’s Yukaza Business” Junno explained

“besides, the stupidity you both had, I thought you’d be smart enough not to throw yourself into the business that sells their soul in killing for money, but it turns out that your stupidity manipulated your mind into becoming a criminal that even your best friend wouldn’t save you” taguchi smirked Ryo grabbed the man his collar and push into the wall

“I told you to shut your mouth, or I’ll make you…”Taguchi only smirked wider at that statement “Like always, stupidity just gets worst, it’s amazing how much you HAVEN’T changed” Taguchi push the other away once again as the both started into one on one combat fight, for a moment he dodged Junno’s sudden punches, catching him by surprise with his fist connecting with ryo’s jaw sending the other back into the wall and through a building wall

“You brought this on yourself, nishi Ryo-chan, the least I can do is to give you a welcome present from me?” Junno smiled all too happily “Today’s your lucky day you get to see how much I’ve changed”

“Even though I was looking forward to enjoying my life a little more before you had arranged to have me killed of some sick game…”Junno  smiled before he turned serious “you better thing twice, there’s no way I’ll let you kill me again” Ryo just have an slight chuckle before laughing out at that statement

“Correction, if I did kill you wouldn’t be here in front me” Junno smirked at that “over confident as always…” Junno pressed on before he even make a move ryo’s drew kazuya’s steel sword only to run it through Junno’s stomach just like kazuya hearing that painful moaned from his ex-friend as he laughed liking that cry

“You petty animal blood diet vampires like yourself can’t beat me...” Junno stared at the man gritting his teeth together “What? You think I didn’t know such vampires existed?” ryo laughed again “for someone as smart as you are, you are so naïve, I’ve already been through hell and back and now that I’m back in this world of humans and I’m going to making everyone of them suffer like I have suffered in that god forsaken jail that I was thrown into for 3 months, you have no idea” Ryo growled pushing the sword deeper

“Actually, I completely understand you all thanks to you, when you hired chief tatsuya from the Tokyo police department to kill me” Junno snorted as he chuckled with great difficulty “whoever saved me wanted Jin and I to stop you” Junno smiled wearily “I lived like animal like you, I’ve killed my share of people and reflected back on my crimes that I have committed for my survival for the past 3 months of not knowing who I was,  that was like jail for me, so I understand” Junno explained, forcing the other away once creating enough of a distance to remove the steel sword slowly out of him then throwing  it aside, letting out a pain moan once removing the weapon he gave a sheepishly smirk as ryo just looked at the other with a unimpressed expression

“I’ve looked up everything about you, of how you became a vampire, and the way you’ve been living; poisoning everybody with your lies, bringing them into your twisted game just for fun, and not to mention your foolish jealously is probably what blinds you from your pathetic revenge, even Miroku could see right through you that’s why you killed him because you couldn’t handle that everyone like Jin better than you…even Ryu” Junno huffed

“Did you think that Ayumi could love you, because you killed for her?” Miroku continued with his smirk widening

‘shut up…’ Ryo screamed in his head remembering that short conversation with Miroku; Jin’s cousin who re-surfaced those scars he didn’t want to hear about his only best friend stealing his glory and loved ones from right under his nose, and his conversation with Ryu too

“You were just jealous, that my cousin was better than you in everything, because he knew how to treat women better than you ever could...”Miroku continued “She couldn’t stand the sight of a Midget like you who couldn’t satisfy her needs, so she had to turn to my cousin for the love you couldn’t give her”

“Killing and slaughtering her stalkers didn’t make you her hero; you only made her run away from you, that’s what you call loving someone? That’s more like the first step of a becoming a monster” Junno shouted

“You better shut your m-“Ryo started but was interrupted by Junno “your revenge is pointless and your never win, why? Because that is your weakness which is why you always lose everything and everyone whom you come into contact with” Junno pressed on

“The difference between you, miroku, Jin and I is that you had no heart to begin with; so therefore you let yourself become a monster the moment you stepped into the yakuza world” Junno replied “once you become a monster you are incapable of loving anyone not even yourself, your destined to be alone and to disappear” Junno pressed on

“Killing human being, shows your weakness in your heart from your actions, it doesn’t necessarily prove that you stronger or protecting someone Nishikido-san…” Miroku said

“That’s one thing that you had forgotten for being dead and all for what? 10 or what, 12 years now; No wait, you already died the day you sold your soul to your father’s Yakuza’s business in order to fulfil your greedy needs of love…but one day you’ll know that your revenge is pointless and will be the greatest weakness making you fall back to the hell that you were meant to go all those years ago…”

“What the hell do you know? You know nothing about my revenge, I will not let anyone stop me; and I’ll kill anyone who gets in my way…” Ryo snapped in full of rage

“You won’t prevail…” Junno answered immediately which added to the other’s anger “Jin and I….” Junno confidently as he casual walk up to the other as though he was never stabbed “We will definitely stop you like we stopped your father and you all those years ago, we will make history repeat itself but only this time, you’ll be burned in the depths of hell the way you should of like your father” Junno replied as Ryo’s rage boiled underneath his skin as he picked up the sword ready to put an end to the annoying person in front of him for good so he hear another words that mouth he couldn’t stand

“I said, shut your fucking mouth you disgusting animal drinker!” ryo growled as Junno just smiled when Jin jumped in front of them grabbing onto ryo’s hand letting a slightly chuckle before knocking the sword out of his hand in less than a second and then into his own as he threw the other away next to the trash can where Jin thought he belonged to holding his stance again while smiling

“Practice is over.” Jin said “Game start, now you fight me”


Yamapi was constantly checking behind him for any movement as he didn’t dare to shut his eyes thinking that vampire come and suck his blood from out of nowhere, he started to wonder he had read so a many book about vampire’s that never scared him one bit but to see the real thing he was so scared to the point he didn’t dare to move once he was face to face with one in real life.  

They were totally not like the books at all, or the TV series that he had been watching everytime, they were totally unpredictable and definitely more scarier than any criminal he could put to rest it jail.  For a moment Yamapi quick footsteps behind him making him turn around as tegoshi came to a complete stop as yamapi bumped into the man making the fall onto the ground

“Watch it you idiot!” tegoshi growled at the man as yamapi narrowed his eyes back “You’re the one that stopped!” yamapi answered back, as they both could hear those quick footsteps again “d-d-D-did y-ou h-hh-he-aa-ar-r t-that?” Yamapi stuttered in fear as he hugged the bounter hunter’s leg “Yeah..” tegoshi answered looking down at his leg in anger

“What the hell are you doing? Let go of my leg, what are you a baby?” tegoshi growled at the annoying person attach to him “But, I’m scared…” Yamapi whined “I don’t like this; I didn’t sign to the police force to be a killed by a vampires that I thought never existed!” Yamapi complained as tegoshi looked at that the other shaking his head

“well, get use to it, they are real, you are going to be killed if you’re not careful and if you keep acting like this, you’ll get us both killed!” tegoshi groaned in annoyance, when he heard the crashing of a building it seems like “Sounds like there’s fighting against themselves, I can smell their disgust stench from here” tegoshi muttered before a strong stench reached yamapi’s nose when he saw a vampire approach them slowly in the dark

“Oi! Keep your guard up” Yamapi barked as twisted his around non-stop “I can smell them, I think we are surrounded” Yamapi said as tegoshi smirked “So they finally decided to come and play with us…” Tegoshi snorted “not that they will be a match for me anyway, how boring…” yamapi turned his head to face the man

“Never underestimate your opponent even if they are not human, they will surprise you…”Yamapi warned as tegoshi smirked wider “I’ve been a vampire hunter for 8 years; I’ve been bitten by them so many times that I have lost count” Yamapi widened before he was about to ask tegoshi turned to him “I’m vampire hunter, a trained elite official, I’m immune to their poison he doesn’t affect me at all, so over my dead body that I will become one of them, it’ll never happen” Yamapi smirked at that arrogant statement from tegoshi

“Thank god, I was about to say...”Yamapi mumbled as Tegoshi continued “My life is my job, that’s all” making frown geez he lost of many times he heard that line before over and over again

“God, you’re starting to sound like that workaholic officer that I know…” Tegoshi chuckled at this statement “is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Tegoshi had to ask “ depends on you how look at like, the only thing you haven’t done yet that is like him, is dump your shit on my table and ask me to complete it for you when the deadline is in  4 hours the same day” Yamapi snapped in annoyance as tegoshi laughed

“This is why I’m not a police officer, I refuse to be trained like a dog in the police office for them to use as they please, right now I chose to do what I want and when I want to do it with no deadlines, just as long as I can vanquish the demons and vampires that cause our world to be in danger I’m satisfied to be the only one in my workplace… ” tegoshi smirked before turning to the other hearing the mumble about being called a dog

“but, I’m willing to make an exception…”Tegoshi raised an eyebrow while looking at him before he could another world the vampire’s came out of his hiding places to attack.  Tegoshi and Yamapi acted together vanquished the one’s that came at him in sync.

“You have the ears to sense supernatural noises already, and lots of other potential points to be become a vampire hunter…” tegoshi said as moved to kick one of the vampire’s down to the ground as he through the stake aim it right the vampire’s heart as he smirked watch it disintegrate in dust before his eyes and back to the man who sitting on top of the vampire, as yamapi skilfully pulled out his gun pressed it against the vampire heart shot him instantly as the creature turned into dust right before his eyes sitting on a pile of dust.

“Are you kidding? Me? A vampire Hunter?” yamapi asked the other bewildered “I almost make it barely to be a Police officer, you thinking I have potential to be a demon killing machine like yourself? No Way… ” Yamapi pressed on and tegoshi smirked “I barely made it as a lawyer, that’s no difference” Tegoshi blurted

“You were a lawyer before...” Yamapi was astonished by that answer for some reason as tegoshi just laughed “Yeah, I know, right?” Tegoshi then laughed “I was the law, I’m use to being hunted down by my enemies, but my Job I discovered a lot of things even the killer of my family was in fact a vampire that I  later  discovered was the very enemy and client’s case that I won” tegoshi chuckled “I guess you could say that’s probably where my life began so to speak,  at the age of 25, becoming a vampire’s hunter as hunt down my prey while I was being hunted by them, in order in keep myself alive I studied from every aspect history I could find in every library in Japan and I trained my myself to be becoming a vampire hunter…” tegoshi sighed

“Taking revenge on the demons that killed my family that day as well as to protect those who are in danger of them… I made it a profession of my own to protect people that the police cannot fulfil…“ tegoshi smiled before to the other “I could use an apprentice, that maybe even inherit my one man business one day in the near future but for now, Apprentice  as partner to help me, I cant complain so,  what do you say?”  Tegoshi said as yamapi only looked at the other who just snorted

“What makes you think that I have any great skill that seeks to be a potential vampire hunter?” Yamapi asked another two vampire’s pop out from behind yamapi who turned in shock as he let out a scream before closing his eyes and shooting as tegoshi pointing to the other

“Right now; even though you are scared of them you still manage to kill them so easily, it’s amazing, someone who is scared of them normally can’t do that, that first extinct is to runaway yet you don’t, it’s fascinating…” Tegoshi replied before turning around to kill the last vampires that weren’t moving from their spots as they their friend disappear right before their eyes to wanted to run; tegoshi smirked wider at that loving that on the enemies faces as he knew what about to happen. The three vampires, wanted to make a break for it, but they were late, tegoshi dusted them even got a chance to move away,  turning to face Yamapi who was deep in thought probably confused like hell

“Consider it a promotion from a police officer, I guess…”tegoshi shrugged as Yamapi stared at the ground for a while leaning against the wall “A vampire Hunter. huh?” Yamapi said

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