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[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Sixteen - Part Two


In a split second Jin was forced into a wall, with ryo’s hand by Jin throat, as Junno was on the ground not moving after Ryo’s malicious attacks, just like how he remembered the other to be but worst, suppressing his vampire self, he knew that ryo would be no match for him so he decided to play with the other for a while. Let the other have his power over  him once again just like the way the other did to his victim he could smell on the other, after all this was a serious payback so he was merely playing behind enemy lines to their advantage just like now the other did back then 12 years ago. Jin just laughing inside enjoying

Ryo smirked at the weakness that he saw in the other’s eyes at that moment, before ryo let out a evil laugh, watching the other two people who made him crumble and rot in the god forsaken jail.

“You seriously are still trash just like then, thinking you can beat me” Ryo chuckled “Such as weakling like you cannot beat the hatred that I hold inside, no human can with stand no attacks from me” Ryo said in victory “no matter how strong you have become, you a human can never beat me” Ryo laughed once again before kicking Jin the stomach as Jin moaned at the sudden pain of kicking in the stomach

“You know, when ryu told me, that he wouldn’t sense you anymore, I was somewhat pretty upset, how I have loved to kill you myself as the pathetic human being that you right now, I was sad, but in the end you decided to show your ugly face to me” Ryo replied as he let go of the man who felt to the ground in the piled of bricks that he was forcefully pushed into for the last minutes to say it hurt, was joke to him as he was smirking inside. For a moment he understood what it meant to have power over someone, the feeling was too exciting to stop he played the other’s game by giving the other a show of he wanted, to see him crumble

“You’re pathetic; thinking you a mere petty human and animal bloodsucker can beat a superior vampire like me?” Ryo snapped snarling happily as this image reminded him of someone

“Where have an seen this miserable look before, I’m sure it was recent too…” as ryo smiled wider “Ah, now I remember this is the same way you cousin died before sucked him completely dry” Ryo snarling as Jin look to him trying to look as miserable as possible adding to the other’s ego thinking that he has won

“My cousin….you mean Miroku?” having to admit that he was shocked at hearing that name, he hadn’t heard of his cousin for 6 years ago when he left Kyoto, knowing that his cousin was bound to get himself killed some day had come, he never excepted it to be by Ryo knowing the other was good at hiding himself from this enemy or any cases for that matter.

The hard fact of his situation was his father, how was he going to tell his uncle his son is dead he didn’t know, for he while pounded on that note, as he felt another blow to his stomach from Ryo was apparently getting annoyed when he felt the ryo chin tightly as stared Jin in the eyes as ryo anger filled them

“A smart ass and a stuck-up snob you guys were the perfect family to fool me thinking that we were friends...”Ryo gritted as Jin stared at the other “You were my friend, until you decided to sell your soul to the demons of father’s business, don’t you remember ryo” Jin said in a serious tone for a moment ryo just smirked

“Why would I remem-“Ryo started but Jin interrupted him once again “She loved you until the end, the one sided love was always me not you...” Jin finally said from that moment everything “She only came running to me asking me to save you from you hell that you had drag yourself in all the time, saying killing people for her, I had to deal with her cuts and cuts abuses that you cause everytime she would come from you house, do you have any idea how it was for me what a woman that I loved with all my heart come back my friend’s house looking like that? Of course you don’t know” Jin snapped

“you say that was I so naive yet you have no idea, that Ayumi loved you more than anything in the world more than life it’s self  because she was so scared of you she came to me, did things to me made me believe me that she loved me when she was in love with you...” for a moment Ryo was lost for words  “don’t go fill my head with yours li--“ Ryo started but was stopped again

“They are not lies, she loved you, and I asked her to marry me because she was pregnant with your child.  That when finally had the guts to approach you , you were pissed drunk that night and you couldn’t of known what you did as always. When found out she didnt know what the future would hold for that child and she didn’t want an abortion because the child was yours” Jin explained before pressing on


“Jin, are you listening to me?” Ayumi said as Jin only look at the girl a face of annoyance “what has ryo done now...?” Jin ask knowing the reason “I think I’m pregnant” Ayumi pouted  with her head low as Jin just stared at the woman for a moment for letting out a  loud laugh

“That’s a good one, Ayumi; you’re good “Jin chuckled again as Ayumi pouted before pulling an angry face “I’M NOT LYING!!!! About 2 months ago ryo and I and few of his friends were at a club and ryo, well he was super drunk and.....well, ryo and I kinda of shared body fluids when was under the influence of alcohol and right now I’m like 3 weeks pregnant and I have no idea how to tell him that he is the father” Ayumi pout widened as Jin split out his water to the side before choking on the rest

“WHAT??!?!?!”  Jin screamed as suddenly his ear to the woman’s stomach who chuckled under pout “Omg! I can hear it...” Jin smiled which Jin a hit on the head “baka stop it, it’s embarrassing, I’m carry ryo’s baby tummy, please help me you said that you would always him!!” Ayumi said as Jin smirked at that as jealously struck him hard in his heart, thinking that he had this on himself.

“Please, ryo is your best friend right? I want to help me push him into the right direction; I can’t tell him about this baby until you and put on the right path” Jin merely to his smirked in annoyance “It’s impossible to help someone who in the yakuza business you know that already, he can’t be saved”  Jin questioned the woman’s suggestion

“You are the cruellest woman ever, you play with another man’s heart and you love another man, I hate you and I yet I can’t because I love you too much it hurts, Maki-chan” Jin said as Ayumi sighed as heart to sting a little seeing Jin break down this way because of you stupidity getting involved in him

“Please, Jin don’t start this conversation agai--?” Ayumi started as Jin interrupted her “marry me...?” Jin in softly as Ayumi as her went wide “What..?” Ayumi said “I’m sorry, I just, i do, I know I’m selfish but i can’t help it; I’m in love with you i can’t change my feelings of love towards you, that’s your fault for making me this way...”Ayumi just sighed not denying it as he smiled “I’m sorry Jin, I really am, but you must understand that I’m in love with ryo and I see you as my best friend in the world” Ayumi smiled

“How can you love someone that you’re afraid of?  You took advantage of the guy when he was drunk and out of his drunkard-ness he’s made you pregnant? How on earth you do you put that has logic thinking maki...”Jin scolded the other about the situation but Ayumi didn’t anything she just stared at the tiles on the ground

“Yeah, I know, but I can’t help but love him, you understand right? Don’t you?” Ayumi pressed on “No, I don’t, because I love you, and you don’t even know if ryo loves you and yet only you’re carrying his child... I think that’s too much of a bomb shell don’t you think?”Ayumi just shrugged at those words before smiling once again

“I guess but he still has to know the truth and my feelings, I’m sure he has feelings for me, I know he does. But if he doesn’t I’ll marry you ...”Ayumi said as Jin sighed “So, are we best friend’s with benefits?! is that it?” Jin snorted as Ayumi stayed silent as she sighed once again for the last time

“I’m sorry, whatever the reason is,  and even I get rejected either I know that I will not be alone, because I don’t want to lose you either, because you are just as important in my life...”Ayumi smiled the older man happily as Jin just more than happily complied to that gesture hugging the woman in his arms back.

Flashback ends

”So she agreed to marry me after confronting you, she never told me the details she only told me that you rejected her and I know that wasn’t the true, I know it was something that she saw when you were on yakuza business and in the end she changed her mind again and wanted confront you one last time about the truth that day I was suppose to marry her she ran to you  and you murdered her that day along with your child” Ryo dropped everything as he took a step backwards shaking his head with sudden mixed feelings

“Ryo, please” Ayumi begged “you damn slut, sleeping with my best friend carrying his baby in you, how dare you come and approach me and say that you love me, HOW DARE YOU!” Ryo with rage as he grabbed the woman from the neck until he was on the bed with her choking her, watching the woman struggle for her dear life as that ryo smiled

“Damn you bitch for loving that bastard, you both are dead i will make sure of that, but before that...” that ryo ripped her clothes off, roughly sucked on the woman neck, as the woman cringed at the feeling as her shook with fear, not knowing to stop the man

“Please stop it, ryo please, it’s not like that promise, I do love i really do...”Ayumi begged as cried “really..it’s the true and about this baby its yo-“Ayumi started as ryo grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed the woman in the arms pinning it down as ayumi screamed
 “shut your mouth, you bitch, you’ve lost the authority to talk the moment you  lied to me.” Ryo said watching the woman in pain when he stabbed her sudden in the arm seeing that blood gushing out from his arm probably because he an artery but he didn't care. 

Ryo suddenly remembered the woman’s screams that night, could never forget the screams of all the people he had killed when he was alive, either good or bad hearted people they were people that could feel pain regardless. But up to that point, Ayumi was the first woman he had ever killed, they had all been men who committed crimes and were perish under his father’s laws and killed under his hands but Ayumi was the first woman ever killed in his own hands when anger got out of control making everything turn black.

“you better shut up... it’s all your fault she left me, you stole her from me” Ryo warned as Jin pressed on “You always jump to conclusions that you were so engrossed in being a yakuza for your father killing innocent people that you forgot the most important things in life that was right front of you that you believe didn’t love you... she was just scared of you and what you had become that’s why she kept her distance from you and running to me, so much that I fell in love in with her, I was ayumi’s comfort doll,  a close friend with benefits that’s  all I was to her no matter hard I tried she didn’t love me, she loved you, and I never hated  you  or her for it because somewhere in my heart you were still my friend....” Jin explained

“Do you want to know what my nightmare was every night?” Jin pressed on “Ayumi was looking as beautiful as bride i could ever be going to marry me, and the next moment I see her in covered in with her own blood from head to toe enough to make me vomit, seeing that childish note that only serial killers would leave on the bed next to their victim’s body in that case it was ayumi’s body that I couldn’t even look at” Jin smirked angrily “And , yeah that’s probably when I started not to care about you... about was about the time when you going be sentenced to death, and how I watched you get taken away from by the cops, i wanted nothing more than you kill you myself but my father and Junno stopped me from my arguments in about it... ”Jin glared hatefully at the other man 

“Do you understand now?” Jin staring at the now confused ex-friend “I was the one- sided it wasn’t you, it was never you...”Jin reassured ryo didn’t say anything he just stood there in silence for a moments before Jin heard a slight chuckle as it got louder and louder before ryo’s laugh turned as he into a evil laugher throughout the streets of Tokyo.  

Jin on the other hand; glared hard at the man excepting this outcome, for someone who had no heart to begin with it wasn’t a surprise.  Catch Jin off guard, ryo picked up a piece of glass from ground stabbed him in the chest with it, he wouldn’t deny that it hurt in this form he bared with it.

“Love me or not, the moment she walked into your arms she was dead to me, she never had the guts to face me to tell me that truth...”Ryo said in smirked “I don’t need anyone, the only person capable of loving me is myself” Ryo chuckled “no will understand me, better than myself, the most powerful person in the world right now, I need love and I control it all the newborns at my mercy, everything is mine to control...” Ryo laughed

“Even the superiors from the underworld is not match for me, but makes you think a  mere hu-“ Ryo started at his was faced with a Jin’s red fiery eyes and smirking expression “ You....”Ryo was stopped once he felt his body paralysed as he lifted Jin into the air suddenly as Jin’s smirk never left his lips

“If you are the most powerful then why are you so weak against me?” Jin smirked sending the other a hard blow into the building as they collapsed on top of him for a moment  before he moved himself out of the pile rocks in annoyed expression again “damn you, when did you become a pureblood vampire... so even your still no match for me because I’m also pureblood” Ryo said confidently before appearing into front of Jin with his hands on the head smirking

“I win again, goodbye old friend” as ryo was about  to twist his neck Jin disappeared right before his eyes in  flash before Ryo could even process what happened to felt the kazuya’s  sword pierce through his heart making him cry out in pain as he slowly looked down at the sword that wedged through him

“H-h-hh-how? I-i-i-iii-drank megumi’s blood, a Superior leader’s blood, W-w-ww—hy--?”   Ryo stuttered out as fell to his knees “that’s because she wasn’t a leader, you killed the wrong person” as Elder Uchi walked towards the scene

“You killed Takki’s younger sister, in which you should have killed takki....” Uchi answered ryo’s question “I sensed i—t-t—t---tttt, takkkk—k-ii-ii was killed by a mere human, there’s no way a human inherit a pure vampire’s blood without killing themselves, he –hh-h-ee-e his power, s-should have disappeared” Ryo cough, as he skin started to turn whiter than normal as he found it hard to breathe of all a sudden

“Not unless an you already died and brought back by a pureblood vampire” Jin answered “Takki new that his demon self was left to kill his very soul and so chose to me to kill him and at the end when he accepted its fate, turning into a vampire, I had to my human demon self overpowering  sucking takki’s demon soul dry until he was no more...”Jin smirked wider as Ryo looked up from the ground as he laughed once with difficulty “In other words you’re the replacement for  the prince of the underworld, pureblood vampire with a soul of a human...” as Jin smiled

“That’s too bad for you....” Jin in victory as slowly walked up to the man who was kneeled on the floor as Jin smiled “You only have the power that you have because you drank the blood of a vampire who drank the blood of a pureblood vampire; so you technically will not die not” Ryo started to feel fear shaking through his cold body from Jin in front of him, this feeling on came when takki was in front of him. All purebloods had the ability to make the newborns and other vampire’s who have no control over their body and crumble at their feet this just a stare and smirk

At that moment the feel got worst when crouched down in front of him as he could see that disgust smirk his ex-friends face “for me to become the prince of the underworld your blood is needed because you have takki’s blood sister coursing through your cold body of yours..“ as Jin watched the vein pop out from ryo’s neck confirming that megumi was calling  to her brother in his body as no more words were said he grinned at this new ryo in the front of as a mouse

“I still hate you....” ryo moaned out as Jin smirked wider at that “Well then aren’t you happy, you get to go to jail for eternity in hell” Jin smirked “hate me all you want I don’t care...” Jin grinned “see you there when i get there” Jin said before his sinking his teeth into ryo neck, as Ryo screamed at the pain from the fangs that entered him

“I won’t accept this, i-I won’t” Ryo growled irritation wanting to push the man away but he couldn’t because his body wouldn’t move thanks to the Jin’s power

“Damn you...” ryo groaned again as he ignored the words that came out of the man’s mouth as he embraced the feeling of the cold blood entering his body form his mouth. In less than a few seconds ryo’s body disintegrated into the night sky.  Jin closed his eyes as he accepted the sudden adrenalin coursing his veins as he looked up to the sky seeing the clear dark blue night sky with the moon that could clearly be seen now, smiling

Maki-chan, if you’re listening, I hope Ryo will rest in peace now, I fulfilled your wish either heaven or hell you have forever look after him now....now I can forever forget you that you were ever in my life…goodbye Ayumi maki-san...”

As Jin opened his eyes as he was faced with a grinning Elder Uchi “welcome to the underworld you pass” the elder patted on him the shoulder as a familiar figure popped out from behind Uchi  as Jin only smirked at the figure hid himself behind uchi 

“You did takki proud...” Uchi added turning to the man on the ground as he sighed as Jin chuckled “Taguchi Junno, I have a feeling takki was the one that turned him, I’ve known takki for far too long to know what he is the one responsible” Uchi smirked before turning back to kazuya as Jin was smirking happily for a moment uchi watched the pair as he could see ready to the poor boy up so he decided to leave not wanting to see anything “Now, I’ll leave you two love birds alone and this...” turning to Junno on the ground once more

“Everything in this world should be fine now, kazuya and I have vanquished all the newborns hopefully, maybe still some lurking around but I’m sure that you can take care of them right Prince Jin? ”  Uchi smiled while pulling Junno over his shoulder “I’ll take care of Junno, you guys check over the city, there’s 4 more hrs until daylight returns so you have plenty of time”  Uchi pressed on as he walked to the direction of the underworld before stopping again

“Oh and Jin when you come to your new home, please stop by my office I have something that rightfully belongs to you” Uchi grinned as he walked off leaving kazuya and Jin there. For a moment Jin saw Kazuya stumble backwards as Jin caught them before the other fell.

“Are you alright, my love?” Jin softly said to the other who just smiled looking at the older man; mesmerised by the other’s beauty “Yeah, I’m just really exhausted that’s all” Kazuya responded with a small pout, falling into the older man’s arms as he hugged Jin tightly buring his face to other’s broad chest how he felt sad because the other didn’t have that warmth anymore that he had when he was human.

“What?” Jin noticing the man’s mood “you don’t love me as much, because the takki turned me into your kind?”  Jin asked the younger vampire who just shook in his head as Jin just smiled “then why are you so down” Jin pressed on about the other’s mood

“I overheard your conversation with you and ryo while you guys were fighting because I was curious about you” Kazuya started as Jin chuckled before letting go of the man to sit next to him as he turned his head away “Before Ryo joined his family’s Yukaza business he was a normal kid, he did everything together me, Ayumi & Ryo, we were inseparable friends and at that time, we both fell in love with her, but she fell for ryo instead of me and but she didn’t tell her feelings to ryo, she told them to me” Jin explained

“It hurt, to hear that the person you love was in love with your best friend, it tore me up inside but I quickly tossed it aside because selfishness of stealing her away wouldn’t solve with anything because I knew feelings wouldn’t change and so everything as they were. Until one day she told me she wanted to ryo about her feelings on his eighteenth birthday. But everything going so well, and when ryo announced to me that his father wanted to him to go on business trip to Hokkaido with him for a mission” Jin said

“I knew there was something wrong? And I tried to stop him, and tell him that he shouldn’t involve himself with his father’s business and that’s when our disagreements started, ever since Ayumi has known Ryo, we couldn’t tell her any of ryo’s father because it wasn’t important, the only thing we told her was he was a rich businessmen” Jin pressed on shaking his head as he smirked

“ever since ryo come back from Hokkaido everything had been a rollercoaster between, love, hate, betrayed, violence, envy & losses” Jin continued “I knew what ryo had become and I wanted to ask her away from him, it pained me to see that she fell hard for him and how she began to think when ryo torturous ways was a way of his love for her” Jin laughed that memory of his friend’s stubbornness

“But in end she still picked him and ended up dead like i knew she would…” Jin sighed remembering the past “if she was still alive today, would be go back to her?” came a question out of the blue as Jin smirked at that “I see someone is jealous...”Jin said as he then turned to the other feasting his on the perfect body that was slowly starting to heal looking delicious as ever since when he first saw that body in that club only more editable. To think he was calling kazuya a horny creature of the night and he seems to be one right now, but probably much powerful, sharing his human body with a demon soul was too much for him, but as takki said in time his human side complete fade away as he grows use to the pureblood vampire thing once takki and megumi’s blood has settled.

“I’m not jealous...”Kazuya said in denial, before looking his shoulder as he saw Jin staring him down with the  other’s dark eyes, making  him blush slightly but then frightened as well for a moment kazuya got down on all fours crawling to the other who let out a groan as the other closer

 “Are you sure okay? Are you still really still you?” the younger vampire a hesitantly as Jin just smirked once the other was close enough wrapped  his arms around the small frame that he had missed the other making the younger vampire yelp at the embrace

“Yeah, I promise it’s really me, takki trained me for the past few days to win over my inner demon and I won, I’m all me just with powers that comes with form” Jin replied, placing a sweet kiss on the man’s forehead making kazuya smile, snuggling closer “I’m still sorry that I couldn’t protect you, and that I couldn’t save you when you really needed me, I’m sorry that your fate had to turn out to be like this, I blame myself for everything” kazuya sighed out 

“It shouldn’t be like this, this is all m-“kazuya started but he was silenced by the older man in an  instant as kazuya back against the wall as his lips was on Jin’s in less than a second, he let himself be kissed by the older man right at that moment. Those lips, he had missed since last had touched them, sweet as ever just like he remembered only colder, but more desirable; more delicious, bringing that feeling brought comfort and security.  Jin deepened the kiss, sucking out the younger vampire’s breathe not letting the other say anymore words from his mouth, and better yet let the other’s body do the work for now because it’s all wanted from his victory  and triumph with his new found love and self as a pureblood vampire with Kazuya that’s all nothing else.

“It was my choice to live or die and I choose to die to be with you forever…”Jin said between kisses

Kazuya got the picture as he melted into body as they became one, as he let out a gasp as the older man sucked on his neck kissing him, licking me

“Jin…” Kazuya spoke but stopped when those delicious lips were on him again sucking out his inner soul, as he started craving for that passion once again shared in his hidden and that alleyway, he felt as though he couldn’t control his body as though he had been overtaken by lust and desire in hit making him forget his injury on his stomach that was healing.

At first he thought his body was going to hunger mode but then he realised there was no need for craving for Jin’s blood now that the other was an immortal vampire just like himself but an all-so powerful pureblood, much stronger than him and much more maniler, kazuya groaned at that thought as he let the older man do as he please loving the feeling that the other was creating.

“Oh Jin…” Kazuya moaned again as Jin looked up the expression the younger had, it was the hottest look he had ever seen and also that he will never tire of now that the boy was his and no one else’s. Just the way he had planned, as Jin smirked while moving towards the younger vampire’s ear whispering only words of love over and over again.

“I love you baby, and I’m never going to give you up even if you ask me to...”Kazuya only smirked as he whispered as let out a groan as grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his waist while pushing the hard into the wall feeling each other’s erections pressed one another in a delicious way, kissing the those again.  Just a Jin was about to the party started as heard a familiar voice from behind him  

“Jin, is that you?” he turned around in annoyance out of his trance of passion as he now  turned to his partner and best friend looking at him in shock seeing the scene in his front of his eyes with Tegoshi standing behind him


To be Continued

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