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[FIC] Posion Beauty - Chapter Seventeen

 “I love you baby, and I’m never going to give you up even if you ask me to...”Kazuya only smirked as he whispered as let out a groan as grabbed his legs and wrapped them around his waist while pushing the hard into the wall feeling each other’s erections pressed one another in a delicious way, kissing the those again.  Just a Jin was about to the party started as heard a familiar voice from behind him 

“Jin, is that you?” he turned around in annoyance out of his trance of passion as he now  turned to his partner and best friend looking at him in shock seeing the scene in his front of his eyes with Tegoshi standing behind him



“W-w-wwwhat happened to you?!” Yamapi asked in an outrage not believing the outcome as tegoshi sighed knowing that WOULD be the outcome that how that’s it always happens you get yourself involved with a vampire, you eventually becomes one yourself the moment you are affected by their blood.  Tegoshi however watched his pointless argument, knowing interfering the other’s conversation is also pointless because he would most likely he ignored as always.

Tegoshi watched as Jin smirked a little while turning to face his friend with an expression that Tegoshi had seen before on vampire when they are hunting for their prey somehow that was different and he couldn’t put a finger on it.  Kazuya turned his annoyed expression from being distracted by the vampire hunter again but this time at a time that was completely stepping out of his borders of respect.

“I’ll leave you and friend to talk, me and Mr. vampire hunter here have unfinished business…” kazuya said for picking up the man  without hesitation as he dragged him away from the two and fled elsewhere while he left his lover now with his business to deal with.

“This is all my fault...”Yamapi said with a sad smirk “I should been a better partner to you, and maybe just I would have saved you for making the wrong decision” yamapi pressed on shaking his head as Jin stared at this partner grateful expression for the other taking care of him all these years.

“You were a better partner than you know, and this not your fault” Jin reassuring the other “it’s my fault, i played with fire and got myself caught in falling in love with a vampire was the first, the second was meeting my sworn enemy everything seemed to be going wrong for me as a cop even though i took so much pride in it and I still do, and it’s all thanks to you pi and but this is where my police officer days stops...” Jin said as yamapi couldn’t believe what he was hearing from Jin no doubt, this wasn’t the Jin he knew anymore, he was a stranger to him now yamapi just shorted

“Just because I’m your partner and best friend you think I’m going to except something like this? This entire vampire shit, I shouldn’t have told you anything about it,  I wish my curiosity of vampires ever got the best of me, maybe if no one knew;  maybe everything would have been different, maybe even...”Yamapi stated “you wouldn’t have thrown your life away so easily for  STUPID thing called love” Yamapi snapped as Jin just listened, admitting that he did feel bad about leaving everything to the other thinking to he could handle it.

“To be honest, I’m surprised that you still consider me as a friend or a partner? After all that, making u do my work for me, you’ve proved to me that you are worthy to work under extreme conditions when something is thrown at you even if it’s from me or someone else” Jin said earnestly “I’m truly grateful my friend,  so as a last request I’m entrusting the police department to you now, I believe in you partner that you can do I better job that I could ever do” Jin continued

“DON’T FUCK WITH ME?!” Yamapi shouted glaring at Jin “I don’t have your skills to run the police department by myself, everyone or left for the people in the police department not one of them respected or take me seriously as a police officer it was always about you and chief tatsuya, fuck man I couldn’t even save your cousin miroku from our chief who was also a vampire, i saw him get thrown in a trunk of a car and I was right there, all i could do was stand there and watch” Yamapi smirked

“You choose not to because you were thinking what would of happened if you did” Jin answered “you chose what was the best, that’s all us police officers can do...” Yamapi just laughed at that statement “Letting an innocent person get dragged away only to be killed; how the hell is that the best option....” Yamapi stated as he turned his head away

“What’s the use of being cop when you can’t protect the innocent and the people that you care about that most” Yamapi spoke turning back to the other “all that time when i was worried about you, I spent a lot of time with agent yuya, his arrogance is twice as bad as yours, but I learnt things about his past and it shared some similarities to you but different. You both lost something dear to you, and i never really understood what it was to lose people that are dear to you before when I came into this job” Yamapi pressed on as he turned the other “so many assholes who like to committee suicide because they broke the law... damn idiots i can deal with that because they are idiots ...” Yamapi cursed “but this...”

“All because of vampires existence the human world is fucked up, it’s taken everything away from me, my job I started to grow to love, my dear colleagues, my pride as police officer, and even you my best friend everything is gone in just only 8 days you damn bloodsuckers ...” Yamapi said taking out his gun pointing it in front of Jin’s face who didn’t move an inch

Jin and Yamapi’s eyes were glued on each other “As your partner in crime and best friend’s last request I will save you, by killing you.”Yamapi said as Jin chuckle a little “Haven’t you forgotten? I’m already dead; your bullets are pointless against me...”Jin stated and yamapi smirked

 “I’m a highly trained official all I need one shot, that’s all and it’s over” Yamapi snarled moving in the gun to his Jin’s chest, just as he could to that Jin was on his friend in an instant pulling the gun out of Yamapi’s hand, yamapi didn’t waste time before pulling other gun out from the back of his pocket firing a few bullets as Jin dodged them easily as yamapi used that creating a diversion to get closer to the other wanting to catch him off guard.

Yamapi picked up two wooden stakes from the ground that had probably been from a building or house; as he threw one of them in Jin’s direction who instant flip himself backwards dodging the second attack just as Jin did Yamapi ran up from behind him about to stake his best friend but Jin clasped his hand onto his yamapi wrist with the wooden stake in mid-air making Jin smirked at that effort.

“I see you’ve mastered quite a lot in the training camps...” Jin said proudly smirking wider while graduating yamapi “but you still have a lot to learn...” Jin said twisting his hand as yamapi let out a groan while the wooden stake was knocked out of the man’s hand before fisting his arm around yamapi neck holding him in place, he could feel the blood through that the warm skin of his best friend as it started to cloud his senses of the dark nature that he had become.

Right then yamapi saw an opening pulling out of the other’s weakness grip retreating away the other who stood there, Jin felt his body pulsing from his friend blood all of a sudden. The desire to drink the other’s blood was so strong

For a moment Pi couldn’t move, as those fiery red eyes stared straight back at him like those vampires that were chasing him and Tegoshi a while ago but different; like he was a prey ready to be hunted and eaten, he didn’t dare to move an inch. However Jin was just standing there as he remembered takki’s words to stop himself his demon spring out once again

“At some pointing your hunger instinct will kick in, if you make contact with a human body, it’s natural for any vampire no matter how you fight it, how superior the feeling is, it’s all most in possible to stop once you start feeding once you’ve tasted human blood as a newborn pureblood.  Once a pureblood feeds on purely human blood before their training it’s all over, never make my mistake by giving into it otherwise.....fight it Jin until you complete the training”

Yamapi watched Jin as he slowly moved shifting closer when Jin was about to get any closer he watched Jin fall to the ground revealing the younger vampire smirking “YOU” Yamapi pointed remembering him “That’s the second time I saved you....” Kazuya said as yamapi stayed there not moving “I tranquilized him, my superior gave it to me just in case, I used one on your vampire hunter friend as well, and he should be coming too right about soon...” Kazuya said chuckle seeing the other was scared of him too

“Don’t worry; I’m not interested in drinking blood, only Jin’s no one else...” Kazuya said turning his head to the older man “Your friend is new to this vampire thing, I kind of predicted that he would try and attack you considering that you’re human, you know craving human blood, will always be a vampire’s nature no how powerful you are...” Kazuya explained, yamapi glared at the man for a long time

“I wish he’d never had met you, because of you, I’ve lost my partner and friend” Yamapi said in a displeased attitude and kazuya sighed “Well, I’m glad that I had met him, because of him I have changed for the better” Kazuya responded back before turning to the other with a smile

“He showed me there was something that I could cherish other than myself” as yamapi just smirked at that statement “what do you know about cherishing something?” yamapi mumbled “more than enough to protect him from you, he doesn’t belong in this world anymore right now, so I won’t let you kill him, now he’s mine to keep...” Kazuya warned the other

“Uchi and takki believe when this one is in power maybe the human and underworld can live together except us the way we are, just the way..”Kazuya snorted at that ridiculous dream “...... to me? It’s load of crap” Kazuya smiled picking up the older man as he threw the man over his shoulder like a bag of sand before sending a sweet smile to the man called yamapi once more

 “You’ve probably become a vampire hunter by then and maybe be a better one than that sad case Yuya-san who knows” Kazuya said as he chuckled at his own “Become the best, the best vampire slayer you can ever be and then come and find us if you dare” Kazuya winked, blowing a kiss to the man giving him sexy smile

 “Sayonara, you watch your back baby..” as he disappeared out of sight as yamapi watch the other disappear from his sight as he continued to standing here with his eyes not moving from he stood, not knowing how to come to terms of these mixtures of feelings that was eating him inside. When the sudden chills entered his body making him quiver that gesture from the boy. Before he turned on his feet in the direction the other pointed to where to Tegoshi was

“Just you watch; I will become the best...” Yamapi answered his mixed thoughts, pulling off his police badge from his shirt and wallet as he threw it on the floor

“I will become the world’s awesome vampire slayer you won’t even hit you both...” picked up Tegoshi help as he drag the other away to his house


Jin’s eyes went wide, turning to that deep fiery-red colour, groaning and in need of human blood to satisfy his hunger, moving towards the front of the steel door with a displeased expression; not happy of being locked in a room right now, when he is craving for the taste of blood.

 “I know someone is out there, let me out so I can feed...”Jin warned “no” came a simple reply as Jin smirk “You can’t keep me in here for long, I’ll find a way to get what I want...”Uchi snorted “good luck with that, your first task is to bust yourself out of that room, takki couldn’t even do it...” Uchi responded as he heard the other banging on the door trying to let himself out as uchi smirked wider

“How long do you think it will take...” Uchi someone speak from behind him “A month or 2 or 3 maybe worst case scenario maybe a year” Uchi shrugged “he will might be a handful but nothing that I can’t handle, but definitely stronger than takki no doubt, it will be easier rid that hunger for him because thanks to your tranquiliser his own human blood in his system which is almost completely gone ...” Uchi said as he turned to kazuya who so troubling to him

“What’s wrong?” Uchi asked as kazuya shook his head “it’s nothing; do whatever you can help Jin...” Kazuya bowed, uchi just watched walk away from him “Toma, wouldn’t want you to be lonely” hearing that kazuya turned around

“He chose you out of his own free will, because he knew that he would get along with you... despite of how you treated him, he knew one you’ll come to understand his feelings when he sacrificed himself...” Kazuya smiled at that

“That brat...he still never used his stupid head for anything...” Kazuya grumbled uchi chuckled before hearing another thump was heard against the steel door “ah.. this bitch is really troublesome... he’s serious in trying to break my door down...” uchi in annoyance as it was Kazuya’s time to chuckle at that

“Do you want me to try and tame the beast inside the box?” Kazuya said almost too happily “if you can save my underworld prison from collapsing , be my guest” Uchi smirked “ you whatever you want, nothing can be seen or heard once his doors are closed” Uchi said winking as that earned him a playful kick from the younger vampire, as the elder uchi left kazuya to business to deal with Jin.

“Do you hear me? Let me out NOW!” Kazuya the older man shout he smiled before opening the window on the prison door “What will you give me in return, if I do...” Kazuya innocently as he pouted at the other from the window with arms folded “....I give you whatever you want, just let me out of here” Jin answered as he clasped his hands around the steel bars staring at the other’s intensely as that look chill of desire from his dead body 

“As much as I want you, you don’t want me to satisfy you...”Kazuya sighed in disappointment “You want human blood to satisfy you” kazuya pouted turning to the other looking at the older man with through the window “so, therefore my answer is no” kazuya replied as he stuck out his tongue “doesn’t matter if you are the prince of the underworld now, no matter how much  I love you and loved to be punished by you, I’m not giving you what you want” was kazuya’s final answer  “I’m not going to be trick by you...” kazuya pressed on

“Sorry, I’m trying, really am I?” Jin responded honestly before he was interrupted “well, then try harder” kazuya snapped “I don’t want see you trapped in this prison, you don’t belong here; you belong with me in my room” Kazuya pleaded to the older man “was it like this with you?” came Jin’s apply as kazuya sighed before looking away

“Yes and no...”Kazuya said biting his lip “because of that feeling I didn’t recognise who I was, I killed 15 people in just a day when ryo turned me and feed me my first human...”Kazuya leaned his head against the door “ I took in the pleasure of their fears and turned them into my satisfaction of my game, I’ll never forget the eyes of my victims, their screams until now, I did  not careless, killing your first human as a vampire is the start of your rampage no matter if you’re a pureblood, that’s the power of human blood it makes us lose ourselves, it’s like a drug to us... ” Kazuya pressed on

“The first few nights, as a pureblood vampire will be hard but, I have faith in takki and I have faith in you my love, you purebloods have the power to suppress the urge to kill, and only kill at will, you aren’t like us newborns, takki saw that you in and he trusted you and that your complete the training before you feast therefore me and elder uchi trust you too, so until you know what you want and that you understand I’m not opening this door” kazuya said turning around to face the other but he couldn’t see other there, peek through the window he saw Jin on the floor not moving.

“Jin...?” kazuya called out in a worried tone “Are you okay? What happened?” kazuya asked again but he still didn’t get a response by that time of worry Kazuya the opened the door to the underworld prison as Jin smiled at how gullible the younger vampire was, until the boy was in the room he quickly the pulling other in and pressed the other up against the prison door closing it in the process. Kazuya only let out a gasp begin pushed hard up against the steel door.

“Help me...”Jin pleaded to the younger vampire as Jin kissed kazuya’s inner neck piercing it a little tasting the cold and bitter blood, sending him in a daze, as kazuya yelped as Jin bit him “Help me, get over this, please...” once to him kazuya the man to the floor instantly as he kissed the older man roughly moaning while the older man’s hands against the floor.  For a minute Kazuya stared down at the older man smirking at their position remembering the first time he was onto the other when he was that  tasty sexy human being back then and now he was delicious sexy pureblood vampire made the atmosphere so much more desire

“I can’t help you get over the cravings, because I’m not a special pureblood like you, but I can stay here with you as you long as you need me, I will not leave you, and your welcome to drink my blood if you have to, but don’t drink it all because then i can’t be with you if you do..” kazuya pouted as Jin looked at the other for a moment

“Have you forgotten already?” Kazuya said raising an eyebrow “I’m not like you, I’m not a pureblood like you, I don’t have the generation of unlimited blood supply like you do...once you touched human as a first meal your cursed forever to be forever drinking human blood for eternity unless you suppressing the feeling with something else and believe that time you’ve probably feed on countless of humans for you reach that stage, which is why I can’t be a pureblood, I’ve been tainted, like every other newborn...” Kazuya pouted more smiling at the other on the ground “But you haven’t, you have only drunk vampire’s blood which makes you pure....”Kazuya explained as he traced his playfully on the chest as Jin followed that finger before letting out a groan knowing where that hand was

“And your cravings now for human blood is what’s left of the vampire’s blood that you have fed on that has been tainted human blood maybe your own human blood that left in your body as soon as that leaves your body, i promise you’ll be as good as new and after your training you’re a free pureblood vampire, and forever mine....” Kazuya smirked as crawled down, hovering over the lump in the other’s pants that he was rubbing not too long ago

“At least there’s one thing that I’m glad that hasn’t changed now that you’re a vampire” smirked wider while he moved his prize as he watched Jin’s body part come to life right at that moment from under his jeans making him grin wider, soon enough Jin had forgotten all about his cravings and now his attention to needs, with red eyes glowing with desire as he again pushed the younger vampire against the steel door. Kazuya could feel the man’s erection rubbing against his own making kazuya tilt his back from the friction the older man was creating.  

“God, I’ve miss you so much...” Kazuya whispered before he was pushed harder into the steel door as he chuckled letting another groan showing the other that he was clearly enjoying whatever he was going to him...“before he grabbed the other to change their position so that now Jin was against the steel door with kazuya down on his knees freeing the other’s erection from his prison while wetting his lips  

“I don’t how long we will be apart after this night so I might as well make it worthwhile right...” Kazuya said winking before taking the other into this mouth as Jin’s cock hit the back of kazuya’s throat making Jin let out  a loud groan as he  shiver at the pleasure of being taken whole in one go “fuck, ry-kame...”Jin groaned 

“Oh yeah...” Jin said through gritted teeth grabbing hold onto the other’s head with both of his hands as his eye’s never the thin lips that were around cock sucking him off just like that time in the men’s bathroom. He had to admit all the girls that he had been with in the police department their blowjobs didn’t even come close to this boy, not that he’ll ever tell the other that, knowing the boy would arrogant about it. Jin let out a growl of pleasure as held onto that head a little as he continued to move his cock in and out of that beautiful mouth groaning continuously loving the friction it was causing this cock making his harder each he would push it back in.

“Ahh, fuck kame, you like that huh... “kazuya moaned as he let the other do as he pleases loving every single minute of being roughly controlled by Jin, moaning and holding onto Jin’s hips as the other continued to use his cock to fuck his mouth roughly few more times before pushing the other way, as kazuya’s indigo eyes glowed fiercely from that gesture smirking continuously as he licked his lips breathing heavily, before he could make a  move Jin pinned him on the table on his stomach showering the other’s back with his kisses tickling his skin from under the kimono. At that moment he could  feel younger vampire’s calling to him he slowly pulled the kimono down revealing that pale milky skin kissing it instantly all the way up to the other’s neck as he sunk his teeth onto that skin for a moment.

Kazuya yelp at the feeling the older man’s sinking into his neck, knowing that the older man needed it because he was getting deprived on the human blood that he craved for. Kazuya quick turned around to face the man who stopped the moment the other pulled away.

“I’m sorry, the cravings just won’t go –“Jin started when Kazuya cut him off by kissing the other while wrapping his arms around the older man’s neck “It’s okay” Kazuya whispered “besides it not human blood, so it’s fine” Kazuya said smiling as he kissed the man “I love you, so I trust you....”Kazuya pressed on as pressed another soft kiss the man’s lips

“Besides, I always have a blood bank nearby, so you won’t get rid of me that easily...”Kazuya smirked as the confused look for a moment, even though Jin was a part of this family now and forever. What was left Jin’s human self he was glad but he knew after this whatever training the purebloods do, he will still the same Jin no matter what, once Jin heard that jealous flicker into his eyes

“I Forbid you to do such a thing, i won’t let go out and let you just anyone touch you who is not me...”Jin in outrage as kazuya smiled more at this “jealous much?! You plan on making me starve soon to be Prince of the underworld? We lower class clan leaders need to feed on a regular basis you know; unlike you purebloods are so lucky...” Kazuya pouted

“You can always drink mine, all after all, once I’m done with all whatever I am told to, I’m free a pureblood vampire I’ll figure what to do, for now for you, human blood is off limits, because your mine and no one else” Jin said emphasizing on the word ‘no one else’   

“You damn control freak...”Kazuya playfully pouted at the older man who kissed kazuya once more to stop the other pouting “and no pouting” Jin warned but kazuya’s pout widened before a pleasurable groans the other’s mouth as Jin for a moment

“Are u okay? What’s wrong?” Jin asked casually, as kazuya knew the other just being annoying right at that moment so impatiently kazuya bit into Jin’s neck as hissed “You dare to ask me that, after shoving me against the table in such way, finish what you start baby” Kazuya whispered in need, as slowly peeled off the man’s jacket as he licked the bruised skin by his tongue on the neck moving closer until there was no room to move only skin on skin.

In that moment he understood before picking up the man throwing the against the hard steel wall, kazuya squealed in delight, Jin’s sex-drive never seemed to amaze him, because he knew what to except that time, Jin and him became one when Jin was still human, but Jin has a vampire it’s unpredictable and exciting making want more. Maybe has a vampire wasn’t so bad after all, it doesn’t matter what the future holds to he knew his wish had came true that’s all that mattered.

‘Jin belonged to him, and he belonged to Jin, forever and eternity in this underworld that he could call home...

At that moment Uchi, the prison underneath him rattled, making his wine rattle in his hand as well as a few bits of sand down from the truth. “Ahh, seriously these two; they know how to destroy an elder’s quite time don’t they?” Uchi muttered clearly not pleased ‘maybe it was a bad idea to leave Kazuya with him’ Uchi then thought to himself before he felt another rattle making his wine spill onto the bed

“Ahh, these two really..!” Uchi repeated as he let out another sigh “Yep bad idea...” Uchi said while he lifted himself off from the bed to pour himself another glass “oh well, at least there’s some entertainment in this boring underworld for a change” Uchi said smiling “It’s going to be a long night...” as took a sip of his drink savouring the taste of the wine before

The End
(The Epilogue)
will be soon, as I get my back into play

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