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[FIC] Reality or Dream? - Chapter 4

My name is Kamenashi Kazuya, 24 years old, Business Manager for Tokyo Sky Tower Company with my partner Yamashita Tomohisa. It wasn’t the best environment or atmosphere but really i enjoyed it even when my boss when extremely demanding type, it pays well.  About a month ago my best friend introduced to the world of the Sims 2 world a PC game; this seemed to relief half of my stress for everyday working life. Until then I lived a normal life when my world was turned down in a bizarre way when i woke up in my own PC game. As strange as it was, I met my sim that I created named Akanishi Jin apparently an ideal lover & Mei-chan who is a female version of me; I know strange right.

During my whole entire life, I never once thought about love, and I never once believed in it, and yet I’ve created one in my own imagination in a PC game. Somehow I feel that life was trying to teach me a thing or two about in a strange way, whatever is happening  Reality or Dream i can’t live it out and for the best and except outcome chooses to reveal itself to me...


It been has 6 days since he had been in this crazy unknown world,  kazuya opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a long time before turning to the coffee table in front of him where his mobile phone and pouted.

What are you doing now pi? Are you feeding my little one? Pi, what do I do?” kazuya sighed “I want to go back home, come and get me you always do, please, i want to go home...” azuya pleaded to his phone as Jin watched from afar at the man’s strange behaviour, he’s never seen so depressed, it’s been 5 days already and the boy had been really silently.

He didn’t dare to ask the other but watched him, of all this time living alone, he only knew how to comfort himself at his depressed but to having someone like this from a different place that’s beyond his understanding he was clueless of how to comfort people and or even people around another world. The only explanation that he could come with their homesick or the other had come down with something. 

Jin turned to his watch as it already 8:30am, he had to work in half-an-hour, and he didn’t want to leave the other like this he was his housemate other after all. 

So with not much hesitation is picked up the phone and dialled his work number

Hey Lawerence, it’s Jin here, can I apply for 7 days leave as of today, I have things I need to sort out personally and this week is the only time I can do it....” Jin asked his boss as he heard a grunt

Sure, you need a break anyway, you been workin’ too hard lately, take the time all the time that you need Jin, are sure 7 days is enough i mean you have like 3 – 4 months worth of holiday loading?” His boss heard as Jin just smiled

I know, yeah 7 days is enough?” Jin reassured his boss grunt in agreement again

Okay then well, you take care and I will see you about then... “his boss Lawerence replied as Jin hang-up the phone as turned back to the strange boy talking to his phone for way too now that it was starting to worry for the man’s health.

Meanwhile, kazuya picked up his phone as he tried to turn it on, thinking maybe if could turn it on he call yamapi. Mum and cousin or someone in contact with in Tokyo. But to his luck his would not turn on, confirming that it was completely dead and there was no chance of getting home to Tokyo any time soon, throwing to his phone to the carpet really hard watching bounce he sighed even more. 

Just as he sat back into the chair, his phone was present in front him, making kazuya turn to face Jin was smiling in front of him the owner of this house, as he blushed seeing that smile.

he’s just a sims he’s not real, not real he’s not real’ Kazuya repeated to himself over and over again in his head ‘he’s just a PC game he’s not real, men like him aren’t real, they don’t exist

“You shouldn’t throw just a valuable phone like that...” Jin said the other who did say anything as Jin continued to examine the phone immensely “I have to say, you have a funny looking phone” Jin as turned it over when he saw a picture of a person and an unknown person with he didn’t know.

“Is that you partner?” Jin asked curious as he felt his heart a little seeing that photo for a moment as kazuya turned to see Jin was talking about as he pulled his phone out of Jin’s hand instantly

“Gimme that...”Kazuya muttered he turned to over to see the photo of him, Pi & ran-chan on the back as he smiled “these are my two best friends Pi and my pet ran-chan” Kazuya answered as Jin smirked a little

“You have a dog as a best friend?” Jin chuckled as kazuya glared at him before shoving his phone into his pocket “I don’t want to see you right now...I just want to be alone right now and get things straight....” Kazuya announced as he was about to walk away but Jin grabbed the other’s arm making kazuya stop as he turned back to his Sims

“As your creator, I command you to get your hands off me...” Kazuya demanded as Jin smirked “As a landlord who let you in this house for free, i will not agree to your command and let you go, you have to pay me back remember?” Jin answered back as kazuya sighed

“What the hell do you want from me? Huh?” surprising Jin from the other’s sudden outburst of anger “Can’t you see that I’m not in the mood, of getting into a heated argument with you, over a stupid matter...?” Kazuya continued “let me go” kazuya pleaded as Jin saw those tears streaming from the man’s eyes for a moment he felt his heart stop at that, he hated seeing people cry because they were in pain, and he didn’t like to see people in pain.

He had seen Mei cry all the time and he comforted her but this stranger wasn’t her like he was different. Knowing that the other was from a different world; could that be why the other was different from Mei and also why he was so depressed all of a sudden? That had to be reason why, there couldn’t be any other reason to it unless he was the problem, but he doubted that.

He watched the other closely for a moment once again not making any move of letting go. Before he placed his hand on the crying boy’s forehead to see if the has a fever. For a moment kazuya stopped crying as he felt a warm palm that came into contact with his skin making kazuya jump a little. 

What the hell was going on? Why did everything in this sim world feel so real? Everything about this was too weird; he didn’t understand at all, he even started to wonder had died in his sleep or something. He was so confused at that moment; he didn’t know what was going on right now, everything was just a mess, what did he do to be taken out of his world and be put into this one? Was life trying to teaching him a lesson that he should cherish his job and co-workers more, if that was the case he will do it.

“Thank Goodness you don’t have a fever, at least that you are still healthy” Jin smiled in relief as kazuya didn’t answer the other but turned away instead

“Come on, you and I lets go out for a bit” Jin said trying to lighten the mood as kazuya turned back to him “It’s fine, don’t worry about me” kazuya continued “It’s a Monday don’t you have to work?” Kazuya asked as Jin smirked

“Screw work, I rather go downtown right now, it’s been while seen I’ve been downtown with someone” Jin smiled looking at the other again didn’t answer “I can’t bring you back but I can show you around mine, and believe me downtown are really good to release stress” Jin explained

“So, how about it little robber...”Jin smirked as he saw the cute anger the other wore the first time he saw the other in his house “It’s Kamenashi kazuya...”kazuya repeated his name as Jin had to smirk “geez, even your name is too long.....” Jin groaned “I like the name kazu” as kazuya blinked a couple of times at that nickname, that’s what Pi and his cousin would call him, he wasn’t comfortably with this virtual PC game character  called him by that nickname

“Kame...call me kame” Kazuya said as Jin grinned wider “Okay, kame it is...” Jin said as he turned on his feet, i’m going to go and get ready, and you better go and have something to eat, I cooked from sushi earlier if you want some, I’ll be back in a moment” Jin as turned walking his room

“I never agreed to go out with you” Kazuya muttered under his breath once he the other disappeared into his room to change, while turned on his feet as he eyed the fridge for a moment “Sushi?” kazuya repeated “could it be they have Japanese food here that tastes like Japanese sushi? Kazuya didn’t hesitate as he walked over to the kitchen opening the fridge seeing a plate of sushi there no doubt so without questioning he picked one up sushi and ate it, for a moment as his went big while he took another after another. Right at the moment Jin walk back into the kitchen he saw the boy in fridge.

“What you can’t find the sushi...?” Jin asked as Kazuya turned with his mouth covered in pieces of rice from Jin had smiled before he covered his mouth covering his laughter, from the sight. Moments after he calmed himself down; kazuya took out the plate out and wiped his mouth as sat down on the table placing the plate of sushi on the table

“I’m sorry .....and stop laughing at me” Kazuya barked making the man even more “for someone who was just sulking for almost for a week, and then crying a few minutes ago and then acting like it never just by eating a plate of sushi, it’s laughable” Jin said as smiled before a single sushi was thrown his way as Jin it instantly as he eat it.

“No playing with food when the house is cleaned” Kazuya heard the man speak showing the other an angry pout to “You clean because I created you that way” Kazuya answered back as smirked

“Well, it’s seems like the sushi brought you back to your normal you damn little robber...” Jin teased as kazuya squinted his at him “don’t call me that call me that, I didn’t w---“kazuya started but he was stopped by Jin laughter again as he looked up to the other again

“You can finish the sushi, I’m not really hungry anyway”  Jin said turned away laughed out again as kazuya pouted more when he heard the man laugh at him before stuffing the last 4 sushi’s into his mouth and placing the place in the dishwasher as he followed the man.

In less than a minute, Kazuya ran out to the car porch, as he saw a deep indigo Lamborghini parked there as a huge grinned appeared on his face. Just when Kazuya was about to have any ideas Jin stepped in

“I don’t care if you are my creator or whatever and you can do anything else but you are NOT driving my car, only me...” Kazuya pouted when hearing that but then it was to be expected so he shrugged it off skipping to the side of the passenger’s side. He pressed a button on the door handle as it opened automatically, kazuya was stared in awe by the auto door, Jin just shook his head again, grinning ‘this outsider really is a newbie to everything...” Before walking to the driver’s seat of the car, the boy was like a man a child’s body that was fascinating to him.

“You’re from a poor family aren’t you?” Jin asked as kazuya smiled sadly “Yeah, you got a problem Mr.” Kazuya snapped snobbishly, as he turned away “Don’t be sensitive, geez” Jin muttered as the other child-like behaviour as he heard the other continue

“I never asked to be poor, it just happened that way...”Kazuya said “My parents passed away when i was really young so yeah growing up was hard for me it was even hard living in that ohrange, so pi convinced his parents to adopt me because I had nowhere else to go and i was glad excepted they me into their family and until I found my own house and that i had a job that I could afford to pay for the rent” Kazuya spoke out the memory of the past, thinking how grateful he was to pi for everything, it wasn’t enough for words to express how everyone helped him, that was probably the one thing that he couldn’t do was show people how he feels towards about anything.

“I’m sorry, i didn’t know someone could suffer that much in a lifetime, but i’m glad you that everything worked out in the end though” Jin smiled, kazuya snorted “sometimes I wonder did it really work out” Kazuya said gazing at the window at the beautiful morning outside “i don’t know anymore, i don’t really have the right to question my own reality anymore, because of strange events that have been happening to me” Kazuya said sadly

“Sorry, i don’t even know why i’m telling you this; I’m fine it’s just that I’m a little ....”Kazuya started “homesick..?” Jin finished as kazuya went quiet again, Jin chuckled at that silence too well already that means he guess right.

“At least I can understand you a little more of why you are the way you are...” Jin replied “makes me feel a little closer to you from the short days that I’ve known you...considering that you claim to be my creator and you think you know everything about me....”Jin explained as kazuya snorted back at that before to his sim

“Are you claiming that i’m a liar?” Kazuya questioned “I just it’s okay though, we are both aliens to each other, so, i guess it’s okay if you don’t believe me..”Kazuya agreed when the car came to a complete stop and as they both sat there quietly in the car as Jin to the other once again in a serious matter.

“I didn’t mean it that way, okay” Jin continued “and your right, you are an alien to this world” Jin pressed on ‘a gorgeous alien’ Jin wanted to say but decided against it because it wasn’t the time for flattery with the boy because he wasn’t in a good mood today.

“a little crazy but definitely not calling you a liar, besides if i was in your world I’ll probably be the same in your world...”Jin admitted

“anyway, it’s time to go, we are here” Jin said happily as he clapped his hands together once, kazuya looked up to the building in front of him in amaze when suddenly he realise wasn’t the car anymore “wasn’t I just in the car a moment ago?” Kazuya asked himself as Jin turned to the boy

“Huh? What was that?” Jin asked as kazuya shook his head with a smile “oh it’s nothing...”kazuya said giving a small smile “And you said that you’re not a liar, you’re lying to me right now” Jin said to pointing to the other’s face as kazuya look confused

“Your face shows everything about you” Jin explained “I don’t know what you’re talking about?” Kazuya snobbishly replied as he walked into the building as Jin just merely watched the other as he snorted

“Lying brat...”Jin muttered before smiling as follow his housemate into the large building.


“Cheater...” Jin announced watching the man pouting “no one gets a strike before before me, you must of cheated” Jin said as kazuya smiled at this “In my world, there was two things that i did in my leisure time to keep my stress levels down, one was dancing and two was ten-pin bowling” Kazuya chuckled “ten-pin bowling i played to release my anger, and dancing was to the loosen my tense muscles from drama work havocs.” Kazuya finished as he sat next to the other man grinning brightly

“Thank you....”Kazuya said to him again “for what?” Jin asked as kazuya turned around with the bright smile still on his face, just seeing that smile Jin’s heart melted, as that warm feeling came back, the same feeling that he felt when he saw the man at the club dancing, but somehow different more gentleness, happiness.

“Thanks to you, Mei and Andy; the people that I have met here for making me feel right at home, even though my original home is so far away to god knows where. In my world it’s not easy for people to accept you...” Kazuya said earnestly, Jin gave the other a puzzled look

“How come..?” Jin questioned as kazuya shrugged not knowing the answer “I’ve been asking that myself for the last 10 years of my life, and I still can’t answer it, but i guess it’s just that a lot of people have a lot of issues and then it becomes personal and suddenly it turns into hate making them become wicked people” Kazuya explained “for here, seems somewhat peaceful and relaxing just like when i would arrive home to my own apartment everyday and relax after a hard day’s work.”  Kazuya chuckled to himself a little

“I miss that...”Kazuya admitted as forced a smile before giving out soft giggles as Jin just  continued to that strange boy named kame. He didn’t have an explanation as to why the boy landed in his house, or why he chose to accept a stranger to live with him. But somehow he felt that this was a gift to him; to show him that there are other worlds out there that he never heard until kame dropped in.

“Hey, it’s your turn or do i have to play for you so your score doesn’t look as bad next to mine?” Kazuya teased as Jin glared at kame while smirking “what are you talking about your only mine and your pretty cl-“ Jin started before he looked at the screen read

‘KAME – 120
‘JIN – 57

Pointing to the screen “how on earth did you get that score after one strike..?” Jin said in shock tone “it’s all called spares my dear housemate, it adds up, idiot” Kazuya teased “Your scoring here, is the same in my world too” Jin snorted as he picked up the ball angrily

“I’ll show you, who’s the idiot when i leave you in the dust” Jin announced storming off the bowling aisle, with much confidence he bowled the down the middle of the aisle as he smile almost to happily when he turned back grinning at the other who burst out in laughter  all of sudden

“What’s so funny?” Jin barked as kazuya pointed to the screen “congratulations on getting a gutter bowl” kazuya spoke as Jin looked for a moment before turning around to like at the screen before glaring at it.

“How dare you make a fool out of me...” Jin snapped at the man who just smirked at him “What did I do wrong?” kazuya asked feeling slightly insulted “this is your entirely fault you ruined my mojo” Jin barked again, kazuya snorted “in my world, this attitude is what we a call a ‘sore loser’ “kazuya said as Jin gave the man a smug look turning around as he grabbed the ball once again

“In my world this, in my world that, quit saying that already” Jin muttered under his breath as bowled the ball down the bowling aisle, as the anger bowl earned him a strike as he Jin was shocked and surprised when he turned to see his housemate sitting clearly in his impressed.

For the rest of the day, Jin and kame continued to hang-out the whole day soon kazuya had forgotten about this homesick because of Jin. Despite the fact of being in a different world compared to his own world, it still shared their similarities, the trees, smell of cleanliness, the smell of furniture and the smell of fresh air, as soon as they reached home it was night already when both of them collapsed on the both while passing through the gates of Jin’s house in Pleasantville as giggled while doing so.

“Oi, Bakanishi...”Kazuya said hitting the other in the shoulder as Jin turned to face the instant hearing that nickname “what the hell does that mean?” Jin asked a little offended making him pout “it’s my nickname for you, Ba-ka-nis-hi...”kazuya giggled as sounding it out in English

“It’s sound better in my language...” Kazuya said sadly “language, what do you speak in your world?” Jin asked curiously, as kazuya replied “Japanese..”Jin merely an eyebrow “What language is Japanese...?” Jin pressed on as kazuya nodded

“Japanese is from Japan, that’s the language that we speak in my world” Kazuya explained “but, for some reason I’m speaking English here in this world all of a sudden when in my world I don’t understand this English very well let alone speak it? Not a word but here, it can” Kazuya answered as Jin smirked before turning to him “the more you talk about this place the more i want to visit this place you call Japan Tokyo” Jin chuckled as he look back up in the sky

“It seems more interesting than this will ever be” kazuya giggled as he heard that “when I promise I will take you there sometime, if i ever make it back there i will let you visit...” Jin nodded satisfied with that answer “don’t forget your promise, yeah?”  Jin warned

“Don’t worry, one thing that I know that i’m good is keeping promises” Kazuya reassured the man grinned wider “hmm, i wonder about that it, for someone who is not good at lying, i’m not so sure” Jin teased as he felt a thump on his stomach as he ran off and just snorted

“Ah,  oi! You crazy, violent, lying newbie ...” Jin screamed “when i get to your world, I will make sure to teach everyone like you a lesson of how to treat their landlords...”Jin muttered as sighed while a grinned as walked himself in his house as the other was on the couch sleep, Jin  snarled, shaking his head before smiling once more

the brat, doing anything that pleases him, just because he says that he my creator in chuckled again moving towards the other who was fast asleep on the couch with his hand dangling down the side of the sofa bed as Jin squatted right beside him so he look at the stranger closer, brushing the strands away from his face. This man was mysterious, as so many he wanted to about the stranger.

Why was he so captivating the other had did nothing to draw him closer or wanting to know more about him, he didn’t understand why a mere stranger who dropped into his house that day

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