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Along Came a Storm Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Kame stared that figure at the door and blinked a couple of times 
“How did you find this address? And how did you get in?” Kame asked a little surprised as Jin didn’t know how to answer kame’s question because if he knew that he followed him and yamapi home he’d wonder what the younger one would think if he knew so he racked his brain to come up with a good enough and believable
“I have a friend who lives here, in this section and I saw you walking to your apartment which was into his one” Jin covered himself and kame eyed his suspiciously
“I know everyone in this building and I don’t remember them talk about you” Kame thought as shrugged
“Anyway, What do you want Akanishi?” Kame said and as Jin looked at him
“I came to ask if you were coming or not” Jin stated sternly
“You came all the way to ask me that” Kame said
“I don’t know” Kame said as he looked his watch 
“It’s only 4pm and you said 7:30pm and plus I don’t think I will have time to go, I’m a little busy ” Kame lied when in true fact that he had a lot of time to spare he only had to go to the dry cleaning
“Do you need a hand” Jin said suddenly causing to Kame to look up and then to follow where Jin’s eyes focusing on, kame was holding a basket full of clothes in his hand as he then looked up again
“Oh? And you know how to do dry cleaning?” Kame asked amusingly
“Yeah, kinda” Jin said sheepishly as kame watched the expression on Jin face kinda amused him as he dumped the basket into the older man’s and smiled at Jin who gave him a strange when a basket was suddenly thrown into his hands.
“Good” Kame said and looked up at Jin and hid smile at the shocked expression
“You don’t mind helping me then with this then, I guess” Kame said sarcastically as he grabbed the last few more bags left to pick up before pushed out a confused Jin out the door.
Kame dragged the older man to his closest dry cleaner’s to his place downtown in his area once they reached the place which seemed like forever, Jin placed the basket of clothes down onto the benched sighing in relief from it being so heavy that younger man made him carry, Jin threw kame a displeased looked as Kame looked at Jin with a little innocent smile walking over the washing machine
“Do you really wear this many clothes in one day?” Jin asked appallingly
“I don’t wear them all I wear some the rest my model’s wear, I just make them” Kame said as he was separating the clothes in the basket and jin stood up ready to help him as he was handed a bag he took a looked inside the bag
“my shirt” Jin exclaimed
“I was meant to return it to you, but I never had the time” kame said as he didn’t look the man as he put the clothes into the washing machine one by one as Jin watched him amusingly when he stood next to the man
“Why are you separating the clothes, just threw them into the washing like this its easier” Jin pushed kame to the side as he picked up a few clothes from the basket and threw them into the washing machine kame looked at the closed washing machine and then back at the man
“Hey..” kame said annoyed as jin looked up
“see? All done?” Jin said and smiled as kame glared at him, jin stared back at the younger man with the glare that only amused him more
“don’t look so worried, your clothes will be fine” Jin assured the beautiful angry boy when kame sighed looked over the washing that turning and twisting around kame eyes went wide open
“Hey! Why did you put a bright red shirt mixed with the white shirt?” kame retorted
“What’s wrong with red and white together” Jin said shrugged as Jin earned a whack on the back of head from kame
“You idiot! the red colour will stain the white shirt, and washing powder is bleach, it’ll be horrible” kame said pouted staring the clothes in the washing machine going round and round trying to pull the bright shirts from the washing machine as Jin rubbed his head
“I will get it out” as Jin moved the younger one to the side again as he looked around
“Argh! How do you turn this thing off?” Jin cursed as kame held and contained in his laugher and pressed a button on the washing machine making it stop and Jin there
“How did you make it stop?” Jin said causing the younger one to burst out into laugher and Jin looked at younger who holding his stomach laughing
“Quit laughing at me, help me pull out the damn clothing” Jin snapped as kame stopped laughing but still smiling as he walked over to the pull the shirt out and put it into the right washing to wash and turned the machine back on. As he turned to a pouting Jin
“I never knew, the famous Akanishi Jin was such a….” kame said trying to find the right word
“Dry Cleaning Literate?” Jin said finishing kame sentence that made kame chuckle more and sighed
“Your nothing what I excepted you to be, from the beginning and nothing what I except now” Kame said smiling sincerely
“well, excuse me for not being able to do washing” Jin said mockingly as kame laughed at that
“I don’t do my own washing” Jin said retorted as he went to pick up another up shirt from inside one of the bags as he felt the material and it’s soft texture it was like silk but yet the material wasn’t silk
“What material is this?” Jin asked holding the material kame looked at the clothing in Jin’s hand
“That is cendal fabric, my latest design make” Kame said happily taking the shirt  and holding it up front of Jin as he brushed the dust off the corner of the collar and smiled
“you made this shirt” Jin asked as Kame nodded as he folded the clothing on his arm and then looked at jin who was admiring the design
“Well, not make but the design belongs to me, this is just a draft make design that’s all, I haven’t gotten to it’s perfection stage yet” Kame said picking up another shirt of the clothing bag when Jin stared at the man in front of him
“Draft make design?” Jin said astounded
“You seriously call this a draft make, my designers would kill have unique design at like this” Jin said causing kame to smile and blush
“Yeah right!” kame mumbled
“There’s so many more, better designs than my own that I will never be able to past and…” kame trailed
“Tell me, what made you become a designer?” Jin asked as kame stared at the wall,
“competitors are everywhere, your never going to get rid of them you have to come better than them” Jin said. Jin’s word hit a soft spot in heart
“Become better than my father? I can never become like my father was, not with that design’ Kame thought glancing over the shirt that was holding as he ran his over the material
“Your unique design will be ideal” Jin continued that’s when kame realised that he spaced out but Jin did not seem to notice as kame looked at the other who still rambling about his design which was embarrassing even more
“Okay, okay, quit it with the unique design speech, like I said it its not finished yet, so here give it back” Kame said as he reached for the shirt but it was pulled it out of his grasp and kame looked up his hand which was empty he then looked at Jin who was for smirking
“Can I have to his shirt? I can model it for you in my next show” Jin said
“No” Kame said straight away as he tried reaching for it again but again it was moved away from his grasp the thought of Jin wanting to wear his design no doubt that Akanishi Jin to model for him his heart smiled at the thought but because it was a only a draft make the design looked embarrassing for anyone to wear with that thought hit him he  desperately tried to grab the shirt out jin’s grasp once more but failed
“Why?” Jin said holding up the shirt out of Kame reach smirking teasing the smaller one as kame started to whine
“you know why, because it’s not finished yet” Kame stated as he was reaching for the shirt again as kame’s jumping caused him to slipped and lost his footing falling on top of Jin and a loud thud
“Ow!” Jin moaned massaging the back of his head Jin opened his eyes only to find kame’s pair of eyes staring back at him, red-brown hair with the boy’s blond lock covering his eyes in almost sexy way, along his skin glowing under the light the sight took jin’s breathe away as jin’s eyes drifted to exposed skin of kame’s shoulder, Kame felt his heart thump in his chest as he quickly pulled the shirt back up to cover the exposed skin he could feel Jin’s eyes staring him down into his piercing orbs when jin unconsciously leaned in to place a chaste kiss on kame’s lips when jin about to pressed his lips onto the pouty ones the door swung open revealing a older man not much than older than Jin the older man blinked at the scene before him
“Kame..?..” The older man said looked at the shocking expression of who the other person as kame turned beet red as he quickly pushed himself off jin and flailed his arms up and down in the air
“It’s not what you think?” kame wailed
“Nothinghappenedifellandihappenedtolandontopofhim…” kame said really fast causing takuya break out into a smile
As Takuya only laughed at kame’s embarrassed expression and smirked walking up to kame and patting him on the shoulder
“I didn’t see a thing?” Takuya said and winked at kame only making feel more flustered as Takuya held out his hand to the boy next to kame and smiled at him
Hajimemashite, Takuya Kimura des, I never got to introduce myself earlier that day” he said and smiled
“Yeah..” jin said bowing back to the man as he took the man’s hand and shook it
Kame looked at Jin and Takuya bewildered
“You’ve met each other?” Kame said astoundingly as Takuya nodded
“I caught him sneaking around in our apartment building, a few weeks ago, he was looking for you” Takuya answered simply as kame turned to turn to Jin who around look around pretending not to pay attention to the rest of conversation making kame glare at jin
“I was right you are a stalker” Kame retorted making jin turn his back around
“I AM NOT!” Jin shouted
“you got exposed admit it” Kame replied
“I did not” Jin said stubbornly refusing to the fact that he had been caught by kame’s friend’s neighbour. Takuya watched in amusement at the petty argument between the two men were having when kame finally realised that he totally had forgot that takuya was there in front of him as kame stopped the petty of his argument with jin and crossed his arms feeling in creditably childish quarrelling with jin with that thought he turned back to takuya and bowed
“um, tak-“ kame started as Takuya cut him off by his sentence
“I’ve walked in on worst things than you been on top of the Akanishi Jin” Takuya said as kame gapped which only made takuya laugh more
“I wasn’t talking about that….!!!!!” Kame protested as takuya just hid a smile
“Gomen” Takuya apologised sincerely as he looked around the laundry room and then back at kame
“I guess all the laundry is full with your clothes again huh?” Takuya said 
“I’m sorry, Takuya-sempai… I don’t mean to hog the laundry to myself again I promise I will be done soon” Kame said as takuya waved his hand smiling
“Don’t worry its okay, take all the time that you need I’m in not rush anyway I’ll just come back tomorrow” takuya said causing kame to smile as he turned to back and looked at jin
“Look after this little one yeah, he really hasn’t grown up yet” Takuya said laughing when kame’s flustered face turned into a blushing pout
“I have grown-up” kame defended back with the pout still present on his face as Jin couldn’t help but smile a little
“I will come back later then” Takuya said as he waved to the pair in the laundry carrying his basket back home after he bowed taking his leave leaving the two alone again
“It seems like you get along with your neighbours rather well” Jin said as he watched kame walk over the laundry basket and separate the rest of the clothes and put them into the washing machine closing the lid and sighed
“Takuya-sempai, he was the one that helped with that apartment he was the first time friend I made once I moved here to Tokyo, I can’t live with my family anymore” kame explained as Jin eyed the younger man for a moment
“you can’t live with your family anymore?” Jin repeated and kame stopped and sighed
“I decided that I wanted to live on my own because, I wanted to peruse my career as top designer just like my father if I stayed in my hometown my work would never be well-known, my family and I had a big fight about saying how I was being selfish about the whole situation of becoming a top designer like my father after that day after that enormous fight I had with my mother and brothers i decided to move out here, and that’s when I found Johnny-san and his designs he picked out my talents so I’ve been working for about a year now it was a lucky break for me I chose my father’s dream as my career over my family at home” Kame said
“Do you regret it?” Jin suddenly asked as he walked closer to the younger man as kame sighed and looked up at the ceiling
“A year ago I  once when started i found how hard it was to cope with everything on my own in the fashion world I was about ready to give up that’s when I met ueda randomly, takuya-sempai and Ueda got me here I don’t know where I would be without them” kame said and smiled
“That’s not true, your hard work got you where you are not your sempais” Jin said sincerely
“I’m still so lost, I don’t know if I’ll ever be like what my father was, I always hear how great my father was, he did this and he did that…I know I should have listened to my family I should have stayed back in Okinawa” kame said as Jin stared at the man in front of him
“I have always been walking in my father’s shadow and wondering where to fit into the perspective of the fashion world, even so some people are interested in my designs I feel like my efforts aren’t enough to make it by myself ” kame said sadly lowering his head sighed
Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.” Jin said causing kame to turn around and look up at the man
“Is what my old man said to me before he past away” Jin said and smirked a little as kame frowned “I’m sorry” kame said lowering his head even more
As jin stood in front of the smaller boy smiled as kame suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist kame froze at the sudden action but for some reason kame didn’t push Jin away from at the moment he wondered why? to himself why this man felt so warm, and whom make his heart pound in his chest he was sure that Jin could hear when he was his close to him. Kame thought about that day that Yamashita-san kissed him how differently compare to how Jin kissed him in the park a little kiss.
“One little kiss? how can it affect me so much and this” Kame thought 
“Akanishi-san…” kame said in soft voice
Remember all things are possible for those who believe” Jin said as held the boy closer to him kame relaxed a little at the moment kame like felt so safe when he suddenly broke free out from the older man’s warm embrace suddenly as he stared at the older man for a long time the only sound that could be hear was the sound of the washing machine and the sound a mobile ringing
“Are you going to answer that?” Jin said breaking the silence in the laundry room as kame snapped out of his gaze as he searched into the back pocket of his jeans for his phone
“Hello?” kame answered
“KAME!!!!!!!!” a earsplitting voice came kame pulled the phone away from his ear cringing a little as Jin only watched
“Where are you? Are you okay? I’m at house why aren’t you here?” Ueda bellowed over the phone
“I’m fine, I’m just …” Kame said looking up at the man in front of him
“I’m at the laundry room with a friend who helping me to wash my model clothes” kame said as he heard ueda a relief over the phone
“Thank god, I something happen to you after that phone call….” Ueda mumbled
“What phone call, Ueda…” kame asked and ueda stuttered
“N-N-n-nothing, get back home already I need to ask you a favour” Ueda said as he hung up the phone as kame pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
“What on earth was that about?” Kame said tilted his head kame looked up only to realise that the older man was gone when he was about to let a loud sigh a basket was shoved into his hands he looked at his hands then at the person front of him
“eh?” Kame said
“Here’s your washing princess” jin said sneering at the other man
“Will you stop calling me that, my name is….” Kame said when he was about to say more but stopped when jin placed a chaste kiss on kame’s forehead
“I’ll see you tonight then…Turtle-chan” jin teased the younger man as the younger man only turned a way
“No, I’m not” Kame muttered under his breathe as the gesture and the answer made Jin smile
“I’ll take that as a yes” Jin said as he left a flustered kame in the laundry room Jin walked straight past the hidden figure who sighed and folded his arms
“What’s a star like Akanishi Jin doing in a rundown place like this” the man thought as he watched Jin walk down the street.
When he heard the noise of the laundry sliding doors being opened kame stepped out the man peered from the corner of the wall as a smile graced his eyes
“I finally found you, the war begins right from today” the man merely smirked when as he felt a hand tug him backwards by the shoulder to turn him around the man turned to face the man
“What do you think your doing” Takuya asked the man as he only stared back at takuya blankly as takuya’s eyes when a little widen a little
“Hey, aren’t you that guy from…?” takuya asked
“Don’t touch me..!” the man shouted as the man slipped out from takuya’s grip and ran away
Kame was walking back to his apartment pouting as he was holding the basket full of clean laundry in his hands as he came into a sudden stop face to face with an angry ueda in front of him as kame only stared at his co-worker
“What…” Kame said was the only coherent word that came out of kame’s word. Ueda face suddenly turned into a serious expression
“Thank god you are okay!” ueda wailed hugging his co-worker and kame wondered what happened to the angry expression that was present on ueda face a minute ago kame never got use to that part of ueda his friend’s sudden change of expression
“I’m alright, you don’t have to worry about me so much” Kame assured his co-worker and smiled as he hit him on the shoulder
“What do you mean by that?” Ueda asked
“What kind of older brother would I be if I didn’t huh?” ueda said nudge him and walked passed ueda to open the door back to his apartment we patted his pants only to realize that he’s keys weren’t in his pockets all the colour drain from kame’s face and tried to think where he placed his apartment keys as ueda
“Kame? Are you okay?” Ueda patted his friend’s shoulder gently and turned to him
“I think I-I-I’ve lost m-my keys” kame said worriedly
“what? What do you mean you lost your keys” ueda said ueda knew kame wasn’t the type of person to lose keys no matter what the situation was he looked at kame was in deep thought when he reached on the top of the door as kame frowned and then looked at Ueda  
“My spare is gone too” Kame thought
“Baka, you better you find your key, now I might have to camp out here now and be your body guard to who knows got your key right now” Ueda said thinking on about all the men would love to rape his friend in the middle of the night ueda anger grew inside him at the thought kame was to ask the older to help him at the expression that you older was holding on his face.
“I probably left it at the dry cleaners” kame said
//:: Flashback :://
when jin unconsciously leaned in to place a chaste kiss on kame’s lips when jin about to pressed his lips onto the pouty one
“Here’s your washing princess” jin said sneering at the younger man
“Will you stop calling me that, my name is….” Kame said when he was about to say more but stopped when jin placed a chaste kiss on kame’s forehead
“I’ll see you tonight then…Turtle-chan” jin teased kame but kame only turned a way from Jin’s gaze
“No, I’m not” Kame muttered under his breathe as the gesture and the answer made Jin smile
“I’ll take that as a yes” Jin said as he left a flustered kame in the laundry room
//:: Flashback ends :://
Kame shook his head forcefully as he felt his heart beat faster in his chest thinking of that incident in the dry cleaners to whack himself mentally for thinking such a thought why did he remember such a thought
“Why does it have to be you, of all people” Kame thought as his blood boiled to the point where he thought that he was going to burst when ueda shouted bringing him out of this confused and annoyed trance
“KAME!” Ueda called again
“Are you sure that you are okay?” Ueda asked his friend out of concern, kame just nodded quickly adding to ueda’s suspicion as tried to think of another topic
“It’s not like you to space out” Ueda said as he nudging the kame in the arm trying to get kame tell him
“What are you thinking about” he asked nudging him back and as kame desperately wanting to change the topic
“So, what is the favour you added to asked me” Kame said
When ueda sighed in defeat he knew that the boy was hiding something from him but he didn’t want to press it but he couldn’t help but worry about the boy at times as he stared at kame for a long time causing to kame to look at him strangely as ueda finally spoke
“Come on, Let’s go to my place it’s a little cold out standing here in your corridor” as ueda said and smiled. As they left kame’s locked apartment entrance. Once they reached to ueda place, Kame looked around at Ueda’s cosy apartment it’s the probably only the fourth time he has stepped into his friend’s apartment as Ueda made his way to the kitchen making some hot coco for himself and his guest when he returned to Kame’s side sat down on the chair ueda threw kame the most brightest smile
“Can you follow to a party tonight?” Ueda asked putting his hands together as kame laughed
“Don’t tell me? You are scared to meet people and that you might get lost again?” kame said lamely
“No, that’s not it” Ueda said twiddling his thumbs as saw his friend blush turn four times shades redder
“I-I – I was inv-vite t-to a p-party by Nishikido Ryo-san yesterday” Ueda stuttered out and kame
“WHAT” Kame shouted giggling
//:: Flashback :://
Ueda was waiting in line ready to order his meal he sighed loudly staring up at the menu for a while he a lot of trouble trying to decide what to order as when lady called out
“Hi, Can I just have a Chicken Fillet Burger Meal, and a Soft serve thanks” Ueda replied to the lady
“Make that two Chicken Fillet Burger Meals” A voice called out from behind making ueda turn to the owner of the voice
“Nishikido-san” Ueda said as he covered his cover as Ryo laughed at the ueda’s expression as he turned to the lady wait at the counter patiently
“Two Chicken Fillet Burger Meals please and two soft serves please” Ryo repeated as the lady went and straight away to process their order right away
The found an empty seat as they down Ryo was looking at the other as he eating the chips first
“By the way” Ueda looked up smiling but Ryo look intently at the other
“When I first saw you, i thought you were a pretty girl” Ryo said as  a chip thrown his way he laughed catching the chip between his teeth and eats it smirking at the other
“Don’t insult me!” Ueda snapped as Ryo stuck his hands up laughed a little at the annoyed ueda who was eating his burger now
“which is why I want to you ask you to be my date at my friend’s movie launch party Saturday Night” Ryo said at the other
Hai??!” Ueda said with a mouth of bread in his mouth as Ryo winked at the other
“Will you be my date?” Ryo pressed on gawking at the blush boy
//:: Flashback ends :://
Kame was speechless for a moment and as he hit his friend on the shoulder
“Nishikido Ryo-san you asked you out” Kame excitedly and nudged his friend again
“And you just said yes straight away, right” Kame asked as ueda blushed
“NO! Actually, he didn’t really give me a choice, gave me two choices so I ended up saying yes because I know it was useless to argue with him in a fast food place it was too embarrassing” Ueda said closing his eyes and sighed and them again
“But I am kind of happy, but I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME?!” Ueda begged kame again
“I would not miss this for the world” Kame said smirking as he earned a hit on the back of the head
“Itai!” kame moaned
“Don’t miss what exactly” Ueda said breaking into laugher as kame pouted rubbing his head
“you disn’t have to hit me, tat-chan!” Kame bellowed and continued
“What’s the address?” Kame said and ueda lifted his head up and closed trying to remember the address
“ Unit 10/388 Skye Street Nishikido Ryo’s friend” Ueda said as kame froze for a minute
“Akanishi-san… House..?” Kame said and ueda turned to him
“huh?” Ueda bellowed
Ryo looked at the person in front of him not smiling
“Is that my tie!” Ryo said as yamapi laughed
“gomen, Do you mind if I borrow this do you?” Yamapi said and Ryo sighed
“Because I’m in a good mood today, you can borrow it, but make sure you send it to the dry cleaners, I don’t want your sweaty smell on it at the end of the night, and where did you find that tie anyway?” Ryo said
“You left it in the back of my car” Yamapi said as he put his jacket on and turned to his friend
“So? Do I look okay for my first launch party” Yamapi said as Ryo smirked
“You look like shit” Ryo said as he chuckled as yamapi frowned
“That’s not funny” Yamapi sadly
“you look fine” Toma said and smiled at yamapi and as yamapi turned back to Ryo
“See? Why can’t you be nice like him” Yamapi said as Ryo chuckled
“Come on you guys we are going to be late” Ryo said as he stood up from the chair as the doorbell rang
“I think our ride is here” Ryo said   
“that was quick” Toma said
It was three minutes to 7:30pm until his best friend’s launch party started everything had been prepared how he was just waiting for the guest appear as well as the main guest of this party Jin climbed onto his bed and as he laid there when turned his head to the side to look at the side table
“I wonder if your going to come tonight” Jin thought as he grabbed something in his hands and held it up and grinning proudly as folded an arm behind his head
“Oh yeah, definitely you will come” Jin said as stared at the bundle of keys he was holding his hand he felt bad for taking the keys that were left on the washing machine behind the younger man as he distracted him by that kiss on forehead as Jin smirked at memory of today he will never forget the feel of his lips on the boy’s skin it felt soft it was nothing to compare to all the girls he use press his lips against, Jin sighed contently as he gazed at the miniature stuff toy turtle attached to the bundle of keys which made Jin laugh a little
“This toy so suits you, Turtle” Jin said as he ran his fingers over the locket attached to the bundle of keys prying it open, inside from a picture of the kazuya and an older man
“That must be his father” Jin said to himself and looked at both of them and smirked
“he looks nothing like his father” Jin noticed because his father looked more manly him but Kazu’s slim figure standing next to the older man there was a huge difference between them since from today he started to understand his mixture of feelings and he also knew that he was holding back for the younger man he first met the same feeling when he saw the boy curled up in the lounge on the day of the after the fashion parade, then the time Jin found him wondering on the street who was drunk taking him back to his place that night  As the younger man slept next to him curled up holding onto his shirt made Jin blush from the closeness it’s the first time Jin’s been held someone like this especially but a boy he somehow it felt comfortable even in the state that the younger one was drunken state he looked like an innocent child in Jin’s eyes as smiled brushing the hair out of the way of the younger boy’s face as he watched the sleeping figure he loved the feeling so close to the boy at the moment though ruined the atmosphere in the morning of that very day.
He did not know, urge to stay such a thing to the boy and give him to do such as a job he hit himself for it, Jin picked up the bag that Kazuya gave back to him with his shirt in it, as he took out the shirt as he a note attach to it
“This is a favourite brand of mine “David Lawrence”, take better care of it by hand washing it in Luke warm water!” Jin read out and smiled as threw on the shirt on got dressed holding onto the key in his hands shoving it into the back of his pocket
“It starts from today….” Jin thought to himself as he fixed his hair in the mirror smiled as the doorbell rang. “i want you for myself….
-------> Chapter 7 <------
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