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[Fic] Along Came a Storm Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Kame stopped in the front of the apartment as kame sighed
“How and why did I get you to drag me out here” Kame said as against the wall “I really don’t want to be in front of this apartment at the moment” Kame thought as he pouted
“KAME” Ueda shouted
“Ueda, I wanna home go home” Kame’s pout widen as Ueda pouted back
“You promised me, you’d come remember?” Ueda said as kame whined in defeat.
Kame didn’t really want to meet Akanishi again after that embarrassing moment at the Dry Cleaners in front of his neighbour his sempai but he also didn’t want to break his promise to Ueda, when he did say that he would accompany him, kame looked at ueda who was still pouting as he nodded his head to assure ueda that he would follow even though he didn’t want to as Ueda’s pout turned in a big smile as Ueda dragged kame along to walking to the entrance as he they greeted by Ryo and Yamapi who were talking in front the entrance of apartment
“AH! Yamashita-san and Nishikido-san” Kame said with smile and bowed to the two older men
“Kame-chan! Konban’wa” Yamapi said as Ryo smiled held out his hand to kame
“It’s nice to see you again” Ryo said, kame smiled back and took the older man‘s hand
“It a pleasure to you see you again too” Kame said politely bowing to the other causing ryo to smirk a little
“You don’t have to be so formal you know” ryo said and as kame blushed a little
“I’m sorry” kame apologised as Ryo was eying Ueda who was staring at his feet and not looking as kame smirked and nudged ueda
“Konban’wa” Ryo greeted causing ueda to look up and smile a little bowed
“Hello” Ueda said bashfully as kame and yamapi were laughing quietly in the corner as he watched Ryo and Ueda walking to the apartment in silence
“I think they look so cute together, don’t you think?” Yamapi blurted out and kame giggled again and nodded in agreement
“They do, I reckon they will make a good couple” Kame said as he watched the couple walking into the apartment kame was still smiling as he then turned to Yamapi
“So, what brings you here do you know what’s this party is about here” Kame asked looking around Jin’s apartment was so huge to Kame’s eyes though he’s been once he’s a amazed of how big it is never seems to amaze him he’s a model after all kame thought when Yamapi was admiring the younger one as he spoke again
“Actually, this is my launch Party for my movie and single debut, my Best friend let me have it here…… well not really but yeah” Yamapi answered with a small laugh
“So this is party for you” Kame said and smiling as yamapi nodded and turning to greet the customers back to greet the guests that were coming in. Kame’s eyes were wondering around as they were focused on a tall, brown hair, muscular figure that was too familiar with talking to two girls that he knew kame’s heart frown at the site
“I should’ve known that he likes women like that, someone like Miyuki Haiku and Leah Dizon they are perfect for a movie and model star like Akanishi Jin” Kame thought as he just stared the older man who was laughing and smiling with the two female Kame’s mood suddenly turned sour at the site of Jin talking to the two girls who were no doubt the models for his up coming fashion show, when suddenly Jin’s eyes wondered as they locked onto kame’s figure as kame quickly turned back to yamapi.
“I’ll see you tonight then?”
 What hell’s up with that line and this party for Yamashita-sanKame thought seeing Jin with that girl, pissed him off dearly he could hear her giggles as in was laughing with her it was unforgivable for Jin talk so comfortably with that stupid Barbie girl when was meant to be talking him alone and flirting with him, when kame stopped his thinking whacking himself mentally
“What the hell am I thinking about, I’m not in love or jealous of that fool” Kame focused his eyes on the spot where he spotted Jin but only to find that he was gone
Yamapi replaced his hand on kame’s shoulder causing kame to turned around and break out of his thoughts
“Come on, that goes inside its warmer inside it’s a little chili out here” Yamapi said as kame nodded as yamapi at the side of the apartment
“After you” Yamapi said to kame as he pouted as he walked pass yamapi proudly
“I’m not a girl” kame said the statement made yamapi laughed as they walked to the apartment as they sat the bar when kame suddenly remember something wanting to tell the older man he turned to him and smiled
“Ano, I’m a fan of your series of kurosagi and the music, I really love your character in that movie “Kurosagi” you looked so different in person then on the screens” kame said
“Good or Bad” Yamapi said causing kame to laugh
“Its good anyway you were really good” kame said nodded as yamapi pouted
“You don’t love me? Like you love the character kurosagi” Yamapi said as kame just smiled as a response yamapi let out a laugh as well
“Come on, can I at least buy you a drink, it’s on me” Yamapi said and as kame smiled
“Sure” kame nodded
“Congratulations on your debut and movie” kame applauded Yamapi as he smiled
“Artigatou” Yamapi responded as he as held out his hand 
As they sat in silence looking around the room as stared at the younger man as Ueda was the first to break the silent atmosphere
“so, my friends and I really enjoyed your concert by the way and we loved that song called “Angel” ” Ueda said with glee and smiled sweetly as Ryo smiled back
“Man, that song is so old but that song was always a favourite” Ryo said looking down at his hand as he held the glass twirling his red wine in the glass around and around when looked up at smiling Ueda
“I’m really glad you came” Ryo said sincerely making Ueda smile embarrassingly
“me too” Ueda mumbled that was barely auditable but Ryo hear it and he was happy to hear it from the younger one and as he looked at the couple on the bar yamapi and Kamenashi as he Ryo turned back to ueda staring at the ground and then turned back to the two
“There look good together don’t you think?” Ryo asked pointing to Kame and yamapi as ueda finally lifted up his head to look at the couple sighed
“I don’t know, I think kame better with Akanishi” Ueda stated causing Ryo to look at the other laugh
“really?” Ryo asked as ueda nodded
“Kame, has always been a fan of Akanishi Jin’s movie, he once told that, wanted to start his range of clothing fashion for Akanishi to wear one day” Ueda said proudly of his friend as Ryo ran his all over the beautiful in front of him with a smile
“really?” Was Ryo response
“So, how long you and Kamenashi been working at Johnny’s Designs?” Ryo asked causing ueda to turn around
“I’ve been working at johnny’s for 4 years now, and I met him 2 years ago, he came started 2005 year, he’s still a newbie in the shop that ” Ueda said as Ryo tore his eyes off Ueda and turned to look at kame gossiping with Yamapi
“When I met for the first time, i thought he was an honest person when he handed Jin’s wallet to be, not many people who find a possession of jin’s would return it so he told me” Ryo said
“He’s good hearted and too nice” Ueda said and sighed
“That’s why I need to protect him, some how he can be so naive to everyone he talks to its kinda worrying” as Ueda sighed again bringing Ryo’s gaze back onto Ueda again
“So, if you take care of him, who takes care of you?” Ryo asked as Ueda raised an eyebrow
“Of course I take care myself, I’m always taking care of myself, and I’ve lived by myself since I was 17” Ueda said sadly
“i don’t have a family anymore, they have probably forgotten about me by now… because they haven’t called since I moved out..” Ueda said raising the glass to his lips slowly as he consumed a little of the content in the bottle putting it back down the table
“I’m sorry” was all Ryo could say to that and Ueda broke out into laugher
“Please, don’t pity me, I’m completely independent” Ueda proudly when Ueda looked at the bottle grabbing as he consumed the rest of content in it as Ryo was astonished for a moment. Ryo pried the bottle of alcohol from Ueda’s hand and looked at it and then at a tipsy Ueda was whining when the bottle taken from him
“I can’t believe you just finished a bottle of vodka” Ryo said as ueda just smiled and then suddenly pouted
“I’m allow to drink” Ueda said as Ryo just stared at him and gave him a smug look and shook his head
“I’m going to band you from drinking” Ryo retorted back
“I’m still sober honest” Ueda trying to reason as Ryo just gave a smirk as watched the younger one sway a little
“No more drinking for you” Ryo said with a smile
“You sound just like kame, he gets drunk more than I do, after like 5 or 6 glasses and I have to drink a bottle of Vodka and I’m still fine” Ueda said making Ryo break out into a laugh as ueda just blank look at the laughing man in front of him as kame and yamapi watching were friend’s from the bar, ueda who clearly letting the vodka get to his head to hide his nervousness causing kame to giggle
“Silly Ueda, I can’t believe you did it again, careful Nishikido-san, a drunk ueda is kinda hard to handle” Kame thought and smiled to himself
“Gumbatte Tat-chan…” Kame said as he heard yamapi laugh a little
“That’s the first time I’ve seen Ryo laugh and smile like that” Yamapi said looking at Ryo
“And It’s the first time, I’ve seen tat-chan act this way with alcohol, I guess that’s what happens when you met a celebrity that you were been dreaming to meet” kame said and smiled as a picture of Akanishi came to his mind kame shook his head and cursed to remembering
“Except for me, why did he have to turn out to be like that” kame said with a pout as yamapi turned around to look at kame
“Did I really turn out that bad?” Yamapi said as he pouted making kame laughed
“Not you, I’m talking about someone else” kame assured Yamapi nodded in agreement knowing very well who he was referring to
“I always thought all movie stars and singers have attitude problems, all the ones that I’ve met anyway” kame said he smiled at the older man
“Well… i guess that’s what some people are like in the entertainment world or fashion world, like a particular person that I know, flirting around with every beautiful women that he lays his eyes on, I call him the bag of sperm” Yamapi said as he chuckled a little taking a gulp on his beer in front of him
“Ahh, Akanishi Jin that stupid baka, its shameless to say Bakanishi is my best friend” Yamapi muttered and kame listened twirling his liquid in his glass
“Bakanishi?! That on earth kinda of a pick is that?!” Kame asked in an amusing tone giggling at the name has laughed with the younger one
“Is because he is, there’s this one time where in the shouen Club he was performing it was walking waving and he didn’t see the camera man and so it whack the camera it was like the funniest thing ever” Yamapi and Kame laughed at that
“I always to lose to him to everything, sports, girls and even drinking” Yamapi said smirk and turned to him and patted him on the back
“hmm, there has to be something that beat you at? Being friends for so long there must be something” Kame said giggled as skulled down his beer glass and watched the younger man skull his beer so quickly as he smiled at him
“Actually….” Yamapi started as kame looked up at the older man
“But there’s one thing that I’m glad that he doesn’t taken away from me yet” Yamapi said as put down his glass and looked up at kame and smiled  
“You, and your smile” Yamapi chuckled goofily at the blushing kame
“Here” Yamapi handed him a folder of paper as gladly excepted it
“What’s this?” Kame asked and as yamapi smiled
“isn’t it obvious?” yamapi smiled
“its my number call me anytime” Yamapi said when suddenly yamapi was called unexpectedly by someone in the crowd  
“Ahh, I’m being summoned excuse me” Yamapi smiled at waved back
“We’ll talk some later kame-chan ne?” yamapi said having a bright smile as took his leave and waved
“Hai, Yamashita-san” kame said as he turned to the bar table.
“Pi- chan!!!” Uchi wailed
“Congratulations on your movie…” Subaru said pushing Uchi out the way when Subaru was pushed out of the way by Satoshi
“You awesome, Pi-chan!” Satoshi shouted when pushed out of the way by a smiling Tegoshi Yuya
“Congratulations!!” Yuya said as toma laughed at the three boys and put on a stern voice
“Pipe you down you idiots!” Toma scolded as yamapi laughed
“ Its okay, are just that happy that’s all” yamapi said lightening up the mood as eyes trailed to the younger frame still the table will drinking another after as yamapi snorted when was about to back over the bar, toma stopped him but holding onto his arm toma threw yamapi the more brightest smile causing to smile
“I know that face” Yamapi gave a smug look and ruffled toma hair as toma fixed up his hair
“Oi!, my hair was perfect, and now your hand ruined it” toma pouted as yamapi laughed
“Come on, let’s go pig out, what do you say” Subaru and Tegoshi exclaimed together
“When there’s food involved, I guess he can’t with really past up eh?” Yamapi heard a voice behind him
“Did I tell you that toma cooked all this” Jin said as he patted yamapi on the back as yamapi turned and looked at toma
MAJI DE …!!!!” Yamapi exclaimed as he turned to a blush toma
“its was nothing Jin asked to do it as a favour considering you always liked my food, I happy to get my people to for you” toma said tracing circles on the floor with his feet and yamapi grinned
“Alright, Let’s go, Toma’s food first everyone” Yamapi said marching to where all the food is as Jin smiled to himself
“That was easy” Jin said as he turned his to eyes to the slim figure on the bar as walked over to it. Jin was at a far distance from the younger one and from opposite the bar and a girl suddenly came to greet him when he was about to move next to the boy
“Akanishi-sama!, where did you go” the girl pouted
“What’s Up Makki-chan” Jin greeted
“I was talking to you one minute when you suddenly disappeared” she grabbed hold of Jin’s arm as smiled
“Come on I want you meet my friends” she said bashfully and playfully as Jin smiled
“Sure” jin said as the girl’s smile grew wider as jin to the spot where her friends were  
Kame was gawking from the opposite side of the side looking very distort at the scene that was going in a fair distance apart in front of him he turned away from the scene
“I was right, only playboys like Jin live in the world no matter models and movie stars, there will change” as kame sighed
“Why can’t all movie stars and model be like Yamashita-san as he turned back to jin who was gone again as looked around
“What is he a ghost” Kame sneered as waved to the bartender 
“Excuse me, bartender can i have one more over here?” kame called out to get another drink after realizing that his glass was empty his smile disappeared back on his face his drink arrived kame drink it immediately and giggled
“Artigatou ne” kame bowed to the bartender kame was just about to bring the content to his lips when it was taken out from his hands kame turned around and threw the man a death glare
“Oi!” Kame bellowed
“Five cups are plenty enough for you…” Jin said as he drank kame’s beer as kame watched the other older man pouting
“Buy your own drink” kame said in an outrage
“I don’t need to, I own this place after all” Jin said smiling as kame turned his head and sulked
“I need to drink out of my depression, I lost my key, and my spare today and top of that…I got dragged here.. Because of Ueda and his stupid crush” Kame mumbled
“I invited you” Jin retorted back to kame
“yeah, and I rejected you” Kame snapped back as kame sighed louder as he looked at Ueda from behind him who seems to be talking and having a great time while he sits here, talking to his celebrity who is in his mind is a moron as kame thought
“Yamashita-san, has gone to but this is launch party” Kame said a causing Jin to stir a little jealous inside him as kame turned back to look at Jin’s hand and pointing to the glass
“I want that back” Kame said as Jin held tighter onto the handle of the cup looking at kame who had his eyes focused on the cup
“No” Jin simply said causing kame to frown looking at Jin
“Why did you come and bug me anyway, it seems like you were having fun talking to one of my models” Kame said annoyed
Not that I care Kame thought still sulking
“Your models?” Jin said as he took a gulped down a little of kame’s beer glass and causing kame’s frown to deepen more
Miyuki Haiku-chan… and Leah Dizon what’s her face” kame snorted as he looked at Jin in the resting the back of his hand on his cheek
“It seems like she was all over you when I saw you talking to her” Kame bellowed out as Jin turned to kame as he looked confused for a minute
“Who?” Jin said as kame sneered
“Don’t play dumb with me! the stuck up bimbo super model” kame snapped
“Ahh… you mean Makki-chan I don’t know her full name I gave her a nickname so I could it remember it easier” Jin replied
You must be interested in her you even gave her a nickname” kame thought with an expression on kame’s face causing Jin to smile and stare back the other with a smirk
“Are you Jealous?” Jin teased the younger one as he stole his drink back from Jin
“Of you? You wish!” kame said as drank rest of the beer as he asked for another as Jin watched the boy in amazement as he finished the content in the glass
“You really gotta stop otherwise your going to make yourself sick again” Jin continued to tell the other as kame turned to Jin
“Be quiet you have no right to speak” kame spat out with a hiccup as a kame got up
“I’m leaving” Kame stated as he slowly stumbled his way outside as Jin followed behind kame watching the slim figure in front of him sway from side to side.
Kame was swaying too much to one side and almost lost his balance as kame was caught just in time before he hit the ground just like last time. For some reason he liked being held in Jin’s arms like this even though he didn’t want to admit it but he felt so safe, Kame struggled to push himself out of the older man’s grip but jin wouldn’t let him out of his grasp staring at the beautiful boy in his arms as Kame stared back into Jin’s brown orbs seeing his own reflection in the pupils of Jin’s eyes
“Jin, Let go of me” Kame said in a soft voice when a shock flickered through Jin’s face when he heard the younger call him his first name as he let go of the younger one to straighten him up to a standing position when kame was about to walk away but he instantly was pulled back as a pair of demanding lips were pressed against kame’s own.
Kame placed his hand onto Jin’s chest trying to push him away and succeeded free from Jin’s grasp and he continued to walk swaying as he fell to the ground giggling as choked covering his mouth puking into the drain next to him, Jin cringed at nasty vomit that out of the boy’s mouth, it was nothing new to him it was just exactly the opposite and it wasn’t like he hasn’t seen the younger drunk before but knew that today that boy drank too much this time he sighed and looked at the drunk person in front of his eyes fell onto kame’s eyes which twinkled with a shade of pink blooming on his cheek on his pale skin, how can a man look so beautiful even in this condition Jin wondered as he could smirk walking up to the boy and crouch on the ground presenting his back on the younger one as kame stared at the older man’s back and then looked at him   
“What are you doing?” Kame said as Jin turned his head
“What does it look like I’m doing? Now shut up and get on my back drunk person” Jin replied as kame push him making jin topple over a little as kame giggled
“Oi!” Jin snapped at kame which had on affect on him at all in his state
“B-a-k-a-n-i-s-h-i! I’m not drunk, and I don’t need your help” as tried to stand and then fell to the ground again
“Okay, maybe just a little” Kame said
“What did you just call me?” Jin turned a drunken kame
“Bakanishi!” kame repeated making Jin’s blood boil he knew he shouldn’t take it so seriously of a drunken person, only yamapi and Ryo make fun of him he refused to let anyone call by that name especially by a pretty boy like kame.
“Hell even the names yamapi and Ryo pissed him right off” Jin thought at that moment
“what kind of star carries a drunk person home” Ryo cursed through his teeth gripping on the boy hard but not too hard saw a familiar on at the corner his eye, Jin waved to his friend Ryo who carrying a pretty girlie boy on his back and Ryo dragging
“So, this must be your date?” Jin asked as smiled
“Another 8 steps to the left” he heard a voice
“And that must be yours” Ryo said back as he took a glance behind Jin and Ueda looked around spotted a familiar figure
“KAME!!” Ueda shouted as a few other people’s attention except for kame, as ueda his tilled his head
“Is he sleeping?” Ueda thought as Ryo suddenly started moving again and hit him ordering to stop but he never
“Oi! I order you to stop right this instant” Ueda wailed at Ryo as he hit him repeatedly
“Take care of Kamenashi, Bakanishi” Ryo sneered as looked up the other
“I’ll see you around I’ve got to get this one home” Ryo said to jin who was laughing as he watched the back of Ryo in the distance when he heard a giggle he turned back to the sleeping boy curled in the corner of the wall as he shook his head
“Annoying little brat” Jin said walking back to the conscious kame pulling the slim figure onto his back giving the small one a piggy back to kame’s own apartment. Kame wrapped his arms around Jin’s neck as he being enjoyed carried like this as kame smiled feeling the warmth of the broader man
“I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be carried by you” Kame admitted as the statement surprised Jin a little making Jin smirk
“Did you now?” Jin said adjusting the on his back
“Every time I picked up a magazine and looked through it I’ll always seem to find you carrying some pretty girl on your back, i wanted to cut them out of the picture for being so close to you” kame laughed as he leaned his head on Jin’s shoulder as he clasped his hand tighter on the older man’s neck as jin continued to walk
“When why didn’t you?” Jin asked as kame just smiled and sighed
“It wouldn’t be right, it’s only a picture, you’re a celebrity, celebrities aren’t supposed to be in love with guys right?” Jin just nodded kame sighed
“But me I’m just a commoner who is nowhere of reaching his goal to be a top designer in the country” kame smiled continued
“My father always told me to follow your heart, when your in the fashion world, and somehow my heart followed you and every magazine and movie you were in and…” kame said proudly trailing off his sentence he felt a little light headed as Jin didn’t say a word once they reached Kame’s apartment, quickly took out the keys that he took from kame today at the dry cleaner’s to open the door once he was in the apartment first thing he did was laid the sleepy boy on the couch slowly as he stared at the angelic face pushing bits of strands falling into the face smiled it was just like how he found younger sleeping on the couch at the fashion show
“Good night” Jin said was about to get up from the couch and take his leave. When he was stopped by the younger boy’s hand grabbed hold onto his tightly like his was afraid to let go Jin whipped his head around to see kame’s face as he was suddenly turned jin around to face him he locked his arms around the other neck as kame’s brown sparkling orbs were piercing Jin’s brown orbs as kame’s face was only inches away from his lips making Jin’s time stop around him a few times to focus on that face in front him
“Once more….” Kame pleaded as Jin’s widen in shock for a moment
“Please kiss me again” kame begged as Jin just stared at the figure in front of him as kame’s arms were secure around jin’s neck with kame’s pleading look was burning through him
Onegai…” Kame begged again as Jin stared the thin figure that he was captivated in
Don’t give me that adorable that look again” Jin thought he saw the younger boy’s frowned deepen, whatever self-control Jin had then was broken as he planted his lips over the younger one’s
Please don’t let me regret this!” Jin thought as push man on to the couch and kissed him hard
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