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[Fic] Along Came a Storm


Title: Along Came a Storm
Akame, Ryoda, Pi/kame, Pi/Toma and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-13
Beta:  No beta for this one..
Disclaimer: I don’t’ anyone just the plot (GOMEN  for the grammars) (~_^)/
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love Triangle between Yamapi, Jin and Kame …  ( hahah! This summary is stupid but the best I do to tell what the story is all about…! *GOMEN* I suck at writing summaries too! >_< )

[FIC] Along Came a Storm (PG-13)
Chapter One // Chapter Two // Chapter Three // Chapter Four // Chapter Five // Chapter Six // Chapter Seven // Chapter Eight // Chapter Nine // Chapter Ten // Chapter Eleven // Chapter Twelve // Chapter Thirteen // Chapter Fourteen // Chapter Fifteen //  Chapter Sixteen // Chapter 17 // Chapter 18 // Chapter 19 //Chapter 20 (FINAL) - rewriting the story..!!
Tags: author: yukachan21, fan fic: along came a storm

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