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[Fic] Along Came a Storm - Chapter 8

Title: Along Came a Storm
Author: yukachan21
Pairing: Akame, Ryoda, Pikame and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-13 for now, Angst.
Disclaimer: I don’t’ anyone just the plot (~_^)/
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love triangle occurs between Yamapi, jin and kame.
…Will kame it as the world’s top designer in Japan … and who will he end up with….

Authors Note: This is my First Fanfic, I Finally wrote one, Anyway have mercy on me if its lame, i'm am gonna see how far my imaginatively can go with my brain xD. This Idea kinda popped into my head so yeah. So please support me, i'm trying to here *nods* comments and criticisms are loved for my first fic. (>_<)

A/N: I apologise for being extremely late!!!!! GOMEN GOMEN! my silly beta (kazudesu) - (was never online xD so i don't how this turned out if the grammar if is extremely bad blame my beta (kazudesu)   xDDDD why because i can xDDD


Kame’s Alarm clock on his bedside table went off he let out a moan tossing his head in the pillow as he over reached to turn in it off and snuggle under the covers. He felt something licking him in the face between his eyes and nose making kame giggle at the feeling of being molested  by a warm tongue kame put the bed over his head
“Ginger, stop it” kame said pulling back the covers, he opened his eyes only to be greeted by the pleasant sight of his little puppy making him smile, kame sat himself up in a sitting position as he slowly massaged his head from the excessive thumping, he heard his pet whimper when he turned to look at her she tilted her head to one side
“Kawaii ne” Kame said smiling “I’m Alright girl don’t worry okay” patted her on the head he looked at the clock on his bed side table
When he realized something he looked closely at his pet as ginger stared back at him “Wait why are you here ginger...” kame said
He turned his head the beside table to that there was a clock there “That’s my clock” when he looked around the room he confirmed definitely that this was in fact was his room
“When did come back into this room” Kame thought as he scratched his head trying to remember what happened last night when he felt how his bed was loped-sided he didn’t remember this bed being lope-sided before when he first left it, when he looked closer on his bed there was another body next to him kame blinked and pulled himself up from the bed
“Akanishi…” Kame spoke in a soft tone as he swiftly lifted up the covers to check he still had his clothes on he let out a sigh of relief  
“Wait … why would I be checking anyway it’s not like Akanishi would not sleep with him anyway he’s a guy and I’m a guy too” kame thought as he listened to the boy mumbling in his sleep; Kame looked at the older man as his curiosity got the better of him so he decided to lift the sheets to check if Akanishi had his clothes were on just to be sure; kame’s eyes wondered over the older man’s masculine body the broad shoulder, his muscular arms, he knew Akanishi was built in the magazines he use to see him in but to see them in person was different he smiled at that when he quickly closed it once he realised he just checked out a guy shook his head out of those thoughts
“What the hell am I thinking” kame thought “get over it kame, its not going to happen, you have more important things to focus on” kame said in his hand he slapped himself a few times glancing back at the older man why is he here anyway
“onegai…”  kame remembered him saying something like that last night
“Please kiss me again” Kame‘s eyes widen as he grabbed a pillow and put his face into it
“Please tell me I did not say that last night …” Kame asked himself, when he felt the bed shift from Akanishi’s movement something loud dropped onto the wooden planks for the floor, kame causing to raise his head instantly
“What was that” he said as kame raised himself from the bed to see what it was; he squatted onto the pick up the object from the ground lifting his head up he saw the older man’s hand limp on the side of the bed assuming the single key dropped out from there, then kame looked back at the key
“This is…..” finally realizing what it was turned to face the sleeping figure glaring daggers at him as he picked up a cushion into his hand form the armchair behind him
“Oi! wake Up” kame said angrily as he threw the cushion at the sleeping form but Akanishi made no movement at all. Kame crossed his arms in front of his chest
“I take it back, I hate him, a star or not” kame thought when an idea hit him kame smiled evilly picking up his pet from the ground and put in front of the older man’s stomach.
Jin felt a light and heavy weight sit on top of his stomach as he smiled along with a grunt at the feeling, when he also felt a tongue molest the outside of his ear as Jin let out a low groan feeling the blood from his body pump down to his lower body as the tongue continued its pleasurable assault to the side of his face, his neck then back to his ear again, Jin nuzzled his head closer to the source of heat from the tongue caressing the side of his face as he growled in delight
“Oh, yeah, that’s it baby lick it” Jin said not paying attention to what was given him the pleasurable licks to his ear he could feel a hot breath was circulating around his ear drum as Jin whimpered as the tongue had left but came back minutes later assaulting the same area but this time below his ear as he heard a chuckle from above
“Now bite him” he heard as his ear was bitten really hard Jin sat himself up instant screaming in pain and rubbing his injured ear turning around face to the culprit, Jin was face to face with a smiling kame and a growling toy dog in kame’s hand standing next to him once kame’s smile disappeared off his face instantly the suddenly death glare appeared back on the boy’s face feminine features as he put his pet down
“Now, get out of my house” Kame said as Jin moved closer to the angry boy until their faces were inches apart from each other
“Make me” Jin said sternly staring at kame intently as kame turned away from the man who staring down at him trying to hide redness in his cheeks, the feminine boy took a deep breathe as he quickly gripped onto the older man’s arm seeing that gesture he knew what was about to happen as he quickly held back his weight onto the bed he successfully tugged his arm out of kame’s grip making kame stumble forwards when kame’s arm was suddenly pulled backwards catching him off guard leading him to fall onto his bed as Jin quickly towered on top of kame as Jin smiled widen at the shocked expression of the younger boy’s face was just priceless and endearing in Jin’s eyes
“Sorry, but your superwomen powers don’t work on me twice, princess” as Jin stared at the younger boy underneath him
“If you don’t Let me go now, you’ll be kicked really hard in a place where the sun doesn’t shine” Kame threatened only making Jin smirk more but jin refused to let the younger one up, kame let out a loud sigh when he saw kame lift his knee to where it was about ready to aim where it would hurt the most when Jin gaped jumping off the younger boy
“Thank you” Kame said raising himself from the bed again
“Now get out” kame repeated in a cold voice as Jin stood up from the bed
“You should be thanking me” Jin said as he kame gave him a displeased look
“Why should I be thanking someone who stole my house keys” Kame raised an eyebrow at the older man as Jin didn’t know that to say to that when a hand saw laid out in front of him causing Jin to look at him confused as kame held up a single key between his thump and index finger
“Care to explain why this fell out of your hand a few minutes ago” Kame said dangling the keys in front of Jin’s eyes
“You must be seeing things” Jin said, when kame suddenly held out his hand as Jin stared at the hand and then back at kame
“What?” Jin said innocently
“Give them back, I know you have my other keys” Kame said eyeing Jin’s back pocket
“What key? I don’t have any keys” Jin tried to deny
“Liar, I saw my Yoru hanging out of your back pocket” kame pointing to Jin’s pants
“Yoru? Who’s yoru?” Jin repeated and as kame pouted still with his hand out
“The toy attached to my key now hand it over I’m waiting Akani-“kame was cut off by Jin
“Jin, call me Jin and say please” Kame reluctantly looked up the older man’s face
“Aka- Jin give me back my keys, Please” Kame said softly as Jin smirked at the other
“No” was Jin’s simple reply as kame only frowned more and then he looked at Ginger who looked back at him she tilted her head kame smiled as he turned his gaze back at Jin as kame point to him
“Ginger… Attack that man” kame commanded to his pet and as she obeyed her master when she charged to attack Jin he made a run for his life to the front door and closed it behind him as Kame’s laugher filled the room slowly subsiding as he frowned
“That was stupid of me, now I can’t get my keys back” Kame thought hitting himself mentally for doing such a thing without thinking he sighed at the thought went heard his alarm go off he looked at the time
“Yahbai! I’m late again and I need drop off this things to tat-chan” kame and as quickly went to ready for work
“This is seriously going well today not at all” Kame cursed

Ueda felt something hit him in the face, as he push it away turning to his side as he snuggled into his pillow which seemed to be much warmer than it use to be from what he remembered when that thought was in mind he consciously hugged it tighter not hearing the distressed voice whimper from being held so tight
“What the hell do you dream about when your sleeping” Ueda heard a voice speak causing him open his eyes to the source squinting to see who the voiced belong to when Ueda eyes flattered open as he smiled up at the figure
“Hello, Ryo-chan” Ueda said as he closed to his again. Ueda’s eyes flew wide open staring at the figure he literately jumped up from the sofa bed and held his fists up at Ryo looked at the with an amused grin
“W-wwh-h-hh-at are d-ddoing in mm-my h-hhouse” Ueda stuttered out also battling in his mind trying to remember what happened last night as Ryo held his hands up in the air signaling that he surrendered when he stood up from the couch lazily
“You didn’t really give me a chance to leave” Ryo said when ueda grabbed the bed sheet and wrapped it around his body
“That’s right Nishikido-san invited me to his friend’s party last night, when I saw kame talking with yamapi-san and then I…” Ueda thought, he was too busy thinking and failing to realise that Ryo was standing right in front of him already
“Oi...” Ryo said ueda his snapped back into reality when his fist came into contact with Ryo’s jaw suddenly but not too hard when Ryo got pushed back onto the sofa bed from the sudden outbreak Ueda’s eyes widen
“MY GOD, I’m so sorry” Ueda bellowed panicking as he ran into the kitchen, as Ryo sat there quietly as a he could taste copper taste of blood in his mouth as Ueda walked back into the living room holding an ice pack in his hand
“You didn’t have to, I’m fine really, you didn’t hit me that hard” Ryo smiled taking the ice from Ueda as lowered his eyes to the floor
“I guess I don’t have to ask about punching bag, I think I got my answer” Ryo asked as Ueda looked up at Ryo
‘Huh?” Ueda answered as Ryo pointed to the punching bag near the corner of the room
“Oh, that, I heard boxing is a form of exercise, if keeps me in shape I have been getting love handles lately” Ueda said and smirked at that, as Ryo stared at the figure gazing at him from top to down
“You gotta be kidding, by the look of you, I reckon you should stop exercising, and eat more if you ask me” Ryo said as he’s never left Ueda’s body and looks Ueda clumps a bit of his ‘so called fat’ and showed Ryo 
“Than what do you call this then” Ueda snapped which only made Ryo laugh looking at the pretty boy in front of him
“I call that skin not fat” Ryo pointed out as ueda turned away.
Ryo smiled at that as he put the ice pack down pushing a pouting Ueda back onto the sofa bed, ueda’s back hit the soft mattress as he lied there alarmed at Ryo’s sudden actionwhen surprising him even more by straddling him onto the mattress wtih a smirk on his face, without another word Ryo pressed his lips against Ueda’s his own. In that instant Ueda made no movement when Ryo kissed him he didn’t know why as he subconsciously wrapped his arms around ryo’s neck and accepted Ryo’s lips as they were sending shivers down his spine in a pleasurable way he didn’t want to stop. There’s was a knock on the door to Ueda’s apartment the swung open as a head  and big smile popped out from the side of the opened door
“Tat-ch-“kame stopped himself when he saw the scene on the sofa bed, kame realised that they hadn’t taken notice that he was there kame decided to leave the stuff that had to return to ueda leaving them by the door covering his mouth trying not make a single sound come out of his mouth as he closed the door behind smiling
“Look’s like Ueda’s not coming into work until the afternoon” kame thought as he tip toed his way out down hallway away from Ueda’s apartment
“Get out my house now” Yamapi heard Jin say as he smiled
“Now, now, that’s not a nice way to treat your former best friend” Yamapi said as he sat next to Jin on the couch
“He told me likes my movie and the series of kurosagi and my debut single” Yamapi said happily as Jin sat there in silence staring at the man before him
“It’s just like old times’ isn’t it?” Yamapi said
“Stay away from him” Jin suddenly said as he gave out a chuckle
“So, it’s like that is it?” Yamapi replied “I’ll be honored to have a challenge with you, just like the old days”
“Are you sure Toma won’t be upset with you” Jin suddenly asked as Yamapi turned to face Jin
“Toma, is only a friend, he will never see me that way and either will I he knows that really well” Yamapi said as Jin stared back at Yamapi
“That’s not the feeling that I got when I approached him asking him to catering for your so called ‘launch party’ yesterday, he thinks more of you than you think” Jin ask as Yamapi broke a small laugh
“Toma, has a girlfriend, he would never think of me that way, not in million years, and I’ve got my eyes kame-chan, this time I’m not going to get you in my way from getting what I want,” Yamapi said as the two glared at each other
“You’re going to make toma cry” Jin said
“Toma doesn’t cry” Yamapi replied back instantly
“It seems like you don’t know your childhood friend very well” Jin said leaning back into his chair
“Oh, and so you think you know him better than me now?” Yamapi said in an uttermost annoyed tone
“From all the times you’ve been ditching him, me and ryo are the ones that seem to know him pretty well”
“I have not been ditching him, I don’t have the time to.. Spend time with him” Yamapi said as Jin gave a small out a chuckle
“Because, you’re chasing after Kame, why don’t you give up already?”
Yamapi opened his eyes and staring at the ceiling, folding his hands behind his head
“what the hell do you know about Toma and I Jin” Yamapi thought as he gave out a bitter laugh turning to his side to rest some since was his day off
yamapi dozed off a few hours when he’s cell phone interrupted his sleepy slumber, he let out a groan as he reached for his phone on this dressing table to answer it
“Moshi moshi” came yamapi’s mumbled reply
“Pi-chan.. It’s Toma” a soft reply came from the other line as yamapi sat up properly on the bed
“What’s up toma?”  Yamapi replied
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up on your day off” Toma said playing with the cord of the phone on the side of the line as Yamapi sighed
“It’s not really free on my day off today I still have a lot of things to be done; I was catching up on some sleep before tonight” Yamapi half lied
“I just wondering would you like to come with me somewhere on your day off, just to hang out like old times, but it seems like you aren’t  free” toma said nervously
“I’m sorry, Toma, I’m come and  stop by your shop later to say hello” Yamapi said
“Okay, maybe some other time, when you’re free give me call yeah” toma was smiling over the line
Bye” Yamapi before the line went dead as Toma put down the phone sighed
“I really am just a friend after all” toma said to himself as himself as toma limp to his bed covering his face with pillow
“I collected 100 lives” Junno exclaimed excitedly as he continued to play the video game making kame lose his cool
“Junno!!!” Kame screamed 
“Quit it! With the video games and come help me clean this place, I can’t clean this mess up all by myself, Johnny-san is coming in today with a new employee is coming in today” Kame said from the shop store room. When he didn’t get an answer kame growled cleaning the cupboards, kame grumbled more from hearing a Junno laughing hysterically over a PSP game he was playing.
‘At least Ueda helped and not play video games all the time” Kame said under his breathe as he continued to grumble when the automatic doors opened revealing a stranger walked into the store along with Johnny
“Ohaiyou, Johnny-san” kame greeted with a smile on his face when he looked at his boss’s face was focused on Junno who was still playing his video games as kame gave an uneasily laugh and kicked Junno in the back of his leg
“Ow what was that for” as Junno wailed at kame, Johnny suddenly cleared his throat making Junno turn around instantly when he saw the person that was behind him
“Sorry” Junno said bowed out of apologise 
“Hiroki? This is Kamenashi Kazuya, and Taguchi Junnosuke and other is not here yet I assume” Johnny said
 Junno and kame nodded “He will be in late’ kame replied as Johnny nodded and turning back to introduce their new store manger
“Kamenashi and Taguchi this is Kamjou Hiroki” Johnny said as the bowed
Hajimemashite, Kamjou Hiroki des” the boy smiled
“This is your new employee he will starting work here from today onwards, and Kamenashi he apparently a fan of yours” Johnny said smiling
“Kamenashi-san, it’s nice to finally meet you” hiroki said holding his hand as kame gladly took shook his hand
“I’m not up on the top yet but that’s where I want to get here” Kame said
“Your father was a fashion designer right? I admire you for having a great a designer for a father” hiroki said smiling as kame let out a silent sigh
“I’ve seen some of your clothing designs in the latest edition of vogue, and I thought yes this was the uniqueness that is needed in the fashion world” Hiroki said turning to kame with a smile on his face
“I believe in you Kamenashi-san, that you’ll be as great as your father was or maybe even better” Hiroki said with that line it made kame really happy praising his work not his father
“My modern clothing hasn’t sold really well on the market yet, so I have a long way to go” Kame said
“You don’t have to be so negative Kamenashi-san, you got to have faith you’ll make it” hiroki scolded lightly as kame giggled
“Thank you, Kamjou-san” Kame said as Junno put an am around kame throwing a smile at kame and Kamjou their newest members of the store
“Would you like to see his designs?” Junno said as kame elbowed Junno in the ribs
“REALLY? Do you really have some of your clothing’s display here?” Hiroki said happily
“They are not really done yet” kame smiled as he threw Junno look-what-you-have-done look
“Come on, why not?” Junno pressed on
“Because they are not ready yet, they are to be a surprise for the fashion show” kame whispered to Junno
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that, but that’s four days away” Junno said smiling at Hiroki
“But, it won’t hurt to show him aright?” Junno said a wide on his face as sighed in defeat
“Alright fine! But you can’t anyone else know okay, it’s my surprise secret” Kame said as hiroki’s eyes lit up with glee
“Hontou! Artigatou, Kamenashi-san” Hiroki said
“On one condition” Kame said seriously
“Hai! Anything” hiroki said instantly
“You can keep the range of clothing a secret, the range of clothing is meant to be for my up coming fashion show, can you promise to keep it a secret” Kame asked as Hiroki nodded
“I won’t say a word; it’ll just our store’s secret” Hiroki said making kame smile when Junno dragged hiroki into the direction of the secret room
“So, who is the new guy?” Kame turned to the voice at the door a person he didn’t want to see right now
“What do you want? And that’s none of your business” kame replied coldly to the other
“Now, that’s not nice way to greet your customers” Jin said mockingly
“Your not a customer, you’re a movie star, and movie stars should not be around here, so get out” kame said walking back to behind the counter when he was suddenly held by his wrist
“Let go” kame said as he tried to shake his hand out the other man’s grip
“Sorry, but you tried to seduce me, so there’s no way I can’t you go” Jin said as he dragged the younger out of the store
“Oi!” kame shouted
“Akanishi-san, why did you bring me here, this place is for kids, I’m not a kid” Kame said staring at the sign above ‘Disneyland’ as Jin laughed 
“It’s Jin, and I brought you here to have fun and what’s wrong with grown-ups coming to a theme park” Jin said turning the younger one and continued
“Besides haven’t you heard of the saying ‘Living life like a kid no matter what age you are’ ” Jin asked as kame looked at the other
“No, I have never such a quote stupid saying in my life and I have to get back to work” kame said as he folded his arms in front of his chest turned his back to the other man
Jin shoved his hands into his pockets sighed “You don’t have to be so angry, you know, why are you so angry anyway?” Jin asked curiously as kame gave out a smirk
“Geez, I wonder why?, let see shall we?” Kame said mockingly
“The person whom I hate, asks me to wash his clothes, stalked me, steals my keys, and then comes all the way and drags me out from work” kame retorted angrily not turning around to face him as he see a pair of keys dangling in front of his face catching kame’s attention
“Is this what you want” Jin smiled as kame tried to reach for it when clasp back into his hand away from kame’s grasp and runs to the entrance of Disneyland as kame as chases after him, as they queue walking by jin’s side and standing next to him as kame holds out his hand to him
“Give me back my keys and yoru” Kame said
“I will, unless you agree to go out with me” Jin said smirking
“I don’t date boys, I date girls and you’re not a girl” Kame said as folded his arms and pouted
“Then, I will be able to keep your keys then” Jin said making turn his head to face him
“No” as he reached for his keys again from kame’s range of reach
Once they both reached the window Jin paid for himself and kame entrance fee
“Prick” kame mumbled
“But you love me” Jin teased
“I do not” Kame replied immediately as he and Jin walked through the mass crowd of people when a game caught his attention
“Ahh” kame stopped at a game hut as Jin looked at the toys
“I use to love playing when I was a kid” kame said pointing to the place as Jin smiled
“Just because your grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun” Jin said as he grabbed kame by the wrist dragged him to the first ride
Ueda through the sliding doors the stores to work sighing
“What is wrong with me, these days? How could he do that to me….” Ueda asked himself as he gave out a loud sigh
“Ohaiyou! Welcome to JE Designs, How can I meet help you” a voice spoke from the front desk
“I’m sorry I’m late kame” Ueda as he lifted his head to face an unknown face
“You must be Tatsuya-san?” the boy said
“That’s me and you are?” Ueda asked as the boy held out his hand
“Kamjou Hiroki, des, I was brought here by Johnny-san this morning; I’m a new employee here” the boy answered bowing as Ueda glared at the boy for a moment Ueda didn’t like the Aura from the boy and seemingly familiar to Ueda but he took the other boy's hand and shook it with no smile just a bow
“Nice to meet you” Ueda said hearing Junno in the background playing his video games in the store
“Is he still?” Ueda nodded
“I yelled at him a few times, but it doesn’t seem like he wants to listen, he’s too busy laughing” Hiroki said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest as Ueda and hiroki looked at a laughing Junno as Ueda smirked
“Leave him to me” Ueda said a Hiroki looked at the boy a moment shuddered
“There’s something scary about that his one and something tells I should not piss him off” Hiroki said to himself nodded a few times as went back to his work.
Ueda appeared behind the laughing man and kicked him in the bottom as Taguchi stumbled a little almost dropping his PSP
“Hey, Wh-“Junno started and was about to the yell at the person kicked him
“Ueda! What was that for?” Junno said pouting rubbing his sore bottom from where Ueda’s foot kicked him as Ueda smirked
“I’m Teaching you a lesson not to muck around on the job” Ueda angrily
“How many times have I told you not to play during work hours” Ueda said
“But only morning and we hardly customers here in the morning” Junno said as ueda out a sigh
“Have you heard yourself laugh, you probably scare them away because of your loud laughing that you can hear probably from outside the store” Ueda snapped back
“Now, your just exaggerating” Junno rebutted back as ueda just smiled and sighed
“So, who actually this new employee and why is he here?” Ueda asked as Junno shrugged
“Johnny-san, brought him in this morning, He seems to admire kame a lot” Junno said he watched hiroki
“There’s something strange about him, Ueda” Junno said suddenly as ueda didn’t answer he continued to glare at the employee was smiling waving to them.
“tell him, he better quit the Jimusho’s designs if he has high  hopes of becoming a designer if he wants to live” the man said in a threatening tone then the line went to dead.
Ueda pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
//::Flashbacks ends:://
“I have a feeling that something is going to happen” Ueda said to Junno causing Junno to face him
“What do you mean?” Junno said
In the JE Design office
Knock knock!’ there was sound of someone knocking on the office door
“Come in” a deep voice came behind the big back office chair. A lady walked into the office as she closed the door carrying a pile of papers placing it on the table
“These are all the files you wanted on Kazuya Kamenashi and Keisuke Kamenashi, Director Johnny-san” The lady said and bowed, Johnny turned his chair around to face his secretary taking the folders that were laid on his table by his secretary
“Thank you, Aiko-chan..” Johnny flicked his hand for her to leave the room
Opening the folder he looked at them as the older man gave out a smirking face “I will take good care of you, Kamenashi” Johnny let out a laugh
“I won’t let you get in my way like your father did” Johnny said as at kame’s profile
“You beta not fail me Kamjou Hiroki” Johnny said tapping his pen on the table
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