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[Fic] Along Came a Storm - Chapter 9

Along Came a Storm
Author: yukachan21
Pairing: Akame, Ryoda, Pikame and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-15 ( a little ryoda sexual tension in this chapter xD ) Angst.
Disclaimer: I don’t anyone just the plot (~_^)/ JE OWNS ME~!!!!
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love Triangle between Yamapi, Jin and Kame …  ( hahah! This summary is stupid but the best I do to tell what the story is all about…! *GOMEN* I suck at writing summaries too! >_< )

A/N: Another chapter!! ehhehehe enjoy


Ueda was eyeing the new employee from where he was standing arranging the clothes back onto the racks he didn’t like the way how hiroki was so calm, it pissed Ueda right off to see a fake plastered on the boy’s face
“Don’t make such looks like that, you might wrinkle your pretty face” A voice came from behind him as Ueda placed his hand over the Ryo’s mouth dragging him to the back of the store as Ueda peeked around the corner to see that hiroki was focused on his work and Junno was steam ironing the clothes to perfection once the coast was clear he let Ryo’s mouth go as Ryo instantly a breathe out
“Are trying you to do kill me?” Ryo whispered as he turned to the older boy putting his hand on his hips
“If I did you wouldn’t be here right now” Ueda stated as glanced over the new employee again a few times then back at Ryo
“So, who is the new boss at the counter, and Kamenashi isn’t working today?” Ryo asked looking around the store as ueda pointed to the man at the counter
“He is not the new boss, he’s apparently a new employee that goes by the name Kamjou Hiroki who was put here by Johnny-san himself according to Junno” Ueda said facing Ryo again as he crossed his arms front in of his chest as he leant against the wall
“Sometimes I don’t know what’s going with that director Johnny-san’s head and I don’t know where Kame is I’ve tried calling him but he’s not picking up the phone, all three of us were meant to be in today, My guess is that he’s still sleeping sounded in his warm bed” Ueda said as he formed his mouth into a perfectible pouting face causing Ryo to stare rape the beautiful creature before him, Ryo moved in front of Ueda and placed his arms on either side of the wall trapping ueda’s body between the wall and his own boy not breaking his contact with the still beautiful pouting boy
“You better stop that pouting unless you want me to raped you in public” Ryo said smirked when he saw the younger one’s pout deepen on purpose causing Ryo grin at the response he got from the other as he Ryo encircled both arms around the thin figure pulling him closer to his own, savoring the smell of Ueda’s cologne as it reached his nose
“damn you, for smelling really good” Ryo whispered huskily into Ueda ear making him shiver from hot breathe making his way to his neck as ueda lifted his head giving Ryo more access to it, he let out a soft moan when he Ryo’s lips touched his smooth skin of his neck as Ryo continued his assault enjoying the slender hands making their under Ryo’s shirt to pinch a nipple making the older let out a ruffled groan making ueda’s smile grow wider
 “Are going to rape me for the third time” Ueda asked taking in a deep breathe when he felt ryo nibbling on the soft flesh of his neck
 “Who is raping who here and it’s the second, yesterday show doesn’t count you were drunk” Ryo said as ueda giggled, when the laughter was cut short when a pair of lips was crushed against the other as ueda gladly took the invitation by enclosing his arms around older man’s neck,
“It still counts as rape” Ueda stated as he drew circles on Ryo back urging him to continue his actions “I don’t rape the willing” Ryo said as Ueda let out another gasp as Ryo squeezed his buttocks tightly
“You have 5 minutes exactly to relief me right now” Ryo said whispered huskily into ueda’s ear once again
“Quietly” Ryo added making an innocent Ueda’s turn devilishly, with hearing Ryo desperate call and Ueda’s attitude of fun Ueda pulled Ryo by his tie guiding him into the back room with a smirking Ryo who kicked the door closed with the ball of his foot as Ryo continued ravish him behind the door.
Hiroki lifted his head to the sudden noise of the back closing ignoring assuming that it was either Ueda or Junno when silence upon the room again going back to his work when the store phone rang
“Good afternoon, JE Designs this is Kamjou Hiroki speaking now may I help you?” Hiroki answered in his delightful voice
“Kamjou...” Hiroki recognized the voice straight away
“Is everything planned yet” Johnny asked over the phone
“Yes, everything is organized not to worry” Hiroki answered in English with a devilish smile of Hiroki smile as the lenses of his glass shone under the light hanging up the phone
As he continued to stare at the paper in front of him with a goofy grin on his face twirling a ball pen his fingers
“All your precious designs will be come mine and the director’s alone and I’ll have my revenge on you Kamenashi” Hiroki said holding the pen the tightly in his grasp in the palm of his hand breaking it into half with the force of his thumb
“I’ll make you pay for my father’s death by taking your career from you…” the boy said smiling
“So, that’s why you are here” a voice from behind causing hiroki as turn around to face an annoyed Junno
“Taguchi-san, what do you mean?” Hiroki said in his bright happy self
“I heard your little chat to yourself just now, Ueda and I won’t let you hurt our kame” Taguchi said causing Hiroki to smirk
“What makes you think I want to hurt him?” Hiroki said turning to other
“I’m just taking his designs and I’m returning them to its rightful owner which is Johnny and mine” Hiroki stated calmly
“This has nothing to do with you, and that other guy, so stay out of my way and just do your job like a good boy” Hiroki said as he was about to walk away from Junno, when Hiroki was turned he a fist came flying his way when he dodged it easily, returning the punch at Junno connecting with junno’s jaw sending him to the floor
Hiroki dusted himself off for where Junno touched him shaking his hand from the adrenalin feeling as he smiled at the man on the floor
“You’ll never win in the end, Ueda and I and especially will make sure of it” Junno holding his jaw
“That’s up to Johnny to decided that, after all you are our puppets” Hiroki said smirking
“You are dismissed, you better let a doctor to look at that, and I’ll cover your shift for you” Hiroki said going back his position at the back of the counter
Junno moaned from the pain in his jaw, he didn’t want to leave, but he silently obeyed hiroki this time as got from the floor the stand up and turned back to the figure
“I feel sorry for you; you shouldn’t trust people so easily when they there say they will help you with your revenge, you will look back on this and regret everything that you are about to do; it’s going to come tumbling down really fast that you won’t even know it” Junno said as hiroki didn’t look up once to acknowledge it he lifted his hand waved it in the air
“Don’t say no one ever warned you when you fail” was the last sentence said when left the store
“Ryo….” Ueda moaned out the other’s name repeatedly in ecstasy thrusting in prefect rhythm with the other with the last thrust Ryo was the first collapsed onto the couch with Ueda top of him as they smiled at each other
“I’ve raped you 4 times and now can I say you belong to me” Ryo said as he hugged the slim waist closer to his own
“Well, don’t you have a way of claiming people” Ueda teased as he got off the other dressing himself back into his work clothes slowly
“I think you’d look better in a dress than in those ragged clothes” Ryo stated and smirk as a coat hanger flew in his direction as Ryo ducked from it
“I want a favour from you Ryo” Ueda suddenly asked sat back onto the couch next to a very naked Ryo as Ueda turned his head away from hiding the blush away from Ryo’s glare
“Before, I tell you….” Ueda started as he picked the older man’s clothes from the floor and handed it to him not looking at the perfectly toned torso
“Can you put your clothes back on….” Ueda said embarrassingly as Ryo smiled leaning into the younger one placing a sweet kiss on the back of Ueda head
“Can I have another kiss first” Ryo said as he kissed the back of Ueda’s neck once before Ueda elbowing him in his ribs
“I’ll think about if you can help me” Ueda said as stopped his assault for a minute looking at the serious speaking other
“I want you to investigate my director Johnny-san for me, your manager is good friends with him right?” Ueda said turning to the other and Ryo nodded
“I guess he is yeah, but it there particular reason why you want to investigate your own boss?” Ryo asked as Ueda dig into his work pants taking out his phone pressing a few buttons on it as played an audio file to let Ryo listen
(Played on the Ueda’s Mobile Phone….)
“Hello, Tatsuya Ueda des” Ueda answered
“my, my it sounds like I’ve called the wrong person” the man said in a mocking tone on the other side answered and Ueda narrowed his eyes
“who is this?” Ueda said sternly as the person chuckled 
“I know you’re a friend of Kamenashi Kazuya” the man said and Ueda glared at the wall.
“so, what if I am?” Ueda snapped in a angry harsh
“I have a simple message for you to tell him” the man said and continued
“tell him, he better quit the Jimusho’s designs and he’s hopes of becoming a designer if wants to live” the man said in a threatening tone then the line went to dead.
Ueda pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
“Does that sound like who I think it does….” Ryo said a little shocked as Ueda sighed leaning his head against Ryo’s shoulder
“I don’t know if it’s him, I can’t prove it’s him though if it is” Ueda said worriedly as he pressed on as Ryo rested his head on top of the younger one’s head running his finger’s through the boy’s hair gently
“I’ve been having my suspicisions lately about him, it didn’t worry me back then, but now to bring a new employee into the middle of nowhere it doesn’t make sense, and giving kame only the small opportunities on the small magazines and then a fashion show appears from a letter that Director Johnny-san gave to him personally about the whole company wanting to see his works” Ueda explained
“Hmm, someone wants to see Kamenashi designs? He has designs?” Ryo asked a little surprised
“I was really happy for him, but it was just too fast… but I didn’t want to say it to him because he was so happy” Ueda said as Ryo recovered from the surprised look about Kamenashi designing range of fashion he had no idea what was going on but to see his lover this distressed about him to agree the help the other and he the Kamenashi kid doesn’t that bad too nodding in agreement with Ueda
“What do you want me to do?” Ryo asked as Ueda looked up at the other smiled happily
 “oh my God oh my god oh my god oh my god” Kame was repeating as they got higher and higher as kame felt like his heart stop when the ride was it’s highest peak he was frantically looking for the ground but his couldn’t find it
“Akanishi-san, I can’t see the ground? Why can’t I see the ground” Kame said in a panicked tone of voice turning his head to a troubled Jin onto the bars like his life depended on it
“I told you this was a bad idea!!” Kame screamed the ride jerked a little making kame hug handle tightly when he heard a sudden laugh from Jin who was enjoying the breezy air blowing his way but kame was not paying attention to other’s action he was too busy clinging to the handle tighter each time he felt the ride jerk little by little making sure that does not fall out of the seat as Jin on the other hand was throwing a few glances at the other who eyes were still focused on the ground searching desperately for the floor
“I wouldn’t look down if I were you” Jin warned the younger one
“Say’s who?” Kame said instantly as he looked up that the smirking face of Akanishi as kame stared at him horrendously
“How can you even make a face like that in this situation?” Kame said when felt machine move even further up the tower
“I think I liked it better when he were watching it from the bottom” Jin said as kame nodded in agreement, when they reached the top Jin leaned his head against the head rest listening to the distressed younger boy beside him which seemed to amuse him to no end as he decided to tease the boy more 
“Thrilling isn’t it princess?” Jin said suddenly
“Too Late, I already have NO! I hate this! I want to get off , get me off please” came kame’s panicked voice again as he fidgeted a little making the ride jerk a little causing to Jin grab hold on the handle tighter
“Like hell you can’t get off now, your on the ride so deal with it, it’s your fault you wanted to go on this ride too, so quit your whining” Jin snapped out of fear when he felt the seat move from kame’s sudden movement giving out a sigh of relief when kame stopped fidgeting around and sat still
Kame could hear all the people on the same ride screaming and laughing at the same time ‘how can they be laughing at something like this’ kame thought, when a noise that sounded like an ambulance sirens with the outline of their chair flashing red
“That’s so awesome, the seats were flashing red” Jin said as it was his turn to fidget to look at the seats smiling, However kame was holding the bars like his depended on it feeling his ears ringing from the noise of the sirens were making when it stopped, both Jin and kame looked around hearing a lady speak from somewhere in the tower
Warning, last 10 seconds until departure” the lady said as kame froze
“departure? what departure?” Kame said
“Departure I guess what she means is that we start to drop from here to down there” Jin answered as kame turned to Jin
“But….” Jin started gripping on the bars when the countdown was up to the last 3 seconds
“3…..2……1” the computerized voice said
“But… what?” Kame asked as Jin gave one last look at kame and smiled
“This is where the fun begins” Jin said laugh uneasily was about to say something when he heard the countdown finished
Kame felt his beating like crazy at the moment, when he felt himself being dropped from a 50 feet tower he screamed his heart out from the impact he could feel all his organs flying inside his body as though he was going to be sick when the ride came to an end kame hung his head low just like how landed feeling his heart racing from the impact of adrenalin from the ride
“I’m still alive” Kame mumbled
“Of course, it’s just a ride” he heard a voice speak he looked up to the owner of the voice
“I’m so going to kill you, for taking me on a ride like that” Kame threatened in not so unthreatening tone of voice
“Oi Oi, you wanted to go on that ride too, you’re also partly at fault too” Jin said
Kame pushed himself off the chair stumbling forwards a little as he leaned against the wall putting his hand on his chest trying to clam down his restlessness by taking deep breathes for a minutes, once calming himself a little bit as they then continued their walk through the theme park still arguing and fighting with one other as they walked through the crowd as they got a few strange looks
“Admit it already that was the best out of the 10 rides that we’ve been on already” Jin stated as kame gave Jin a confused
“Are you kidding, I think almost in mid-air” kame said his racing just thinking of that ride and its adrenalin rush
Kame gave Jin an over look and then snobbed him walking ahead when he stopped at a game stand
“I haven’t played this in ages” Kame said as he picked up the gun
“500 yen for 3 shots” the man said as kame turned to Jin as laid his hand out to the older man causing Jin in look confusedly at him
“What?” Jin said
“Gimme 500 yen” Kame said
“Why do I have to give you 500 yen” Jin said surprised
“Well, you dragged me out of work with no money so therefore you have to take responsibility for my financial problems right now” kame said smiling as Jin smirked in defeat fishing out his wallet and paid the man as he eyed the big plushie, how he wished he could win one of those toys once in his life this was his chance right now. Kame aimed the gun at the plates that popped shooting one down and missing the two other plates when I formed on kame’s face when Jin decided stand next to him
“Which one are would you like?” Jin said staring at the stuff toys displayed in the game stand making kame turn to Jin after putting the toy gun down
“None of them won by you” Kame stated as he continued to walk away from Jin, making him smirk at that shaking his head when kame ahead of him Kame stopped in front of the Ghost town tunnel he stood in front of the place when jin soon joined him kame turned and smiled on his face
“ that smile” jin thought that smile that he loved when he first saw it for himself, he would never want it to disappear drunk or not he loved that smile when Kame pulled him out of his thoughts
“I’m going in here” Kame said as he ran off into the ghost town tunnel as Jin minutes later after him he stopped the first entrance of the tunnel it was dark and cold suddenly
“Kazuya, where are you?” Jin spoke but he didn’t get answer as he walked further into the tunnel, there was a strange noise behind from him Jin turned around instantly when he heard it as something popped up in front of him Jin let out a scream as ran further in the tunnel taking him to the next entrance turning around and looking behind him each time through the dark room he felt crawl up his arm as he wiped it off his other hand with a whimper. Jin felt his hairs from the back of his head stand up each he looked deeper and deeper turning back around only to get in the face with face with something that was slimy as he let out small scream hitting his back against the wall
“This is not funny, Kazuya, where the hell are you” Jin shouted out again as he heard the younger boy scream and chuckle loudly from ahead of him somewhere “Hey, you are okay” Jin said tried again continuing to walking through the ghost town telling himself this is not real, they are not fake things in here, they are not real, Jin mind was telling himself but its eyes didn’t process the words at all;
“I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all” Jin said as he could feel shivers as he continued to walkthrough the haunted ghost town turning around constantly peering on each side from corner to corner when he heard strange noises in every direction, Jin felt his heart when he felt a hand touch him on the shoulder making Jin swing around the instant it touched him when he was face to face with a white faced mankind with full pitch-black pupil staring at him with a freaky smile on this face jin shrieked loudly covering his ears as he ran through the ghost town as fast as he could wanting to get out as fast possible peering to the side it saw a shadow figure by a window with long hair covering her face that was the last straw when he ran straight to the exit ignoring the thing that hit him the face as he finally reached the exit of the ghost town as he could see broad daylight again he heard a shriek of someone laughing at him hysterically
Kame was laughing at the expression of Jin’s face as ran out of the place pointing at him
“I need to record this, the famous Akanishi Jin afraid of the ghost town in Disneyland” Kame said as he continued to laugh hysterically walking up past the other ignoring the other annoyed
“I was not scared” Jin defended himself as kame held up a puppet front of his face as Jin jumped back hugging the beside him, kame covered his mouth trying not to laugh at a scared Jin
“Sure you are not” Kame said giggling to himself putting away from puppet still smiling “I heard you loud and clearly, you screamed like a girl” Kame said containing his laugher
“You just ran out like a dog with its tail between its legs you looked like ginger” Kame stated as stuff was stuffed into kame’s face but Jin
“Don’t compare me, to a mutt” Jin said as continued to walk ahead in front of the younger one as kame at the toy
“This is….” Kame said
“It was the giant stuff turtle you looking at right? At game stand” Jin said smiled
“Congratulations! On you debut to the Fashion world Kamenashi Kazuya” turning to the younger one’s shocked expression 
Miyuki recognized you; your show is come up soon right in like 2 days now isn't it?” as kame nodded in agreement as he hugged medium-sized plushie turtle closer to him hiding his happy away from him
He never receives presents like this, he couldn’t tell Jin how in creditably happy he was right now, and the most he would get is a phone with a ‘simple congratulations and some money along with the phone call from his family, but he would never receive a present. Kames secretly like receiving gifts even if it was a small token like this from Akanishi his celebrity he felt like happiness person on the planet
“Come on, we have a lot more to see” Jin shouted from the top of the hill as he nodded Kame caught up with Jin he walking past him
“Don’t push your luck” Kame said softly as he continued push his way through the crowd Jin gave out a laugh as he followed after kame
Kame was walking through the mass of people admiring the sight of how packed it was in the Disneyland right now he could not believe it, walking slowly a person bumped into him, kame sent himself and the person to the ground
“Ow, I’m sorry are you okay?” the person cried when he saw kame his rubbing his head helping him up from the ground
“I’m fine, I’m sorry too, I didn’t look where I was going” Kame apologized
“omg! I think saw your TV, are the one of the people that work in the JE Designs store that held that fashion show a couple months ago now  I think” The wailed pointing as he handed the plushie turtle to kame
“I was on TV for that?” Kame said dusting himself off, as the boy nodded
“I had a friend who attended that fashion show, he was of your models for that show” the boy exclaimed excitedly as kame thought and let another fan of ‘Akanishi Jin’ kame thought
“People just seem to get enough of him, it like the thing that everyone talks about” Kame thought pouting
“Are you a Fashion Designer at that store?” the asked as kame nodded
“I am, but not really world wide yet, I’ve done the little shows, I haven’t shown much of my clothing much, because my latest addition isn’t finish but it will be soon hopefully” Kame said and smiled making the smile too
“The name is Toma” the boy said as smiled
“Kamenashi Kazuya and you call me Kame” Kame smiled back nodded
“Ah, so you are Kame-chan” Toma said smiled as he pressed on
“I’ve heard a lot of you from Pi-chan” Toma said
“Pi-chan?” Kame asked unsurely
“Yamashita Tomohisa, my best friend” Toma said
“eh?” kame was kame could say making Toma laugh at the expression
“What the hell do you want?” Jin as he walked into the world of Mirrors as Yamapi followed behind jin. Yamapi stood in front of mirror that made him look like a dwarf and walked beside him as burst in to giggles pointing at Jin’s Dwarf reflection in the mirror
“You’ve become the fat, stubby one now” Yamapi giggled as he to the next one making him jump looking at the shake of his head
“So, you treating my kame-chan well” Yamapi teased Jin
“That’s none of your business” Jin said he walked to the next behind him look extremely tall and skinny like a skeleton making Jin shudder at the nodded at the strange shape
“I saw you drag him out of work today” Yamapi said turning to face Jin who staring at this reflection where he was shaped in a zigzag as he looked at how Jin’s mouth position in the mirror Yamapi couldn’t his laugher
“That’s not funny!, and why the hell are you always around spying on us” Jin shouted at yamapi
“The stupid fan girls were chasing after me and I found the perfect spot to hide, and got rid of them in an instant, then spotted dragging the boy like a piece of log” Yamapi said
“I didn’t drag him like a piece of log, I was just……”Jin started as Yamapi chuckle filled the air
“You win” Yamapi said sighing in defeat as Jin looked up at the other
“You giving up already” Jin said as he Jin leant against the mirror as he smirked at the other
“Not completely, but right now, I can’t fight against what is thinking talking to him on the night of my launch party, he couldn’t his eyes off you for a moment it as though he was a crying for you when you didn’t come” Yamapi said stepping to the next mirror
“Ahhhhh” Yamapi shouted causing Jin to laugh
“I have wavy line for a head” Yamapi point to the mirror in front of him
“That’s my image of your brain looks like Bakanishi” Yamapi teased
“You’re just as bad Bakapi!” Jin bellowed out causing a shriek off laugher as both walked out of the ‘world of mirrors’ 
“I won’t forget this day, you admitting admit defeat” Jin noted down
“I said I haven’t completely given up” Yamapi corrected as Jin turned to the other
“Sure, sure” Jin brushing off with a smile the other as Yamapi looked at Jin with a look of seriousness
“If you ever make him cry for something else other than you everlasting love for you, that’s the day I will take him from you” With that last statement Jin and Yamapi were staring at each other for a long time
“Ah!, there he is” Toma called out waving out to the two boys having a staring competition
“I won’t ever make him cry to give him up” Was Jin last statement
“I’ll remember that, and this time you better keep it” Yamapi said
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