[FIC] - Clueless Innocence

 Kazuya was in Jin’s kitchen swing his hips; singing to some random song on a random CD that he had put into Jin’s CD player he had found through Jin’s foreign music stack of CDs on the floor next to the TV. The song was addictive he continued to bopped his head to it, and to the words that were in English. He had was glad that Jin had taught him some English but there were some English words in the lyrics at he was still clueless about. But that didn’t stop him from signing to the catchy tune of the song with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, as kazuya was so caught up in dancing and singing to the catchy tune song happily, made the sound of his boyfriend’s front door unlocking unnoticed.
From a rough day’s work, he forced his way through his front door wanting to have a super-hot shower and then go straight to bed and sleep in the whole day on his day week off. But the moment he entered his apartment the wonderful smell of almost cooked pasta, with a hint of bolognaise sauce entered his nostrils, as he smirked.

There was only person in that he knew who can cook the best pasta in the world better than any Italian restaurant can he imagine, with that thought he mood immediately lightened up as he was greeted the sound of his foreign music cd giving played with a current that he had downloaded recently, which amused him even more.  It was rare for his kazu to be listening to his foreign music without him, but what surprised him even more was he could hear his kazu singing those English songs perfectly and swinging those hips. With that Jin’s smile grew wider as the smell of dinner was forgotten as he moved further into the kitchen where kazuya was as Jin stood right behind him. God he had he still missed that tight ass when he was in America Jin thought to himself, licking his lips consciously as Jin’s eyes followed his boyfriend’s buttocks that continued to sway side to side with the tempo of the music.

You got me up against the wall
You keep pushing me back
And everything you do,
You know I like it like that
Were up against the wall
Get into it show me how you move girl
Were up against the wall
Go head and lose it this is how we do
Were up against the wall, up against the wall
Were up against the wall, up against the wall

Continuing to sing the song, kazuya made his way back to the stove to check on his pasta to see if it  was ready by picking up one single strand of pasta and  putting it into his mouth, tasting it with a satisfied smile. Just as he was about to move to his the sauce, he felt a pair arms wrap around his slender waist making contact with body behind him as the sudden touch made him jump. Just as he was about to protest, he heard that voice whisper into his ear instantly knowing who it was

“Hey Beautiful, What are you doing here? Are you trying to seduce me...?” Jin whispered huskily into kame’s ear as kazuya just snorted “what does it look like; i’m making you dinner how is that seducing you? Kazuya asked in questions as continued to stir the bolognaise sauce in the big hotpot as he continued to sing making Jin’s smirk widened

“Kazu, can I ask you something?” Jin whispered hotly to his boyfriend with his hands not moving away from that slender waist; kazuya nodded before turning the heat down for the sauce so it can slowly brew

“It’s rare for you to listen to my collection of music because your English isn’t as good as mine...”Jin teased as Kazuya pouted at hearing that “I’ll have you know my English is fine thank you very much, I just need practice” Kazuya defended himself

“You know how I have to listen to something when I cook so I happened to find this CD on the floor, plus you don’t really have much Japanese music anymore expect for our band and I don’t really want to hear that because I listen to it all the time.” Kazuya reasoned shrugging 

“So, I put the CD in and this was the first song that came up and I really liked, even though I have no idea with they are singing, its a really addictive song and soon enough I started singing and dancing to it., and the chorus is super addictive” as Jin had to smile at the unnoticeable innocence from not knowing he was singing or dancing to added to desire to pin the slender figure up against the wall and get into it and show him how he moves. Just listening to those lyrics right now he felt himself hardening immediately thinking that dirty thought of his boyfriend sweating from such  intensity of pleasure up against the wall made groan. Jin was too far gone; he forgot how innocent his boyfriend was especially when it came to any song that wasn’t in Japanese. At the moment the desire of wanting to claim that body in front of him became his number one priority.

Kazuya  with not knowing the meaning of those lyrics that he was singing and dancing to and also how it was affecting Jin, kazuya just shrugged in response to his answer with a smile

“Kazu...”Kazuya heard Jin call to him again enjoy the closeness of being hugged by Jin from behind “Do you want me to teach  you what the lyrics mean?” Jin asked his innocent little boyfriend before Kazuya lit up in excitement “really? I would like to know what i’m singing, it’s so frustrating at times, especially now your CD cabinet is full of American music, I feel like I don’t know you anymore..”Kazuya said a little upset as he turned to his lover; at that moment kazuya was faced with an unreadable expression in Jin’s eyes that gave him goose bumps every time the other would stare at him so intensely making him turn back around blushing hard.

“How badly do you want to know…”Jin asked as he brought that body closer to him as he face heat up that huskily tone his used. Just as Kazuya turned back around to the stove as he was about answer, Jin caught his wrist and turned him back around to face him directly, moving them both away from the stove not forgetting to turn it off before pushing the other up against the wall claiming those lips that he wanted to taste the moment he saw them.

In less than a minute, Kazuya found himself slowly returning the kiss, and his body started moving on its own accord; his arms wrapping tightly around Jin’s neck. Their tongues were battling for dominance, and while Jin’s lips were still attached to Kame’s, Jin let his hands wander all over Kame’s exposed skin; touching and teasing everything he could. Kame threw his head back with a throaty moan as Jin lowered his kisses along Kame’s jawlines, and then to his neck and shoulders.

“Ah...”Kazuya moaned “.... w-what a-bout di-i-nner...” his little kazuya moaned as he pressed the other even further into the wall kissing those lips shutting the other up successfully before smugly replying “I’m in the mood for my appetizer first…” Jin said continued kiss and bite every part of Kazuya’s skin he could see

For a moment Kazuya lost his breathe moaning, as Jin started to peel off kazuya’s shirt before doing the same with his own shirt as it was discarded to somewhere the apartment near the living room. Kazuya felt the cold chill hit his hot naked skin the moment his shirt removed from him, but it was soon placed by the hotness of Jin’s mouth sucking hard on his nipples, making him shiver at the wonderful sensation.

Kazuya tilted his head from side to side, moaning louder as he felt them hardening along with his touch with smirk widening at the sensitive of the smaller body still was

“ah ..hmm..Jin..” Jin then continued kiss his way down the path to kazuya’s navel, licking it making kazuya arch beautifully off the wall. Jin felt those shaky hands being placed on top of his head as the latter tried to push him down wanting Jin’s skilful tongue to go elsewhere, oh how Jin loved when kazuya begs with that desperate whine, it only increased his desire to devour the other more and want to hear that pretty of voice of his kazuya screaming his name.

“Jin...please...” Kazuya moaned, as Jin smirked at that adorably reaction well aware what the other needed, he didn’t want to give kazuya what he wanted just yet, so he slowly moved his hand to unbuckle kame’s jeans as he pulled them off his hips down leaving the other stark naked. As he could feast his eyes on his boyfriend’s already hard member before closing his hand around kame’s erection tightly and kissed Kame roughly once more leaving no chance the other to breathe.

Before whispering “You naughty little thing, you like being treated like this don’t you?” Jin whisper in a rough tone, as that sent a spark through kazuya’s body straight to his member making him even harder than he was. Jin proceeded on devouring those thin lips with his own once again as he pumped Kame’s length real slow. He could feel Kame’s lips trembling against his own with every stroke.

“Faster...”Kazuya moaned, again Jin smiled at that response as he licked his lips seeing the beautiful boy fight the pleasure that was creeping up inside him from his slow movement

“What was that Kazu, I can’t hear you...” Jin whispered his kazuya’s ear bitting it hard making the letter yelp at that, kazuya could feel Jin’s hardness through the material of the other jeans, pressing against his inner thigh adding to the friction of the material rubbing against his naked member in such a delicious way that was making him lose his mind

“Oh god…” he groaned as the older one’s mouth moved back from his neck to capture his lips, kissing him fiercely and taking all of his breath away. The hand on his erection continued its caress, until he couldn’t take it anymore.

“Jin… I need… please…” Kazuya begged as Jin watched the other with a lustful desire burning in him at that slender body shaking with pleasure at his mercy and under his control. Kazuya squirmed against the wall. He could feel the latter’s fingernails digging into his skin as he continued to trail his tongue down his neck while pinching his already hard nipples, pumping the latter faster just as the latter wanted as he groaned listening that pleasurable sounds coming from his beautiful lover was making while pleasuring him. Right at that moment kazuya couldn’t think or process anything anymore. All he wanted right now is to feel Jin. His knees started weaken which Jin noticed so he used one knee to support his lover by lifting it up

“I ...I...want…. you...” Jin smiled at the latter’s desperate plead “That was quick, I haven’t even gotten started” Jin said far too amused of how far gone his lover was after a small gesture of a hand job. Panting heavily kazuya reached down between their legs dipping his hand into Jin’s pants as he squeezed the hot member before whispering

“I…want ...this, deep, inside...me” Kazuya hissed “now…” Just that made Jin remove his pants in less than a split second with one hand, kazuya let an out a satisfied sighed feeling Jin’s full naked torso pressed against his own as they grinded their members together, leaving the other moaning louder non- stop. Jin released his grip on his lover’s member and moved toward the younger boy sweet hole to prepare him for the main event. He placed two fingers into kazuya’s mouth ordering him to suck

“If you want it so badly, suck them until their drenched” Jin said in hoarsely desire as kazuya complied immediately, at the sight alone made Jin moan in anticipation, Jin watched that  his fingers disappeared in and out of kazuya’s mouth making him growl in dark desire before removing his now saliva coated fingers out from his boyfriend’s mouth, as he inserted one of the drenched fingers into the tight asshole. He growled at the hotness that was surrounding his finger, he could wait to feel his lover’s sweet hole muscles to squeeze him of his love juices all night long.

Kame moaned from the sudden invasion calling out his lover name assuring him to add another finger. Jin happily added the second finger and waited till his boyfriend got used to it and added the third one. Kame was at a breaking point as kazuya screamed out his pleasure as those fingers sliding in and out of him to the tempo beat of the song. Kauzya whined from the loss of Jin’s fingers when he removed them, licking his fingers before in such a sexual way making the other groan at that sight.

“sweet” Jin mumbled before moving closer as he hooked his arms under kazuya’s knees with his hands on either side of the wall, successfully pinning kazuya right against the wall with just his arms holding him, exposed.

“You are fucking beautiful kazuya…” Jin smiled licking his lips as he drank in the sight of his lover looking so vulnerable, hopeless and horny up against the wall just the way that he liked it. Inching closer until there was no space between them, until all he could feel that beautiful pale skin up against his own, he rubbed his hard member between kazuya’s butt cheeks teasing the other a little more before he kissed the other more aggressively now; biting the latter’s already swollen lips.

“Oh God Jin…”Kazuya moaned into the kisses as he could feel heat raising 10 times more; hissing and panting uncontrollably up against the wall, the only thing that he could move was his hands, which automatically fisted into Jin’s chocolate brown hair tightly.

“ahh…J-jin .o-o-g-god..put it in already..” Kazuya moaned “Please, I beg you…fuck me… please fuck me now…”Kazuya begged as he moaned louder tilting his head backwards as it hit the wall. Kazuya saw Jin moved his member into position ready penetrate him, he saw Jin grab the stereo control in his hands as he turned up the music in the ground smirking at him.

“Ne? Sing to the song while I fuck you …”Jin said as kazuya looked up at the other a little confused “What…?” kazuya said as Jin asked “I want you to start singing the chorus to the song while I fuck up against the wall..” As those words left Jin’s smirk devilishly “If you do, I give your asshole a hammering just the way you like it, if you don’t you have to settle with just a hand job, which is it?”Jin pressed on nibbling on his jawline as he rubbed the tip of his member against the kazuya entrance making him groan louder.

“Come on, baby, let me hear those lyrics from your  sexy  voice of yours” Jin breathe out as he heard the broken english words his boyfriends lips his smirk widened
You got me up against the wall

Jin pushed into kazuya, right to the hilt letting out a satisfied groan as he welcomed the wonderful tightness surrounding his member. He stayed there while the other got use to have him so deep inside, listening to that trembling voice sing to those lyrics in the background making him harder.
You keep pushing me back
He slowly started sliding out until the tip but then pushed in hard making him smirk as he heard the other groan but still kept singing.
He rammed his big member back and forth, taking his big jinjin almost out of the heavenly hole and all the way back in, hitting his lover's sweet spot.
“Fuck yeah…” Jin groaned the amazing feeling the tightness on his member, he felt kazuya relax as he sped his movement as he closed his eyes leaning his head against the wall next to kazuya breathing against his neck, moving to the fast tempo of the song

“Oh yeah…you feel so good…” Jin said a satisfied pleasurably feeling as he thrust hips a little faster in beat, as he watch his lover face that was perplexed with immense pleasure as the words of the song left that pretty mouth, he smirked at that, he growling more just watch him
And everything you do,
You know I like it like that
Were up against the wall
Get into it show me how you move

While Jin was enjoying the sight as Kazuya was having a hard time trying to sing those lyrics while he was receiving such pleasure as he sang to the song with great difficulty. He saw that smirk on Jin’s face, well aware that Jin was clearly enjoying this game. But he didn’t care, Jin was always like this, always finding a way to spice up their sex life but he never complained about it. Just at that moment Kazuya started to feel light-headed as he felt the man push into him harder against the wall making him scream at the roughly treatment. He loved it, rough-sex with Jin was the best, he would never deny.
Were up against the wall
Go ahead and lose it this is how we do
Were up against the wall, up against the wall
Were up against the wall, up against the wall

“Fuck yeah, don’t you love this song kazu…” Jin moaned, picking up his pace as growing eager to push his release listening to lyrics that sounded so dirty from kazuya was a mega turn on.

“Oh, god…yes…”Kazuya moaned, by the end of this he swore to himself he would never forget the lyrics to this song anytime soon. Kazuya found it hard to sing to lyrics while being hammered from behind; so deep at the latter kept hitting his sweet spot inside him. Kazuya grabbed onto forearms as felt other move in and out of him in amazing speed sending him in over-drive as the beat for the changed he felt Jin slow down making whine

“No, don’t slow down…”Jin chuckled at that, just as the song sped up again so did Jin’s movements “Fuck, harder…Oh god,..Ahh.. Jin” Kazuya screamed is pleasure, nearing his climax, with heavy and fasting panting, followied a growl from Jin

“Harder, baby harder..” Kazuya said through gritted teeth “oh yeah…that’s it” increasing the pleasure moving even faster if it was possible, leaving kazuya screaming his Jin’s name

“Fuck, I’m there …yes…”Kazuya growl, pushing against his boyfriends hips harder until the sound of flesh on flesh hitting against each could be heard; the pleasure started to cloud his senses from the amazing friction of Jin’s talented hips. Jin crushed the other against the wall as Jin positioned himself a little before slamming into the other harder as he whispered

“Come for me baby.…”Jin growled as kazuya’s orgasm hit him without Jin having to touch him. His vision went white and he gripped into his lover's hair intensely, shooting out his essence at the latter's upper body as jerk out his immense orgasm.

"J-JIN!” Jin felt the other inner contract around his hard member, as he threw his head back, almost screaming the other’s name from the intense sensation feeling his hot juices shotting out of his length spread inside Kame’s body making him shudder at the surreal feeling as Jin hugged the smaller his riding out his intense orgasm with guttural growl before carrying the other with all the strength that he had left to couch with on top of him still connected

Jin and kazuya had a satisfied smile on their face; it took them some time to calm down from their high intense and hot sex session. Kazuya was the first to recover as he turned to Jin before placing a sweet kiss on the older man’s nose lifted himself from Jin laid there exhausted but with a smile

“You could have told me that I was singing a really dirty song…” kazuya pouted at him as Jin merely turned his head to face the smaller on top of him with a smirk

“Why the hell would I do that, when I get hot sex out you as best welcome present from you…”Jin explained making pout widened “Is that what you’ve been thinking of when you were back from America the last two days? Thinking of ways of how to seduce me and surrender to your dominant sadistic side?” kazuya guessed as Jin looked him with a smirk victory

“I don’t have to do anything to make you bend to my will for that…”Jin happily as that earned a whack on the back of the head with a cushion by kazuya sighed “I’m kidding, geez” Jin said cuddling with the other on couch

“You make it as though I forced this plan onto you, by planting that CD right there for you to listen to …” Jin replied as kazuya looked up narrowing his at his lover “Being you, it sounds like something you do in order to get into my pants when you really want it bad enough…” kazuya answered back as it was Jin’s turn to pout at that response from his boyfriend now.

“Mou…kazu-chan!! don’t be so mean…”Jin said as he continued pout while hugging other tighter “You know, I can’t resist you, when you dance on my kitchen, you should better than to cook and swing your ass at the same time in front of me…”Jin explained as kazuya sighed but then smiled forgetting how horny boyfriend when he dances

“To be totally honestly with you, kazuya” Jin started “it was actually the first day of my entire life, that I was extremely tired and plus the jet leg added more to the tiredness. I actually wanted to have a nice shower and sleep in a warm without dinner because I have already eaten enough on that damn plane I felt so bloated…” Jin said before turning to the younger man so was looking at him thoughtfully

“But then I was embraced with a pleasant surprise with a figure in my kitchen who was singing and dancing to ‘that’ song while cooking with such seriousness and not to mention you had no idea the meaning of giving me raging hard on, you think I could sleep it off?” Jin smirked, as kazuya hissed in annoyance turning away pretending to insulted

“Bastard you look advantage me and my innocence, damn pervert…”Kazuya said as Jin placed two fingers under kazuya’s chin to turn the other to face him again before bringing the other into a sweet kiss as kazuya melted at the gentleness of Jin’s lips, as Jin pulled away as he into that beautiful of his lover he gave a genuine smile 

“But you love it otherwise you wouldn’t be stuck with me for so long…” Jin smirked, as kazuya just smiled “Yeah, there must be something wrong with me…”Kazuya said sarcastically the other back “You only fall in romance. Love is cultivated” kazuya snuggling closer to the warmth of older man’s body again as Jin smiled, brushing his fingers through kazuya hair

“You’ve been reading my twitter?” Jin asked a little surprised as kazuya smiled wider and then pouted “of course and all of your conversations on twitter with ‘BoA’ really started to worry me, but today showed me what I have and she doesn’t…” Kazuya replied as Jin smiled 

“And what’s that my love…”Jin responded placing a kiss on the younger man forehead, before pulling the blanket that was discarded on the floor near the couch to cover them both

“Your love and you right by my side…”Kazuya said happily, Jin let out a chuckled hearing that
“You don’t need to be jealous she’s a good friend, there are just words of friendship. No one can replace a beautiful, sexy and innocent turtle like you ever… I love you kazu…” Jin said as kazuya relaxed at those words blushing at them. He knew it was wrong to be jealous from all those twitter comments from his boyfriend and BoA, still reading all the fans that were replying to them; saying they were the perfect couple was really heartbreaking. 

He knew they were just words, even the other was only here for a short time he knows no matter how far apart they were, no matter what country or city those words from Jin’s mouth just now; he knew that their love for each other can last forever.

“Ne, Jin…”Kazuya said happily “hm?” Jin answered with his eyes closed as kazuya whispered 

“I love you too, and Welcome home…” Jin could smile at that “I’m so glad to be back with you again... with you..” Jin mumbled happiness as he drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms, Jin wouldn’t ask for anything more, no matter where he was in the world, he knew he could come back to his kazu here in japan, the place he could call home. Forever…

“Jin…” Kazuya called out again as Jin sleepy answered him “hm?” 

“I’m hungry…”Kazuya moaned sleepily at that moment Jin opened his eyes “ah, I totally for forgot” Jin breaking himself from the warm and to run the kitchen naked. Less than a few second Jin came back to the living room holding two bowls of pasta in his nakedness dropping as he saw the other dancing to another song that was even raunchier than the first one

“Jin! How this song! I love this song as well!” Kazuya as he danced with the blanket around his body bouncing to the beat. As Jin watched in excitement as he smirked thinking that  no one can replace his innocent boyfriend not even BoA in a million years.
The End....

A/N:   Firstly, for people who love this song.. I'M SORRY!!!!! I FILLED IT WITH AKAME SMUT!!  XDDDD  Random one-shot fic, I love this song to bits and I'm sorry  i haven't posted in a while, because of due to my busy life at the moment, but I'll get a move on my fics, but for now. 
I hope you enjoy this.... BAD SMUT fic!  xD  (I'm really good in writing porn in my HEAD!, but writing or typing it BIG FAIL!!!!) hahahahah you have no idea how amused i was then i was writing this... xDDDD 

(Inspired songs - Tino Coury - Up against the wall & Missy Elliot - How many licks)

[FIC] - Always There - Part 10

Kame slowly adjusted his eyes to his surroundings taking awhile to see where he was; wanting to move but something was stopping him from doing so, once he turned to face the object that was stopping him, Right at that moment kame’s world stood still. He felt his heart beat faster than normal at the arm that was curled around his waist and with the older boy’s face so close him he didn’t want to breathe because he was afraid to wake the other up with his own breath. He could see that perfect messy hair, the perfect sleeping face of his neighbour, the boy that he had secretly being in love with for the whole of his high school year. He looked so peaceful right now; he could feel warm puffs of air on his skin showing that the latter was dead to the world, he just smiled at the unconsciously boy in front of him. When kame felt his body moved on its own accord closer to that sleeping face to give a peck on the boy’s nose, making Jin stir in his sleep as kame heard the boy mumble out his name making that arm clasp tighter around him and bring him closer making his heart stop once again

He’s dreaming about me?’ kame thought, a tiny smirk graced his lips before looking around he realised he and Jin were in the school sickbay, when he remembered his nerves got the best of him during class and then…

Kame started blushing non-stop at that memory of Jin carrying him, so he wasn’t dreaming, the other was really carrying him then? Feeling his cheeks heat up at the thought of those strong arms around him carrying, he shook his head at that thought with his movement causing him to shake Jin awake up from his sleepy slumber making kame freeze for the third time. He watched as the older boy open his sleepy unfocused expression staring at him before the latter moved closer to adjust his vision. While kame was screaming ‘oh god’ in his head blushing a high school girl at the older boy being too close. Once his eyes regained focus onto the figure in his arms he gazed at him for a long time, before remembering everything that had happened. Kame couldn’t look at the other in the eyes anymore. When a hearing a word he didn't wan to hear from the older boy

“Liar…”with that said kame’s heart broke into a millions from hearing that, he didn’t want to hear anymore words from the boy’s mouth so he instantly pushed the boy with all his might causing Jin fall out of the sickbay bed. Kame stumbled onto his feet at once before running out the door; Jin didn’t have a chance to respond at that situation

“Kazu! Wait...” Jin started but it was too late, Jin sunk onto the floor as he lied there staring at the ceiling for a while remembering the younger boy’s words beforehand

I love you so much…Jin, that it’s so… painful…

Jin couldn’t help but smile sadly at those words “I probably do to and probably always have…” Jin said quietly as he placed his left arm on his forehead as he closed his eyes for a moment before being brought out  abruptly by hands clapping loudly as they echoed the small room. Jin lifted himself up from the bed to see who it was, when his anger started to boil inside of him at that face.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Jin growled as Ryo just smirked “I came to congratulate you…”Ryo beamed at his friend who was leaning against the wall  

“I never knew you had such a beautiful looking neighbour, and to think I never believed pi that you had one, I can understand why you are in love with him…”Ryo smirked remembering the younger boy’s reaction from this morning, hearing that Jin lifted himself off the bed to grab his friend by the collar pushing harder against the wall, but Jin’s hand was instantly pushed away by Ryo

“You don’t have anything to be angry at me about, my job here in done” Ryo smiling at his friend as Jin looked at him with a confused expression

“Huh?” was the only words that left Jin’s mouth, as Ryo just smirked at that

“You’ve finally realised your feelings towards him, right?” Ryo replied

“Now I’ll be getting back to my beautiful hime, and you should be getting back to your beautiful turtle that is already out of the school building…” Ryo stated

“He’s pretty fast for a turtle” Ryo added as soon as that statement had sunk into Jin’s head, Ryo felt Jin fly passed him.

“Idiot…”Ryo said as he then turned to the figure behind the door “So, what now…?” Ryo said as the figure stepped out to reveal himself

“Nothing, now it’s up to the akame pair to do the rest…”Ueda said as Ryo was instant right by the other’s side, smirking

“Now about that date; pick you up tomorrow at 10?” Ryo said seductively into ueda’s ear who just turned away in disgust “I never promised you anything… midget…”Ueda said snobbishly before walking down the corridor to hide that he was flustering in his cheeks

“Hime-chan!!!” Ryo started to whine like a child, when a shoe came flying his way hitting Ryo in the face making the boy groan at the sudden injury from that leather shoe hitting him

“before you date me you have to grow up a lot more” ueda hissed before continuing to walk away as Ryo just smiled at that watching that ass sway from side to side in his view, licking his lips

“I have grown up more than you think my beautiful hime-chan…” Ryo smirked at that thought remembering kame’s words; he couldn’t wait for that time. 


“Ahh! Jin-kun!!” Kazuya mother greeted the man at the house with a big smile as Ayumi and Shizuka were peaking to see who it was

“I know this is going to crazy even because it’s only 11:30am in the morning, but did kazuya come home a few times ago?” Jin asked nervously as Kazuya’s mother shook her head

“It everything okay, with my baby! What happened? ”kazuya’s mother asked as Jin shook his head “It’s okay, he’s not in any trouble” Jin reassured kazuya’s mother before he saw the little girl running over to kazuya’s mother.

“Grandma who is this tall person? And why is he asking where chu chu nii-chan is?” Ayumi pouted angrily at Jin before turning back to grandma wanting an answer. Jin crouched down front of the little girl with a smile

“Hi, there, I’m your chu chu nii-chan’s special friend Jin…”As Ayumi looked at him at him weirdly

“Special friend?” Ayumi tilted her head to the side “Do you mean like the beautiful nee-chan, said  who was in our house instead of my uncle chu chu nii-chan last time?” Ayumi responded to Jin as he frown at hearing that 

Beautiful nee-chan? Is she talking about kame? She must be talking about him? or does kame really have a girlfriend like his uncle said” Jin thought as the little girl looked at Jin cutely before tilting her head again, trying to read the boy in front of her, her grandma touched her on the shoulder as Ayumi looked up instantly

“This is your uncle’s childhood friend, they have been friends for a long time just like you and Hiro” kazuya’s mother said to her granddaughter as Ayumi nodded understanding her before turning back to Jin, with a cute pout

“Uncle chu chu nii-chan has been really sad yesterday and he didn’t want to play with me at all” Ayumi whined “Can you make uncle happy just like how happy hiro-chi-kun makes me when I’m sad?”  Ayumi said as Jin just smiled before nodded his head

“I will…”Jin said when the little girl's glared returned “promise?” with that angry expression somewhat surprised him, as he just smirked nervously before nodding again.

“I promise…”Jin promised but the little girl’s glare didn’t leave Jin’s face

“You shouldn’t be like that Ayumi” her mother hushed her daughter’s attitude as Ayumi turned towards her mother before running behind her, Shizuka turned to face Jin with an apologetic bow 

“I’m so sorry about that, she’s just really attached to her uncle …”Shizuka said as Jin just shook his head with a smile “It’s okay, you have a very cute daughter…”Jin said politely as Shizuka just smiled at that comment as Ayumi giggled

“Mummy, the tall man just called me cute, just like hiro-chi-kun always tells me when he sees me every day…” Ayumi happily as Shizuka patted her daughter on the head before turning back to him with a genuine smile on her face

“Jin is it? I’m Shizuka, kazuya’s step sister” Shizuka said introducing herself to Jin bowing to him as he bowed back with a smile

“You’re looking for Kazuya right?” Shizuka said as Jin just nodded “Yeah, you don’t happen to know where he is do you?” Jin asked politely “it’s the next street one down the road, there’s house there, it’s mostly where he likes to hide away from the world” Shizuka said happily

“Thank you…”Jin said before bowing to kame’s sister and mother and then running off.

“Do you think he’ll kill us if he found out that we told Jin where he is?” her mother asked  as Shizuka smiled before turning to her mother with a smile her lips with Ayumi mimicking her mother as Shizuka chuckled at that action

“It’s Jin, he’d probably thank us…”Shizuka said proudly with a grin on face

“Uncle Chu chu nii needs his special friend just like Hiro-chi-kun and me!!!!…”Ayumi responded cutely to her mother smiling brightly, as her grandma who giggled at that statement from her granddaughter before turning her eyes back to the retrieving boy with a smile

“Good luck, Jin–kun! And don’t forget to come by for dinner sometime!!!” kazuya’s mother shouted out  happily as Jin turned around with a smile showing an okay sign before running a little faster.


Kazuya just sighed loudly in the corner of the cuppy house with his legs tucked into his chest with his chin leaning on his knees> He was still wearing the wig and the girl’s school uniform with an saddened expression and his beautiful make uped features as those sudden words from his childhood friend’s mouth haunting him.


It was like a needle that went straight through his heart, he’s parents finding out was one dilemma but Jin finding out was even more nerve wrecking now, the truth was out, he didn’t want to face the older boy now, he couldn’t. Hearing those words from Jin’s mouth killed him, he knew it would come sooner or later and he knew the other would be mad at him now and running away from the other had probably made it worst.

Hugging his knees closer to his chest as his tears fighting to fall; while he closed them “I’m sorry…” kame mumbled into his knees “So you should be you damn brat…”kame heard a voice, as he quickly opened his eyes to the source, there he was his neighbour right front of him with their faces only inches apart

“J-j-ji-nn-n…”kame stuttered, as Jin only studied kame’s scared expression for a long time “D-dd-i-id y-yy-ou f-ff-oll-w-w-w m-m-mee h-heere…” Jin only tilted his head, before moving closer to his stuttering neighbour, who was really confused and blushing at the same time each time moved closer to him.

“I would be lying like you if I said no…”Jin responded, hearing kame pushed Jin away making Jin fall to the ground in front him hard as he closed and the locked the door to the cuppy house, hiding from the older boy deep inside

“w-ww-why d—i dd-you f-f-oll-ow m-m-me- h-hhh-e-rr-e!” Kame stuttered “g-g-o a-waa-y!” kame said in a croakily voice, as Jin smirked at that.

“No! not until you tell me what I want to hear?” Jin shouted “there’s nothing for you hear!” kame answered back almost immediately

“Yes there is!” Jin argued back straight after

“No, there isn’t!”

“Yes there is!”

“No there isn’t!”




No! There isn’t Akanishi now get lost!” Kame screamed back, there was a moment of silence before a sad chuckle was heard from the outside

“You never call me Akanishi…”kame heard the older boy’s from the outside, he sounded so sad, hearing that he felt so guilty and he didn’t know what to do apologise

“I’m sorry” kame started, it’s true, that had never called the older boy by his family name ever since he had learnt the other’s first name. But right now, didn’t seem right because he lied to other and Jin was angry at him.

“I have no right to call you by your first name now?” kame mumbled his words “because, I know you are angry to with me, for lying to you, I know you….”Kame sadly hearing an angry grunt from the outside

“Your right! I am angry at you, how could you?” Jin snapped out in irritation as kame didn’t say a word

“I can’t believe you manipulated me like that! You made think that you were…. Ewww…”Jin angrily as kame felt the tears run down his cheeks hearing that Jin was disgusted with him, but somehow he was expecting an answer like that because Jin was straight.

“I’m sorry…” kame croakily “I just wanted you to…” kame mumbled that went unheard because he was interrupted Jin once again

“Do you have any idea how I felt, when I saw that bastard of a friend of my mine holding and kissing my property?” Jin snapped angrily as kame just nodded at that when he suddenly lifted his head up for a moment wondering if he had heard that correctly ‘Bastard of a friend?’ ‘My property’ he thought Jin had listened to the other’s ranting ‘Was Jin talking about Ryo? Not about him lying’   

“He’s going to pay dearly for touching you like that, even if it was a plan to make me show my feelings for you….”kame heard, once hearing that kame unlocked the cuppy house as he came out facing an angry Jin pouting on the floor with his hand fisting the grass so hard he could see the soil being uprooted looking at the other in confusion

“I don’t understand…”kame said in a soft voice tilting his head in that instant of a moment he saw Jin rise from where he was sitting and walking over to him in quick steps making his heart stop at that sudden reaction wanting to runaway but he was frozen on that spot not being able to move so he closed his eyes tightly waiting for the impact to come from the older boy. Instead he felt himself being pulled into a warm embrace of older boy’s arms, with that he opened his eyes in shock. He didn’t try to struggle out of that grip, because the feeling was making him lightheaded all of a sudden being wrapped into those arms once again, as a fresh batch of tears started to roll down his already damp cheeks.

“Jin…”kame said in a soft, he felt the older boy tighten his grip tighten around him he felt so relaxed in those arms so no matter how tight they held him.

“Someone malicious like that doesn’t deserve someone as a sweet as you...” Kame heard the older boy say as he felt those arms tightened even more making him more speechless to the sudden affection. Before kame could speak a word of protest from the older boy’s behaviour, a side of affection that he had not experienced with him before, he felt Jin’s lips against his own making his eyes fly open at that kiss. As soon as those lips touch his kame was instantly to push the other away. Jin only looked into the man’s eyes licking his lips savouring the strawberry lip gloss that he only tasted for a second, never in his he’s thought he craved for other another boy’s lips over a girls. But then again this was kazu; he had ever considered his neighbour a boy in this first place. Kame saw that unreadable expression written over all his neighbour’s face, it was so new to him he didn’t understand, so overwhelming, he could feel his heart drumming like crazy ready to explode because of having the older boy only inches away from him

“Jin..  I …don’t…”Kame started but the older boy interrupted him “Then I will make you understand…”with that said Jin closed the distance between them again as he captured those lips once more but this time kame didn’t push the older boy away. The feeling of those lips on his own were indescrible; so sweet for the first time. It wasn’t like that kiss they shared that day when the older had dragged him out of school; this time it held so much more emotion that he could feel his legs wanting to give in, but as soon as they were about to he felt those strong arms enclose around his waist. Jin broke the kiss as he looked into Kame’s eyes, seeing that dazed face which only brought a smile to Jin.

At that moment all kame could think about was he dreaming? Did those lips belong to Jin? Why did all his insecurities appear all of a sudden, right at that very moment, just like his dreams Jin was holding him in his arms his and the older boy disappeared into thin air? He didn’t want the other to disappear again with image in head of Jin disappearing his mind he quickly reacted. Before Jin could speak another word, he felt kame snuggle into his chest clenching his hands into his school shirt between his fingers into the older boy’s school shirt. Jin jerked at that gesture but smiled as he didn’t hesitate to encircle his arms around smaller boy bring him closer to the warmth. Everytime kame remembered those dreams he held onto Jin’s waist a little tighter. Jin could feel the water leaking through his shirt.

“Kazu…”Jin whispered sweetly into the ear before he could hear hiccups as Jin chuckled at that action knowing that the other was crying. His neighbour was always known for crying like a baby no matter what age, the other was always crying but he didn’t mind, just as long as he was the one comforting him, his neighbour could cry all he wanted.

“You’re really here right?...” Jin heard kame say softly biting his lips nervously, as other another hiccup left from his mouth, followed by a sniffle “you’re not going to disappear just like my dreams, right?” kame said with his voice started to quiver

“If this is a dream, can you not disappear, please Jin…please” as Kame sobbed fisting the shirt tighter.

 “I can’t take it anymore, Jin…”kame cried harder as Jin heard  as his expression softened at the other’s words feeling like the stupidest person the planet, but he felt some happiness from hearing that before securing his arms around that slender body showing that he wasn’t dreaming that he was really here

“You’re not dreaming kazu, I’m really here and I’m not going to disappear kazu, I promise …”Jin said comforting his fragile neighbour locked securely in his arms

I waited for 7 years, for you to love me Jin” kame sobbed “I’m sorry. I really hated myself, each time I would think of you more than a friend. I knew you didn’t swing that but I still loved you anyway. I missed how we use to walk to school together in elementary school hand in hand, and how you protected me. I tried to tell myself that you were just a best friend. But when we got into different high schools I couldn’t wait to get home because you I knew everytime you’d be there no matter late you were I would wait for your messages on our windows every day and night ”Kame confessed through trembling words

“Before I even knew it, you started drifting away from me, our bond through notebook message stopped from that day I started to miss everything about you; so much that I have a nervous breakdown in front of tat-chan, koki and maru at azabu high last year. Tat-chan made it worst by telling me to give up on you when he scouted you out...” Kame explained as he felt Jin chuckle from that.

“That idiot, he really hated me that much?” Jin smirked as a kame just pouted through teary eyes “don’t call my best friend an idiot, it’s just that tat-chan was a brother to me in azabu high, you should be grateful to him otherwise I wouldn’t be here…”Kame mumbled before sniffing from his stuffy nose

“Tat-chan is my saviour, without him I didn’t think I would have survived in that school for as long as I did. You know, I would have been raped by half of azabu high school on the first day if it wasn’t for tat-chan “Kame reasoned as kame slowly lifted his head where he was presented with a large pout on the older boy’s face as that brought a huge grin to kame’s face seeing that, which made kame snuggle closer to the crook of the older boy’s neck.

“But you’ll always be my number one Jinjin, tat-chan and ryo-san are no match for you…” kame said cutely as Jin felt some victory hearingthose words. Kame closed his eyes to the feeling of those lips against his forehead

“Only you…”Kame whispered “You’re the only one, that I will love no one else…”Jin just smiled at that, hearing those from the younger boy he wasn’t sure how to handle such strong love. Kame had loved him more 7 years which was nothing compared to his love for the younger boy’s love for him. He wanted to love kame as much as kame loved him, he wanted to love kame whole-heartedly and love kame unconditionally so because of that he decided to ask the other wait a little longer. With that he caressed the man’s back lovingly enjoying the warmth and slender boy in his arms

“I can’t say I love you yet, but what I can say is that I want you by my side Kazu and I will not leave you until I love you as much as you love me…” Jin said as kame listened to the older boy words with more tears started to fall down his already wet cheeks and Jin’s already wet shirt. Somehow those words made him feel satisfied and holding promise holding a promise to him. He had waited for the older boy for so long without the other him next to him but if he had to wait some more this time with the other always there beside him then he would embrace no matter what.

“I’m sorry….”was the only words that kame could form at that moment “I’m sorry for being so troublesome to you…” Jin just smiled at that as he shook his head

“I’m the one who should be sorry, I’m being selfish for not loving you the way you love me and yet I want to keep you by my side…”Jin said before prying the smaller boy off him to look into those eyes that were looking at him so lovingly, he brushed his fingers over that soft skin of the younger boy’s cheek

“You were always there for me, back then when I needed you the most, so now, it’s time for me to repay that favour to always be there for you no matter what” with that said Jin leaned kissed into those lips once again and by that time Kame had welcomed that kiss knowing that this was real for the first time in high school life, like a fairy-tale dream that he had wanted for 7 years, Jin was here, forever, his one true love, Jin Akanishi.

Jin smiled once breaking the kiss when he felt kick in the back, as Jin moaned from the sudden pain with a foot on Jin’s back pushing him harder to the ground

“I didn’t waste my time on you to have a one-sided feelings for my kame!!” Ueda growled, stomping a little harder onto his back “Tat-chan!” Kame whined, with a pout  

“You’re killing my Jinjin!” kame cried trying to pull his best friend off his soon to be boyfriend who was moaning from the pain of the other's foot pressing his face to the ground really hard ‘how on earth did ryo put up with this rough treatment, he must have really love ueda a lot to be treated like this’ Jin thought but then if this is what he had to put up with for kame then so be it, for kame he’ll try his best.


The End

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A/N: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! Part 10 is final here!!! I’m so sorry for the long wait! I promise that epilogue will be faster, I’ve just been so busy at work argh! And I got PROMOTED!!! So it’s going to get even busier for my during the few months! Which is a total pain the but! But you know, what to do Lah! (><)//

[FIC] Reality or Dream? - Chapter 2

Title: Reality or Dream
Genre: PG-13 (might go up through later chapters)
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya works a for a computer company who as boring times at the office when could not find anything to do save him from his boredom as Pi tend him a PC game “The sims 2”

 Why are you making me this way…. About you, it’s only been two days and ready I feel jealous over you…”  

[FIC] Posion Beauty

Title: [FIC] Poison Beauty
Paring: Akame 
Genre: NC-17 smut, Angst, Romance
Disclaimer: Nothing i just own random the plot heheheh 
Summary: Playboy Jin fighting crime along with his best friend Yamapi in the Police force as everynight he would visit a club discovering a beautiful boy by the name of Kamenashi Kazuya the Sly & Beautiful creature of the night, leader of his clan when Jin finds out a secret about his playmate that changes everything...
Betted by:  
[FIC] Poison Beauty (NC-17)
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[Fic] Misfortunes can turn into Miracles

Title: Misfortunes can turn into Miracles

Pairing: Akame, RyoKame, RyoPi, TomaPi.
Genre:  Angst, Romance (PG-16 for some violence)
Disclaimer: They owned me, I don’t them I guess i own the plot (~_^)/
Summary: Kame and Jin were childhood friends, but then one day kame packed up and left because him and family were moving, but it kame failed of how to tell his best friend about it, so instead of saying it he put it to paper. When a tragic misfortune happened making kame lose his sight, who is now kept in the darkness of eternity. (Hahahahh! Yes my terrible summaries =P )


Prologue // Chapter One //Chapter 2 //Chapter 3 // Chapter 4 // Chapter 5 // Chapter 6 // Chapter 7 // Chapter 8 // Chapter 9  // Chapter 10 // Chapter 11

 ( I found a way to make everyone happy… even you kame" )

[Fic] Along Came a Storm


Title: Along Came a Storm
Akame, Ryoda, Pi/kame, Pi/Toma and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-13
Beta:  No beta for this one..
Disclaimer: I don’t’ anyone just the plot (GOMEN  for the grammars) (~_^)/
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love Triangle between Yamapi, Jin and Kame …  ( hahah! This summary is stupid but the best I do to tell what the story is all about…! *GOMEN* I suck at writing summaries too! >_< )

[FIC] Along Came a Storm (PG-13)
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Yamapi - One in a Million Lyrics Translation

Kanji  Translations

今も why don't you touch my mind すぐに
tell me why you don't see my eyes.baby are we over?
baby do you have another one? they might conspire.

coz you're my one in a million そのままで believe me
君が one in a million 出会えたときに baby it's my destiny
I'm gonna try.3, 2, 1"so count down 
笑ってよ僕の前で one more time
one in a million, my one in a million

確率はby the 6th sense = 2% 
君を失うことはend of the world
I wanna know that reason why.don't change your mind now
間に合うのならI wanna hold ya.
狂いそうなくらいso lonely soldier
baby I love you from the bottom of my heart. I miss ya

coz you're my one in a million だから never say goodbye
君が one in a million 抱き合うたびに baby it's my destiny
I'm gonna try.3, 2, 1"so count down
I'm gonna hunt you down come day or night
one in a million, my one in a million

運命と想いは時空を越えて 永遠の最愛をまた導くから
be my one in a million 君しかいないから carry on

coz you're my one in a million そのままで believe me
君が one in a million 出会えたときに baby it's my destiny
I'm gonna try.3, 2, 1"so count down
I'm gonna hunt you down come day or night
one in a million, my one in a million

English Translations

When did I start to neglect your kisses?
Now I’m burning, touch my mind
Darling, why you can’t see my eyes?
Baby, are we over?
An ability we have to be able to love each other
An ability that can’t get any greater than this
Baby, do you have another one?
It might conspire

Cause you’re my one in a million (My one in a million)
Just believe me like this
You are one in a million
When we met Baby, it’s my destiny (Baby, it’s my destiny)

I’m gonna trust in your words till the sun comes up
Smile in front of me one more time
One in a million
My one in a million (My one in a million)

Certainly having a sixth sense would be like having a super sense
Losing you would be another world from this
I wanna know the reason why I could change your mind now

If there’s still time, I wanna hold ya
Cause you saw me crying, so lonely soldier
Baby, I love you from the bottom of my heart [in] itself

Cause you’re my one in a million (My one in a million)
So never say goodbye
You are one in a million
Each time we embrace Baby, it’s my destiny (Baby, it’s my destiny)

I’m gonna trust in your words till the sun comes up
I’m gonna hunt you down, come day or night
One in a million
My one in a million (My one in a million)

Destiny and emotions surpass time
Because our eternal love will lead the way again
Be my one in a million
You’re the only one, so here we go

Cause you’re my one in a million (My one in a million)
Just believe me like this
You are one in a million
When we met Baby, it’s my destiny (Baby, it’s my destiny)

I’m gonna trust in your words till the sun comes up
I’m gonna hunt you down, come day or night
One in a million
My one in a million (My one in a million)

[FIC] - Reality or Dream - Chapter 3

Kame’s eyes fluttered opened to the bright lights that entered his sight of vision, glancing around at the room, pouting at the room as he sat up from the couch that he slept on, remembering last night’s events when Jin had dragged him back to this mansion of a house that he created from scratch.

 “That idiot! What was his problem” Kame muttered to himself “treating him like that? he should be grateful to me for building this house for him and making him rich” Kame growled in his head in annoyance before lifting his feet to put them on the ground roughly at the moment he heard groan making him drawing back his legs back to the couch, as he looked over the couch to see the familiar lying on the floor.

“What on earth are you doing on the floor?” Kame asked in horror as the older man just stared at him again looking slightly angry and kazuya at that angry face the man confused, he is the one that should be angry not him

“What’s your problem..?” kazuya muttered under his breathe at that look that made his sim undeniably beautiful when angry but scary at the same time

“I have three questions for you!” Jin said propping himself with his elbows “Who is the person called ‘Ryo’ and why do you hate him so much? And why are you SO violent?”Jin snapped, kame looked at him, gulped hiding himself away from the other’s vision.

“H-he’s m-my b-boss” Kame stuttered out his answer though he didn’t know why he was stuttering “It’s in every nature to hate who you work for, if you cannot hurt them physically you can hurt in your dreams” Kame said angrily “And I’m not violent! and I never knew any who likes lying on the floor instead of their own bed” kame exploded when suddenly that sentence left his mouth, something was wrong why was the man out here? as he pointed to the man on the floor  

“Wait? Why are you out here? I just saw walk to your bedroom yesterday…” kazuya stated tilting his head to the side before his eyes went wide

“I didn’t, did I?” kame softly afraid to ask, but Jin just abruptly stood up from the ground making kame jump back further into the couch, when realized he suddenly to remember what it was doing in his dream in his boss. Must he have done something terrible too, trying really hard to remember he was dreaming about Jin cut him off.

“I don’t know where you came from? What job you do over there? What kind of love hate relationship you have if with your boss is that bad why haven’t you left?” Jin asked curiously, but the latter pouted in response

“He works me to the bone, because my project partner that I was doing it with so happens that I my boss is secretly in love with my best friend and I’m close I treated like that and despite that fact he pays me well enough that I can live comfortably with myself and ran-chan.” Kame explained

“So, you work with your boss who is secretly in love with your best friend who also works with you? And you’re staying in that job for him to treat you like crap because he pays you good salary wage?” Jin summarised

“Hai...”kame agreed unsurely, as the latter just smirked shaking his head “You are seriously really twisted man” Jin confirmed smirking “you must be the unhappiest person in world to have dreams like that…” Jin pressed on

“I’m not unhappy, as matter of fact I am happy that I have job where I can trust people, and even though my boss hates me at times, he’s one of the most reasonable boss that I’ve met compared to my other jobs that were assholes” Kame explained turning away from other as the man could clearly could see the scared expression in those eyes of someone who clearly been hurt badly in the past.

“By the way...... are you okay?” Kame suddenly asks “I mean whatever I was dreaming about and if it was about my boss it couldn’t be good seeing you’re on the ground” Jin shook his head

“Don’t worry about it, I have to get ready for work” Jin said before walking to his room leaving a guilty kame sitting on the couch remising his dream cursing his boss for my making his life miserable in his dreams and what affect they would have reality. Sure he’d wake up with a deflated pillow every day from excessive hugging because he’s arms were sore or someone he really hated in his dreams to wake up the sheets on the floor. Maybe he really dis have a problem, falling back into the cushion of the couch wrapped the blanket as closed his eyes once again as he tried to let sleep overtake him again in his realisation as looked at the blanket, staring at it turning back to the other retrieving back this room to change as he smiled.

Sure liked it here being in a beautiful house that he created always dreamed about having in his long of saving his money for and not to mention having a beautiful man with him who he created as his ideal partner his childishly to himself but he missed being in the comfort of his own home in a ways, it was a kind of sad story of his life wake up 6am to work, have lunch with Yamapi and pour his angry moment about his best friend and then back home cook dinner for him and Ran and then sleep. Same repetition routine, but kame didn’t seem to mind he enjoyed it, kame would find everything in life enjoyable even if it’s a day being locked up in a conference room be would make his presentations the most enjoyable to staff and his boss, co- bosses.

Taking in a deep breath and out he opened his eyes staring at the coffee table in front of him ‘I guess he should making himself useful by making breakfast at least’ kame thought he lifted himself from the couch lazily as he walked to the kitchen but smiled

“I might as well act like his housemate while I’m living with him he’s since he is real now” Giggling to himself making his way to stop and think

Okay, right now I’m a sim, what do I do?’ kame thought as he walk to the fridge open it up as he stared in amazement he could see that everything was stack nicely and neatly in the fridge with the platter’s separate as he shows that ingredients is that. He never knew the sims fridge was this clean now he knew every time his sim would pull out a tray of vegetables and meat on it

It was unbelievable giggling to himself as he pondered what meal to take and prepare for him and Jin. That sudden thought he blushed, feeling like his seems personal maid of something but that thought away for now.

Kame unaware of Jin presence behind him who was staring at that butt that was sticking out in the air, for a moment a smirk blossomed on the sim’s face somehow reminded him of that time feasted in eyes on the lean figure swaying his hips from side to side at the club like a girl last night.  Once the thought of his housemates hips swaying reached the perverted mind he just giggled inside his heart. He was never considered the type of person to think another sim was attractive to him beside Mei. But this boy and looking at him from behind right now his thoughts beg to differ. That slender body, with a great asset that was wiggling in from of him trying to refrain from thinking dirty thoughts in mind, just at that moment the boy couldn’t have turned around at a better time, as his presence surprised at boy he just smiled.

“What-t are y-you d-doing?” Kame suddenly felt a little awkward and a blush coming on seeing that smirk on the other’s face, with the other dressed in his dark grey suit, he looked just perfect in that suit, he couldn’t his eyes away the sight. His sim just looked at him strangely a moment waved his hand in front of his face but he didn’t get a response. What seemed like ages which a few minutes, Jin grabbed the younger man once again, breaking the other in his train of thought

Omg! He’s touching me again, and pulling him closer to him, what do I do? Omg omg omg omg!’  feeling his himself been pulled away his heart stopped for a moment anticipating what the man was going to do, but to his disappointment the man tugged on his arm pass to get to the fridge.

“You were in the way and I was hungry and I’m going to be late if you there any longer I’d have to go to work hungry and that’s not a good sign to my boss and co-workers” Jin pulling out a tray of ingredients on a chopping board, kame watching in amusement of the other cooked, he saw it million times when he was on the computer but watching it now when he was in this sim world which was so weirdly wrong but still amusing, and he wasn’t complaining about it.

“So, have you found a job yet?” Jin asked as glanced over his over his shoulder at the boy who was watching him put his ingredients into the food processor. Kame should his head, as looked up innocently with no words. Jin just sighed thinking to his himself for a little bit as he poured his mixture into a pot and put it on the stove for cook.

“Unfortunately, there is no career for dancing, it’s a shame you’re pretty good at it...” Jin smiled “a little too good at it” Jin wanted to add, as he other turned and blushed

“T-thank y-you” Kame stuttered, why the hell of was he stuttering again, kame cursed himself, Jin just looked at his new housemate when a sound of a horn was beeping away outside.

“That my ride, I have to go.... I will be back at 7pm today” Jin announced waving as he walked himself out the door, leaving a sighing kame in the house. It was hard getting use to living with someone. It use to be him and ran. ‘oh how he missed in his puppy so much he has been so comfortable with his life like it was once he got thrown into in this world unexpectedly. He was always the type for up for you new things but this adventure beats all the adventure in the past. Just too weird but he couldn’t stop smiling about it inside and out, everything is worthwhile

For a moment kame worrisome thoughts were focused on his dog, he hadn’t fed her in 3 days straight. ‘He just hoped that yamapi is feeding her while he’s gone’   pouting as he felt hopeless sitting here unable to find a way home to his real world, he wanted to cry out what he his confused heart was pouring out into his mind right now, mixed with worries and happiness at the same time. How he did and did not want to go home, while he loved been here with his sim that he created, he missed his real life, yamapi, ryo and ran-chan. As annoying as his boss Nishikido Ryo was, he missed the stupid ranting, and he missed his stupid friend who listens tohis ranting about his stupid lover’s accusations on me, and he missed how his best friend would laugh at him about it. Telling me not to worry and not to take it too personally when he says things like that, because he doesn’t mean anything when he says it; not to mention his little one who think owns the king size bed in his apartment. Kame flopped himself on the cough as he sunk into the cushions laughing at the memories of ran being a pain in the bum. Just when he was about to close his eyes again to take a nap with the doorbell rang through his ears.

“Must be the neighbour visit to say hello to Jin...”Kame said softly

“He’s not here, he’s gone to work...”Kame said in a small sing –along- voice, a few seconds of silence the doorbell rang again. Sighing in defeat, knowing the person will not go away, he lifted himself was the couch walk to the front door and opened it.

“Hello, Jin is not in right now” Kame answered as he was at man whom he recognised from the game named ‘Andy Mcgraw’ the only words that came out of kame’s mouth was wow. Tall, dark and handsome just like Jin.

“Hey there, I know you, you’re that impressive dancer at that club right?” The man smiled making kame’s heart flutter a little at the smirk, not daring to look out at the man, afraid that it’s a bad thing to do

“Hi....” kame responded softly as the man smiled

“You don’t to need to be so shy “ the man said “I won’t bite you... you were really good by the way.” the main continued  smirking

“I’m Andy, you?” the main said in a friendly tone, slowly looked up at the man who was smiling from ear to ear, which looked like his annoying best friend he saw every day, yamapi, with that thought kame relaxed a little

“Kamenashi Kazuya” Kame introduced himself politely

“So, where’s Jin?” the man asked

“He’s gone to work at the moment he’ll be back about 7pm “Kame answered as saw the other nod

“Can I come in? “The man asked as kame was hesitant a little because this wasn’t his house it was Jin’s house not his. So he step out outside closing the door as he kame at the man

“How about we go somewhere, I’m new around here I moved here to Pleasantville with my friend and he hasn’t showed me around the neighbour yet, would like to do the honours?” Kame lied as he laughed a little the man just smiled back

“Sure no problem...” the man replied

“You hungry? My treat for being the newbie to our town” as kame in response as the man Andy smiled at the cute gesture.


The Sim called Andy and kame sat at the table looking at the menu, Andy was pondering harder and kame was staring at the menu with wide eyes at how many choices that one menu had as the waiter stand wait for them take their order.

Andy closed the menu “I’ll have the steak please with salad” he said as kame up looked “I’ll have the Lobster with sweet and sour mash, please” Kame replied to the waiter as she wrote down their orders, taking the menu’s away

“pretty expensive dish you ordered?” Andy said to kame just smiled, sweetly at the man

“Never Liked lobster, but ever since Jin cooked it for me at home, I’ve grown a liking to it. I normally eat squid” Kame answered sincerely when realisation hit him

“I can order something different, that’s not so expensive, I’m sorry” kame apologised getting room sitting up from the table wanting to change his order but the sim Andy stopped him shaking his head with a smile.

“Don’t worry about, I did say that I would treat you, therefore it’s cool” the sim said, as kame sat feeling very guilty all of a sudden about his meal.

“I’m sorry, I promise I’ll repay your kindness once I find myself a job here” Kame said nodding as the sim just smiled again

“don’t rush, kazuya its okay really” the sim said a little amused for the desperate need to pay him back so soon “You just moved here right, take it slow to adjust first, simoleons is not my first prior in life, so calm down”

“So. You normally eat squid? Hmm? Never heard of such a food..”Andy replied “Is that what you eat from your hometown?” Andy asked as kame nodded again

“Yep, everyday especially when it’s fresh, that’s the best in Tokyo” Kame said happily

“Tokyo? Is that your hometown? It sounds really far away...” The sim Andy responded, as kame just let out a smirk

“Yeah, it seems like really away” Kame said in a longing tone, Andy patted his shoulder “Don’t worry, you can always go back any time right? What’s stopping you?” Andy answered as he kame shrugged

“I guess I have lot of complications are really..” Kame responded as andy nodded “So, you’re one of those individuals?” Andy said grinning as he pointed at kame looked at him

“What do you mean by one of those individuals?” kame asked a slightly offended by being classified in such a title, Andy shook his head

“Independent individuals, living and alone getting use to the environment around you and then wanting to change your lifestyle so you moved here” Andy explained, as kame smiled looking up at him

“Something like that...” kame answered as the sim looked at him with that friendly look “I think you’ll fit perfectly well into his area, just a matter of socialization and making good friends, like your friend and my friend Jin. It’s not hard” Andy grinning happily

“You are always welcome to come and visit me if you have any problems that silly Jin can’t solve” Andy assured kame who just laughed at the Andy’s personality gestures

“You remind me of someone I once knew in my town, my partner I work with” kame nodded “ I think you guys are pretty similar but he’s not as generous as you, as to treating me to a meal” Kame blurted out

“Well, then I guess we should be great friends in the future!” Andy announced, kame smiled more after a little of feeling comfortable talking to the sim called Andy he found most relaxing as their meals arrived to continue to talk about lot of things in his world that don’t exist in this world to the other who was intrigued about the stories.

Andy showed kame around the city of the sim world, taking in every new thing that his new friend had taught him all the surprises and the latest gossip of everybody in town that they saw on the street, and laughing. During that whole experience about the knowledge of this Pleasantville world of the Sims he had reached home to Jin’s house. It was already 8pm, opening the door with a smile on his face, wanting to be greeted by his sim but to his surprises wasn’t there. Kame pouted mentally as closed the door behind him.

Making his way outside as he sat on the swing looking up at the sky, it was complete black as the stars shone so brightly in the dark black sky he smiled at such scenery, lifting himself from the swing to lie on the concrete ground to stare up at the sky,. There was no wind like Tokyo in the sky so it wasn’t cold outside. Stargazing at the beautiful scene, he felt these two worlds had something in common were the same about his world and the Sims world....

Two worlds, so different but they share the same sky right now... so Tokyo doesn’t feel so far away as he thought it did...  Slowly without realising he his eye lids started to get heavier, and heavier until he was fast asleep


Jin opened the door to his house stepping in slowly as the door behind him, the lights were on but there was no but sign of his new housemate anywhere in the house, Jin sighed it off, dragging himself to the bathroom to have a quick shower, right at that moment the water hit him, he smiled at the feeling of the water running down his skin, how calming it felt against it. Turning off the taps, feeling refreshed as he stepped out of the shower to his room to look out the window at the night sky he smiled.

That’s one sight he loved at the most after a refreshing shower the sight of a pitch black sky with trillions of stars up there, opening the door to outside to lie on the ground on the concrete floor as he looked up with a smile. Ever since that boy came into his world, his mind started wonder if there are other worlds out there different to this one, he would want to see. Somehow pondering on that subject about his new housemate he smirked, there was something different how him, with the others in town. Maybe because he’s not from around here, not mention those hip rolls he did on the dance floor that was sight that shocked him the most.  From as far as he could remember all the girls that he had dated, even Mei for that matter, never hip rolls like that on the dance floor could one to such attraction just by the way he dancers. Does that mean had an attraction to guys or he’s just  attracted that such a body like this just so happens to be a male? He didn’t know the answer but his sexuality preference wasn’t an issue in this world of his. It didn’t matter how wanted to know the answer.

Right at the moment he turned to his side only to find a body a few inches away from him, in that instant Jin sat up from the floor and looked down at the sleeping figure that was fast asleep on the ground curled in a ball. Jin just stared at the sleeping boy for a moment; he was beautiful Jin thought, that’s all he could think of right now, staring that sleep face and beautiful that figure was. Looking so peaceful and content a while sleeping there, a sudden chilled wind gust by making the boy shiver a little as Jin watched as he shifted a little closer into space between for warmth. Somehow that gesture made Jin smile a little nervous, why the hell was he nervous over some ‘sexy hip rolling kid’ Jin asked himself seriously.

Without hesitation he lift himself from the ground while turning to hook one arm around the smaller man’s shoulder and the other under the boy’s knees, carrying into him in the house, he could feel the soft snores coming from the other as he feel the warm breathe on his neck, feeling the arms embrace him a little tighter around his neck.

mmm...”Kame mumbled making Jin stop in his tracks to look at the smaller man in his arms, he looked so innocent at that moment, that flawless skin, the nicely shaped eyebrows, short pitch black hair that all falls in the right place. Shaking his head out of thinking such nonsense about the smaller boy that he had just met someone he doesn’t even know, once reaching his room his placed the boy to his bed under the covers. He crouched down to look at that angel sleeping face again with a sincere smile ‘sweet dreams you damn brat’ closing the door to his room.


Jin opened the door to his room to his room ready to yell at the smaller boy to get up already only to find that his bed was made and empty, he sighed looking around the room, he smirked a little. At least his housemate was a clean one; he didn’t have worry about having a dirty person for a housemate. Wanting to go to the bathroom, he steps in to find in the bathtub full of water and bubbles with a figure inside Jin stared at the figure for a moment, while Kame smiled sitting up want to get out, he stopped in his tracks to find Jin’s eyes transfixed on him with the bubbles covering his private bits that slowly started to fall.

“Sorry…” Jin said shutting the door after him. Less than a few minutes a aloud scream he could be heard from the bathroom as he Jin was quiet relaxing on his bed reading the newspaper when kame running out of the bathroom fully dressed and still beet red in the face looking at the calm older figure on the bed.

“DON’T YOU SIMS HAVE NO SHAME AT ALL, WALKING INTO A BATHROOM WITHOUT EVEN HAVING THE CURTOSITY TO KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING!” kame shouted at the other was quietly doing his own thing, when he saw the figure standing ranting on about something as he looked up the smaller boy.

“Wow, calm down. I said I was sorry, I Just happen to forget that I have a housemate from time to time because to living by myself” Jin defended as kame clam down a little he starting to think he created an Idiot more than a hunka-rama pretend lover in a virtual game.

“so you’re done? If you are I’m going to take my shower now...” Jin announced before lifting himself up from the bed to wash up.  Kame watched as his sim close the door behind him.

“Pervert…” Kame muttered, before storming to the kitchen, that he liked the best, he walked to the fridge and pulled a tray at it for a little while before smiling as he closed the fridge he turned around as the presence of his sim made him throw the tray and lose his balance. Being Jin he caught the tray and tray before they hit the floor. His sim’s hair was still wet he could seen some strands were dripping his water at the tip, something that he also noticed when was playing the game, making the other blush himself a the position they were in as Jin was so close to him like this the other day to, quickly shaking himself out of the sims comfortably grip around him immediately. Jin just rubbed his chest from the rough pull away as looked at the embarrassed other sighing in annoyance.

“That’s the second time in 2 days. Didn’t I tell you to be more careful...”Jin repeated to the other as kame looked at him annoyed

“W-well... S-sstop-ping ss-surpriss-ing like that al-l the t-time then....”Kame answered, stuttering his words out, as he felt his cheeks burn with in- embarrassment.

“W-what a-are y-y-you still doing here, don’t you have w-w-work?” Kame stuttered again as the sim moved a little closer to him with that smirk on his face, quickly turned his face as Jin leaned against the kitchen bench top.

“It’s a Saturday, I don’t work Saturday and Sundays... I’m totally free for two days” Jin announced relaxing in the chair

“oh, yeah, that’s right i forgot these are these days that I make you build up your cleaning, logic and guitar skills I have to say" Kame smiled proudly ”I’m rather impressed with myself that is but I am rather curious to know “Kame started he  spotted something as his smile grew wider as Jin watched as the other sprinted into his sims backyard and looked around second contraption that he wanted to test out.

“I’ve always wanted to know why you like this so much as well as cooking your lobster dish all the time” Sitting on the pillows and as he took the tube and started blowing as the bubble came out of the top, making him giggle and blew on it again a little harder, sooner or later Jin joined him, as they were floating the air laughing and competing against each other of who was going the highest.

“I wish my world was this much fun, the only thing fun in my world is shopping and clubbing. That’s what I can afford with the rent that I pay” Kame blurted out as Jin looked at the other

“So, is that why you made me, you made out of the life that you that was totally different from yours?”Jin asked curious as kame smirked, shrugging a little

“Guess that was part of it...”kame smiled with he stopped as he turned to look at his sim for a moment “Hey! Since when did you start believing me...?”Kame asked surprised, the sim Jin just shrugged,

“I believed it was a stupid story that I’ve never heard, about you suddenly ending up in my house; in my bed and your behaviour and this world called Tokyo to claim to have come from, it must real, and you seem the person to someone” Jin answered as kazuya looked at him for a while as Jin just at that expression finding it almost too amusing , looking back at the sky

“Last night, when I carried you back to my bed, Mei came over. She was demanding me to wake you up to teach her lessons your dancing skills.” Jin smirked at that

“It seems like your dancing have rubbed off on my friend and not to mention other another close of my friend as well” Jin smirking while he chuckled

“He was telling me over the phone how he saw you at the club too, and how he took you out to see the neighbourhood and out to lunch ”Jin said shaking his head how he wanted to smash his friend’s face in hearing such word coming out of his friend’s about his housemate. Jin suddenly thought to himself ‘why was he so angry that night about how Andy was talking about new his housemate, not that he cared people think about other people, why he seemed to care about the smaller boy and the other doing. After a long pause he turned his head back to the smaller man that was next to him, only to the fidgeting a little, looking somewhat in embarrassed.

“A-a-rre you okay...?” Jin said a little worried, when he felt a slap on his face. Jin growled in annoyance he turned back again but this angry “What the hell was that for?” Jin shouted as he rubbed his injured cheek from pain of the smaller man’s slap.

“I didn’t ask you to carry me!!” Kame blurted out in embarrassment, blushing to his ears, with the thought of his sim carrying him back to the bed.

“Did you expect me to leave you out there?” Jin wailed sharply as kame just like looked at other man who saying another word

“No..but..well, um yeah, kind of...”kame started “but sims aren’t purpose to carry another sim...” mumbled the sentence under his breath, as Jin heard it loud and clear, smirking

“Whatever your planet you are from? I want to visit it someday, I’m dying to know what it’s like...”Jin said curious, kame looked up at his sim and pouted at that.

“It’s a world full of hardships and survival more or less, I can’t find myself living carefree in my world than here. There is nothing to see in my world, why would want to see it? ”Kame said not daring to look at his sim’s eye, afraid that he he’s stupid or something. Before kame knew it, his sim leaned a little closer to him to his ear to whisper making kame hold his breathe

“Let’s just say  I’m intrigued by you, it makes me want to know about why you are the spoilt brat that you are...”Jin whispered as could the feel the hot breath flowing through his ear before kame could the slap the other again, he tugged by the wrist

 “Where are going..?” kame said softly, as he could feel his heart beating like crazy in his chest ready to explode any minute when his sim took his wrist. He didn’t understand this feeling at all, how he could feel this way for a virtual computer game, it was just plain weird. But somehow he felt happy; he knew it was stupid that he had created Jin as his sim out of his boredom and loneliness and turned him in a bachelor for any girl to like him.

 But for some odd reason he ended up in this house that he built and styled up himself came his house as well. Maybe Yamapi was right, maybe he did create Jin to be the ideal lover for himself.

To be continued....