[FIC] - Along came a Storm - Chapter 18

Author Note: Everyone, I know it has been forever since I've updated this one, but here is chapter 18,  I'm sorry if it's not to your liking, forgive me!!  **hides from getting bricked**  I'm currently on a plane at the moment heading to LA!! HAHAHAH!  so I'm to try to write as much as I can before I land. I'm too excited to sleep hahahhah! I need to write!!!!

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 “I think I’ve fallen in love with you ….” Jin blurt out earnestly, as kame widened at that confession “Will you let me love you Kamenashi kazuya…”

Jin patiently waited for an answer but he was greeted with a hard push to the ground, as kame bolted to the bathroom with the older man trying to follow but got a door slammed into his face reach there. Kame leaned his back against the door as the latter from the other side just gave out a sigh doing the same.

“Don’t ask me such a weird question?” Kame snapped pretending to be angry at the other, leaned his head to press his hear against, he could the reselling behind it from which sounds like jeans hitting the door

“It’s not a weird question” kame heard the older man’s annoyed tone, where as Jin was annoyed by the other’s response when he was being serious. They fell silent for a moment, as kame could hear the man’s breathing in and out evenly for some reason at that small gesture he smiled.

“I’m sorry” Kame heard from the other side but still stayed silent “I feel that my straightforwardness seems to upset people” Kame heard the celebrity speak a but again he didn’t answer the man to listened to him

“Kazu, are you listening?” celebrity called as kame to shook his head against the door, as though knowing the younger man’s he grinned happily

“Don’t call me that?!” Kame answered, Jin just sighed once again

“I’m sorry” Jin repeated for some reason the older man apologise started to amuse him a little, wondering why the other was apologising for

“Why are you apologising to me?”Kame asked with a smile, once the words left the older man’s lips that let out a sincere smile

“Because I called you kazu I guess...” Jin said in a teasing tone as kame pouted behind the door

“Since when did you apologise for anything you did or say to me” kame softly, he could the older man sighed

“I have this need to say sorry million times for a lot of things, about that time when you were hurt but all I could think about was the food that I was cooking for our date” Jin said, kame smiled at that ‘Jin cooked for him’ no one has ever cooked for him except his mother before she drove him out the house.

“I failed to realise that you were in trouble, that I had to get two of my friends to realise that I was idiot...”Jin said sheepishly with a nervous smirk as he lent his head against the door with his hood hiding his face under it.

“That day when I saw how angry and upset you, I never use to care about someone before, so every time they would tell me something important or cry I’d just walk away not care of looking back, but you.... you ... were different.” Jin smiled remembering when he first saw the boy

“When I first saw you, you were an annoying brat, I thought but when I saw you sleeping on that couch, you looked like an innocent brat with that look it just made me want to wrap you in my arms and hug you, but for a few days I brushed off the feeling and denied them, so I ended up hating you more.”Jin explained as he chuckled

“It seemed like the more I made you angry the more I seemed to enjoy your company” Jin honestly “I’m happy to say....”Jin started as he lifted himself up from the ground to turn face the door

“I’m glad that I hated you that time, because it only made to realise that I didn’t hate you, but in fact I was starting to like you.....more.” Jin honestly as kame clearly hears it but he still didn’t answer he just smiled wanting to listen to the other pour his heart which made him happy and excited in a way.  

“I liked you so much, I was so focused on impressing you, but I only ended up hurting you in the worst possible way, I don’t expect you to forgive me for that” Jin swallowed as he pressed on

“but I just want you to know that you’re not just a fling like those girl’s in those magazines, or those girls in those clubs I go to and the scandals that appears with me in them, you are more than that, your special to me which is why I agreed to help you because you have a great talent that should be known for that I’d be happy to be your model” Kame felt the tears prickly his eyes at those words.

Jin really had thought that about his work; no one has said that to him in a along it was always his father and my three brothers that gave him the courage to do everything on his own. And to have his celebrity that he truly admired say something like that he was happy, he covered his mouth to silence the sob so the other could not hear them from at the other side

“Kazu?” Kame heard from behind the door

“I said don’t call me that.!!” Kame wailed in sobbing tone at reassured that the younger man was crying but he was happy

“Will you stop crying and open this door already” Jin said from the other side

“I’M NOT CRYING!” Kame choked out his sobs

“Quit you’re whining and open this door already and let me to do what I’ve been wanting to do in the last 24 hrs” Kame lifted himself from the ground but did so such thing as unlocking the door

“What if I don’t you let you in here and not let you do what you want to do...”kame said, hearing the man chuckle from the other side

“Then I guess you’re just stuck in there for the entire night, I’m stuck here with your pet EVIL so called pet!” Jin growled in annoyance seeing the innocent pet treading around the unit as though she had done nothing wrong to him.

While the older man sat, sticking out his fingers for the puppy to come closer to him, the puppy only sniffed his fingers and backed away from the unknown smell of the older man barking at him

“Oi... do I smell that bad?” Jin slightly offended by kame’s pets’ reaction to him, the little pet gave out a few barks before sniffing that hand again then backing away. The reaction made Jin smile the cute the fluffy dog bouncing up and down, kame came out from the side of the bathroom that connected his room as he watched from the gap of his bedroom door, that smile was so different to what he saw in the magazines, to genuine not forced at all, with that it made his heart beat faster.

He saw the older get up from the ground, making kame closed the door a little so that older could not see him, while he continued to watch at a distance as Jin chased the pet dog around the unit but the older man failed to catch the fluffy canine, kame held in a giggle. Kame didn’t know why he didn’t want to the older man maybe it was just impossible to believe that no doubt handsome celebrity that he admired was standing in his house, wanting to help him, and claiming his love for him in his house as well. It felt too real and too good to be true. He was never good at relationships with girls or guys he’d always end up heartbroken, he didn’t want that again. That Agony of pain loving someone then until one day they leave you for someone else after a few years, as much as he loved the model he loved the older man he doesn’t want to be a burden to him, because to kame that’s what relationships were and celebrity he didn’t want to that chance.

Kame saw the man against the door again with a satisfied smile on his face looking at his ran dog who was wagging his tail at Jin with her tongue sticking out

“I understand now why they say that pets take after their master’s habits; you’re exactly like him right now, you are scared to be close to me too” Jin bitterly looked at the pet who was happily a fair distance away from him, he sighed

“Cute and Loveable at the same time but out of my reach” Jin mumbled in annoyance as he glared at the door that younger was supposedly behind still when he kame was actually watching him from the far corner of his room, unnoticed by him.

“Just like you...” Jin smiled sheepishly leaning against the door “I’m falling in love with you every day, even if you have locked me out right now, I love you more and yet I don’t know to show all that time. Tell me kazu...” leaning his head against the door 

“Tell me what I should to make you understand, that my feelings for you are real and not some trick...”Jin asked, at that moment of seriousness was short when Jin’s phone ran, Jin growled in responses who calling him at this time of the night when he was in a serious situation right now.

“What?!” Jin screamed in English to the caller, kame the older man cringe suddenly

“I am Sorry, What can I do for you?” Jin mumbled on in English impressing him every English word that came out of his mouth. He had heard the older man when to the US to promote his modelling career internationally for 6 months but he never knew older man’s English was that good for that short amount of time, he was smiling at that and thinking the man sounded undeniably sexy when he talked like that. Soon the older man cut off his thoughts of the sexy English speaking back to Japanese.

“I have leave for a bit, I’m sorry I can’t stay here all night but my International Manager is here in Japan and he wants me to see him right away” Jin explained after taking a piece of paper from his back and scribbled something on it place it on the table before turning back around.

“I’ll see you soon...” Jin said before smiling once for more to take his leave out through the front door, disappearing from the smaller man’s house.

Kame ran over to the kitchen bench and picked up the note that had left for him along with his spare key to his apartment the one that older man taken from him, as he read it and smiled, hugging to his chest

I’ll visit you again tomorrow.

Thanks for dinner even though I didn’t get to eat all of it.


He was happy, he may have lost his great designs but because ‘the Akanishi Jin’ was here he was happy that it all happened.


“YOU HAVE SOME GUTS TO STEP IN HERE!” Ueda growled while being held back by Junno who wasn’t why the boy came back there he wasn’t exactly pleased either seeing the presents

“Why are you here, don’t you think you’ve damage already?” Junno snapped at the boy hid behind the wall in guilt but then deserved it

“He knows it, that’s I brought him here so he can help us...”another voice, a voice that ueda was too familiar with pushing Junno off him stomping over to celebrity ready to another punch for bring the enemy near him again, but he hand was stopped by Ryo who was smiling at him which only made ueda Angier

“Calm down Hime” Ryo teased, staring into those angry eyes, clearly amused

“Are you asking for another black eye” ueda snapped with gritted teeth “You’ve hit once but you won’t able to hit me again, hime” Ryo challenged his secret lover smiled

“You care to wager on that” Ueda smiled “I do, but now there things that are at hand than our petty quarrels of who is stronger” Ryo whispered huskily into his lover’s who shivered at the hot breath in his ear.

‘Coughs!’ Junno interrupting the two lovers “I still here” Junno snapped annoyed tone

“Your just jealous!! Because you can’t a girlfriend and you only have your game” Ueda retaliated back

“And I’m fine with that, please I refuse to see you flirting public when, we have a situation at hand about and the person that is standing right there who is responsible for kame being so depressed is it because of him and the idiot running this stupid boutique shop laughing away getting with my best friend’s hard work stripped just so he can be number one in the world and here you two are being that I couldn’t care less of than working in this god damn shop!” Junno screamed out in frustration as a deep breath to his raging heart beating to calm down.

“He’s Jealous” the three men nodded unison

There’s was a long silence before everyone’s eyes fell on the figure kneeling on the floor with his arms and he back forward touching the floor

“I’m sorry, I know I have caused you a lot of trouble, I know it’s going to take time to give me for everything that I have wronged you for and your friend kame. I have already apologised to him, many times, I wanted him to know how sorry so I offered to be in student but he won’t accept me. But I can understand why, so this is why I’m here, I will take any punishment you a pose of me to do." Hiroki spoke from his heart, he was sorry he couldn’t believe that revenge could take him so far in the water to make me betray his and only idol Kamenashi Kazuya. He felt the biggest idiot in the world for doing that to him.

Thinking for all that, he started to sob a little sitting a little not daring to look up from the ground

“I’m so sorry” was all hiroki to his idol’s friend, maybe his idol didn’t accept him, and he wanted to least that his idol’s friend his sincerely apologise was real with that he cried

“I was a failure next to my father, every mistake I did he would just laugh and say everything was okay, My father was so busy everything he started to not come very because it was working on projects, that time I found my to be hopeless of everything in fashion without my father around, he taught me a lot of things about everything he knew about fashion but I just didn’t have the talent to remember any of it.  Hiroki explained, fisting his jeans as he continued

“I tried so hard to find the inspiration that my father got, I walked past a designers shop, mesmerized by it, that’s when I bumped into a man called keisuke introduce himself as, and I still remember what he said to me 

Fashion is not what it is to be, it’s what you make it to be in your own way even it’s nothing”  Hiroki a small pained smile remembering that

“Because of that, line I wanted to learn about the industry I started to under more and more, I was happy that I got myself into the Design/creative arts in Tokyo University what I wanted to surprise him so I went to visited him with when I worked for JE Designs I was only met to a distressed man who I recognized the man gave me the courage to study my hardest, holding my father in his arms.


“Keisuke-san..” Hiroki said

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING DON’T JUST STANDING THERE? Call the ambulance quick!!!” the other older man bellowed at him as Hiroki made his into the room as he frantically dialed the emergency number about 20 minutes the ambulance pulled up in front to building as both of the older man and Hiroki got into the ambulance

“Father, hang in there!” Hiroki sadly applying pressed to the wound on his father’s stomach so that more blood out

“Who are you and what happened?” Hiroki asked as he turned to the older man

“I came to your father to talk to him about something, I heard him with someone, so I decided to come back later” the older man said the sickly on man on the ambulance tugged onto the boy’s selves urging him to lean down closer as Hiroki did just that

“Yes, father what is it….?” Hiroki asked gently

“Hiro-k-…. Hir-o—ki that-“the older stuttered in a weak voice couldn’t make out his words

“Kame-n-na-sh…..i, S-stop j…” the older man fell silent as the machine stopped when the machine beep line went flat

“Father?” Hiroki spoke as he swallowed hard as he shook him

“FATHER!!” Hiroki screamed in the ambulance as the older man stopped him from struggling

“No! Father!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Hiroki screamed as he cried

Flashback ended

That night Keisuke-san told me told me everything about him, about his father were best friends and that they were working on a project together that was to be completed soon.

A few days later was my father’s funeral so attended and wanted to tell my about the good news that I was progressed in my life I wanted to move a step forward like him, but I just ended up standing there staring at his grave crying like I use every time in front of my father. There was no one there to say ‘it’s okay, it’s alright’ when the reality really hit me hard that day that he was gone for good.


“Father, why did you have to go and leave me now when I just graduated, even keisuke-san disappeared and he promised me that he he’s help and support me, who I fool to believe him, father?” Hiroki said as he squatted down placing bunch of flowers on his father’s grave wiping his tears away

“Keisuke can’t help you…” Hiroki heard a voice from behind him as he turned to older man

“What...” Hiroki said in annoyance of the older man talking to him

“He lied to you, don’t you see?” walking up to the other as he stood next to the boy

“I saw your person who murdered your father, and that’s not all he even stole your father’s designs” The man said

“You’re wrong! Keisuke-san was a friend of my father’s he would never murder anyone, him and my father were best friends, that’s impossible” Hiroki retorted back to the older man as the man sneered at the other

“Even Friends betray friends when it comes to making it to the top” the man said as hiroki didn’t anything

“In the fashion world, isn’t it right to do anything to get to the top, even to be friends with the top designer to get to the top himself” the man said as he smiled at the boy’s unreadable expression.

Flashback ends

“I went through a lot of mix feelings that day, until I came confused and I could think about that keisuke lied to me, everything he was a lie, I couldn’t’ believe it, I told myself I tattooed that sentence in my head ‘Even Friends betray friends when it comes to making it to the top’” Hiroki blinked his shredded tears  I also never heard of Keisuke-san again, he was like he disappeared in thin air so I began to believe Johnny’s words” Hiroki pressed on

“I wondered around the Designer shop that I was before when I had met keisuke, that’s when I met Kamenashi, the unique JE upcoming designer in Vogue magazine from JE I felt I like I turned into original myself at that moment when I him wondering to myself why his name felt so familiar, so I research on the keisuke and found out that he had a son that was slightly older than me by two years, from there I was focus on my revenge”

Only believe that I was wrong again, after thinking that, I started to not recognise  myself anyone, that I had betrayed my father, keisuke and even if my idol Kamenashi your best friend so I started to hate myself. But now he won’t talk to me, I only hate myself more...” Hiroki sobbed again still on the floor bowing not knowing what to do but bow. After a few moments ueda came up and crouch beside him

“Here...” Ueda said as handed the other handkerchief, as hiroki reached out with a shaky hand to accept from the pretty boy

“T-thank Y-you” Hiroki said whipping his tears away with the material as ueda just smiled

“I can’t stay angry at someone who he just like Kamenashi” Ueda smiled, from that sentence he looked up at the older man stunned

“You and Kamenashi share something in common...”Junno said

“I heart needing to be healed by evil Johnny ...” Ryo said coolly

“And…..a crybaby” Ueda and Junno said in unison pointing to the other

Hiroki just pouted in response from his teary face, as the three of them just laughing at the cute expression

“Definitely a Kamenashi in the making…” Junno smiled, ueda just stood up from his crouching position as held out his hand for the younger one who look a little bewildered by the small gesture

“You can’t do you punishment sitting down can you?” Ueda said as Hiroki just shook his head, as he slowly took that a little unsure as he felt himself being pulled up.


“What do you mean it’s been delayed, it was excepted to come today I’m not going to have it on time for the next fashion show this week” Johnny yelled at his secretary

“I’m sorry there’s more bad news Johnny-san sir” his secretary had asked nervously, Johnny turned to give him a hard glare

“The Director of Popz Magazine has Takki denied your request for the winter and summer collection, he says that he found a new talent that he couldn’t pass down” The worker said as Johnny’s eyebrows fowled in annoyance

“Did he say who he was?” Johnny asked his secretary, who shook his head “Go and do some research for me will you I want to see what I’m up against with his NEW talent that he supposedly found” Johnny as his secretary nodded before disappearing out the room of his boss’s office.

“Big shot, Takki-san has found someone better than my designs?” Johnny repeated his thought he couldn’t believe it, the supposed boy must have made a big impact of him to reject my works, tapping his fingertips on the table.

“It must be Kamenashi assuming that he’s not dead but then it could be hiroki but then it couldn’t be because he remembered that boy has no talent like this father, after that brat had failed to destroy Kamenashi when he was vulnerable at the time. Johnny help but wondered why the Kamenashi and hiroki boy were still alive in the first place, he surely had locked down the place tightly that they both couldn’t escape.

Johnny smirked in annoyance damn that brat he’s not as dumb as he old man was, I might have misjudged you kazuya. It’s almost too much fun to play with you just like that old days with your father, you’ll both meet the same again, and so next time you won’t be so lucky.

“I’ll take you down, even if I have to kill you with my own bare hands along with anyone who gets in my way” Johnny sat back in his chair laughing   


It had been two weeks since that Jin came over, promising that he would come back but the man never did. He pouted at that thought, the older man failed to keep his word, holding up the latest magazine in his hand with Jin half naked of some foreign model he had no idea of, he was stupid enough to trust even just a little, he knew that was going to happen. Cooking for him, laughing with him and eating with him and playing with him, why did it feel as though every day was boring without the older man chasing after them, he should be happy shouldn’t he? He really started to miss the older man more than usual

He remember those words

I think I’ve fallen in love with you …. Will you let me love you Kamenashi kazuya…

but I just want you to know that you’re not just a fling like those girl’s in those magazines, or those girls in those clubs I go to and the scandals that appears with me in them, you are more than that, your special to me which is why I agreed to help you because you have a great talent that should be known for that I’d be happy to be your model

Tell me what I should to make you understand, that my feelings for you are real and not some trick..

Kame smiled mentally that question when as his smirk curled into a hurtful face as he looked at the magazine

“Don’t say things like that when you do a photoshoot like that idiot...”Kame grumbled, throwing the magazine into the bin as he focused back on the notebook in his front of him trying to the think of that foreign girl all over Jin. No doubt would like a girl like that perhaps had changed the older man’s mind about his sexual reference to straight again, shaking his head at the thought as he glanced at the magazine on the floor once more before kicking it away from him. His brother’s words echoed in his mind when he had called the other day

“it doesn’t mean anything it’s just a photoshoot kazuya...” Suirijo said

“How can I think it doesn’t mean any, when he’s practically lying on top of the girl ‘NAKED’ no doubt in a porno magazine” Kame screamed out in his head, blinking a few times at the blank notebook that he was given to the mysterious beautified Wonder boy called “Bou” somehow he felt privileged to have met the boy in person for the first time, Yujiro would be SURE jealous. Continuing to giggle to himself in the park just outside his apartment forgetting about the older man in that AnAn magazine;

“If you keep smiling like that, I won’t hold back” kame felt a hot huskily into his ear making him jerk backwards from the suddenly gesture as he turned around abruptly as he was face to face with the man he was just thinking about moments ago.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Kame snapped feeling the annoyance attitude take over him even though he wanted to ask ‘where was the other a week ago’ kame let his eye’s wonder he saw how perfect long locks tied behind in neat ponytail as the sunglasses covering his eyes; to the David Lawrence fitted long sleeve shirt with the two button were unbutton revealing a little to kame’s eyes as perverted eyes were transfixed on the muscular arms and torso that fitted clearly outline them perfectly, those D&G baggy yet slight ripped jeans covering his Nike branded shoes. God kame thought looked those he came out of a magazine

“Your drooling...”Jin teased while leaning a little closer to the other, with that kame broke out of his dreamy state about the older man pulling up his to protect his face from to the older man from getting closer and closer hitting him accidently.

“That’s maybe the fourth time you’ve abused me ...” Jin countered

“Serves you right...” Kame snapped out poking out his tongue at Jin before turning around to stare of the first page of the blank notebook again and started to draw something

“What’s that you doing?” Jin picked up the notebook from the table looking at it strange “Hey! It’s a notebook give it back!” Kame hollered at the other as he tried to reach of it but failed miserably but not long before the book was placed in front of him neatly

“That’s it, no chasing you around anything, accidently on top of you ...”Kame ask astonished as to his surprised he turn beet red from the suddenly closest of the older man’s face to his wondering when the other had taken off sunglasses that he was wearing a moment ago; he didn’t move from the closes, he just focused his eyes on the ground, making Jin grin widely at the blushing face in front of him.

“It’s not like you to be disappointed...” Jin whispered hotly in his again, before he could he could reach the younger man’s pouty lips kame stomped on his foot underneath the table

“OW!!” Jin fell off the bench holding in foot in pain, as he pouted at the other

“That’s hurt kazu-chan, what was that for?”Jin pouted more holding his injured foot, as took his shoes to rub it “I don’t want your face anywhere near me, you got that and stopping calling me that!” Kame snapped out angrily at the other with his face still beet red, turning back to his notebook concentrating on the desk at hand, as older man pouted more at the angry other.  

“Mou, Are you angry at me because I didn’t show up that day after at your house. I actually came here to apologise for that” Jin explained sitting next to younger man who wasn’t looking at him as Jin clearly hear a sigh

“I don’t care less what you do in your photo shoots with a girl you don’t even know...”Kame answered while he continued to draw, as looked at him horrified

“You knew?!” Jin replied back

“Yeah, you’re a celebrity it’s not surprising that you’ll be in a porno magazine” Kame coldly, cringed a harsh of the younger man’s voice but he knew why he have to see the latter’s expression who was indeed sulking, he continued to stare at the other

“I had an argument with my manager a week ago and about a magazine photoshoot that I had to do that I wasn’t happy about” Jin tried to explain, but kame didn’t answer him he only tapped his pen on his note book in front of him deep in thought. Being Jin not pleased when he was being annoyed, he gently grabbed the latter’s hand for a moment turning to the latter with a grin.

“Let’s go window fit shopping” Jin announced as kame finally looked up at him confused half amused

“Go what...?” Kame asked not understanding what the older man meant before he could render another word, he was pulled from the table with the notebook that bou clasped tightly in his arms worrying it might drop it from the sudden tug.

“W-what are you doing?” Kame ask getting flustered again all of a sudden

“We are going shopping to get some inspiration ...” Jin corrected his sentence smiling “Which is window fit shopping” Jin beamed harder of the shocked young along with him.

To   B e  C o n t i n u e d 


[FIC] Poison Beauty - Chapter 9

Kame lifted himself from the bed as he glanced over his shoulder, smiling at the sight that he would never get tired from looking: that perfect smouldering face the other was wearing while sleeping. Kame drank in the sight of the man’s muscular shape that he had felt every time their skins were in contact with each other; he loved how every time he touched the older man’s skin and felt its response, the goose bumps forming on that muscular arm and perfect body. Lifting his hand to touch the other’s collarbone, he watched in amusement as the latter jerked a little; he moved closer to brush his cold tongue on that spot as he listened to the other letting out a soft whimper urging him to keep going, that simple whimper brought a wide seductive grin to the younger latter’s  face.

“mmm, delicious” Kame moaned as he continued his torturous teasing but he knew Jin loved it as much as he did just by the way his body reacted. He loved the power he having over the older man. A touch of his seductiveness would have the other giving him what he wants. Moving to spread his legs on either side as Kame rolled his hips as though he was dancing, making their hardening erections rubbed against each other as continued his hips rolling in different angles, smirking and leaning his head back as the moans mixed together, pinching his own nipples at the overwhelming pleasure that was over taking his body at the moment.

At that moment he pulled the covers away to reveal more of the latter’s perfectly toned torso; practically drooling and smiling at the sight of the temping exposed skin in front of him twitching each time his fingers swept over the ticklish spots. Kame leaned down to the other’s collarbone and licked it hotly; sighing, enjoying the taste of that salty sweet taste of the older man. He continued to kiss, leaving trails of his saliva down the older man’s navel as he pulled playfully at the belly button ring making the older man let out another satisfied groan as it brought smiles to the younger vampire’s face when he felt Jin’s hand slowly moving to fist the thick black hair lightly.

“It seems I have found another sensitive spot on you…” Kame chuckled with delight, moving back up to suck on the collarbone harder. He loved the way the other squirming underneath him. The warmth that his cold body had been craving ever since he first touched it; longing for more of the heat up against his own. Jin had grown a fast liking to Kame’s teasing, he loved how it always sent him in overdrive, the wonderful feeling of those cold fingers moving up and down his body in a way that it sent sparks of electricity through his system that left him wanting more.

“Is that what you do all day and night to your victims,” Jin smirked, as he gave a tight squeeze at the younger man’s fine round butt cheeks making the other moan satisfied with the action that only excited him more.

“Attacking them while they are trying to sleep?” Jin said, capturing those cold lips with his own before changing his position so that he was on top of the younger man.

“Please, cut the crap of you’re a devoted detective, as far as I know from what a devoted detective is: you don’t sleep because you are far too busy trying to arrest the criminals that haunt the streets of Tokyo …” Kame said between kisses as racked his cold slender fingers through that warm floppy hair.

“You mean criminals like you...” Jin teased, taking the hands from his hair to pin them above the latter’s head, Jin began to ravish Kame’s neck as his hands wandered all over Kame’s torso; slipping around the silky material of the kimono that draped the younger man’s shoulders, wondering when the latter had put it back on.

“Maybe, plus, you’re my favourite victim, yet I have no thought of getting rid of you for a while,” Kame smirked in satisfaction as the older man sealed his lips.  

“Your favorite huh?” Jin said, biting the nipple between his teeth as he could taste the copper of that cold blood and sucking on it, for some reason the taste had been so intoxicating so much that he craved for it; for a moment he stopped.

“Jin… “ Kame breathlessly called out to the latter but the older man didn’t respond, at that moment Kame lifted himself up only to be faced with an unreadable expression on the other’s face, for some reason he could see the confusion along with the lust and thirst in the latter’s eyes, that confused look he once had 6 years ago when Ryo first turned him. After a few seconds, Jin snapped out of it, returning to what he was doing and stared at the gorgeous looking boy on his bed, letting out a chuckle to break the silence.

“I’m sorry, did I do something wrong” Jin said snapping back to his original state to pleasuring the boy who letting out a pleasure grunt, that brought smiles to the latter’s face, continued to slide his tongue against that cold skin enjoying the taste of it.

“What was that just now?” Kame questioned the man’s sudden change of personality, but it was soon all forgotten. Letting out a loud moan as he felt the latter’s wet cavern swallow his erection to its base; bringing an amazing pleasure to the lower half of his icy cold body, making him forget everything and focusing on the pleasure at hand instead, this was Jin, no one else but just him, Only him.


“This is amazing...”Jun looked at the body astounding, when he cut the man’s arm there was no blood, not even a drop left in this man’s body. The blood had been sucked out of the body clean.

“Whatever did this is a monster...”Jun said, a little horrified at the body on the floor, turning to Yamapi who had been looking around the place for any clues when he had arrived at the crime scene.

“You said you witnessed this murder, did you see the person’s face?”Jun asked as Yamapi just shook his head.

“I didn’t have a good look at the person’s face, but the person had short red copper hair and holding a cigarette in his left hand; hell anyone can fit that description in the police department,” Yamapi replied in annoyance but then surprised at how he had remembered such small details, watching as the other observe the dead body.

“Purple...” Yamapi remembered, looking up at to his sempai, “I saw a flash of purple...” he said as Jun raised his eyebrow, Yamapi looked at Jun with the same expression.

“You asked me what else I had seen; that’s what I saw...” Yamapi said as Jun patted his shoulder.

“I know, but it doesn’t make sense, why a flash of purple ...” Jun wondered. “Did you happen to see where the flash of purple came from?” Yamapi shook his head at the question.

“It probably just a reflection or something,” Yamapi shrugged it off as Jun just nodded in response while examining the body. He came across the same mark on Junno’s body and the body of a woman they found in an alleyway. He was starting to think that these cases were sharing a connection but he still couldn’t put a finger on it. 

“Jun- sempai...” Yamapi called out his senior who turned to him.

“Hm? What is it?” Jun asked with a smile; Yamapi made a face at the smile.

“Don’t smile when you wear a serious expression, you look like that baka when you do...” Yamapi wailed at him, who just laughed at that statement and turned to the other with a smile.

“I just think these cases are getting weirder and weirder by the minute, it shares similar connection to the last bodies that we found.” Yamapi blinked in confusion, not knowing what the meaning, Jun gestured for the other to come closer showing what he meant. 

“Those are the same puncture wounds we saw on Jin’s ex-partner...” Yamapi said looking at the man’s neck, as Jun nodded in agreement.

“Correct...” Jun nodded, “It’s been bugging me for a while now, but I get the feeling that we are dealing with the same person, a serial killer who has a fetish or something...” Jun responded to his kouhai who also nodded in agreement.

“Come to think of it, do you have any idea where is that gloomy knuckle head? I haven’t seen him a few days now.” Yamapi asked looking around the crime scene to see if he would catch a glimpse of his partner anywhere on the site, but there were only the usual people from the department, along with him and Jun but no Jin.

“He’s usually the first one on the crime scene site,” Yamapi added, looking around.

“I granted him the week off, to let him cool down a little…” Jun said as Yamapi turned to him with an envy expression along with a pout before pretending he was in shock, Jun just smirked at his Kouhai.

“Don’t even think I’m going to give you a week off...” Jun said reading the other’s action.

“It was worth a try?” Yamapi stated. “But I understand, I hate to see him at a bar drinking his life away like that,” Yamapi admitted. At that moment someone walked into the crime scene interrupting their conversation.

“It’s been a long time...” The man smiled at the two in front of him.


A cup was placed gracefully on the coffee table in front of him, lifting up his head as he smiled at the man in front of him, while Yamapi was staring at the boy suspiciously who sitting in the chief office and having a cheerful conversation, he had never seen the boy before, who was he? He wondered.

“Tegoshi Yuya, he’s an elite secret agent that has been recommended by the FBI’s chief...” A voice was heard from behind him, as Yamapi just smirked at that statement.

“How come you’re not storming in here like you usually do, kicking the FBI’s butt for butting into our case?” Yamapi asked curiously.

“I’m not in the mood,” Jin confessed; the answer surprised him a little, ‘not in the mood’ Yamapi repeated in his head, turning to look strangely at his partner’s behaviour. He was smiling brightly and he practically was skipping to his table with happiness that he had never seen before from the older man.

“By the way, why are you here, didn’t you get granted a week off? you still have 3 more days left?” Yamapi asked.

“Well, there are cases at hand that need to be solved, and as being the senior in this department who is responsible for your mess by getting into a car accident for the 8th time in a row, who has managed to piss off the chief, way to go bakapi,” Jin sarcastically congratulated his partner in crime.

“Okay, spill it! What has gotten into you?” Yamapi asked his partner, who turned to him in a confused manner.

“What do you mean, I’m the same as usual...” Jin defended as Yamapi just continued to stare at the man for a moment.

“You never smiled at me like that...” Yamapi replied, looking at the man suspiciously.

“I don’t know what you are talking about...” Jin sternly replied, before the latter got up from his chair and walked to the front of his partner’s table.

 “Spill it!” Yamapi repeated.

“I want to meet her...” Yamapi suddenly blurted out, which made Jin raise an eyebrow.

“I want to meet this person, and thank them for changing you from being an arrogant asshole to a normal person...” Yamapi said cheerfully, and that earned him a smack over the head from the older man, he rubbed his head painfully.

“My private life is none of your business, look who’s talking?!” Jin retorted back coldly to his partner, who just smirked.

“Aw, come on...” Yamapi wailed, “We’re partners aren’t we?” he said throwing his sweetest smile at Jin; the older man looking disgusted at that facial expression.

“Put that face away from me, it’s hideous...” Jin said, shaking his head and going back to his work as heard his partner sighed.

“I will find a way to get it out of you...” Yamapi said determining with a challenged smile, “I always do, even if I don’t know that it’s happening...” as Yamapi’s answer was being ignored by Jin. It was nice to see a change to his partner’s expression, at least knowing that Jin wasn’t the gloomy person he remembered when he had first met the man. 


“Jin, this will be your new partner...Yamashita Tomohisa, ” Jun introduced, Jin looked up the other with emotionlessly stare, an expression that Yamapi had never seen before in his life, he had seen people in their depressed state before but his new partner looked like a lifeless doll who didn’t want to work with anyone.

Later during that day

Jin was on the computer typing up his report as usual, a moment or two later Yamapi popped his head out to the side as watching him closely.

“You know, you’ll be disabled if you sit sloughing in your chair like that every day?” Yamapi said, back against the wall, but he didn’t respond, just continued to type out what he needed to do. Yamapi mentally cursed at the annoying hard working man at the table in front of the computer.

“Come on, stop ignoring me, and come out for a drink at least?” Yamapi whined, but again he still didn’t get an answer, taking a deep breath in and out, he walked over to his new partner and whacked him over the head, causing the older man stumble forward, making the other hit the screen on his computer.

“WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR?” Jin growled, rubbing his head.

“Now that I have your attention, I’m hungry! It’s like 1:30pm I’ll treat...” Yamapi exclaimed happily to the other with a smile.

“I’m busy, can’t you see that, so do you mind?” Jin snapped out arrogantly.

“Yeah, I do, I refuse for my partner looking like a lifeless doll all the time... in my opinion it’s not in my books...” Yamapi  stated, dragging the man off the computer and into town.

Flashback ends

“So, what did you witness?” Jin asked as the other just shrugged.

“To be honest, I have no idea...” Yamapi said truthfully to his partner, sighing in response to his own answer before lifted himself off his desk.

“Let’s go out for a drink” Jin suddenly announced to the other, who just looked at him and then back at the pile of work on his partner’s desk.

“Don’t you need to finish that first?” he said pointing at the pile of papers, “you’d never leave your desk until you finish your work,” Yamapi smirked.

“Has your love affected you that much” Yamapi asked with his smirk growing wider.


“Ryu-chan! How nice of you to drop by, I thought you would never return to me,” Ryo sneered at the fuming other who barged through the other’ s room, holding his long steel to the other’s throat with his purple shinning with anger at the older man.

“What the hell did you do to him?” Kame asked sternly, as the older man gave him a confused expression while Kame continued to glare harder into those brown eyes.

“I don’t know what you are talking about?” Ryo lied as Kame could see clearly, before narrowing his eyes at him as pressed the sharp steel closer to Ryo.

“Don’t think you can scary me with this long steel sword, you may surprise me once or twice of how sharp and long it is but I can snap it like this... ” Ryo said as he moved, taking the steel by his hand and about to do the trick, but kame quickly rammed the sword into his stomach, surprising him yet again.

“You missed,” Ryo teased, pulling the sword out form his stomach and throwing it away, as he earned a hard slap to his cheek, making him stumble the other way. The older man turned to the delicious angry vampire boy right now, looking so tempting.

“I always like it when you were feisty when you were human...” Ryo said turning to the other once again with a smile, appearing to be unaffected as the other punched him again.

“But now, that you’re a vampire it looks way more tempting to devour you right now,” Ryo smirked.

“Don’t compare me to anything about you, I never asked you to turn me into this thing, my thoughts don’t differ from what I really feel, you arrogant bastard, you don’t own me, I’m never belonged to you. Truth! You created me, but I was never and will never belong to you. Now I’ve found someone that I can belong to and that person isn’t you!” Kame snapped at the man who stared at him for a moment remembering those words he forgotten about ages ago now.

“I have someone that can make me happy, that person isn’t you, so please just leave me alone already,” Ayumi begged her ex-lover.

“Let me guess that someone is Akanishi Jin right?” Ryo said

“What does that selfish stealer have that I don’t?” Ryo pressed on as he suddenly grabbed onto the other’s wrist, gripping it tighter as he gritted the man’s name, looking at the other who faced with a rage of angry screaming in the older man’s expression, but he didn’t faze the younger man at all, surprisingly it amused him to no end.

“You really want to know, he has a heart of a real human that has given me life,” Kame said simply, Ryo just smirked at that.

“He has heart? Everyone who has a heart has got nothing to do with his characteristic nature of how they act, it’s what they feel is right, not what their heart tells them, and he knows nothing about giving anyone a life, only misery like what he did to me. Because of him, I had nothing when I was human, his so called father put me into jail and made me suffer while they took everything from me: hopes, dreams, and love.” Ryo said, walking over to the younger man.

“He’s doing it again; he’s trying to do it again, taking everything away from me again by trying to take you away from me. I won’t allow that, you’re all I have!”

“You gave me a life of pain, suffering, burning, and screaming, not being able to eat my favourite food, only watching my friend’s at a distance as they got girlfriends, finishing their college degrees while I stay the same as I am an 18 year teenage boy who has to hide in the dark from the sunlight which I used to love so much. Now I have to run like a freak,” Kame said. “Why should I believe you, when all of what you’ve done for me is a load of bull!” Kame snapped out in annoyed whisper that dripping with anger.

“I felt the same, I was locked up in prison for 5 months before I was set free of that prison but always I couldn’t get to use to my new life compare to my old one, it took a while to adapt. As soon as I started to find my happiness of being like I am and I felt even happier when I found you.” Ryo honestly said.

“I’m sorry you had to go through many years ago, it was the only way to get you to be with me,” Ryo said while he inched closer to younger man, who didn’t know what to believe anymore.

“Come back to me, Ryu-chan and I promise that I will make it better than that self-conceited Akanishi ever will...” Ryo whispered into his ear, “Happiness lies with me not him.”

“You? Happiness? You don’t even know what happiness is to me,” Kame smirked.

“Don’t tell me it lies with that human,” Ryo said warningly, “he has been cut short, sooner later you’ll have to make a choice,” Ryo smiled victoriously.

“Have you tasted his blood lately?” Ryo suddenly asked.

“That’s none of your business” Kame snapped as Ryo smirked.

“That’s too bad, because when a human decides to fed an excessive amounts of blood to creatures like us something special happens, their blood cells start to change, until he’s no more.” At the moment Kame stopped before picking the long steel from the ground, wanting to wedge it deep and hard into the man’s dead heart, and dusted him but again he was stopped by the older man smirked.

“What the hell did you do?” Kame growled, Ryo laughed out his amusement.

“It’s not what I did baby; it’s what you did...” Ryo said as he smiled at the confused expression that was plastered on the other’s face.

“Don’t think I don’t know about your wandering the streets like a ghost, I know everything about you, where you are, what you tried to feast on and believe me she was a tasty one and so were the rest of them,” Kame’s indigo eye grew from that statement.

“I also can tell from where you left a scent and trails, it’s all over the place. Did you forget I’m a vampire just like yourself I can smell you...” Ryo said, he could feel the long steel against his neck hesitant cold blade against his skin digging into it.

“If you kill me you can’t save your precious knight and shinning police armour,” Ryo teased, Kame still didn’t move his position; the poison stare of this man sickening him to call him his sempai.

 “That’s fine, if you want him to die as the vampire’s venom slowly tortures his soul into pieces of human, I’m with that, in my books he’s as good as dead,” Ryo chuckled as he could feel the slice through his cold skin.

“Here, you claimed that pathetic made you feel human again, but you know I’m the only one who can save him...” Ryo smirked at the hesitant little vampire.

“Why the hell should I trust you?” Kame asked again, making the older man move closer; close enough to whisper in the latter’s ear.

“Because, your disgustingly infatuation with them tells it all that you’d do anything to keep him alive, because his life in my hands that’s why you can’t kill me...” Ryo laughed, Kame not blinking, Kame could feel his boiling anger rising inside him, if Ryo knew the cure to save the other from his death than he could not kill him.

“If you stay by my side, I promise the process will be slowly,” Ryo promised.

“Like hell I would stay with you!” Kame said in disgust, ready to walk away.

“Then I guess you don’t mind me killing him then,” Kame froze at the statement, “You wouldn’t dare” Kame warned.

“So, then do we have a deal?” Ryo smiled by putting out his hand to the other who just continued to glare at the man with his piercing purple.

“Whatever...”Kame said, turning to walk back to his own palace when he was abruptly turned around as a familiar sword stabbed and pinned him to the wall; Kame letting out a soft cry as the other pulled the sword out from the wall, the latter brought the cold metal tainted with the younger vampire blood to his lips and licked it. The other in distress made him smile victorious knowing that he had won this battle.


“Hahahah, that’s very funny Bakanishi, really?” Yamapi poked the other hoping that the other was joking.

“It’s no joke” Jin with a serious tone, making the other to look at him once, and staring him for a moment.

“So, you’re telling me that pretty boy from the ‘full of ex- criminals and criminals to catch bar’ we were at while ago who looked like a stripper boy is a vampire, that saved you from a women whom tried to suck your blood? And you have an enemy from your past whom is also a vampire that you believe that has a partner that is killing these people on the streets along with ex- partner’s death and whom also you think this enemy is going to target you or me next?” Yamapi repeated Jin’s words who just nodded at that.

“What kind of idiot do you take me for?” Yamapi raised his voice causing some of the people stare them while the older man just watched his partner chewing on probably a half a burger in his mouth smirking.

“One that should be believe because you are the one made me believe that vampires do exist without even knowing yourself” Yamapi looked even more confused from Jin’s answer.

“I will let you see a real vampire in person, but I want you to keep yourself under the protection custody for my sake as much as I think you are annoying as well, and hate how you manage to damage the com cars all time, you are still considered my partner and my friend I don’t want you to end up like Junno,” Yamapi smiled at that, even behind that sad face and mask that the other wearing, he was touched the older man say something moving him.

“Omg!” a squealing voice was heard from behind them, Yamapi turned around as saw the co-worker with a big grin on his face.

“Natsuki-chan!” Yamapi said, standing up as he opened up his arms to welcome his ‘girlfriend to be’ No. 3 on the list for hug, she ran pass him and sitting next to Jin, totally ignoring the other.

“I missed you, I haven’t seen you for a while, where have you been?” the women pouted at the older man who just shrugged as Yamapi looked at him with a frown before sitting back down.

“Hey, Natsuki-san, how are you?” Jin smiled sweetly at her, bowing his head.

“I’ve been around, relaxing for the week that sempai Jun gave me; he said that I needed it…” Jin responded to the women question taking a sip of his drink, throwing her a dashing that would make her heart flutter, clinging to the older man like a high school kid giggling.

“Yeah, I’ve been working for him…” Yamapi announced as the women just smirked.

“Yeah, I know, heard about your story of crashing the com car for the eighth time,” Natsuki-san said as Yamapi narrowed his eye at the women and looked at the ground sulking like a child, Jin couldn’t help but laughed at that expression.

“Damn that Sempai Jun, spreading the word already to other department...”Yamapi cursed, Natsuki and Jin just looked at the other smiling.

“I surprised they haven’t taken your car away from you,” the women said, “I think it’s better that Jin here drive you around...” the women looked over at her handsome co-worker.

“Ne, right Jin?” Jin nodded in agreement

“Shut up, my crashes are not always my fault, and no one is taking my car away from me,” Yamapi growled.

“No, they all weren’t you fault, but the recent one was your fault,” Jin’s answer made the female co-worker giggling in agreement, hugging her co-worker tightly, right at that moment, Jin felt his heart thump hard once in his chest, making him fall forward from the sudden action, which made Yamapi jump a little.

“Are you okay?” Yamapi and Natsuki asked, looking from the table as he saw his worried friends looking at him.

“I’m okay, don’t worry..” Jin just smiled, shrugging it off, but the throbbing would not disappear, as he tried to it shake off mentally ‘stupid heartache’ Jin screamed in his head, Yamapi watched as a pain crossed Jin’s eyes.

“Jin, are you sure you’re okay?” Yamapi asked with a concerned tone for his partner, but Jin just smirked a little.

“I guess I’m a bit tired from all the excitement today,” Jin defended forcing a smile, reaching to pat his partner on the shoulder, “I’m fine.” Yamapi wasn’t convinced about the older man telling that he was fine, he could tell that the man wasn’t fine, but he didn’t want to create an argument over a stupid little thing in front of Natsuki -chan because she’d be more worried.

 Being the type of person that he was, he didn’t want to make his co-workers worry about him, so he excused him from the table. When he lifted himself up to leave, his knees gave in, making him fall to the ground and black out.


Kame shifted as quickly as he used the underground tunnels avoiding the one thing that can harm him rapidly. He couldn’t care less of what happens if he turned into flames or anything like that; the only one on his mind right now was “Jin”.

“What do you mean?” Kame asked in angry tone

“Have you tasted his blood lately?” Ryo suddenly asked

“That’s none of your business” Kame snapped as Ryo smirked.

“That’s too bad, because when a human decides to fed an excessive amount of blood to creatures like us something special happens. Their blood cells start to change, until he’s no more” At the moment Kame stopped before picking the long steel from the ground, wanting to wedge it deep and hard into the man’s dead heart and dusted him but again he was stopped by the older man smirked.

“What the hell did you do?” Kame growled, Ryo laughed out his amusement.

“It’s not what I did baby; it’s what you did...” Ryo said as he smiled at the confused expression that was plastered on the other’s face.

“When a human decides to feed an excessive amounts of blood to creatures like us something special happens, their blood cells start to change, until he’s no more”

Kame stood in front of Jin’s door, ready to knock on it, it felt weird to knock considering the last time he just went in. But he didn’t want to be responsible for getting the man into trouble because of him. He had already done enough damage, backing away from the door unable to knock, it’d better if he didn’t see the man again, but each time he moved further and further away from the door he felt something inside overwhelm him. Why was he feeling this way he didn’t understand, why he have strong feeling of wanting to protect him, instead of killing him like their first encounter.

Vampires are dead, they aren’t suppose to feel thing for a human except the taste of their delicious blood which they crave; feast when the moon goes down. Ever since he had met that man, nothing had been the same. He didn’t crave for an innocent young blood anymore, which proved when he sucked the little blood from that child, it didn’t taste the same as the older man’s blood, he only seeked out for his blood and his blood alone. He would crave the older man’s essence, his thoughts, his desire, his touch, his lips on his cold ones, and how those lips would kiss everywhere real slowly; building up the pleasure of that moment, and especially his blood. The man’s oh so sweet blood

Kame was about to knock on older man’s front porch when sudden the door opened revealing another man who he did not know.

“So, it’s you…” the man said looking at the slender dark figure standing before him as Kame continued to bore his dead brown at the unknown man.

“And who the hell are you?” narrowing his at him as laid out his hand.

“Yamashita, Yamapi, Pi for short” Pi smiled at the younger male continued to stare at him like for ages not liking the unknown glow around him at all.


Chapter 10

[FIC] Misfortunes can turn into miracles - Chapter 14 (Final) Part 1

Uchi was in the kitchen, as usual cooking food the older man with a smile on his face as tasted his stew potato, corn and cream soup nodding that it was just right, putting the lid to cover it as he watched it simmer for another 5 minutes before turned it off and then moving over to the melon as he looked at the pink bread grinning.

“Perfect...”Uchi cheerfully clapping his hands together

“What’s perfect hiroki...”the younger heard a deep voice behind him as he happily turned around with a smile on his face, holding a piece of melon bread in front of him

“This, I have perfected the melon bread making just for you...”Uchi said smiling happily while a hiding a blush, hearing a crunch from something being bitten he his eyes to a smirking Tak, blinking with a little hope of shinning his eyes

“It’s still horrible...”Tak replied as the swiping the bowl away from the table behind them without the other knowing was too busy pouting looking at his melon bread that he had in his hand bitting into it to chew for a bit before spitting it out as he looked for the bowl full of it when he saw in the older man’s hand he ran over there quickly trying to retrieve it from Tak.

“Tak, give it to me, your right it does taste horrible how on earth you are eating that” Uchi asked in horror trying to snatch the bowl back his hand in the process

“Tak-san!” Uchi started to whine in amusement he had ever heard the other whine like that before even when met he continued to chuckle and tease the younger for a bit longer before he caught the two slender wrist in his hands as he pinned them down the ground as holding down with his strength making Uchi squirm underneath him for a bit.

Holding the bowl of melon bread in his other hand with a victory smirk on his face, while Uchi was finding it hard to breathe as he watched the spread all over on top of him blushing not knowing what to do. As the older man threw the bowl onto the floor as Uchi was about to protest when he felt something wet on his stomach making his breathe hitch a little.

Ryo his hand to lift up the younger shirt, exposing more of the pale skin to his predator eyes, sliding his tongue higher a nipple and sucking on it roughly but gently not hurting it, as he Uchi gave out a low moan at the pleasured feeling on the man sucking on his now probably abused as he felt the being pinched making his squeak on delight.

“Tak..”Uchi moaned to keep a stable voice as he brought his hands wanting to other stop, and think about what he is doing before taking it any further, successfully prying the older man to face him seeing the tint of lust slowly pulling up in heart as he watched those dark eyes clouded with black already to devour him, resisting the urge to moan at the sight.

However, Ryo was growing impatient, he didn’t waiting for something that he wanted to do when he knew the wanted it bad as well but he was fighting the urge to take other right then and now.

“What about breakfast ?” Uchi pouted in pretending to be sad as ryo just bypassed the question by devouring the lips as he successful shutting the boy up as latter moaned into the kiss as he tight wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck as let himself be swallowed into the depths of pleasurably world

“Oh yea, harder” Uchi moaned liking his upper and bottom lip as they giggled rolling off the bed with a thud.

“OW!” Uchi wailed once he hit the around in great pain, cringing as he rubbed his affected area that hit the hard surface, opening his eyes he felt embarrassment wash over him when he saw Ryo figure was staring at him as he was on the floor rubbing his back side pretending not to notice the other presence. On the corner of his eye he saw the older man staring at him sending him a glare

“What the hell are you staring you at?” Uchi growled in annoyance rubbing the pain away from his aching butt, and look at his front just to be sure that was no boner or that Ryo failed to tell him because he didn’t want to as Ryo just could passed him as he shrugged and yawned

“And good afternoon to you to...”Ryo replied tiredly to the younger man who was now lifting himself up from the ground. Ryo with seated himself f the chair as snag a piece of melon bread with a smirk on his face as he stare the man who and dusting himself off

“So, would you mind telling me why you were humping a pillow in your sleep...”Ryo asked rather curiously as the other pouted as response  fighting in his head to find a excuse that he wasn’t humping a pillow and thinking that it was “he” was thinking about feeling so embarrassed by it.

“I-I w- wwas h-having a- nn-n nightmare, OKAY?” Uchi defended as Ryo just looked at him with a smirk turned into a smile

“wow, you must be having some dream...”Ryo said as he walked off into the kitchen in search of what the other had cooked for  breakfast , lifting them up to see a bowl of melon bread some see burnt and perfectly done. Uchi panicked once seeing the older look the toast he made

“The toaster wasn’t working, so I put it in the oven and the oven also wasn’t working properly either so I kind of burnt about 5 of them and rest I cooked in a frypan..”Uchi explained, Ryo turned to younger man bitting into the burnt piece of melon bread and smiled, making the other blush

“I always love your melon bread no matter if it’s burnt or not, Uchi” Ryo answered when he turned around smiling with the melon hanging out of his mouth

“Stop flattering me Damnit” Uchi screamed out in his head hiding his now blushing face, as he looked back at the latter who chuckling at him turning his eyes back to look at the wall again as though it was the most interesting in something in the room besides the latter.

“Baka!!” shouted out as he feel the anger boiling in his blood but his was jumping for joy, turning to the latter was now gazed onto the hotpot on the stove, he saw the older man eye the two pots on the stove, walking over instantly as opened the lid to one of them smelling the scent of yellow coconut rice entered his nose.

When looking at the image of the older man’s expression so happy and peaceful to what he remembered it to be when he first seen the man then, but some he saddened him feeling it was the last face that he’ll see of him. With his head hung low biting his lip nervous as his head up to the oh so happy face while eyeing his food intently

“Tak-kun...” Uchi started stared at the other turned to him suddenly the instant he called him making the younger man’s eyes focus on the ground again

“Hm?” Ryo answered who scooping the food onto his plate

“Are you still going through with it; that lame fight between you satoshi’s gang?”Uchi suddenly asked, Ryo stopped for a moment not saying word before turning to the boy with a smile as the latter just stared at him intently with questioning eyes

“No, of course not ” Ryo lied hoping that line would be enough to make the other to drop the topic, Uchi searched for the truth behind that those eyes but he only got confusion but he knew that the man was lying it was written all over his face

“Why do you continue to lie to my face all the time?” Uchi to ask ‘why he thought all this time by now he thought he could see what the older man was thinking but he didn’t, he was so unpredictable. But this was Tak he was trying to decipher from the beginning he was hard to read or why the other would lie to him and instead just telling him the truth.

Here we go again’ Ryo thought, Uchi saw the other turn around with his plate in hand as he was making his way to his room but he was stopped by Uchi’s hand.

“I maybe not understand you as well, those damn celebrity friends do? But ...” Uchi started as it was his turned to be stopped the man moving closer to him making step back, as Ryo sat on the chair looking at the other for a moment and then turning back to his food

“You don’t have to worry about them anymore, there were my friends in the past who made who I am today, I live in different worlds from them that I understand now” Ryo said honestly chewing on his melon bread “What matters is what I have now I cherish the most than the past” Ryo continued

“Then why do you continue to lie to me up until now?” Uchi spat out in frustration “Is it that hard for you to trust me?” Uchi wailed

“It’s not that I don’t trust you, I just think there are things that are not worth not being said” hearing that answer he just looked away disgust knowing fully aware what he meant by those words meant it always screamed ‘you protect yourself and hide’ reaction. Turning back to the older man who was munching in his melon bread in silence then he turned back gazing at the floor before mumbling.

“I’m going with you....”Uchi mumbled as Ryo looked at him for a moment, Uchi turned his head to face the now unreadable expression that was on the older man, swallowing hard making to glare back that angry expression pretending that face was no effect on at all.

“You can’t lie to me, I can read you like an open book you, you’re not going anywhere without me!” Uchi demanded, for a moment of a long staring contest Ryo just turned away from smirked putting down his plate onto the bench before slowly walking over the other.

“You can read me like a book huh?” Ryo said slowly, Uchi could hear the angry behind that tone of voice, somehow he found it a mega turn on, soon he anticipating of how the other was going to do next with that his heart skip beat as watched the latter take a step closer to him with his heart jumping for joy. Just when he was about to get a little closer the latter, he felt an arm against him, showing that the latter ignored him and walked straight passed him heading towards the door, he Uchi stopped him again

“I told you I’m not letting you go without me...”Uchi repeated “You wanna follow me to the bathroom do you?”Ryo pointed as Uchi looked away a little red

“Fine..” Uchi mumbled before getting the door slammed in his face, after a few minutes the latter came out seeing the younger man was fast sleep on the ground

“You were only bugging me a few minutes ago, how the hell can you be asleep” Ryo snapped to the sleeping boy, But he couldn’t help but smile at the sight, he slowly turned to the figure and lifting him up bridal style from the ground carrying him to the bed placing the blanket over him

If I tell you that I’m not coming back, you’ll definitely follow, just like yamapi and I can’t let you do that to the same reasons why I can’t let you come with me...”  


Kame opened his eyes as he was greeted with the same darkness always, lifting himself from the bed using the table as his eyes as he felt his way to the upper window opening it, as he took in the fresh air that he loved, the one thing that made him feel that he was alive. A few moments are lately there was a knock on the door as turned to it

“Who is it?” Kame called out, the person who from behind opened popping his head in

“Kame-chan, are you up?” the cheerful Koki said, walking to the man to hug him with a smile

“Good Afternoon sleepy head...”Koki chuckled at his innocent patient

“Your back, how are you? How’s work? Not too stressful I hope” kame smiled pried himself off the older man when a delicious smell entered his nose, as he turned to Koki, narrowed his blind eyes at him

“Why are you making Jin cook for us, he’s our guest Koki?!” Kame said scolding his caretaker for treating his boyfriend like a slave, folding his arms in front of his chest, as Koki just looked at kame pout

“He wanted to cook, I never asked him too but he insisted” Koki defended put hands up in the air “and work is fine, I’m still alive and kicking “Koki grinned happily “Ah! And I have hair, feel?” Koki said while lifting the delicate hand to the top of his head as kame feeling the slightly longer prickly feeling of hair underneath his fingertips making it made him giggle

“This is a wig isn’t it?” Kame teased as Koki pouts “No” Koki wailed a little offended  but then laughed

“Your pretty mean for a disabled person, you know that right?” Koki stated in his still pouting state, kame stopped his laughing, reaching up to put his hand through the softness of the slightly longer stubble on his caretaker’s head with the smile

“You really hated me calling you Tsururin that bad?” Kame had to ask as Koki laughed and then made a face

“Of course I hated it even when I visited my family for the first time in years the first question they are ask me ‘what happened to your hair?’ “Koki complained as kame just giggled that.


“So, you finally visited your family after so long? I’m glad...”Kame smiled “How is everything? I’m sorry for everything that happened...” Koki turned to the other

“You will quit apologising, they don’t hold anything against you, it’s was my choice to look after you okay? Don’t let their back stabbing thoughts tell you otherwise, it’s the more reason why I come to hate them so much.” Koki explained, kame just smiled at that statement

“They don’t acknowledge lovely disable people look like you other than themself” Koki said smiling, softly pinching the man’s cheek as kame pulled away his rubbing his slight abused cheek from his caretaker and nodded

“They are still my family, and I will make them understand one day” Koki pressed on “I’m scared that I might turn into my scary sister one day” Koki said worried at that thought

“She’s just worried about that’s all, and you’ve been away from your family for so long that’s why she thinks that way. You have to understand her mutual feelings as well you know. “Kame explained thinking of that time when he and maru over heard their conversation in his dressing room. He could feel a connection towards caretaker’s sister was exactly like his oldest brother Yujiro with that thought he smiled sadly

“Kame, are you okay? Sorry I shouldn’t be talking about this with you, I’m so sorry” Kame just smiled

“It’s okay, I’m alright you don’t need to worry okay? I’m fine really...” Kame nodded

“I’ve wanted to visit my family for a long time, because I won’t be able to see my own family, so I told myself that I will someday when I’m healed, when I can see again. I don’t want them to see me like this... not until I’ve forgiven myself as well..”Kame in a hurtful tone but he still smiled, koki took the latter’s hand in his hand placed it between his own his own

“Well,  can I tell you something on their behalf, they would be proud of you kame just like how much I am proud of you no matter if your blind or not it doesn’t change a person it only makes them stronger” Koki said sincerely as saw kame smiled there was a still a saddened expression behind that smile but he was glad that kame could grin like that despite he has been through.

“Well, I have to go now, I have to get to work” Koki announced as he moved from where he was standing bring the other into a hug as wrapped his arms around his caretaker sighed happily

“Will you be okay? I can trust that man in my kitchen right?” Koki said he could feel the younger man nodded into his shoulder as he giggled at the thought “Hai, thank you Koki.” Kame mumbled prying himself off the man as he was about to get up from the chair

“You’re not staying for lunch?” A voice was heard from the front of Kame’s room, koki turned to the man at the door

“Unfortunately, no I have to get to work, I will pack for work if you don’t want to waste any food?.” Jin nodded

“Sure, I have an extra container there on the table you might as well take it...” Jin pointing behind to the kitchen bench with a smile as koki nodded, as he walked passed

“Please take him out somewhere” Koki said patting the man’s shoulder with a smile “I will be back around 8pm” Koki whispered before leaving the room. He saw his lover looking out the window sill with the same expression on his face

“Hey, beautiful” Jin whispered as the other turned around to the description that Jin called him he just smiled

“How are you feeling?” Jin asked sweetly, kame lifted up from the edge of the window as Jin grabbed the smaller hand and held it in his own bringing kame closer to him left him smiling happily.

“I’m alright, I’m sorry about last night…”Kame said mournfully on the other’s chest and Jin just shook his head

“Don’t worry about it..” Jin said in soothering tone as he brushed his fingers through the soft locks that belonged to his lover

“You didn’t have to make lunch you know?” Kame said relaxing into the warm chest as wrapped his arms around the older man’s waist, which Jin gladly expected as he did the same he wrapped his arms possessively around the smaller frame

“I’ll be living here for a while because I have to hide, and so I have to make myself useful somehow” Jin answered as kame let a smaller heartily laugh, as he snuggled closer to the wanted warmth from the latter’s body heat

“You’re doing it already, just by being by my side again” Kame replied reaching up to touch Jin’s face feeling the warm skin under his fingertips down the latter’s face to touch his  mouth, making kame let out a giggle

“I really like it when you smile, I wish I could it see someday..” kame smiled sadly as Jin grinning through his ears, leaning in to press a sweet on the side of the latter’s head whispered

“If you could…”Jin answered as kame just smirked

“I’d be lost for words, to be honest and I’ll finally be able to see you and say sorry to my family that I have wanted to do for years …”Kame sincerely as Jin looked at the other for a moment

“I thought I told you not to blame yourself for their death, it’s not your fault” Jin assured the other who snuggled into the latter’s inner neck as he curled into Jin’s lap happily

“I know, I don’t, but I just feel that I need to say sorry.” Kame replied he shrugged a little

“Come on, let’s have lunch, it’s already 12 if you sleep anymore I’ll be starving” Jin said, kame turned away little who thought the expression on his face was just too adorable before kame could speak, Jin took his hand, dropping a kiss on it making the other blush

“Before you protest of why treating you like a princess is because I just want to wait for you...” Jin said as the latter smiled at that

“Baka, y-“Kame started but was cut off again

“I wanted to...” as the other pouted in response “ and besides I have someone who really wants to meet you, before you go to the hospital...”As looked at the moment

“To the hospital? Does tat-chan want to see me?” Jin nodded unsurely

“No, I just want to check on Toma” Jin smiled happily “He’s operation was a success, they found a donor and now he’s all better but at the moment he’s resting, so that’s why I want to go later.” Jin answered, playing with the slender fingers in his own

“Really? So he is back to normal, with his memory all?”Kame asked hesitantly, as Jin just shrugged “Is he okay?” Kame ask curiously

“I’m not sure, that’s we what we are going to find out later together” Jin replied who smiled in response, kame away from a little hanging his head low

“When tat-chan told me that Toma had cancer, I was devastated that one of my friends had cancer at his age. I wanted to talk to him but I couldn’t so kept in it inside and prayed really hard that he would be healed” Kame admitted 

“It was answered, but the consequence of the other losing parts of his memory” Kame explained, feeling a slight squeeze on his arm the younger man rested h

“And…” Jin started as lifted up his head “Ryo, wants to see you too, he said that he’ll by the hospital tomorrow at about 11pm”

“Ryo-chan? Wants to see me” kame ask curiously as Just nodded with kame sighed loudly to himself

“He always wants to talk to me, he should be taking care of himself more often not caring about me who caus-” kame hanging his head low, as he burst out into fits of laugher once finger attached themselves to his ticklish spot of his ribs, moving away from other

“What did I say about blaming yourself about things that aren’t you’re fault?”Jin warned as kame pouted but while smiling. I know, but every time I would walk down the streets I would attract a lot of unwanted attention, and at one occasionally I’d get attacked a few times, I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself without not being followed until I even notice what happened or  what’s going on? I would hear Ryo next to me, saying that I’m in a hospital bed, and that everything was going to be and then I’d  end up crying like a baby” Kame replied with a small voice

“I haven’t changed according to Ryo either, last time he told me to stay the way I am before he had to go to work...” Kame pressed on “every time he would visit I could sense it in his face as I touched it, I’d feel those lumps that were obviously bruises. I don’t like feeling huge lumps on his face, it makes me feel guilty as though I am responsible for every bruise I don’t like that feeling uncertainty when he tells me that he’s fine when I know that he is not” Kame explained “Just like you...” kame said hitting the other lightly on the arm

“Because that’s the way he has always been always making people feel guilty a lump that means nothing to him but the person he protects is more valuable than himself” kame just sat there in silence Jin was right that always has been Ryo when he stepped into that school the first two friends that he ever made friends was the two popular guys in school Ryo and … ‘Jin’   the two who were most likely to get into a fight and not care about how many bruises they would get.

“I have this feeling that Ryo is hiding something from me all the time, hiding himself out to the world ever since our accident, despite I suffering the most he’s suffering inside I think” Kame explained

“He’s like a new person, from the inside wanting to forget, I really don’t understand him anymore Jin….” Kame mumbled  “That is not the Ryo that I remember” kame pressed on leaning against Jin’s shoulder enjoying the warmth coming from the older man’s body heat, Jin watched as the other rested his on his shoulder ‘ either do I kame, either do I…’ Jin thought thinking about that phone call from earlier from Ryo


Earlier phone call:

“Moshi moshi...” Jin said in a shaky voice to hold his tears streaming down his face from seeing the younger man such a trauma from his accident.

“Are you crying Bakanishi...”the voice on the other line teased

“Firstly, Shut up I’m not crying secondly, in mood for your teasing now it’s a good time and thirdly how on earth did you get this number as well, it’s private” Jin spat in frustration as Ryo smiled but it soon faded

“Firstly, yes you are you practically moping, Secondly, I’m not teasing I’m just amused, and thirdly I wanted to call and apologise for putting you through that time with those guy and leaving you there. I guess the media thinks that I’m a bad person right?” Ryo asked chuckled

“I couldn’t care less about the media or myself right now...” Jin said angrily  

 “I heard the news of the conference, and I thank you for still thinking me as a friend. You were always the trustworthy type, an idiot but trustworthy...”Ryo answered

“I’m not an idiot! I got myself a spot in the JE entertainment and yet now, it’s been thrown out the window because of me, my career nothing in comparison to him” Jin explained, Jin just heard a loud sigh over the phone

“That is why my friend what makes you an idiot!”Ryo snapped lightly on the other line “you should know that giving up your dream isn’t going to help at all. It’s a job that you need to support yourself now and in the near future. And I’m sure kame realises this too.” Ryo reasoned

“Yeah, whatever...”Jin croaked

“What happened anyway Ryo wanted to know what make his friend cry in the first place, hearing a sigh over the phone

“I-I don’t know what happened, I just woke up to kame’s screaming, I think it was a nightmare was about his accident, he was wailing for me to save his brother, and save his family and it just makes it worst that he’ll be re-living everyday in that nightmare for the rest of his living in darkness, and it makes me feel so.....” Jin explained frustration, closing his eyes as he opened them again

“Hopeless” Ryo finished his sentence, the sighed as a response

“How is he now?” Ryo asked as Jin nodded “He’s fast asleep again, but I have no idea what he’s dreaming again so I’m going to stay close.” Jin assured the latter on the phone

“So, I never got to ask you, how’ve you been keeping? I heard you were in pretty bad condition as well...” Jin worried by his friend

“Never better, I suffered minor injuries compared to kame, so therefore you don’t need to worry about me, and I didn’t call you to talk about me, I called to talk about kame.” Ryo said turned the conversation is a serious talk

“Jin, I’ve been by kame’s side for 3 years and now that he has found you, he doesn’t need me anymore..”Ryo answered as Jin looked confused for a moment

“Ryo, what are you talking, of course he still needs you, you’re his friend and my friend, ueda, yamapi and toma’s right?” Jin replied

“No...’Ryo answered, as the latter smirked at that “No, I’m not.. “

“Of course you are!!” Jin Whispered loudly walking away from Kame’s room so he didn’t scare or wake the other up

“You leaving aren’t you? Where are you going this time? Are you coming back?” Jin questions the man but didn’t say answered

 “Have you at least told Yamapi? And or toma, or wait forgot, toma’s in a COMA!” Jin snapped angrily

“I promise that toma and yamapi will be fine...”Ryo assured the man

“And what makes you think so? When you left yamapi he was a total wreck, I had to force a man who you loved to eat properly so that he wouldn’t eat bread that had fungus growing on it!” Jin whispered angrily

“Believe me, if I stayed I would make more suffer and I could not afford that with the family that I lived with. I had I a reason why I had to leave, just like Kame-chan did” Ryo explained

“Don’t you dare bring kazu into this ....” Jin warned the man who smirked “My journey is at a end and I need to move on and accept it... something that I can’t go back on even if I wanted” Ryo answered

“So, please Jin, take care of Yamapi and Kazuya and everyone else for me, that is my last wish to you...”Jin smirked at that

“ You are really are just going to walk away from start your life as a gangster, are you ?” Ryo smiled at that answered

“Yeah, I am I’m really no good anymore and as for yamapi he hates me too now so he will forget me easily” Ryo said with a smile

“And what about me” Jin then asked

“You don’t give a damn about me, at all” Ryo replied as Jin smiled at this “Yeah, I almost had you that day” Jin smiled

“You wish you pompous jackass” Ryo teased 

“In that case I will see you in jail!” Jin teased back “maybe...” Jin sighed as bit his lip

“Ryo....please don’t do this, please stay...” Jin suddenly pleaded to the man on the phone

“I’m not going anyway, I just giving a dream back to someone who needs it more than I do, please make your sure you keep your promise to me” Ryo said as Jin had a look of confusion on his face not understanding what the was staying.

 Goodbye Jin...” Were his last words on the phone before the other line went dead

P.S> “I will be at the hospital, about 11pm. Tomorrow…”  

He remembered testing a message back but he never replied back to him at all

What the hell was that about you damn Shorty” Jin snapped in his head not understanding that phone just now ‘goodbye’ and ‘I’m not going anyway, I just giving a dream back to someone who needs it more than I do’ the hell he didn’t understand at all. At the moment he felt a soft touch to his cheek, at once he gazed upon that those greyish brown orb that belonged to kame. Kame could feel the expression of distress, worries, and confusion just by a touch, the younger frown at such expression when he felt a warm hand over his own hand.

“Jin…are you okay? Your expression feels like your distressed” kame said in a worried tone

“I promise everything will be okay...”Kame added as leaned forward bringing his slender arms to wrap around the latter neck as he brought him into a hug, making the older man smile accepting the embrace without hesitation. These arms belong to kame, this is what he had been craving for the last five yrs, this man was missing and now he was back in his arms again. Never again he told himself he will never this man go without a fight, with that he smiled

“I’m fine; I know it will too...” Jin assured “Now come on, we have a long day today and on top of that I’m hungry” Jin complained happily as the other happily nodded to Jin’s response.


“Jin, where are you taking me…” Kame asked curiously holding onto the man’s arm with nervous of about this surrounds were because he had never left his house without his guide dog or his walking, right now he’s was Jin’s arms and the latter’s sense of direction they were doomed even if the latter knew where the place was really well he’d still have to remember what things look like

“It’s a surprise...”Jin looking around the area as looked at the street names ‘Damnit where is that street’ he heard the older man curse nonetheless it made him smile about 1 hrs so of walking they had finally reached their destination as soon as the door opened immediately frightening kame a little as Jin sighed in annoyance of sudden action from the person in front of them sent him a glare

“Young man you have a lot of explaining to do and you are gonna start with the conference I was on TV about ka- “the women stopped talking to her son as she stopped to peer at the boy next to her son, pushing son away as ran to over his side with her eyes widening

“Kazuya...” Kame felt a pair arms wrap around him tightly as he could feel the women tears damping the side of his clothes on his shoulder, lifting his arms to close them around the older man as well. Prying her off a little

“Mama Aki...” Kame sounded out “Is that your voice?” Kame he felt tears threatening to roll down his cheeks again, the older women burst out in happiness hearing that nickname only kazuya given her all those years

“oh my god, I can’t believe it, it’s really you...”the women cried some more pulling her away to look at the grown man in front of her she could only smile “ My little Kazu baby is back”.

After a moment after the touching union, Mrs Akanishi guided the other into the house with both Jin and Mrs Akanishi helping him into the house to sit on the comfortable couch as Jin down next to him and Mrs. Akanishi went to and get some snacks for the two boys to eat.

“Sorry for bringing you here, when she called she immediately wanting to see you, hope you don’t mind” Jin said the other’s hand in his own, as kame just smiled shaking his head

“It’s okay, I always felt like home when I use to come here...”Jin smiled at that memory

“Yeah, you ran over to my house because you didn’t want to eat your tomatoes that your mum forced that time...”Jin giggled an innocent Kazu back then.

“This is still your home kame...” Jin replied but didn’t to that, but he just gave out a small smile

“Mum, missed you and your family a lot too...”Jin said “ever since my dad left as you already know she use to spend great a amounts of time together with your mum back then through those years when we were altogether” Jin pressed his lips together 

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be talking about that now shouldn’t I? I’m sorry” Kame instantly shook his head with a sad smile

“I don’t mind, it’s nice to know that you remember those memories of them” Kame said with that smiled, at the moment the women turned with a place of cookies and milk as she happily placed it on the table.

“It’s been awhile since I had visitors here, most of the time it’s just me and Reio, and sometimes Jin if he wants to visit me ...”The older women said sadly

“Don’t compare me to reio I have to work most of the time... “Jin defended himself

“For 5 years I thought you have stopped your bickering to each but it seems like you haven’t” Kame giggled “It’s been a long time, listening to you too, it’s a nice listening to birds fight” Kame giggle as Mrs. Akanishi turned to kame and smiled

“It’s not intentionally, I just to him visit me more often, I’m kinda sick of seeing reio and his girlfriend all the time, you know” Mrs. Akanishi stated

“I miss my single perverted son here..” Kame covered his mouth to contain his laugher in as Jin on other was glaring at his mother for why she was been so wide open


“Jin honey, can you go and check on my chicken please” Jin’s mother spoke in the sweetest tone of voice responded

“But there is no chicken in the pot!” as kame heard Jin

“Can you make your way to the kitchen? And I would like to talk to your sweet boyfriend here….” Jin’s mother said through teeth, as kame blushed as the statement that left Mrs. Akanishi mouth as left heading towards the kitchen as he was told

“Ano… I’m sorry for ruined your son’s career I swear I didn’t mean no harm to it”Kame apologised as the women turned to him smile

“Like polite as ever I see, I’m glad you haven’t changed like that ungrateful man in the kitchen” Mrs Akanishi whispered

“I heard that!…”Jin announced from the shouted out from the kitchen

“Who freezer do you dump your food in every time?” Jin growled looking for something that was editable in the fridge top eat while he waited

“Still giving you trouble by the sound of it?”Kame stated as Mrs. Akanishi just smiled shrugged

“Jin will always be Jin…” Mrs Akanishi replied, turning head to the kitchen grinning as she then turned back to the younger placing her hand on his as she let a warm loving grace her lips

“You will always be my little kazuya too; you are my son too…”Kame bit his nervously at the statement as he tried to smile as though it was inappropriate

“I understand what you’re going through, the only difference is that you and Jin lost a mother and my husband and I lost best friends who mean the world to us. Jin told me everything, I demanded him too, and when Jin told me that you were alive I was so happy.” Mrs. Akanishi explained as sniffed a little holding the hands in her tight

“I remember the she always tell me and the line would I tell her as well ‘My family will ALWAYS be your family’ and ‘what hers is mine, and what’s mine is hers to share’ she would always say” Mrs. Akanishi laughing remembering the times spent they had with her best friend at the restaurants they use to go to.

“That part of me died 3 years ago, I didn’t know what to I couldn’t tell the rest of my family for while why I was not around for while, I lied and said that I was at a friend’s house for work but instead I sat in my office and cried for a week every night in my office as thought I had lost hope” Mrs. Akanishi pressed

“But you’re here, I knew Jin wasn’t lying when he said that it was you, he would never lie about being a alive because he loves you just as much as I do” the women happily as kame hung his head low

“You are my son as well kazuya, don’t you ever forget, you’re also a part of our family too” Mrs. Akanishi looked at him as just nodded

“Promise me kazuya, you can’t make an excuses, I expect you come for dinner at least at three times a week. You hear me?”  Kame that line brought a fresh down his cheek as he nodded once again

“Thank you Mama...” kame said bowing as Mrs. Akanishi only lifted the younger man from the couch his shoulder guiding the other to stand up, for her to look at him

“So, since you’re here, you’re staying for dinner right?” the women said clearing the younger man’s face as kame nodded, turning his face embarrassed



“So, you finally showed yourself” Satoshi smirked as silently Ryo as he watch the flock of gangs members grinning at him from every direction blocking exit there was to escape

“You don’t need to block the exit, there’s no chance I’m running before I play with you...” Ryo grinned “you have approximately 4 hrs until the cops get here, so which you have 4 hrs to okay with me...” Ryo widened at his statement as glared at all the angry gang members who pounced at him

Meaning while in Uchi and Ryo’s apartment

“Damnit, that asshole; leaves me here like this? What the hell!” Uchi cursed trying to free himself from the tight ropes, tumbling over again once in frustration, walking himself down the stairs with the chair strapped to him slowly, when a knock his concentration making him almost lose his balance.

“Who the hell can that be at his hour?”once finally making it down the stairs safely the door bell rang again annoying to the bone not he had enough fighting that who left him here, but it also had annoying person the door that he couldn’t even open because he was tired so tightly against the god sakin’ chair it pissed him right now, no matter he told myself that you loved the older man he hated how the man does things like this is keep him away. The door bell ringing growling

“For fuck sake, how the hell is it? And what do you want? If you want Tak the bastard is not here....” Uchi yelled, making to the door as he spun around to press the button letting the person in as he was about to open the door for him the door slide open before he could even speak

“You’re that thief from the convenience store” Yamapi barked at the other was a shocked expression plastered all over his head

“You’re that damn celebrity who tried to hit me!” Uchi growled in somewhat disbelief “What the hell are you doing here?” Uchi angrily, not wanting to see that damn face

“I came to see, Ryo is he here?” Yamapi asked as Uchi just smirked “I’m sorry I think you the wrong apartment number I don’t a have Ryo with me...” Uchi snarled the other who thinking a little confused when he remembered something

“Sorry, not Ryo I mean Tak or something like that....” Yamapi looked at the tide who glared at him “Can you help you anything?” Yamapi offered but the other back away from that hand only almost tumble backwards

“Don’t touch me!!” Uchi squealed as, frightening Yamapi a little from the shock of the other’s loud tone

“Sorry.” Yamapi said as he retrieved his hand back as there was a long silence that followed between them as they didn’t look at each other

“That’s all you want to know, can you please leave as you see that I’m not in the best mood to fight with anyone...”Uchi explained, wobbling his way back into the apartment to close the behind him but it was stopped by the other man, leaving the other growling in annoyance.

“What part of “PISS OFF” do you not understand? You’re not welcome in this apartment of mine” Uchi roared as Yamapi looked around, biting his lip but he just stepped into the hallway and closed the door behind him

“GET OUT!” Uchi screamed

“I’m sorry, but I can’t leave not now, it took me forever to this place so now that I’m here I’m not leaving” Yamapi said stubbornly

“Someone like you shouldn’t here, so get out” Uchi tried again but again didn’t budge

“Not until Ryo explains to me why left me a like this, it’s almost like a suicide note” Yamapi angry cried out, for a moment Uchi looked at him in confusion w

“What…?” Uchi softly “Gimme that!” Uchi snapped swiping the note from the celebrity’s hand


[Fic] Along Came a Storm - Chapter 9

Along Came a Storm
Author: yukachan21
Pairing: Akame, Ryoda, Pikame and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-15 ( a little ryoda sexual tension in this chapter xD ) Angst.
Disclaimer: I don’t anyone just the plot (~_^)/ JE OWNS ME~!!!!
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love Triangle between Yamapi, Jin and Kame …  ( hahah! This summary is stupid but the best I do to tell what the story is all about…! *GOMEN* I suck at writing summaries too! >_< )

A/N: Another chapter!! ehhehehe enjoy


Ueda was eyeing the new employee from where he was standing arranging the clothes back onto the racks he didn’t like the way how hiroki was so calm, it pissed Ueda right off to see a fake plastered on the boy’s face
“Don’t make such looks like that, you might wrinkle your pretty face” A voice came from behind him as Ueda placed his hand over the Ryo’s mouth dragging him to the back of the store as Ueda peeked around the corner to see that hiroki was focused on his work and Junno was steam ironing the clothes to perfection once the coast was clear he let Ryo’s mouth go as Ryo instantly a breathe out
“Are trying you to do kill me?” Ryo whispered as he turned to the older boy putting his hand on his hips
“If I did you wouldn’t be here right now” Ueda stated as glanced over the new employee again a few times then back at Ryo
“So, who is the new boss at the counter, and Kamenashi isn’t working today?” Ryo asked looking around the store as ueda pointed to the man at the counter
“He is not the new boss, he’s apparently a new employee that goes by the name Kamjou Hiroki who was put here by Johnny-san himself according to Junno” Ueda said facing Ryo again as he crossed his arms front in of his chest as he leant against the wall
“Sometimes I don’t know what’s going with that director Johnny-san’s head and I don’t know where Kame is I’ve tried calling him but he’s not picking up the phone, all three of us were meant to be in today, My guess is that he’s still sleeping sounded in his warm bed” Ueda said as he formed his mouth into a perfectible pouting face causing Ryo to stare rape the beautiful creature before him, Ryo moved in front of Ueda and placed his arms on either side of the wall trapping ueda’s body between the wall and his own boy not breaking his contact with the still beautiful pouting boy
“You better stop that pouting unless you want me to raped you in public” Ryo said smirked when he saw the younger one’s pout deepen on purpose causing Ryo grin at the response he got from the other as he Ryo encircled both arms around the thin figure pulling him closer to his own, savoring the smell of Ueda’s cologne as it reached his nose
“damn you, for smelling really good” Ryo whispered huskily into Ueda ear making him shiver from hot breathe making his way to his neck as ueda lifted his head giving Ryo more access to it, he let out a soft moan when he Ryo’s lips touched his smooth skin of his neck as Ryo continued his assault enjoying the slender hands making their under Ryo’s shirt to pinch a nipple making the older let out a ruffled groan making ueda’s smile grow wider
 “Are going to rape me for the third time” Ueda asked taking in a deep breathe when he felt ryo nibbling on the soft flesh of his neck
 “Who is raping who here and it’s the second, yesterday show doesn’t count you were drunk” Ryo said as ueda giggled, when the laughter was cut short when a pair of lips was crushed against the other as ueda gladly took the invitation by enclosing his arms around older man’s neck,
“It still counts as rape” Ueda stated as he drew circles on Ryo back urging him to continue his actions “I don’t rape the willing” Ryo said as Ueda let out another gasp as Ryo squeezed his buttocks tightly
“You have 5 minutes exactly to relief me right now” Ryo said whispered huskily into ueda’s ear once again
“Quietly” Ryo added making an innocent Ueda’s turn devilishly, with hearing Ryo desperate call and Ueda’s attitude of fun Ueda pulled Ryo by his tie guiding him into the back room with a smirking Ryo who kicked the door closed with the ball of his foot as Ryo continued ravish him behind the door.
Hiroki lifted his head to the sudden noise of the back closing ignoring assuming that it was either Ueda or Junno when silence upon the room again going back to his work when the store phone rang
“Good afternoon, JE Designs this is Kamjou Hiroki speaking now may I help you?” Hiroki answered in his delightful voice
“Kamjou...” Hiroki recognized the voice straight away
“Is everything planned yet” Johnny asked over the phone
“Yes, everything is organized not to worry” Hiroki answered in English with a devilish smile of Hiroki smile as the lenses of his glass shone under the light hanging up the phone
As he continued to stare at the paper in front of him with a goofy grin on his face twirling a ball pen his fingers
“All your precious designs will be come mine and the director’s alone and I’ll have my revenge on you Kamenashi” Hiroki said holding the pen the tightly in his grasp in the palm of his hand breaking it into half with the force of his thumb
“I’ll make you pay for my father’s death by taking your career from you…” the boy said smiling
“So, that’s why you are here” a voice from behind causing hiroki as turn around to face an annoyed Junno
“Taguchi-san, what do you mean?” Hiroki said in his bright happy self
“I heard your little chat to yourself just now, Ueda and I won’t let you hurt our kame” Taguchi said causing Hiroki to smirk
“What makes you think I want to hurt him?” Hiroki said turning to other
“I’m just taking his designs and I’m returning them to its rightful owner which is Johnny and mine” Hiroki stated calmly
“This has nothing to do with you, and that other guy, so stay out of my way and just do your job like a good boy” Hiroki said as he was about to walk away from Junno, when Hiroki was turned he a fist came flying his way when he dodged it easily, returning the punch at Junno connecting with junno’s jaw sending him to the floor
Hiroki dusted himself off for where Junno touched him shaking his hand from the adrenalin feeling as he smiled at the man on the floor
“You’ll never win in the end, Ueda and I and especially will make sure of it” Junno holding his jaw
“That’s up to Johnny to decided that, after all you are our puppets” Hiroki said smirking
“You are dismissed, you better let a doctor to look at that, and I’ll cover your shift for you” Hiroki said going back his position at the back of the counter
Junno moaned from the pain in his jaw, he didn’t want to leave, but he silently obeyed hiroki this time as got from the floor the stand up and turned back to the figure
“I feel sorry for you; you shouldn’t trust people so easily when they there say they will help you with your revenge, you will look back on this and regret everything that you are about to do; it’s going to come tumbling down really fast that you won’t even know it” Junno said as hiroki didn’t look up once to acknowledge it he lifted his hand waved it in the air
“Don’t say no one ever warned you when you fail” was the last sentence said when left the store
“Ryo….” Ueda moaned out the other’s name repeatedly in ecstasy thrusting in prefect rhythm with the other with the last thrust Ryo was the first collapsed onto the couch with Ueda top of him as they smiled at each other
“I’ve raped you 4 times and now can I say you belong to me” Ryo said as he hugged the slim waist closer to his own
“Well, don’t you have a way of claiming people” Ueda teased as he got off the other dressing himself back into his work clothes slowly
“I think you’d look better in a dress than in those ragged clothes” Ryo stated and smirk as a coat hanger flew in his direction as Ryo ducked from it
“I want a favour from you Ryo” Ueda suddenly asked sat back onto the couch next to a very naked Ryo as Ueda turned his head away from hiding the blush away from Ryo’s glare
“Before, I tell you….” Ueda started as he picked the older man’s clothes from the floor and handed it to him not looking at the perfectly toned torso
“Can you put your clothes back on….” Ueda said embarrassingly as Ryo smiled leaning into the younger one placing a sweet kiss on the back of Ueda head
“Can I have another kiss first” Ryo said as he kissed the back of Ueda’s neck once before Ueda elbowing him in his ribs
“I’ll think about if you can help me” Ueda said as stopped his assault for a minute looking at the serious speaking other
“I want you to investigate my director Johnny-san for me, your manager is good friends with him right?” Ueda said turning to the other and Ryo nodded
“I guess he is yeah, but it there particular reason why you want to investigate your own boss?” Ryo asked as Ueda dig into his work pants taking out his phone pressing a few buttons on it as played an audio file to let Ryo listen
(Played on the Ueda’s Mobile Phone….)
“Hello, Tatsuya Ueda des” Ueda answered
“my, my it sounds like I’ve called the wrong person” the man said in a mocking tone on the other side answered and Ueda narrowed his eyes
“who is this?” Ueda said sternly as the person chuckled 
“I know you’re a friend of Kamenashi Kazuya” the man said and Ueda glared at the wall.
“so, what if I am?” Ueda snapped in a angry harsh
“I have a simple message for you to tell him” the man said and continued
“tell him, he better quit the Jimusho’s designs and he’s hopes of becoming a designer if wants to live” the man said in a threatening tone then the line went to dead.
Ueda pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
“Does that sound like who I think it does….” Ryo said a little shocked as Ueda sighed leaning his head against Ryo’s shoulder
“I don’t know if it’s him, I can’t prove it’s him though if it is” Ueda said worriedly as he pressed on as Ryo rested his head on top of the younger one’s head running his finger’s through the boy’s hair gently
“I’ve been having my suspicisions lately about him, it didn’t worry me back then, but now to bring a new employee into the middle of nowhere it doesn’t make sense, and giving kame only the small opportunities on the small magazines and then a fashion show appears from a letter that Director Johnny-san gave to him personally about the whole company wanting to see his works” Ueda explained
“Hmm, someone wants to see Kamenashi designs? He has designs?” Ryo asked a little surprised
“I was really happy for him, but it was just too fast… but I didn’t want to say it to him because he was so happy” Ueda said as Ryo recovered from the surprised look about Kamenashi designing range of fashion he had no idea what was going on but to see his lover this distressed about him to agree the help the other and he the Kamenashi kid doesn’t that bad too nodding in agreement with Ueda
“What do you want me to do?” Ryo asked as Ueda looked up at the other smiled happily
 “oh my God oh my god oh my god oh my god” Kame was repeating as they got higher and higher as kame felt like his heart stop when the ride was it’s highest peak he was frantically looking for the ground but his couldn’t find it
“Akanishi-san, I can’t see the ground? Why can’t I see the ground” Kame said in a panicked tone of voice turning his head to a troubled Jin onto the bars like his life depended on it
“I told you this was a bad idea!!” Kame screamed the ride jerked a little making kame hug handle tightly when he heard a sudden laugh from Jin who was enjoying the breezy air blowing his way but kame was not paying attention to other’s action he was too busy clinging to the handle tighter each time he felt the ride jerk little by little making sure that does not fall out of the seat as Jin on the other hand was throwing a few glances at the other who eyes were still focused on the ground searching desperately for the floor
“I wouldn’t look down if I were you” Jin warned the younger one
“Say’s who?” Kame said instantly as he looked up that the smirking face of Akanishi as kame stared at him horrendously
“How can you even make a face like that in this situation?” Kame said when felt machine move even further up the tower
“I think I liked it better when he were watching it from the bottom” Jin said as kame nodded in agreement, when they reached the top Jin leaned his head against the head rest listening to the distressed younger boy beside him which seemed to amuse him to no end as he decided to tease the boy more 
“Thrilling isn’t it princess?” Jin said suddenly
“Too Late, I already have NO! I hate this! I want to get off , get me off please” came kame’s panicked voice again as he fidgeted a little making the ride jerk a little causing to Jin grab hold on the handle tighter
“Like hell you can’t get off now, your on the ride so deal with it, it’s your fault you wanted to go on this ride too, so quit your whining” Jin snapped out of fear when he felt the seat move from kame’s sudden movement giving out a sigh of relief when kame stopped fidgeting around and sat still
Kame could hear all the people on the same ride screaming and laughing at the same time ‘how can they be laughing at something like this’ kame thought, when a noise that sounded like an ambulance sirens with the outline of their chair flashing red
“That’s so awesome, the seats were flashing red” Jin said as it was his turn to fidget to look at the seats smiling, However kame was holding the bars like his depended on it feeling his ears ringing from the noise of the sirens were making when it stopped, both Jin and kame looked around hearing a lady speak from somewhere in the tower
Warning, last 10 seconds until departure” the lady said as kame froze
“departure? what departure?” Kame said
“Departure I guess what she means is that we start to drop from here to down there” Jin answered as kame turned to Jin
“But….” Jin started gripping on the bars when the countdown was up to the last 3 seconds
“3…..2……1” the computerized voice said
“But… what?” Kame asked as Jin gave one last look at kame and smiled
“This is where the fun begins” Jin said laugh uneasily was about to say something when he heard the countdown finished
Kame felt his beating like crazy at the moment, when he felt himself being dropped from a 50 feet tower he screamed his heart out from the impact he could feel all his organs flying inside his body as though he was going to be sick when the ride came to an end kame hung his head low just like how landed feeling his heart racing from the impact of adrenalin from the ride
“I’m still alive” Kame mumbled
“Of course, it’s just a ride” he heard a voice speak he looked up to the owner of the voice
“I’m so going to kill you, for taking me on a ride like that” Kame threatened in not so unthreatening tone of voice
“Oi Oi, you wanted to go on that ride too, you’re also partly at fault too” Jin said
Kame pushed himself off the chair stumbling forwards a little as he leaned against the wall putting his hand on his chest trying to clam down his restlessness by taking deep breathes for a minutes, once calming himself a little bit as they then continued their walk through the theme park still arguing and fighting with one other as they walked through the crowd as they got a few strange looks
“Admit it already that was the best out of the 10 rides that we’ve been on already” Jin stated as kame gave Jin a confused
“Are you kidding, I think almost in mid-air” kame said his racing just thinking of that ride and its adrenalin rush
Kame gave Jin an over look and then snobbed him walking ahead when he stopped at a game stand
“I haven’t played this in ages” Kame said as he picked up the gun
“500 yen for 3 shots” the man said as kame turned to Jin as laid his hand out to the older man causing Jin in look confusedly at him
“What?” Jin said
“Gimme 500 yen” Kame said
“Why do I have to give you 500 yen” Jin said surprised
“Well, you dragged me out of work with no money so therefore you have to take responsibility for my financial problems right now” kame said smiling as Jin smirked in defeat fishing out his wallet and paid the man as he eyed the big plushie, how he wished he could win one of those toys once in his life this was his chance right now. Kame aimed the gun at the plates that popped shooting one down and missing the two other plates when I formed on kame’s face when Jin decided stand next to him
“Which one are would you like?” Jin said staring at the stuff toys displayed in the game stand making kame turn to Jin after putting the toy gun down
“None of them won by you” Kame stated as he continued to walk away from Jin, making him smirk at that shaking his head when kame ahead of him Kame stopped in front of the Ghost town tunnel he stood in front of the place when jin soon joined him kame turned and smiled on his face
“ that smile” jin thought that smile that he loved when he first saw it for himself, he would never want it to disappear drunk or not he loved that smile when Kame pulled him out of his thoughts
“I’m going in here” Kame said as he ran off into the ghost town tunnel as Jin minutes later after him he stopped the first entrance of the tunnel it was dark and cold suddenly
“Kazuya, where are you?” Jin spoke but he didn’t get answer as he walked further into the tunnel, there was a strange noise behind from him Jin turned around instantly when he heard it as something popped up in front of him Jin let out a scream as ran further in the tunnel taking him to the next entrance turning around and looking behind him each time through the dark room he felt crawl up his arm as he wiped it off his other hand with a whimper. Jin felt his hairs from the back of his head stand up each he looked deeper and deeper turning back around only to get in the face with face with something that was slimy as he let out small scream hitting his back against the wall
“This is not funny, Kazuya, where the hell are you” Jin shouted out again as he heard the younger boy scream and chuckle loudly from ahead of him somewhere “Hey, you are okay” Jin said tried again continuing to walking through the ghost town telling himself this is not real, they are not fake things in here, they are not real, Jin mind was telling himself but its eyes didn’t process the words at all;
“I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all” Jin said as he could feel shivers as he continued to walkthrough the haunted ghost town turning around constantly peering on each side from corner to corner when he heard strange noises in every direction, Jin felt his heart when he felt a hand touch him on the shoulder making Jin swing around the instant it touched him when he was face to face with a white faced mankind with full pitch-black pupil staring at him with a freaky smile on this face jin shrieked loudly covering his ears as he ran through the ghost town as fast as he could wanting to get out as fast possible peering to the side it saw a shadow figure by a window with long hair covering her face that was the last straw when he ran straight to the exit ignoring the thing that hit him the face as he finally reached the exit of the ghost town as he could see broad daylight again he heard a shriek of someone laughing at him hysterically
Kame was laughing at the expression of Jin’s face as ran out of the place pointing at him
“I need to record this, the famous Akanishi Jin afraid of the ghost town in Disneyland” Kame said as he continued to laugh hysterically walking up past the other ignoring the other annoyed
“I was not scared” Jin defended himself as kame held up a puppet front of his face as Jin jumped back hugging the beside him, kame covered his mouth trying not to laugh at a scared Jin
“Sure you are not” Kame said giggling to himself putting away from puppet still smiling “I heard you loud and clearly, you screamed like a girl” Kame said containing his laugher
“You just ran out like a dog with its tail between its legs you looked like ginger” Kame stated as stuff was stuffed into kame’s face but Jin
“Don’t compare me, to a mutt” Jin said as continued to walk ahead in front of the younger one as kame at the toy
“This is….” Kame said
“It was the giant stuff turtle you looking at right? At game stand” Jin said smiled
“Congratulations! On you debut to the Fashion world Kamenashi Kazuya” turning to the younger one’s shocked expression 
Miyuki recognized you; your show is come up soon right in like 2 days now isn't it?” as kame nodded in agreement as he hugged medium-sized plushie turtle closer to him hiding his happy away from him
He never receives presents like this, he couldn’t tell Jin how in creditably happy he was right now, and the most he would get is a phone with a ‘simple congratulations and some money along with the phone call from his family, but he would never receive a present. Kames secretly like receiving gifts even if it was a small token like this from Akanishi his celebrity he felt like happiness person on the planet
“Come on, we have a lot more to see” Jin shouted from the top of the hill as he nodded Kame caught up with Jin he walking past him
“Don’t push your luck” Kame said softly as he continued push his way through the crowd Jin gave out a laugh as he followed after kame
Kame was walking through the mass of people admiring the sight of how packed it was in the Disneyland right now he could not believe it, walking slowly a person bumped into him, kame sent himself and the person to the ground
“Ow, I’m sorry are you okay?” the person cried when he saw kame his rubbing his head helping him up from the ground
“I’m fine, I’m sorry too, I didn’t look where I was going” Kame apologized
“omg! I think saw your TV, are the one of the people that work in the JE Designs store that held that fashion show a couple months ago now  I think” The wailed pointing as he handed the plushie turtle to kame
“I was on TV for that?” Kame said dusting himself off, as the boy nodded
“I had a friend who attended that fashion show, he was of your models for that show” the boy exclaimed excitedly as kame thought and let another fan of ‘Akanishi Jin’ kame thought
“People just seem to get enough of him, it like the thing that everyone talks about” Kame thought pouting
“Are you a Fashion Designer at that store?” the asked as kame nodded
“I am, but not really world wide yet, I’ve done the little shows, I haven’t shown much of my clothing much, because my latest addition isn’t finish but it will be soon hopefully” Kame said and smiled making the smile too
“The name is Toma” the boy said as smiled
“Kamenashi Kazuya and you call me Kame” Kame smiled back nodded
“Ah, so you are Kame-chan” Toma said smiled as he pressed on
“I’ve heard a lot of you from Pi-chan” Toma said
“Pi-chan?” Kame asked unsurely
“Yamashita Tomohisa, my best friend” Toma said
“eh?” kame was kame could say making Toma laugh at the expression
“What the hell do you want?” Jin as he walked into the world of Mirrors as Yamapi followed behind jin. Yamapi stood in front of mirror that made him look like a dwarf and walked beside him as burst in to giggles pointing at Jin’s Dwarf reflection in the mirror
“You’ve become the fat, stubby one now” Yamapi giggled as he to the next one making him jump looking at the shake of his head
“So, you treating my kame-chan well” Yamapi teased Jin
“That’s none of your business” Jin said he walked to the next behind him look extremely tall and skinny like a skeleton making Jin shudder at the nodded at the strange shape
“I saw you drag him out of work today” Yamapi said turning to face Jin who staring at this reflection where he was shaped in a zigzag as he looked at how Jin’s mouth position in the mirror Yamapi couldn’t his laugher
“That’s not funny!, and why the hell are you always around spying on us” Jin shouted at yamapi
“The stupid fan girls were chasing after me and I found the perfect spot to hide, and got rid of them in an instant, then spotted dragging the boy like a piece of log” Yamapi said
“I didn’t drag him like a piece of log, I was just……”Jin started as Yamapi chuckle filled the air
“You win” Yamapi said sighing in defeat as Jin looked up at the other
“You giving up already” Jin said as he Jin leant against the mirror as he smirked at the other
“Not completely, but right now, I can’t fight against what is thinking talking to him on the night of my launch party, he couldn’t his eyes off you for a moment it as though he was a crying for you when you didn’t come” Yamapi said stepping to the next mirror
“Ahhhhh” Yamapi shouted causing Jin to laugh
“I have wavy line for a head” Yamapi point to the mirror in front of him
“That’s my image of your brain looks like Bakanishi” Yamapi teased
“You’re just as bad Bakapi!” Jin bellowed out causing a shriek off laugher as both walked out of the ‘world of mirrors’ 
“I won’t forget this day, you admitting admit defeat” Jin noted down
“I said I haven’t completely given up” Yamapi corrected as Jin turned to the other
“Sure, sure” Jin brushing off with a smile the other as Yamapi looked at Jin with a look of seriousness
“If you ever make him cry for something else other than you everlasting love for you, that’s the day I will take him from you” With that last statement Jin and Yamapi were staring at each other for a long time
“Ah!, there he is” Toma called out waving out to the two boys having a staring competition
“I won’t ever make him cry to give him up” Was Jin last statement
“I’ll remember that, and this time you better keep it” Yamapi said

[Fic] Along Came a Storm - Chapter 8

Title: Along Came a Storm
Author: yukachan21
Pairing: Akame, Ryoda, Pikame and other pairings to come.
Genre: PG-13 for now, Angst.
Disclaimer: I don’t’ anyone just the plot (~_^)/
Summary: Kamenashi Kazuya, employee of Johnny’s Designs Fashion Store Who has hopes in Entering the Jimusho Entertainment Designs as a "Top Designer" wanting to be a successful like to succeed in his father’s dream and meets a man arrogant goes by the name Akanishi Jin, a famous and favourite Movie Star/Top Male Model in Japan, Kazuya’s Role model he’d never thought he’d meet … when an unexpected love triangle occurs between Yamapi, jin and kame.
…Will kame it as the world’s top designer in Japan … and who will he end up with….

Authors Note: This is my First Fanfic, I Finally wrote one, Anyway have mercy on me if its lame, i'm am gonna see how far my imaginatively can go with my brain xD. This Idea kinda popped into my head so yeah. So please support me, i'm trying to here *nods* comments and criticisms are loved for my first fic. (>_<)

A/N: I apologise for being extremely late!!!!! GOMEN GOMEN! my silly beta (kazudesu) - (was never online xD so i don't how this turned out if the grammar if is extremely bad blame my beta (kazudesu)   xDDDD why because i can xDDD


Kame’s Alarm clock on his bedside table went off he let out a moan tossing his head in the pillow as he over reached to turn in it off and snuggle under the covers. He felt something licking him in the face between his eyes and nose making kame giggle at the feeling of being molested  by a warm tongue kame put the bed over his head
“Ginger, stop it” kame said pulling back the covers, he opened his eyes only to be greeted by the pleasant sight of his little puppy making him smile, kame sat himself up in a sitting position as he slowly massaged his head from the excessive thumping, he heard his pet whimper when he turned to look at her she tilted her head to one side
“Kawaii ne” Kame said smiling “I’m Alright girl don’t worry okay” patted her on the head he looked at the clock on his bed side table
When he realized something he looked closely at his pet as ginger stared back at him “Wait why are you here ginger...” kame said
He turned his head the beside table to that there was a clock there “That’s my clock” when he looked around the room he confirmed definitely that this was in fact was his room
“When did come back into this room” Kame thought as he scratched his head trying to remember what happened last night when he felt how his bed was loped-sided he didn’t remember this bed being lope-sided before when he first left it, when he looked closer on his bed there was another body next to him kame blinked and pulled himself up from the bed
“Akanishi…” Kame spoke in a soft tone as he swiftly lifted up the covers to check he still had his clothes on he let out a sigh of relief  
“Wait … why would I be checking anyway it’s not like Akanishi would not sleep with him anyway he’s a guy and I’m a guy too” kame thought as he listened to the boy mumbling in his sleep; Kame looked at the older man as his curiosity got the better of him so he decided to lift the sheets to check if Akanishi had his clothes were on just to be sure; kame’s eyes wondered over the older man’s masculine body the broad shoulder, his muscular arms, he knew Akanishi was built in the magazines he use to see him in but to see them in person was different he smiled at that when he quickly closed it once he realised he just checked out a guy shook his head out of those thoughts
“What the hell am I thinking” kame thought “get over it kame, its not going to happen, you have more important things to focus on” kame said in his hand he slapped himself a few times glancing back at the older man why is he here anyway
“onegai…”  kame remembered him saying something like that last night
“Please kiss me again” Kame‘s eyes widen as he grabbed a pillow and put his face into it
“Please tell me I did not say that last night …” Kame asked himself, when he felt the bed shift from Akanishi’s movement something loud dropped onto the wooden planks for the floor, kame causing to raise his head instantly
“What was that” he said as kame raised himself from the bed to see what it was; he squatted onto the pick up the object from the ground lifting his head up he saw the older man’s hand limp on the side of the bed assuming the single key dropped out from there, then kame looked back at the key
“This is…..” finally realizing what it was turned to face the sleeping figure glaring daggers at him as he picked up a cushion into his hand form the armchair behind him
“Oi! wake Up” kame said angrily as he threw the cushion at the sleeping form but Akanishi made no movement at all. Kame crossed his arms in front of his chest
“I take it back, I hate him, a star or not” kame thought when an idea hit him kame smiled evilly picking up his pet from the ground and put in front of the older man’s stomach.
Jin felt a light and heavy weight sit on top of his stomach as he smiled along with a grunt at the feeling, when he also felt a tongue molest the outside of his ear as Jin let out a low groan feeling the blood from his body pump down to his lower body as the tongue continued its pleasurable assault to the side of his face, his neck then back to his ear again, Jin nuzzled his head closer to the source of heat from the tongue caressing the side of his face as he growled in delight
“Oh, yeah, that’s it baby lick it” Jin said not paying attention to what was given him the pleasurable licks to his ear he could feel a hot breath was circulating around his ear drum as Jin whimpered as the tongue had left but came back minutes later assaulting the same area but this time below his ear as he heard a chuckle from above
“Now bite him” he heard as his ear was bitten really hard Jin sat himself up instant screaming in pain and rubbing his injured ear turning around face to the culprit, Jin was face to face with a smiling kame and a growling toy dog in kame’s hand standing next to him once kame’s smile disappeared off his face instantly the suddenly death glare appeared back on the boy’s face feminine features as he put his pet down
“Now, get out of my house” Kame said as Jin moved closer to the angry boy until their faces were inches apart from each other
“Make me” Jin said sternly staring at kame intently as kame turned away from the man who staring down at him trying to hide redness in his cheeks, the feminine boy took a deep breathe as he quickly gripped onto the older man’s arm seeing that gesture he knew what was about to happen as he quickly held back his weight onto the bed he successfully tugged his arm out of kame’s grip making kame stumble forwards when kame’s arm was suddenly pulled backwards catching him off guard leading him to fall onto his bed as Jin quickly towered on top of kame as Jin smiled widen at the shocked expression of the younger boy’s face was just priceless and endearing in Jin’s eyes
“Sorry, but your superwomen powers don’t work on me twice, princess” as Jin stared at the younger boy underneath him
“If you don’t Let me go now, you’ll be kicked really hard in a place where the sun doesn’t shine” Kame threatened only making Jin smirk more but jin refused to let the younger one up, kame let out a loud sigh when he saw kame lift his knee to where it was about ready to aim where it would hurt the most when Jin gaped jumping off the younger boy
“Thank you” Kame said raising himself from the bed again
“Now get out” kame repeated in a cold voice as Jin stood up from the bed
“You should be thanking me” Jin said as he kame gave him a displeased look
“Why should I be thanking someone who stole my house keys” Kame raised an eyebrow at the older man as Jin didn’t know that to say to that when a hand saw laid out in front of him causing Jin to look at him confused as kame held up a single key between his thump and index finger
“Care to explain why this fell out of your hand a few minutes ago” Kame said dangling the keys in front of Jin’s eyes
“You must be seeing things” Jin said, when kame suddenly held out his hand as Jin stared at the hand and then back at kame
“What?” Jin said innocently
“Give them back, I know you have my other keys” Kame said eyeing Jin’s back pocket
“What key? I don’t have any keys” Jin tried to deny
“Liar, I saw my Yoru hanging out of your back pocket” kame pointing to Jin’s pants
“Yoru? Who’s yoru?” Jin repeated and as kame pouted still with his hand out
“The toy attached to my key now hand it over I’m waiting Akani-“kame was cut off by Jin
“Jin, call me Jin and say please” Kame reluctantly looked up the older man’s face
“Aka- Jin give me back my keys, Please” Kame said softly as Jin smirked at the other
“No” was Jin’s simple reply as kame only frowned more and then he looked at Ginger who looked back at him she tilted her head kame smiled as he turned his gaze back at Jin as kame point to him
“Ginger… Attack that man” kame commanded to his pet and as she obeyed her master when she charged to attack Jin he made a run for his life to the front door and closed it behind him as Kame’s laugher filled the room slowly subsiding as he frowned
“That was stupid of me, now I can’t get my keys back” Kame thought hitting himself mentally for doing such a thing without thinking he sighed at the thought went heard his alarm go off he looked at the time
“Yahbai! I’m late again and I need drop off this things to tat-chan” kame and as quickly went to ready for work
“This is seriously going well today not at all” Kame cursed

Ueda felt something hit him in the face, as he push it away turning to his side as he snuggled into his pillow which seemed to be much warmer than it use to be from what he remembered when that thought was in mind he consciously hugged it tighter not hearing the distressed voice whimper from being held so tight
“What the hell do you dream about when your sleeping” Ueda heard a voice speak causing him open his eyes to the source squinting to see who the voiced belong to when Ueda eyes flattered open as he smiled up at the figure
“Hello, Ryo-chan” Ueda said as he closed to his again. Ueda’s eyes flew wide open staring at the figure he literately jumped up from the sofa bed and held his fists up at Ryo looked at the with an amused grin
“W-wwh-h-hh-at are d-ddoing in mm-my h-hhouse” Ueda stuttered out also battling in his mind trying to remember what happened last night as Ryo held his hands up in the air signaling that he surrendered when he stood up from the couch lazily
“You didn’t really give me a chance to leave” Ryo said when ueda grabbed the bed sheet and wrapped it around his body
“That’s right Nishikido-san invited me to his friend’s party last night, when I saw kame talking with yamapi-san and then I…” Ueda thought, he was too busy thinking and failing to realise that Ryo was standing right in front of him already
“Oi...” Ryo said ueda his snapped back into reality when his fist came into contact with Ryo’s jaw suddenly but not too hard when Ryo got pushed back onto the sofa bed from the sudden outbreak Ueda’s eyes widen
“MY GOD, I’m so sorry” Ueda bellowed panicking as he ran into the kitchen, as Ryo sat there quietly as a he could taste copper taste of blood in his mouth as Ueda walked back into the living room holding an ice pack in his hand
“You didn’t have to, I’m fine really, you didn’t hit me that hard” Ryo smiled taking the ice from Ueda as lowered his eyes to the floor
“I guess I don’t have to ask about punching bag, I think I got my answer” Ryo asked as Ueda looked up at Ryo
‘Huh?” Ueda answered as Ryo pointed to the punching bag near the corner of the room
“Oh, that, I heard boxing is a form of exercise, if keeps me in shape I have been getting love handles lately” Ueda said and smirked at that, as Ryo stared at the figure gazing at him from top to down
“You gotta be kidding, by the look of you, I reckon you should stop exercising, and eat more if you ask me” Ryo said as he’s never left Ueda’s body and looks Ueda clumps a bit of his ‘so called fat’ and showed Ryo 
“Than what do you call this then” Ueda snapped which only made Ryo laugh looking at the pretty boy in front of him
“I call that skin not fat” Ryo pointed out as ueda turned away.
Ryo smiled at that as he put the ice pack down pushing a pouting Ueda back onto the sofa bed, ueda’s back hit the soft mattress as he lied there alarmed at Ryo’s sudden actionwhen surprising him even more by straddling him onto the mattress wtih a smirk on his face, without another word Ryo pressed his lips against Ueda’s his own. In that instant Ueda made no movement when Ryo kissed him he didn’t know why as he subconsciously wrapped his arms around ryo’s neck and accepted Ryo’s lips as they were sending shivers down his spine in a pleasurable way he didn’t want to stop. There’s was a knock on the door to Ueda’s apartment the swung open as a head  and big smile popped out from the side of the opened door
“Tat-ch-“kame stopped himself when he saw the scene on the sofa bed, kame realised that they hadn’t taken notice that he was there kame decided to leave the stuff that had to return to ueda leaving them by the door covering his mouth trying not make a single sound come out of his mouth as he closed the door behind smiling
“Look’s like Ueda’s not coming into work until the afternoon” kame thought as he tip toed his way out down hallway away from Ueda’s apartment
“Get out my house now” Yamapi heard Jin say as he smiled
“Now, now, that’s not a nice way to treat your former best friend” Yamapi said as he sat next to Jin on the couch
“He told me likes my movie and the series of kurosagi and my debut single” Yamapi said happily as Jin sat there in silence staring at the man before him
“It’s just like old times’ isn’t it?” Yamapi said
“Stay away from him” Jin suddenly said as he gave out a chuckle
“So, it’s like that is it?” Yamapi replied “I’ll be honored to have a challenge with you, just like the old days”
“Are you sure Toma won’t be upset with you” Jin suddenly asked as Yamapi turned to face Jin
“Toma, is only a friend, he will never see me that way and either will I he knows that really well” Yamapi said as Jin stared back at Yamapi
“That’s not the feeling that I got when I approached him asking him to catering for your so called ‘launch party’ yesterday, he thinks more of you than you think” Jin ask as Yamapi broke a small laugh
“Toma, has a girlfriend, he would never think of me that way, not in million years, and I’ve got my eyes kame-chan, this time I’m not going to get you in my way from getting what I want,” Yamapi said as the two glared at each other
“You’re going to make toma cry” Jin said
“Toma doesn’t cry” Yamapi replied back instantly
“It seems like you don’t know your childhood friend very well” Jin said leaning back into his chair
“Oh, and so you think you know him better than me now?” Yamapi said in an uttermost annoyed tone
“From all the times you’ve been ditching him, me and ryo are the ones that seem to know him pretty well”
“I have not been ditching him, I don’t have the time to.. Spend time with him” Yamapi said as Jin gave a small out a chuckle
“Because, you’re chasing after Kame, why don’t you give up already?”
Yamapi opened his eyes and staring at the ceiling, folding his hands behind his head
“what the hell do you know about Toma and I Jin” Yamapi thought as he gave out a bitter laugh turning to his side to rest some since was his day off
yamapi dozed off a few hours when he’s cell phone interrupted his sleepy slumber, he let out a groan as he reached for his phone on this dressing table to answer it
“Moshi moshi” came yamapi’s mumbled reply
“Pi-chan.. It’s Toma” a soft reply came from the other line as yamapi sat up properly on the bed
“What’s up toma?”  Yamapi replied
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up on your day off” Toma said playing with the cord of the phone on the side of the line as Yamapi sighed
“It’s not really free on my day off today I still have a lot of things to be done; I was catching up on some sleep before tonight” Yamapi half lied
“I just wondering would you like to come with me somewhere on your day off, just to hang out like old times, but it seems like you aren’t  free” toma said nervously
“I’m sorry, Toma, I’m come and  stop by your shop later to say hello” Yamapi said
“Okay, maybe some other time, when you’re free give me call yeah” toma was smiling over the line
Bye” Yamapi before the line went dead as Toma put down the phone sighed
“I really am just a friend after all” toma said to himself as himself as toma limp to his bed covering his face with pillow
“I collected 100 lives” Junno exclaimed excitedly as he continued to play the video game making kame lose his cool
“Junno!!!” Kame screamed 
“Quit it! With the video games and come help me clean this place, I can’t clean this mess up all by myself, Johnny-san is coming in today with a new employee is coming in today” Kame said from the shop store room. When he didn’t get an answer kame growled cleaning the cupboards, kame grumbled more from hearing a Junno laughing hysterically over a PSP game he was playing.
‘At least Ueda helped and not play video games all the time” Kame said under his breathe as he continued to grumble when the automatic doors opened revealing a stranger walked into the store along with Johnny
“Ohaiyou, Johnny-san” kame greeted with a smile on his face when he looked at his boss’s face was focused on Junno who was still playing his video games as kame gave an uneasily laugh and kicked Junno in the back of his leg
“Ow what was that for” as Junno wailed at kame, Johnny suddenly cleared his throat making Junno turn around instantly when he saw the person that was behind him
“Sorry” Junno said bowed out of apologise 
“Hiroki? This is Kamenashi Kazuya, and Taguchi Junnosuke and other is not here yet I assume” Johnny said
 Junno and kame nodded “He will be in late’ kame replied as Johnny nodded and turning back to introduce their new store manger
“Kamenashi and Taguchi this is Kamjou Hiroki” Johnny said as the bowed
Hajimemashite, Kamjou Hiroki des” the boy smiled
“This is your new employee he will starting work here from today onwards, and Kamenashi he apparently a fan of yours” Johnny said smiling
“Kamenashi-san, it’s nice to finally meet you” hiroki said holding his hand as kame gladly took shook his hand
“I’m not up on the top yet but that’s where I want to get here” Kame said
“Your father was a fashion designer right? I admire you for having a great a designer for a father” hiroki said smiling as kame let out a silent sigh
“I’ve seen some of your clothing designs in the latest edition of vogue, and I thought yes this was the uniqueness that is needed in the fashion world” Hiroki said turning to kame with a smile on his face
“I believe in you Kamenashi-san, that you’ll be as great as your father was or maybe even better” Hiroki said with that line it made kame really happy praising his work not his father
“My modern clothing hasn’t sold really well on the market yet, so I have a long way to go” Kame said
“You don’t have to be so negative Kamenashi-san, you got to have faith you’ll make it” hiroki scolded lightly as kame giggled
“Thank you, Kamjou-san” Kame said as Junno put an am around kame throwing a smile at kame and Kamjou their newest members of the store
“Would you like to see his designs?” Junno said as kame elbowed Junno in the ribs
“REALLY? Do you really have some of your clothing’s display here?” Hiroki said happily
“They are not really done yet” kame smiled as he threw Junno look-what-you-have-done look
“Come on, why not?” Junno pressed on
“Because they are not ready yet, they are to be a surprise for the fashion show” kame whispered to Junno
“Oh yeah, I forgot about that, but that’s four days away” Junno said smiling at Hiroki
“But, it won’t hurt to show him aright?” Junno said a wide on his face as sighed in defeat
“Alright fine! But you can’t anyone else know okay, it’s my surprise secret” Kame said as hiroki’s eyes lit up with glee
“Hontou! Artigatou, Kamenashi-san” Hiroki said
“On one condition” Kame said seriously
“Hai! Anything” hiroki said instantly
“You can keep the range of clothing a secret, the range of clothing is meant to be for my up coming fashion show, can you promise to keep it a secret” Kame asked as Hiroki nodded
“I won’t say a word; it’ll just our store’s secret” Hiroki said making kame smile when Junno dragged hiroki into the direction of the secret room
“So, who is the new guy?” Kame turned to the voice at the door a person he didn’t want to see right now
“What do you want? And that’s none of your business” kame replied coldly to the other
“Now, that’s not nice way to greet your customers” Jin said mockingly
“Your not a customer, you’re a movie star, and movie stars should not be around here, so get out” kame said walking back to behind the counter when he was suddenly held by his wrist
“Let go” kame said as he tried to shake his hand out the other man’s grip
“Sorry, but you tried to seduce me, so there’s no way I can’t you go” Jin said as he dragged the younger out of the store
“Oi!” kame shouted
“Akanishi-san, why did you bring me here, this place is for kids, I’m not a kid” Kame said staring at the sign above ‘Disneyland’ as Jin laughed 
“It’s Jin, and I brought you here to have fun and what’s wrong with grown-ups coming to a theme park” Jin said turning the younger one and continued
“Besides haven’t you heard of the saying ‘Living life like a kid no matter what age you are’ ” Jin asked as kame looked at the other
“No, I have never such a quote stupid saying in my life and I have to get back to work” kame said as he folded his arms in front of his chest turned his back to the other man
Jin shoved his hands into his pockets sighed “You don’t have to be so angry, you know, why are you so angry anyway?” Jin asked curiously as kame gave out a smirk
“Geez, I wonder why?, let see shall we?” Kame said mockingly
“The person whom I hate, asks me to wash his clothes, stalked me, steals my keys, and then comes all the way and drags me out from work” kame retorted angrily not turning around to face him as he see a pair of keys dangling in front of his face catching kame’s attention
“Is this what you want” Jin smiled as kame tried to reach for it when clasp back into his hand away from kame’s grasp and runs to the entrance of Disneyland as kame as chases after him, as they queue walking by jin’s side and standing next to him as kame holds out his hand to him
“Give me back my keys and yoru” Kame said
“I will, unless you agree to go out with me” Jin said smirking
“I don’t date boys, I date girls and you’re not a girl” Kame said as folded his arms and pouted
“Then, I will be able to keep your keys then” Jin said making turn his head to face him
“No” as he reached for his keys again from kame’s range of reach
Once they both reached the window Jin paid for himself and kame entrance fee
“Prick” kame mumbled
“But you love me” Jin teased
“I do not” Kame replied immediately as he and Jin walked through the mass crowd of people when a game caught his attention
“Ahh” kame stopped at a game hut as Jin looked at the toys
“I use to love playing when I was a kid” kame said pointing to the place as Jin smiled
“Just because your grown-up doesn’t mean you can’t have fun” Jin said as he grabbed kame by the wrist dragged him to the first ride
Ueda through the sliding doors the stores to work sighing
“What is wrong with me, these days? How could he do that to me….” Ueda asked himself as he gave out a loud sigh
“Ohaiyou! Welcome to JE Designs, How can I meet help you” a voice spoke from the front desk
“I’m sorry I’m late kame” Ueda as he lifted his head to face an unknown face
“You must be Tatsuya-san?” the boy said
“That’s me and you are?” Ueda asked as the boy held out his hand
“Kamjou Hiroki, des, I was brought here by Johnny-san this morning; I’m a new employee here” the boy answered bowing as Ueda glared at the boy for a moment Ueda didn’t like the Aura from the boy and seemingly familiar to Ueda but he took the other boy's hand and shook it with no smile just a bow
“Nice to meet you” Ueda said hearing Junno in the background playing his video games in the store
“Is he still?” Ueda nodded
“I yelled at him a few times, but it doesn’t seem like he wants to listen, he’s too busy laughing” Hiroki said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest as Ueda and hiroki looked at a laughing Junno as Ueda smirked
“Leave him to me” Ueda said a Hiroki looked at the boy a moment shuddered
“There’s something scary about that his one and something tells I should not piss him off” Hiroki said to himself nodded a few times as went back to his work.
Ueda appeared behind the laughing man and kicked him in the bottom as Taguchi stumbled a little almost dropping his PSP
“Hey, Wh-“Junno started and was about to the yell at the person kicked him
“Ueda! What was that for?” Junno said pouting rubbing his sore bottom from where Ueda’s foot kicked him as Ueda smirked
“I’m Teaching you a lesson not to muck around on the job” Ueda angrily
“How many times have I told you not to play during work hours” Ueda said
“But only morning and we hardly customers here in the morning” Junno said as ueda out a sigh
“Have you heard yourself laugh, you probably scare them away because of your loud laughing that you can hear probably from outside the store” Ueda snapped back
“Now, your just exaggerating” Junno rebutted back as ueda just smiled and sighed
“So, who actually this new employee and why is he here?” Ueda asked as Junno shrugged
“Johnny-san, brought him in this morning, He seems to admire kame a lot” Junno said he watched hiroki
“There’s something strange about him, Ueda” Junno said suddenly as ueda didn’t answer he continued to glare at the employee was smiling waving to them.
“tell him, he better quit the Jimusho’s designs if he has high  hopes of becoming a designer if he wants to live” the man said in a threatening tone then the line went to dead.
Ueda pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
//::Flashbacks ends:://
“I have a feeling that something is going to happen” Ueda said to Junno causing Junno to face him
“What do you mean?” Junno said
In the JE Design office
Knock knock!’ there was sound of someone knocking on the office door
“Come in” a deep voice came behind the big back office chair. A lady walked into the office as she closed the door carrying a pile of papers placing it on the table
“These are all the files you wanted on Kazuya Kamenashi and Keisuke Kamenashi, Director Johnny-san” The lady said and bowed, Johnny turned his chair around to face his secretary taking the folders that were laid on his table by his secretary
“Thank you, Aiko-chan..” Johnny flicked his hand for her to leave the room
Opening the folder he looked at them as the older man gave out a smirking face “I will take good care of you, Kamenashi” Johnny let out a laugh
“I won’t let you get in my way like your father did” Johnny said as at kame’s profile
“You beta not fail me Kamjou Hiroki” Johnny said tapping his pen on the table

[Fic] Along Came a Storm Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Kame stopped in the front of the apartment as kame sighed
“How and why did I get you to drag me out here” Kame said as against the wall “I really don’t want to be in front of this apartment at the moment” Kame thought as he pouted
“KAME” Ueda shouted
“Ueda, I wanna home go home” Kame’s pout widen as Ueda pouted back
“You promised me, you’d come remember?” Ueda said as kame whined in defeat.
Kame didn’t really want to meet Akanishi again after that embarrassing moment at the Dry Cleaners in front of his neighbour his sempai but he also didn’t want to break his promise to Ueda, when he did say that he would accompany him, kame looked at ueda who was still pouting as he nodded his head to assure ueda that he would follow even though he didn’t want to as Ueda’s pout turned in a big smile as Ueda dragged kame along to walking to the entrance as he they greeted by Ryo and Yamapi who were talking in front the entrance of apartment
“AH! Yamashita-san and Nishikido-san” Kame said with smile and bowed to the two older men
“Kame-chan! Konban’wa” Yamapi said as Ryo smiled held out his hand to kame
“It’s nice to see you again” Ryo said, kame smiled back and took the older man‘s hand
“It a pleasure to you see you again too” Kame said politely bowing to the other causing ryo to smirk a little
“You don’t have to be so formal you know” ryo said and as kame blushed a little
“I’m sorry” kame apologised as Ryo was eying Ueda who was staring at his feet and not looking as kame smirked and nudged ueda
“Konban’wa” Ryo greeted causing ueda to look up and smile a little bowed
“Hello” Ueda said bashfully as kame and yamapi were laughing quietly in the corner as he watched Ryo and Ueda walking to the apartment in silence
“I think they look so cute together, don’t you think?” Yamapi blurted out and kame giggled again and nodded in agreement
“They do, I reckon they will make a good couple” Kame said as he watched the couple walking into the apartment kame was still smiling as he then turned to Yamapi
“So, what brings you here do you know what’s this party is about here” Kame asked looking around Jin’s apartment was so huge to Kame’s eyes though he’s been once he’s a amazed of how big it is never seems to amaze him he’s a model after all kame thought when Yamapi was admiring the younger one as he spoke again
“Actually, this is my launch Party for my movie and single debut, my Best friend let me have it here…… well not really but yeah” Yamapi answered with a small laugh
“So this is party for you” Kame said and smiling as yamapi nodded and turning to greet the customers back to greet the guests that were coming in. Kame’s eyes were wondering around as they were focused on a tall, brown hair, muscular figure that was too familiar with talking to two girls that he knew kame’s heart frown at the site
“I should’ve known that he likes women like that, someone like Miyuki Haiku and Leah Dizon they are perfect for a movie and model star like Akanishi Jin” Kame thought as he just stared the older man who was laughing and smiling with the two female Kame’s mood suddenly turned sour at the site of Jin talking to the two girls who were no doubt the models for his up coming fashion show, when suddenly Jin’s eyes wondered as they locked onto kame’s figure as kame quickly turned back to yamapi.
“I’ll see you tonight then?”
 What hell’s up with that line and this party for Yamashita-sanKame thought seeing Jin with that girl, pissed him off dearly he could hear her giggles as in was laughing with her it was unforgivable for Jin talk so comfortably with that stupid Barbie girl when was meant to be talking him alone and flirting with him, when kame stopped his thinking whacking himself mentally
“What the hell am I thinking about, I’m not in love or jealous of that fool” Kame focused his eyes on the spot where he spotted Jin but only to find that he was gone
Yamapi replaced his hand on kame’s shoulder causing kame to turned around and break out of his thoughts
“Come on, that goes inside its warmer inside it’s a little chili out here” Yamapi said as kame nodded as yamapi at the side of the apartment
“After you” Yamapi said to kame as he pouted as he walked pass yamapi proudly
“I’m not a girl” kame said the statement made yamapi laughed as they walked to the apartment as they sat the bar when kame suddenly remember something wanting to tell the older man he turned to him and smiled
“Ano, I’m a fan of your series of kurosagi and the music, I really love your character in that movie “Kurosagi” you looked so different in person then on the screens” kame said
“Good or Bad” Yamapi said causing kame to laugh
“Its good anyway you were really good” kame said nodded as yamapi pouted
“You don’t love me? Like you love the character kurosagi” Yamapi said as kame just smiled as a response yamapi let out a laugh as well
“Come on, can I at least buy you a drink, it’s on me” Yamapi said and as kame smiled
“Sure” kame nodded
“Congratulations on your debut and movie” kame applauded Yamapi as he smiled
“Artigatou” Yamapi responded as he as held out his hand 
As they sat in silence looking around the room as stared at the younger man as Ueda was the first to break the silent atmosphere
“so, my friends and I really enjoyed your concert by the way and we loved that song called “Angel” ” Ueda said with glee and smiled sweetly as Ryo smiled back
“Man, that song is so old but that song was always a favourite” Ryo said looking down at his hand as he held the glass twirling his red wine in the glass around and around when looked up at smiling Ueda
“I’m really glad you came” Ryo said sincerely making Ueda smile embarrassingly
“me too” Ueda mumbled that was barely auditable but Ryo hear it and he was happy to hear it from the younger one and as he looked at the couple on the bar yamapi and Kamenashi as he Ryo turned back to ueda staring at the ground and then turned back to the two
“There look good together don’t you think?” Ryo asked pointing to Kame and yamapi as ueda finally lifted up his head to look at the couple sighed
“I don’t know, I think kame better with Akanishi” Ueda stated causing Ryo to look at the other laugh
“really?” Ryo asked as ueda nodded
“Kame, has always been a fan of Akanishi Jin’s movie, he once told that, wanted to start his range of clothing fashion for Akanishi to wear one day” Ueda said proudly of his friend as Ryo ran his all over the beautiful in front of him with a smile
“really?” Was Ryo response
“So, how long you and Kamenashi been working at Johnny’s Designs?” Ryo asked causing ueda to turn around
“I’ve been working at johnny’s for 4 years now, and I met him 2 years ago, he came started 2005 year, he’s still a newbie in the shop that ” Ueda said as Ryo tore his eyes off Ueda and turned to look at kame gossiping with Yamapi
“When I met for the first time, i thought he was an honest person when he handed Jin’s wallet to be, not many people who find a possession of jin’s would return it so he told me” Ryo said
“He’s good hearted and too nice” Ueda said and sighed
“That’s why I need to protect him, some how he can be so naive to everyone he talks to its kinda worrying” as Ueda sighed again bringing Ryo’s gaze back onto Ueda again
“So, if you take care of him, who takes care of you?” Ryo asked as Ueda raised an eyebrow
“Of course I take care myself, I’m always taking care of myself, and I’ve lived by myself since I was 17” Ueda said sadly
“i don’t have a family anymore, they have probably forgotten about me by now… because they haven’t called since I moved out..” Ueda said raising the glass to his lips slowly as he consumed a little of the content in the bottle putting it back down the table
“I’m sorry” was all Ryo could say to that and Ueda broke out into laugher
“Please, don’t pity me, I’m completely independent” Ueda proudly when Ueda looked at the bottle grabbing as he consumed the rest of content in it as Ryo was astonished for a moment. Ryo pried the bottle of alcohol from Ueda’s hand and looked at it and then at a tipsy Ueda was whining when the bottle taken from him
“I can’t believe you just finished a bottle of vodka” Ryo said as ueda just smiled and then suddenly pouted
“I’m allow to drink” Ueda said as Ryo just stared at him and gave him a smug look and shook his head
“I’m going to band you from drinking” Ryo retorted back
“I’m still sober honest” Ueda trying to reason as Ryo just gave a smirk as watched the younger one sway a little
“No more drinking for you” Ryo said with a smile
“You sound just like kame, he gets drunk more than I do, after like 5 or 6 glasses and I have to drink a bottle of Vodka and I’m still fine” Ueda said making Ryo break out into a laugh as ueda just blank look at the laughing man in front of him as kame and yamapi watching were friend’s from the bar, ueda who clearly letting the vodka get to his head to hide his nervousness causing kame to giggle
“Silly Ueda, I can’t believe you did it again, careful Nishikido-san, a drunk ueda is kinda hard to handle” Kame thought and smiled to himself
“Gumbatte Tat-chan…” Kame said as he heard yamapi laugh a little
“That’s the first time I’ve seen Ryo laugh and smile like that” Yamapi said looking at Ryo
“And It’s the first time, I’ve seen tat-chan act this way with alcohol, I guess that’s what happens when you met a celebrity that you were been dreaming to meet” kame said and smiled as a picture of Akanishi came to his mind kame shook his head and cursed to remembering
“Except for me, why did he have to turn out to be like that” kame said with a pout as yamapi turned around to look at kame
“Did I really turn out that bad?” Yamapi said as he pouted making kame laughed
“Not you, I’m talking about someone else” kame assured Yamapi nodded in agreement knowing very well who he was referring to
“I always thought all movie stars and singers have attitude problems, all the ones that I’ve met anyway” kame said he smiled at the older man
“Well… i guess that’s what some people are like in the entertainment world or fashion world, like a particular person that I know, flirting around with every beautiful women that he lays his eyes on, I call him the bag of sperm” Yamapi said as he chuckled a little taking a gulp on his beer in front of him
“Ahh, Akanishi Jin that stupid baka, its shameless to say Bakanishi is my best friend” Yamapi muttered and kame listened twirling his liquid in his glass
“Bakanishi?! That on earth kinda of a pick is that?!” Kame asked in an amusing tone giggling at the name has laughed with the younger one
“Is because he is, there’s this one time where in the shouen Club he was performing it was walking waving and he didn’t see the camera man and so it whack the camera it was like the funniest thing ever” Yamapi and Kame laughed at that
“I always to lose to him to everything, sports, girls and even drinking” Yamapi said smirk and turned to him and patted him on the back
“hmm, there has to be something that beat you at? Being friends for so long there must be something” Kame said giggled as skulled down his beer glass and watched the younger man skull his beer so quickly as he smiled at him
“Actually….” Yamapi started as kame looked up at the older man
“But there’s one thing that I’m glad that he doesn’t taken away from me yet” Yamapi said as put down his glass and looked up at kame and smiled  
“You, and your smile” Yamapi chuckled goofily at the blushing kame
“Here” Yamapi handed him a folder of paper as gladly excepted it
“What’s this?” Kame asked and as yamapi smiled
“isn’t it obvious?” yamapi smiled
“its my number call me anytime” Yamapi said when suddenly yamapi was called unexpectedly by someone in the crowd  
“Ahh, I’m being summoned excuse me” Yamapi smiled at waved back
“We’ll talk some later kame-chan ne?” yamapi said having a bright smile as took his leave and waved
“Hai, Yamashita-san” kame said as he turned to the bar table.
“Pi- chan!!!” Uchi wailed
“Congratulations on your movie…” Subaru said pushing Uchi out the way when Subaru was pushed out of the way by Satoshi
“You awesome, Pi-chan!” Satoshi shouted when pushed out of the way by a smiling Tegoshi Yuya
“Congratulations!!” Yuya said as toma laughed at the three boys and put on a stern voice
“Pipe you down you idiots!” Toma scolded as yamapi laughed
“ Its okay, are just that happy that’s all” yamapi said lightening up the mood as eyes trailed to the younger frame still the table will drinking another after as yamapi snorted when was about to back over the bar, toma stopped him but holding onto his arm toma threw yamapi the more brightest smile causing to smile
“I know that face” Yamapi gave a smug look and ruffled toma hair as toma fixed up his hair
“Oi!, my hair was perfect, and now your hand ruined it” toma pouted as yamapi laughed
“Come on, let’s go pig out, what do you say” Subaru and Tegoshi exclaimed together
“When there’s food involved, I guess he can’t with really past up eh?” Yamapi heard a voice behind him
“Did I tell you that toma cooked all this” Jin said as he patted yamapi on the back as yamapi turned and looked at toma
MAJI DE …!!!!” Yamapi exclaimed as he turned to a blush toma
“its was nothing Jin asked to do it as a favour considering you always liked my food, I happy to get my people to for you” toma said tracing circles on the floor with his feet and yamapi grinned
“Alright, Let’s go, Toma’s food first everyone” Yamapi said marching to where all the food is as Jin smiled to himself
“That was easy” Jin said as he turned his to eyes to the slim figure on the bar as walked over to it. Jin was at a far distance from the younger one and from opposite the bar and a girl suddenly came to greet him when he was about to move next to the boy
“Akanishi-sama!, where did you go” the girl pouted
“What’s Up Makki-chan” Jin greeted
“I was talking to you one minute when you suddenly disappeared” she grabbed hold of Jin’s arm as smiled
“Come on I want you meet my friends” she said bashfully and playfully as Jin smiled
“Sure” jin said as the girl’s smile grew wider as jin to the spot where her friends were  
Kame was gawking from the opposite side of the side looking very distort at the scene that was going in a fair distance apart in front of him he turned away from the scene
“I was right, only playboys like Jin live in the world no matter models and movie stars, there will change” as kame sighed
“Why can’t all movie stars and model be like Yamashita-san as he turned back to jin who was gone again as looked around
“What is he a ghost” Kame sneered as waved to the bartender 
“Excuse me, bartender can i have one more over here?” kame called out to get another drink after realizing that his glass was empty his smile disappeared back on his face his drink arrived kame drink it immediately and giggled
“Artigatou ne” kame bowed to the bartender kame was just about to bring the content to his lips when it was taken out from his hands kame turned around and threw the man a death glare
“Oi!” Kame bellowed
“Five cups are plenty enough for you…” Jin said as he drank kame’s beer as kame watched the other older man pouting
“Buy your own drink” kame said in an outrage
“I don’t need to, I own this place after all” Jin said smiling as kame turned his head and sulked
“I need to drink out of my depression, I lost my key, and my spare today and top of that…I got dragged here.. Because of Ueda and his stupid crush” Kame mumbled
“I invited you” Jin retorted back to kame
“yeah, and I rejected you” Kame snapped back as kame sighed louder as he looked at Ueda from behind him who seems to be talking and having a great time while he sits here, talking to his celebrity who is in his mind is a moron as kame thought
“Yamashita-san, has gone to but this is launch party” Kame said a causing Jin to stir a little jealous inside him as kame turned back to look at Jin’s hand and pointing to the glass
“I want that back” Kame said as Jin held tighter onto the handle of the cup looking at kame who had his eyes focused on the cup
“No” Jin simply said causing kame to frown looking at Jin
“Why did you come and bug me anyway, it seems like you were having fun talking to one of my models” Kame said annoyed
Not that I care Kame thought still sulking
“Your models?” Jin said as he took a gulped down a little of kame’s beer glass and causing kame’s frown to deepen more
Miyuki Haiku-chan… and Leah Dizon what’s her face” kame snorted as he looked at Jin in the resting the back of his hand on his cheek
“It seems like she was all over you when I saw you talking to her” Kame bellowed out as Jin turned to kame as he looked confused for a minute
“Who?” Jin said as kame sneered
“Don’t play dumb with me! the stuck up bimbo super model” kame snapped
“Ahh… you mean Makki-chan I don’t know her full name I gave her a nickname so I could it remember it easier” Jin replied
You must be interested in her you even gave her a nickname” kame thought with an expression on kame’s face causing Jin to smile and stare back the other with a smirk
“Are you Jealous?” Jin teased the younger one as he stole his drink back from Jin
“Of you? You wish!” kame said as drank rest of the beer as he asked for another as Jin watched the boy in amazement as he finished the content in the glass
“You really gotta stop otherwise your going to make yourself sick again” Jin continued to tell the other as kame turned to Jin
“Be quiet you have no right to speak” kame spat out with a hiccup as a kame got up
“I’m leaving” Kame stated as he slowly stumbled his way outside as Jin followed behind kame watching the slim figure in front of him sway from side to side.
Kame was swaying too much to one side and almost lost his balance as kame was caught just in time before he hit the ground just like last time. For some reason he liked being held in Jin’s arms like this even though he didn’t want to admit it but he felt so safe, Kame struggled to push himself out of the older man’s grip but jin wouldn’t let him out of his grasp staring at the beautiful boy in his arms as Kame stared back into Jin’s brown orbs seeing his own reflection in the pupils of Jin’s eyes
“Jin, Let go of me” Kame said in a soft voice when a shock flickered through Jin’s face when he heard the younger call him his first name as he let go of the younger one to straighten him up to a standing position when kame was about to walk away but he instantly was pulled back as a pair of demanding lips were pressed against kame’s own.
Kame placed his hand onto Jin’s chest trying to push him away and succeeded free from Jin’s grasp and he continued to walk swaying as he fell to the ground giggling as choked covering his mouth puking into the drain next to him, Jin cringed at nasty vomit that out of the boy’s mouth, it was nothing new to him it was just exactly the opposite and it wasn’t like he hasn’t seen the younger drunk before but knew that today that boy drank too much this time he sighed and looked at the drunk person in front of his eyes fell onto kame’s eyes which twinkled with a shade of pink blooming on his cheek on his pale skin, how can a man look so beautiful even in this condition Jin wondered as he could smirk walking up to the boy and crouch on the ground presenting his back on the younger one as kame stared at the older man’s back and then looked at him   
“What are you doing?” Kame said as Jin turned his head
“What does it look like I’m doing? Now shut up and get on my back drunk person” Jin replied as kame push him making jin topple over a little as kame giggled
“Oi!” Jin snapped at kame which had on affect on him at all in his state
“B-a-k-a-n-i-s-h-i! I’m not drunk, and I don’t need your help” as tried to stand and then fell to the ground again
“Okay, maybe just a little” Kame said
“What did you just call me?” Jin turned a drunken kame
“Bakanishi!” kame repeated making Jin’s blood boil he knew he shouldn’t take it so seriously of a drunken person, only yamapi and Ryo make fun of him he refused to let anyone call by that name especially by a pretty boy like kame.
“Hell even the names yamapi and Ryo pissed him right off” Jin thought at that moment
“what kind of star carries a drunk person home” Ryo cursed through his teeth gripping on the boy hard but not too hard saw a familiar on at the corner his eye, Jin waved to his friend Ryo who carrying a pretty girlie boy on his back and Ryo dragging
“So, this must be your date?” Jin asked as smiled
“Another 8 steps to the left” he heard a voice
“And that must be yours” Ryo said back as he took a glance behind Jin and Ueda looked around spotted a familiar figure
“KAME!!” Ueda shouted as a few other people’s attention except for kame, as ueda his tilled his head
“Is he sleeping?” Ueda thought as Ryo suddenly started moving again and hit him ordering to stop but he never
“Oi! I order you to stop right this instant” Ueda wailed at Ryo as he hit him repeatedly
“Take care of Kamenashi, Bakanishi” Ryo sneered as looked up the other
“I’ll see you around I’ve got to get this one home” Ryo said to jin who was laughing as he watched the back of Ryo in the distance when he heard a giggle he turned back to the sleeping boy curled in the corner of the wall as he shook his head
“Annoying little brat” Jin said walking back to the conscious kame pulling the slim figure onto his back giving the small one a piggy back to kame’s own apartment. Kame wrapped his arms around Jin’s neck as he being enjoyed carried like this as kame smiled feeling the warmth of the broader man
“I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to be carried by you” Kame admitted as the statement surprised Jin a little making Jin smirk
“Did you now?” Jin said adjusting the on his back
“Every time I picked up a magazine and looked through it I’ll always seem to find you carrying some pretty girl on your back, i wanted to cut them out of the picture for being so close to you” kame laughed as he leaned his head on Jin’s shoulder as he clasped his hand tighter on the older man’s neck as jin continued to walk
“When why didn’t you?” Jin asked as kame just smiled and sighed
“It wouldn’t be right, it’s only a picture, you’re a celebrity, celebrities aren’t supposed to be in love with guys right?” Jin just nodded kame sighed
“But me I’m just a commoner who is nowhere of reaching his goal to be a top designer in the country” kame smiled continued
“My father always told me to follow your heart, when your in the fashion world, and somehow my heart followed you and every magazine and movie you were in and…” kame said proudly trailing off his sentence he felt a little light headed as Jin didn’t say a word once they reached Kame’s apartment, quickly took out the keys that he took from kame today at the dry cleaner’s to open the door once he was in the apartment first thing he did was laid the sleepy boy on the couch slowly as he stared at the angelic face pushing bits of strands falling into the face smiled it was just like how he found younger sleeping on the couch at the fashion show
“Good night” Jin said was about to get up from the couch and take his leave. When he was stopped by the younger boy’s hand grabbed hold onto his tightly like his was afraid to let go Jin whipped his head around to see kame’s face as he was suddenly turned jin around to face him he locked his arms around the other neck as kame’s brown sparkling orbs were piercing Jin’s brown orbs as kame’s face was only inches away from his lips making Jin’s time stop around him a few times to focus on that face in front him
“Once more….” Kame pleaded as Jin’s widen in shock for a moment
“Please kiss me again” kame begged as Jin just stared at the figure in front of him as kame’s arms were secure around jin’s neck with kame’s pleading look was burning through him
Onegai…” Kame begged again as Jin stared the thin figure that he was captivated in
Don’t give me that adorable that look again” Jin thought he saw the younger boy’s frowned deepen, whatever self-control Jin had then was broken as he planted his lips over the younger one’s
Please don’t let me regret this!” Jin thought as push man on to the couch and kissed him hard

Along Came a Storm Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Kame stared that figure at the door and blinked a couple of times 
“How did you find this address? And how did you get in?” Kame asked a little surprised as Jin didn’t know how to answer kame’s question because if he knew that he followed him and yamapi home he’d wonder what the younger one would think if he knew so he racked his brain to come up with a good enough and believable
“I have a friend who lives here, in this section and I saw you walking to your apartment which was into his one” Jin covered himself and kame eyed his suspiciously
“I know everyone in this building and I don’t remember them talk about you” Kame thought as shrugged
“Anyway, What do you want Akanishi?” Kame said and as Jin looked at him
“I came to ask if you were coming or not” Jin stated sternly
“You came all the way to ask me that” Kame said
“I don’t know” Kame said as he looked his watch 
“It’s only 4pm and you said 7:30pm and plus I don’t think I will have time to go, I’m a little busy ” Kame lied when in true fact that he had a lot of time to spare he only had to go to the dry cleaning
“Do you need a hand” Jin said suddenly causing to Kame to look up and then to follow where Jin’s eyes focusing on, kame was holding a basket full of clothes in his hand as he then looked up again
“Oh? And you know how to do dry cleaning?” Kame asked amusingly
“Yeah, kinda” Jin said sheepishly as kame watched the expression on Jin face kinda amused him as he dumped the basket into the older man’s and smiled at Jin who gave him a strange when a basket was suddenly thrown into his hands.
“Good” Kame said and looked up at Jin and hid smile at the shocked expression
“You don’t mind helping me then with this then, I guess” Kame said sarcastically as he grabbed the last few more bags left to pick up before pushed out a confused Jin out the door.
Kame dragged the older man to his closest dry cleaner’s to his place downtown in his area once they reached the place which seemed like forever, Jin placed the basket of clothes down onto the benched sighing in relief from it being so heavy that younger man made him carry, Jin threw kame a displeased looked as Kame looked at Jin with a little innocent smile walking over the washing machine
“Do you really wear this many clothes in one day?” Jin asked appallingly
“I don’t wear them all I wear some the rest my model’s wear, I just make them” Kame said as he was separating the clothes in the basket and jin stood up ready to help him as he was handed a bag he took a looked inside the bag
“my shirt” Jin exclaimed
“I was meant to return it to you, but I never had the time” kame said as he didn’t look the man as he put the clothes into the washing machine one by one as Jin watched him amusingly when he stood next to the man
“Why are you separating the clothes, just threw them into the washing like this its easier” Jin pushed kame to the side as he picked up a few clothes from the basket and threw them into the washing machine kame looked at the closed washing machine and then back at the man
“Hey..” kame said annoyed as jin looked up
“see? All done?” Jin said and smiled as kame glared at him, jin stared back at the younger man with the glare that only amused him more
“don’t look so worried, your clothes will be fine” Jin assured the beautiful angry boy when kame sighed looked over the washing that turning and twisting around kame eyes went wide open
“Hey! Why did you put a bright red shirt mixed with the white shirt?” kame retorted
“What’s wrong with red and white together” Jin said shrugged as Jin earned a whack on the back of head from kame
“You idiot! the red colour will stain the white shirt, and washing powder is bleach, it’ll be horrible” kame said pouted staring the clothes in the washing machine going round and round trying to pull the bright shirts from the washing machine as Jin rubbed his head
“I will get it out” as Jin moved the younger one to the side again as he looked around
“Argh! How do you turn this thing off?” Jin cursed as kame held and contained in his laugher and pressed a button on the washing machine making it stop and Jin there
“How did you make it stop?” Jin said causing the younger one to burst out into laugher and Jin looked at younger who holding his stomach laughing
“Quit laughing at me, help me pull out the damn clothing” Jin snapped as kame stopped laughing but still smiling as he walked over to the pull the shirt out and put it into the right washing to wash and turned the machine back on. As he turned to a pouting Jin
“I never knew, the famous Akanishi Jin was such a….” kame said trying to find the right word
“Dry Cleaning Literate?” Jin said finishing kame sentence that made kame chuckle more and sighed
“Your nothing what I excepted you to be, from the beginning and nothing what I except now” Kame said smiling sincerely
“well, excuse me for not being able to do washing” Jin said mockingly as kame laughed at that
“I don’t do my own washing” Jin said retorted as he went to pick up another up shirt from inside one of the bags as he felt the material and it’s soft texture it was like silk but yet the material wasn’t silk
“What material is this?” Jin asked holding the material kame looked at the clothing in Jin’s hand
“That is cendal fabric, my latest design make” Kame said happily taking the shirt  and holding it up front of Jin as he brushed the dust off the corner of the collar and smiled
“you made this shirt” Jin asked as Kame nodded as he folded the clothing on his arm and then looked at jin who was admiring the design
“Well, not make but the design belongs to me, this is just a draft make design that’s all, I haven’t gotten to it’s perfection stage yet” Kame said picking up another shirt of the clothing bag when Jin stared at the man in front of him
“Draft make design?” Jin said astounded
“You seriously call this a draft make, my designers would kill have unique design at like this” Jin said causing kame to smile and blush
“Yeah right!” kame mumbled
“There’s so many more, better designs than my own that I will never be able to past and…” kame trailed
“Tell me, what made you become a designer?” Jin asked as kame stared at the wall,
“competitors are everywhere, your never going to get rid of them you have to come better than them” Jin said. Jin’s word hit a soft spot in heart
“Become better than my father? I can never become like my father was, not with that design’ Kame thought glancing over the shirt that was holding as he ran his over the material
“Your unique design will be ideal” Jin continued that’s when kame realised that he spaced out but Jin did not seem to notice as kame looked at the other who still rambling about his design which was embarrassing even more
“Okay, okay, quit it with the unique design speech, like I said it its not finished yet, so here give it back” Kame said as he reached for the shirt but it was pulled it out of his grasp and kame looked up his hand which was empty he then looked at Jin who was for smirking
“Can I have to his shirt? I can model it for you in my next show” Jin said
“No” Kame said straight away as he tried reaching for it again but again it was moved away from his grasp the thought of Jin wanting to wear his design no doubt that Akanishi Jin to model for him his heart smiled at the thought but because it was a only a draft make the design looked embarrassing for anyone to wear with that thought hit him he  desperately tried to grab the shirt out jin’s grasp once more but failed
“Why?” Jin said holding up the shirt out of Kame reach smirking teasing the smaller one as kame started to whine
“you know why, because it’s not finished yet” Kame stated as he was reaching for the shirt again as kame’s jumping caused him to slipped and lost his footing falling on top of Jin and a loud thud
“Ow!” Jin moaned massaging the back of his head Jin opened his eyes only to find kame’s pair of eyes staring back at him, red-brown hair with the boy’s blond lock covering his eyes in almost sexy way, along his skin glowing under the light the sight took jin’s breathe away as jin’s eyes drifted to exposed skin of kame’s shoulder, Kame felt his heart thump in his chest as he quickly pulled the shirt back up to cover the exposed skin he could feel Jin’s eyes staring him down into his piercing orbs when jin unconsciously leaned in to place a chaste kiss on kame’s lips when jin about to pressed his lips onto the pouty ones the door swung open revealing a older man not much than older than Jin the older man blinked at the scene before him
“Kame..?..” The older man said looked at the shocking expression of who the other person as kame turned beet red as he quickly pushed himself off jin and flailed his arms up and down in the air
“It’s not what you think?” kame wailed
“Nothinghappenedifellandihappenedtolandontopofhim…” kame said really fast causing takuya break out into a smile
As Takuya only laughed at kame’s embarrassed expression and smirked walking up to kame and patting him on the shoulder
“I didn’t see a thing?” Takuya said and winked at kame only making feel more flustered as Takuya held out his hand to the boy next to kame and smiled at him
Hajimemashite, Takuya Kimura des, I never got to introduce myself earlier that day” he said and smiled
“Yeah..” jin said bowing back to the man as he took the man’s hand and shook it
Kame looked at Jin and Takuya bewildered
“You’ve met each other?” Kame said astoundingly as Takuya nodded
“I caught him sneaking around in our apartment building, a few weeks ago, he was looking for you” Takuya answered simply as kame turned to turn to Jin who around look around pretending not to pay attention to the rest of conversation making kame glare at jin
“I was right you are a stalker” Kame retorted making jin turn his back around
“I AM NOT!” Jin shouted
“you got exposed admit it” Kame replied
“I did not” Jin said stubbornly refusing to the fact that he had been caught by kame’s friend’s neighbour. Takuya watched in amusement at the petty argument between the two men were having when kame finally realised that he totally had forgot that takuya was there in front of him as kame stopped the petty of his argument with jin and crossed his arms feeling in creditably childish quarrelling with jin with that thought he turned back to takuya and bowed
“um, tak-“ kame started as Takuya cut him off by his sentence
“I’ve walked in on worst things than you been on top of the Akanishi Jin” Takuya said as kame gapped which only made takuya laugh more
“I wasn’t talking about that….!!!!!” Kame protested as takuya just hid a smile
“Gomen” Takuya apologised sincerely as he looked around the laundry room and then back at kame
“I guess all the laundry is full with your clothes again huh?” Takuya said 
“I’m sorry, Takuya-sempai… I don’t mean to hog the laundry to myself again I promise I will be done soon” Kame said as takuya waved his hand smiling
“Don’t worry its okay, take all the time that you need I’m in not rush anyway I’ll just come back tomorrow” takuya said causing kame to smile as he turned to back and looked at jin
“Look after this little one yeah, he really hasn’t grown up yet” Takuya said laughing when kame’s flustered face turned into a blushing pout
“I have grown-up” kame defended back with the pout still present on his face as Jin couldn’t help but smile a little
“I will come back later then” Takuya said as he waved to the pair in the laundry carrying his basket back home after he bowed taking his leave leaving the two alone again
“It seems like you get along with your neighbours rather well” Jin said as he watched kame walk over the laundry basket and separate the rest of the clothes and put them into the washing machine closing the lid and sighed
“Takuya-sempai, he was the one that helped with that apartment he was the first time friend I made once I moved here to Tokyo, I can’t live with my family anymore” kame explained as Jin eyed the younger man for a moment
“you can’t live with your family anymore?” Jin repeated and kame stopped and sighed
“I decided that I wanted to live on my own because, I wanted to peruse my career as top designer just like my father if I stayed in my hometown my work would never be well-known, my family and I had a big fight about saying how I was being selfish about the whole situation of becoming a top designer like my father after that day after that enormous fight I had with my mother and brothers i decided to move out here, and that’s when I found Johnny-san and his designs he picked out my talents so I’ve been working for about a year now it was a lucky break for me I chose my father’s dream as my career over my family at home” Kame said
“Do you regret it?” Jin suddenly asked as he walked closer to the younger man as kame sighed and looked up at the ceiling
“A year ago I  once when started i found how hard it was to cope with everything on my own in the fashion world I was about ready to give up that’s when I met ueda randomly, takuya-sempai and Ueda got me here I don’t know where I would be without them” kame said and smiled
“That’s not true, your hard work got you where you are not your sempais” Jin said sincerely
“I’m still so lost, I don’t know if I’ll ever be like what my father was, I always hear how great my father was, he did this and he did that…I know I should have listened to my family I should have stayed back in Okinawa” kame said as Jin stared at the man in front of him
“I have always been walking in my father’s shadow and wondering where to fit into the perspective of the fashion world, even so some people are interested in my designs I feel like my efforts aren’t enough to make it by myself ” kame said sadly lowering his head sighed
Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication.” Jin said causing kame to turn around and look up at the man
“Is what my old man said to me before he past away” Jin said and smirked a little as kame frowned “I’m sorry” kame said lowering his head even more
As jin stood in front of the smaller boy smiled as kame suddenly felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his waist kame froze at the sudden action but for some reason kame didn’t push Jin away from at the moment he wondered why? to himself why this man felt so warm, and whom make his heart pound in his chest he was sure that Jin could hear when he was his close to him. Kame thought about that day that Yamashita-san kissed him how differently compare to how Jin kissed him in the park a little kiss.
“One little kiss? how can it affect me so much and this” Kame thought 
“Akanishi-san…” kame said in soft voice
Remember all things are possible for those who believe” Jin said as held the boy closer to him kame relaxed a little at the moment kame like felt so safe when he suddenly broke free out from the older man’s warm embrace suddenly as he stared at the older man for a long time the only sound that could be hear was the sound of the washing machine and the sound a mobile ringing
“Are you going to answer that?” Jin said breaking the silence in the laundry room as kame snapped out of his gaze as he searched into the back pocket of his jeans for his phone
“Hello?” kame answered
“KAME!!!!!!!!” a earsplitting voice came kame pulled the phone away from his ear cringing a little as Jin only watched
“Where are you? Are you okay? I’m at house why aren’t you here?” Ueda bellowed over the phone
“I’m fine, I’m just …” Kame said looking up at the man in front of him
“I’m at the laundry room with a friend who helping me to wash my model clothes” kame said as he heard ueda a relief over the phone
“Thank god, I something happen to you after that phone call….” Ueda mumbled
“What phone call, Ueda…” kame asked and ueda stuttered
“N-N-n-nothing, get back home already I need to ask you a favour” Ueda said as he hung up the phone as kame pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at it
“What on earth was that about?” Kame said tilted his head kame looked up only to realise that the older man was gone when he was about to let a loud sigh a basket was shoved into his hands he looked at his hands then at the person front of him
“eh?” Kame said
“Here’s your washing princess” jin said sneering at the other man
“Will you stop calling me that, my name is….” Kame said when he was about to say more but stopped when jin placed a chaste kiss on kame’s forehead
“I’ll see you tonight then…Turtle-chan” jin teased the younger man as the younger man only turned a way
“No, I’m not” Kame muttered under his breathe as the gesture and the answer made Jin smile
“I’ll take that as a yes” Jin said as he left a flustered kame in the laundry room Jin walked straight past the hidden figure who sighed and folded his arms
“What’s a star like Akanishi Jin doing in a rundown place like this” the man thought as he watched Jin walk down the street.
When he heard the noise of the laundry sliding doors being opened kame stepped out the man peered from the corner of the wall as a smile graced his eyes
“I finally found you, the war begins right from today” the man merely smirked when as he felt a hand tug him backwards by the shoulder to turn him around the man turned to face the man
“What do you think your doing” Takuya asked the man as he only stared back at takuya blankly as takuya’s eyes when a little widen a little
“Hey, aren’t you that guy from…?” takuya asked
“Don’t touch me..!” the man shouted as the man slipped out from takuya’s grip and ran away
Kame was walking back to his apartment pouting as he was holding the basket full of clean laundry in his hands as he came into a sudden stop face to face with an angry ueda in front of him as kame only stared at his co-worker
“What…” Kame said was the only coherent word that came out of kame’s word. Ueda face suddenly turned into a serious expression
“Thank god you are okay!” ueda wailed hugging his co-worker and kame wondered what happened to the angry expression that was present on ueda face a minute ago kame never got use to that part of ueda his friend’s sudden change of expression
“I’m alright, you don’t have to worry about me so much” Kame assured his co-worker and smiled as he hit him on the shoulder
“What do you mean by that?” Ueda asked
“What kind of older brother would I be if I didn’t huh?” ueda said nudge him and walked passed ueda to open the door back to his apartment we patted his pants only to realize that he’s keys weren’t in his pockets all the colour drain from kame’s face and tried to think where he placed his apartment keys as ueda
“Kame? Are you okay?” Ueda patted his friend’s shoulder gently and turned to him
“I think I-I-I’ve lost m-my keys” kame said worriedly
“what? What do you mean you lost your keys” ueda said ueda knew kame wasn’t the type of person to lose keys no matter what the situation was he looked at kame was in deep thought when he reached on the top of the door as kame frowned and then looked at Ueda  
“My spare is gone too” Kame thought
“Baka, you better you find your key, now I might have to camp out here now and be your body guard to who knows got your key right now” Ueda said thinking on about all the men would love to rape his friend in the middle of the night ueda anger grew inside him at the thought kame was to ask the older to help him at the expression that you older was holding on his face.
“I probably left it at the dry cleaners” kame said
//:: Flashback :://
when jin unconsciously leaned in to place a chaste kiss on kame’s lips when jin about to pressed his lips onto the pouty one
“Here’s your washing princess” jin said sneering at the younger man
“Will you stop calling me that, my name is….” Kame said when he was about to say more but stopped when jin placed a chaste kiss on kame’s forehead
“I’ll see you tonight then…Turtle-chan” jin teased kame but kame only turned a way from Jin’s gaze
“No, I’m not” Kame muttered under his breathe as the gesture and the answer made Jin smile
“I’ll take that as a yes” Jin said as he left a flustered kame in the laundry room
//:: Flashback ends :://
Kame shook his head forcefully as he felt his heart beat faster in his chest thinking of that incident in the dry cleaners to whack himself mentally for thinking such a thought why did he remember such a thought
“Why does it have to be you, of all people” Kame thought as his blood boiled to the point where he thought that he was going to burst when ueda shouted bringing him out of this confused and annoyed trance
“KAME!” Ueda called again
“Are you sure that you are okay?” Ueda asked his friend out of concern, kame just nodded quickly adding to ueda’s suspicion as tried to think of another topic
“It’s not like you to space out” Ueda said as he nudging the kame in the arm trying to get kame tell him
“What are you thinking about” he asked nudging him back and as kame desperately wanting to change the topic
“So, what is the favour you added to asked me” Kame said
When ueda sighed in defeat he knew that the boy was hiding something from him but he didn’t want to press it but he couldn’t help but worry about the boy at times as he stared at kame for a long time causing to kame to look at him strangely as ueda finally spoke
“Come on, Let’s go to my place it’s a little cold out standing here in your corridor” as ueda said and smiled. As they left kame’s locked apartment entrance. Once they reached to ueda place, Kame looked around at Ueda’s cosy apartment it’s the probably only the fourth time he has stepped into his friend’s apartment as Ueda made his way to the kitchen making some hot coco for himself and his guest when he returned to Kame’s side sat down on the chair ueda threw kame the most brightest smile
“Can you follow to a party tonight?” Ueda asked putting his hands together as kame laughed
“Don’t tell me? You are scared to meet people and that you might get lost again?” kame said lamely
“No, that’s not it” Ueda said twiddling his thumbs as saw his friend blush turn four times shades redder
“I-I – I was inv-vite t-to a p-party by Nishikido Ryo-san yesterday” Ueda stuttered out and kame
“WHAT” Kame shouted giggling
//:: Flashback :://
Ueda was waiting in line ready to order his meal he sighed loudly staring up at the menu for a while he a lot of trouble trying to decide what to order as when lady called out
“Hi, Can I just have a Chicken Fillet Burger Meal, and a Soft serve thanks” Ueda replied to the lady
“Make that two Chicken Fillet Burger Meals” A voice called out from behind making ueda turn to the owner of the voice
“Nishikido-san” Ueda said as he covered his cover as Ryo laughed at the ueda’s expression as he turned to the lady wait at the counter patiently
“Two Chicken Fillet Burger Meals please and two soft serves please” Ryo repeated as the lady went and straight away to process their order right away
The found an empty seat as they down Ryo was looking at the other as he eating the chips first
“By the way” Ueda looked up smiling but Ryo look intently at the other
“When I first saw you, i thought you were a pretty girl” Ryo said as  a chip thrown his way he laughed catching the chip between his teeth and eats it smirking at the other
“Don’t insult me!” Ueda snapped as Ryo stuck his hands up laughed a little at the annoyed ueda who was eating his burger now
“which is why I want to you ask you to be my date at my friend’s movie launch party Saturday Night” Ryo said at the other
Hai??!” Ueda said with a mouth of bread in his mouth as Ryo winked at the other
“Will you be my date?” Ryo pressed on gawking at the blush boy
//:: Flashback ends :://
Kame was speechless for a moment and as he hit his friend on the shoulder
“Nishikido Ryo-san you asked you out” Kame excitedly and nudged his friend again
“And you just said yes straight away, right” Kame asked as ueda blushed
“NO! Actually, he didn’t really give me a choice, gave me two choices so I ended up saying yes because I know it was useless to argue with him in a fast food place it was too embarrassing” Ueda said closing his eyes and sighed and them again
“But I am kind of happy, but I WANT YOU TO COME WITH ME?!” Ueda begged kame again
“I would not miss this for the world” Kame said smirking as he earned a hit on the back of the head
“Itai!” kame moaned
“Don’t miss what exactly” Ueda said breaking into laugher as kame pouted rubbing his head
“you disn’t have to hit me, tat-chan!” Kame bellowed and continued
“What’s the address?” Kame said and ueda lifted his head up and closed trying to remember the address
“ Unit 10/388 Skye Street Nishikido Ryo’s friend” Ueda said as kame froze for a minute
“Akanishi-san… House..?” Kame said and ueda turned to him
“huh?” Ueda bellowed
Ryo looked at the person in front of him not smiling
“Is that my tie!” Ryo said as yamapi laughed
“gomen, Do you mind if I borrow this do you?” Yamapi said and Ryo sighed
“Because I’m in a good mood today, you can borrow it, but make sure you send it to the dry cleaners, I don’t want your sweaty smell on it at the end of the night, and where did you find that tie anyway?” Ryo said
“You left it in the back of my car” Yamapi said as he put his jacket on and turned to his friend
“So? Do I look okay for my first launch party” Yamapi said as Ryo smirked
“You look like shit” Ryo said as he chuckled as yamapi frowned
“That’s not funny” Yamapi sadly
“you look fine” Toma said and smiled at yamapi and as yamapi turned back to Ryo
“See? Why can’t you be nice like him” Yamapi said as Ryo chuckled
“Come on you guys we are going to be late” Ryo said as he stood up from the chair as the doorbell rang
“I think our ride is here” Ryo said   
“that was quick” Toma said
It was three minutes to 7:30pm until his best friend’s launch party started everything had been prepared how he was just waiting for the guest appear as well as the main guest of this party Jin climbed onto his bed and as he laid there when turned his head to the side to look at the side table
“I wonder if your going to come tonight” Jin thought as he grabbed something in his hands and held it up and grinning proudly as folded an arm behind his head
“Oh yeah, definitely you will come” Jin said as stared at the bundle of keys he was holding his hand he felt bad for taking the keys that were left on the washing machine behind the younger man as he distracted him by that kiss on forehead as Jin smirked at memory of today he will never forget the feel of his lips on the boy’s skin it felt soft it was nothing to compare to all the girls he use press his lips against, Jin sighed contently as he gazed at the miniature stuff toy turtle attached to the bundle of keys which made Jin laugh a little
“This toy so suits you, Turtle” Jin said as he ran his fingers over the locket attached to the bundle of keys prying it open, inside from a picture of the kazuya and an older man
“That must be his father” Jin said to himself and looked at both of them and smirked
“he looks nothing like his father” Jin noticed because his father looked more manly him but Kazu’s slim figure standing next to the older man there was a huge difference between them since from today he started to understand his mixture of feelings and he also knew that he was holding back for the younger man he first met the same feeling when he saw the boy curled up in the lounge on the day of the after the fashion parade, then the time Jin found him wondering on the street who was drunk taking him back to his place that night  As the younger man slept next to him curled up holding onto his shirt made Jin blush from the closeness it’s the first time Jin’s been held someone like this especially but a boy he somehow it felt comfortable even in the state that the younger one was drunken state he looked like an innocent child in Jin’s eyes as smiled brushing the hair out of the way of the younger boy’s face as he watched the sleeping figure he loved the feeling so close to the boy at the moment though ruined the atmosphere in the morning of that very day.
He did not know, urge to stay such a thing to the boy and give him to do such as a job he hit himself for it, Jin picked up the bag that Kazuya gave back to him with his shirt in it, as he took out the shirt as he a note attach to it
“This is a favourite brand of mine “David Lawrence”, take better care of it by hand washing it in Luke warm water!” Jin read out and smiled as threw on the shirt on got dressed holding onto the key in his hands shoving it into the back of his pocket
“It starts from today….” Jin thought to himself as he fixed his hair in the mirror smiled as the doorbell rang. “i want you for myself….
-------> Chapter 7 <------

[FIC] Kirepapa [1/2] (Part One)

KIREPAPA (part One)  - The Based on the Anime/Manga - AKAME VERSION!! by YUKACHAN~!!

Disclaimer:: p.s> I don't own this plot at all or the JE Boy *pouts* they own me

Kazuya was typing up his manuscript for Koki, in his room that had a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, the only sound that could be heard were Kazuya’s slender fingers typing elegantly on his laptop with a dictation headphone mouth piece attached to him. When the sound of the front caught his attention
“Tadima” Yuya called out to his father who came downstairs to greet his son
“Okeri, Yuya” as another three boys entered the room standing Yuya making kazuya twitch a little
“Hello, we’ve come to visit” the three boys greeted politely to Yuya’s father with a bright smile on their faces as one of his classmates swung an arm casually over Yuya’s shoulder
“Ne, Yuya-chan, let’s go play with your video games in your room” his classmate said as Yuya threw him a smile and a nod.
“Okay” Yuya exclaimed as he giggled a little as his friend their way up to Yuya’s room
“Yuya-chan! Come on hurry up!” Yuya’s classmates exclaimed as they ran up the stairs into Yuya’s room
“I’m coming!” Yuya bellowed
“Do you want me to bring up some snack for you guys?” Kazuya asked yuya
“Okay, Thank you” Yuya answered and smiled as he returned back to his room
Kazuya turned away gritting his teeth as he his hand into a ball making his way to the kitchen
“Damn it! No matter how my times I drive them away, they just keep spawning” Kazuya fuming
“That brat! How dare he put his arm around my little Yuya” Kazuya stopped it front of the cupboard as he opened it he took out a small bottle containing pills of laxative
“Oh, I know very well… that you brutes are trying to prey on my Yuya!” Kazuya smiled evilly to himself 
Yuya and his classmates were playing Tekken5
“Come on! Yuya!” one of his classmates shouted out of frustration
“This is why I like Ling Xiayou she’s the best!” Yuya exclaimed while laughing at the same time when there was a polite knock on the door
“I’m coming in!” Kazuya said as he pushed opened the door with one hand and balancing a tray of food on the other
“How about some cake?” Kazuya said giving his brightest smile on his face to his son and his fellow classmates making his way into his son’s room placing the tray on the floor to hand everyone a plate with an equal amount of Sushi & cake on it
“Kamenashi-san, I’m sorry to trouble you all the time” Jin said in a smooth tone
“Ah, Akanishi-kun, I should really be thanking you for such a good friend to my Yuya all these years” Kazuya said nicely covering his annoyed expression with a smile
“Well you know I really do love him a lot” Jin said in a mocking tone of voice as kazuya through him in angry expression as he didn’t miss the self-righteous smile on Jin his face when got up and left his son’s room.
“I’ll take my leave now, enjoy yourselves” kazuya as entered the way he came in closing the door behind him Kazuya leaned as he against it
“Akanishi Jin, damn you to hell, talking to me like that in front of me…” Kazuya cursed in his head
“Just you wait, one day I’ll commit the perfect crime and exterminate you!”
“Ne ne, Yu-chan!” one Yuya’s classmates nudge him
“Who was that, pretty girl, just now?”
“Could it be your older sister?” one of his classmates asked yuya nudging him in the arm with a bright smile
“Is she’s dating anyone right now?”
His classmate’s asked Yuya look up to his friends and tilts his head in response
“Well, he had an ex-wife” Yuya answered continuing to play the video game as his friend’s gasped yuya said “he”.
“Meaning, do you still like him, if he’s was a beautiful dad?” Jin said as the two stared at Jin astonished when they felt their stomach twist and turn feeling sick
Kazuya was walking down the stairs as he his phone vibrated in his back pocket of his pants, when he went digging for the device pulling it out to read caller id
“Crap! It’s Koki” Kazuya cursed and answered in phone
“Koki, how are you?” Kazuya answered to the person on the other line with a smile
“Of course, I’m working on it right now”
“It’ll be done on time before tomorrow” claming down Koki on the phone as two ran out of the house
“Please excuse us” two boys said as they ran past Yuya’s father, Kazuya just sneered with the phone against his ear
“And Don’t ever come back” Kazuya said
“No!, not you I was talking to someone else” kazuya said to koki on the phone when Jin came out from Yuya’s room followed by Yuya behind him he saw Kazuya was on the phone half way down the stairs he as Jin’s eyes never left the figure when Kazuya finished this phone call he looked up
“Why the hell are you still here?” Kazuya shouted
“That’s no fair; you didn’t touch the cake did you?” Kazuya pressed on as Jin just smirked
“I’m astonished to hear the word “Fair” come out of your mouth” Jin said giving a gestured assuring smile to Kazuya  
“What’s this about the cake?” Yuya asked as kazuya froze
“O-oh nothing! Nothing for you worry about Yuya” Kazuya answered uneasily to Yuya’s question
“Pa? Was there something wrong with the cake you gave us? The two of my friends got sick when they ate a bit of it” Yuya asked in an upsetting tone of voice pouting
“R-really? That’s-“Kazuya started when Jin cut in
“It’s probably something they ate before hand that made them sick, they will be okay” Jin assured his best friend as Yuya smiled
“Of course, you right, Dad, would not serve bad food to people” Yuya said a big happy face as Jin made his way downstairs next Kazuya who was laughing uneasily feeling a big weight of guilt on his shoulders for lying to his son about the incident
“O-of course I wouldn’t Yuya” Kazuya laugh nervously
“I’m going to continue to playing my video games in my room” Yuya said as he skipped back to his room
“Don’t think I owe you for anything covering for me” Kazuya said through his teeth as Jin stopped as he standing back-to back with Kazuya
“I wouldn’t dream of it” was Jin’s replied as he shoved his hands in his pockets
“More importantly you should try thinking about Yuya for once? You drive his friend’s away everytime they come over” Jin said calmly as kazuya was glaring daggers into Jin’s back turned
“Are you trying to stop him from making good friends like me?” Jin said in an arrogant tone as he ran a hand through his hair to annoy kazuya which he succeeded, Kazuya groan out of annoyance
“You’re the exactly the kind of friend, I didn’t want him to make!!” Kame snapped
“Listen, you’re mistaken if you think every man that approaches Yuya has dishonest intentions” Jin simply said Kazuya turned around and crossed his arms
“I’m not mistaken” Kazuya said with a annoyance tone in his voice
“Ten of his friend’s already have snapped and attacked me when I pressed them about it” kazuya said narrowing his eyes at the wall when he was reminiscing about the past and how it disgusted him
“Every single of those-“When Jin froze for a small instant as he turned around and grabbed Kazuya by the collar of his shirt pulled him closer surprising kazuya who didn’t get to finish his sentence
“And then? What did you do?” Jin asked as kazuya looked at him a little confused
 “Akanishi, what’s gotten into you all of a sudden?” Kazuya said as Jin let go of kazuya’s shirt and turned around not to look at the bare chest
“So, what did you do?” Jin pressed on as kazuya asked looked at the younger man and sighed turning his head away
“What do you think I did, I gave him what they deserve a kick in the balls and I threw them out…” Kazuya said as Jin turned around to button up the older boy shirt that he accidentally pulled open when he grabbed him by the shirt earlier on
“Even so, you’re not conscious enough of yourself” Jin said
“You look like this, but you’re in your thirties it’s practically fraud” Jin said as he gazing up into kazuya’s eyes as kazuya blushed a little of Jin’s statement. They were staring at each other for a while when the sound of the doorbell startling them as the door swung straight open
“Sensei, I know your here…KAMENASHI-SAN!” Koki shouted
“K-Koki…” was all kazuya could mouth out
“Oh, you looked relaxed now don’t you?” Koki said
“The fact, you are fooling right now means that you have finished the manuscript, correct?” Koki asked eyeing Kazuya
“Well, I’m not really done, I’m just taking a break and it’s almost done” Kazuya said feeling a defeated he lied to his publisher as Koki raised an eyebrow at Kazuya
“Well then, since I’m here your break is over right? So then let’s get back work” Koki said as he gripped him by the arm and pulled him away Kazuya yelp at the sudden action
“I’ll be going back to Yuya’s room” Jin said as glared at him while been drag
“You better not do anything to my Yuya, I promise I will your making your life a living hell if you lay even a finger on him” Kazuya shouted as Jin just smirked in response walking back to Yuya’s room shake his head.
Koki held up the manuscript with a smile
“Thank for your hard work, Kamenashi-san!” Koki said with glee as he looked at Kazuya who was lying sprawled on the table not even listening to word of his thank you he smiled reaching his bag taking out yellow envelope
“I’m sure this will cheer you up, Kamenashi-san, the Mystery author’s draft that you wanted so badly” Koki said handing it to him who lifted his head the table suddenly not feeling so tired anymore he looked down at the envelope that was to him his eyes sparkled as he took unsteadily reached of the envelope knowing that it was hers the author that gave him the inspiration to become an author himself he couldn’t it believe this was Aki’s handwritten plot-notes draft
“Honestly, do you know how much trouble I went through to get this” Koki pouted as he looked up at Kazuya looked up at koki with a big grin hugging the envelope close to his chest.
“Thank you Koki-kun senpai I’ll take really good care of it” Kazuya his staring at his publisher with a tink of pink his cheeks making koki unsteadily shifted in his position
“I’ll excuse myself, you don’t mind, I’m counting on you for the next installment too! I will be leaving now” Koki packed up his things quickly getting up from the floor as kazuya turned around staring at the envelope again with the smile that never Kazuya’s face. As there was a thump onto the ground making kazuya turned around
“Sure thank you again” kazuya said with glee giggling as Koki left his room
“It’s a dream come true” Kazuya said focusing his eyes back on the envelope again
“The author who inspired me to making me become a writer myself, here in my hands, I wonder kind of person this author she is” Kazuya said as he smiled brightly and kissed the envelope when suddenly he heard Akanishi’s voice
“See you, Yuya”
“Bye, Jin I’ll see you later” Yuya said happily waving to his friend from the window
Jin waved to his friend as he was about to make his way out thought the gate when he heard his name being called he looked around he saw Kazuya standing at the back of the house hiding behind the wall Jin smirked
“Oh, are you going see me off to the gate” Jin said a mocking voice making Kazuya run to him and grab him by the collar
“Why would i? I just came to ask you to stay away from my Yuya” Kazuya snapped as Jin just smiled. Kazuya let go and turned away
Though, I keep saying, but you haven’t backed off at all” Kazuya said as he pouted angrily
“I’m his best friend after all” Jin smiled at Kazuya sighed with the pout present on his face
“Sometimes I wonder if he’s the real thing, He’s silently endured all my harassment for the last fourth years…” Kazuya thought to himself with a fingers on his chin as Jin just gazed at the beautiful man before him who was in deep thought when something his attention
“Oro... What’s that?” Jin asked  
“Hmm?” Kazuya replied
When he reached for it his hands swatted away from the envelope suck between kazuya Kimono
“Don’t touch that” Kazuya slashed out causing Jin put his hands up in the air from Kazuya's sudden outburst
“This belongs to someone very important to me” kazuya said
“Someone ….important? A Women?” Jin said
“W-well, it’s none of your business” Kazuya said turning to Jin when he took a step back when he saw an unreadable expression on Jin face that made him feel really small
“Yes, you’re right, it’s none of my business” Jin spoke as he closed the distance between Kazuya and him
“No one has a right to interfere with two people in love, there are free to do as they please” Jin answered at Kazuya angry on his face again
“Are you saying whatever happens between you and Yuya, I can’t say anything?” Kazuya angrily tone and Jin said turned around
“If I am, what are you going to do about it?” Jin asked
“I won’t allow it” Kazuya answered straight away
“You wouldn’t understand how it feels to be betrayed by your best friend” Kazuya supposed making Jin turn back around to face him
“And what makes you think that I would betray Yuya, you have experienced this have you?” Jin said calmly back at Kazuya turned away
“I don’t want Yuya to go through the same experience i had ever especially not because of you; Yuya really likes you” Kazuya said sincerely
“Well then, you have nothing to worry about” Jin said making Kazuya face him at again
“I’m in love with someone else” Jin said as he looked kazuya with the same unreadable expression he a few minutes ago causing him smirk
“Oh? Even a cheeky little brat like you in love with someone” Kazuya asked he walked over to Jin in a childish way
“So? Who is she eh? Eh? Eh?” kazuya curiously
“Does it bother you?” Jin asked calmly and kazuya arm crossed his arms and pouted     
“No...” Kazuya whispered that could barely he heard
“Are you trying to tease me? Or are you genuinely curious of what type I like?” Jin asked again as he didn’t get a reply
“If you show me what you hiding, I tell you who the person it is whom I love” Jin said
“This belongs to a woman who as my endless respect, Aki-chan’s handwritten manuscript draft of her story” Kazuya said placing his hand on the envelope as a small smile graced his lips
“EH? Is that all it is?” Jin said response
“What do you mean “that’s all” Kazuya said turning to Jin as he continued “Aki’-chan’s is my aspiration to my writing career, Don’t refer her to a “that’s all” kazuya snapped back and pouted
“Kazuya, you really love the author much?” Jin said asked and he Kazuya smiled
“Why you got a problem with that?” Kazuya said eyeing Jin with the angry glint in his eye
“No, that at all” Jin said nervously shaking his hand
“Good, because without her I have become a great writer right now” Kazuya as smiled to himself
“So if that author up to you and said “Go out with me…?” Jin said suddenly and kazuya blinked and blushed a little
“To be totally honest, I would have no idea to react, but if she did, I would like to know more about her” kazuya said earnestly looking up at the sky as Jin watched him closely before moving closer to him to whisper in his ear
“Don’t ever forget those words, okay?” Jin said as he left leaving a stunned Kazuya behind and snorted
“What’s with that” Kazuya said to himself as he walked back to his house
“Thank for the food” Yuya bellowed happily as he ran to stairs to do his homework for school and something hit kazuya
“I never got hear who Jin’s in love with, damn it! It’s really bothering me” kazuya thought angrily
“Hey wait... Why do I have to be this bothered by Jin anyway….” Kazuya said as he hit himself in the head mentally
“Papa… is something wrong with Jin?” Yuya’s voice came and as Kazuya froze and turning around
“Nothing at all” throwing his son a bright smile
“Okay, I will be going over to Jin’s place” Yuya said as he putting on shoes
“Okay, Be carefully-“kazuya started when grabbed Yuya who was about to walk out the door
“No!, you can’t go, why do you have to go Akanishi’s house?” kazuya asked
As Yuya held up a notebook and smiled shyly
“I forgot to return his notebook to Jin before when he left that he lend me the other day for the next test” Yuya said as kazuya staring at his son for a while,
“I can’t send my son out there were there’s evil men lurking to attack my adorable boy” Kame thought
“What if”
Yuya was walking down the path to hid best friend’s house when suddenly a group of boys approached him and Yuya freeze when he surrounded hugging the notebook close to his chest
“Hey there, pretty boy, you wanna and play with us for a while?”  One of the men said
“We will make it enjoyable for you” another one man and smiled yuya by the arm pinning him down onto the ground and ripped his clothes
“No!, help me someone, Dad!” Yuya screamed
As Kazuya froze at that thought of weird strangers sexual harassing his kid in public
 As Yuya walked down to the road in front of his best friend’s house and rang the door bell when opened the door he saw Yuya standing in front of so fragile with his eyes filled with tears and his outfit in was disarray
“How terrible, come here and let me comfort you” as Jin smirked pulling him to the house and threw him on the bed pinning him down
“No! Jin Please Stop!” Yuya screamed
Kazuya broke out of his thoughts grabbing the notebook in Yuya’s hand and threw it to the floor
“So, this is notebook is part of his plan!” Kazuya shouted as Yuya looked at his father strangely Kazuya turned back to his son and put his hand on the back of his head and smiled brightly at him
“Er, I mean, it’s late so dad will take it over for you, okay? Can you draw a map for me…” Kame said nervously as Yuya just nodded
“Sure…” Yuya nodded
Kazuya was tiring up his shoes laces standing when he accidentally dropped the notebook he kneeled down to pick it up when he froze staring at the note book for a while
“It can’t be…. But this handwriting….” Kame muttered in his head
“Dad, here” Kazuya turned and grabbed the piece of paper from his son’s hand and ran out the door
“Dad?” Yuya said as he stood there confused again
“What’s the meaning on this? Why does Aki-chan and Akanishi-kun have the same Handwriting?” Kazuya thought as he was running to Akanishi’s house
When he arrived at the house he sighed deeply
“I finally found it” kazuya said as he admired the house in front of his eyes as he walked up to the front door and knocked on it when the slight knock opened the door
“the door is opened” kazuya thought, pushing the open Jin appeared from a front when he was face to face with his friend’s father
“Kazuya…. Why are you here? Is there something wrong?“ Jin said as kazuya stood there staring at a half-naked jin with a towel around his neck in front of him when jin’s eyes fell onto a notebook that was holding when what Kazuya was here for.
“that notebook” Jin said
Akanishi are you……..Aki-chan” Kazuya asked as Jin sighed
“There’s no reason to talk in the entranceway. Come inside, there’s no one home right now except me” Jin said he quickly got dressed in record time and then guided his guest into his room. Kazuya followed him in
“O-okay” Kazuya replied unsurely
“Dozou” jin said as they walked in kazuya’s his eyes fell instantly onto a pile of paper on top of desktop he picked it up with a glee
“This is…. This is Aki-chan’s plot notes for the Mizuki series!” Kazuya exclaimed as turned his head another
“And this is an unpublished Story” Kazuya shouted happily again and he put them back where he had picked them up
“So, it is true, you are the famous Aki-chan after all” Kazuya said Jin just stood there looking at kazuya from head to toe before looking back up the older man
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Kazuya asked
“Because you already hated me because of Yuya” Jin said simply
“If you found out that a younger man was a more popular author, I though that it would hurt your pride” Jin added making kazuya’s blood boil
“That’s the part of you I can’t stand” Kazuya shouted
“But Aki-chan is a whole different Story! Right now I have the vehement desire to… throw myself into your arms” kazuya said overwhelmingly excited as he was about to jump into in his arms when he was stopped by Jin’s hand
“What the hell are talking about?” Jin said with his hand placed on Kazuya’s forehead stopping him from leaping into his arms
“This is Aki-chan we’re talking about!” kazuya said wailing his arms up and down as Jin removed his hand from kazuya forehead
“If you’re in love with someone, you should know how I feel” Kazuya explained when the sentence made Jin freeze
Jin smiled suddenly “You’re right”
When Jin grabbed Kazuya by the wrist and wrapped one arm around Kazuya’s waist possessively as kazuya let out a small gasp when he was pulled into closer to Jin’s body as he stared into kazuya’s shocked piercing brown orbs.
“I understand quite well” Jin said as Kazuya stared back into Jin’s eyes as a blush creped onto his cheeks, kazuya felt as though his heart was about to jump out of his chest being so close to Jin like this
“I don’t like it… you being in love with someone else” Kazuya said suddenly when Jin pulled kazuya closer to him
“And why is that?” Jin whispered in his ear sending shivers down kazuya’s spine from Jin’s hot breathe lingering kazuya’s ear
“Because…that person gets to have my beloved Aki-chan all to herself of course I’d be jealous” Kazuya said with a little hurt in his voice when Jin hugged tightly inhaling in the scent of the older man that he loved right now that moment
“Oh, really” Jin said
“If even you’re having trouble with her, she must be rebellious and hard to handle, someone who thinks nothing of committing wickedly evil deeds” Kazuya said and Jin smile widened
“You got that right” Jin said smirking
“But she must be stunningly beautiful to have captured on your attention…” Kazuya stated
“Yes, Absolutely gorgeous, and…” Jin said and kazuya sighed trying to push himself free
“That’s enough, I don’t want to hear anymore” kazuya said struggling out of Jin’s embraced in the circle of arms and causing Jin to wrap both arms around kazuya domineering
“No, I need you to hear this” Jin said causing to kazuya to stop struggling
“I said earlier today, remember?, what would you do if Aki-chan asked out, right?” Jin said as he slowly rose himself to look at his reflection through Kazuya’s brown orbs
“The person I love is you” Jin said running the tip of his fingers down to the inside of kazuya’s inner neck
“Jin...” Kazuya breathed out making Jin’s smile grow wider as he trailed his hand back up to trace ghostly over kazuya’s pouty lips that he drawn himself in and earning to kiss the day he met the older man leaning in a little closer to Kazuya’s his hear
“I love you, Kazu” Jin whispered into kazuya’s ear.  He felt Kazuya fidget a little at their closeness of their bodies kazuya tried to reason with the younger man that this is was wrong and shouldn’t happening Jin let go of kazuya to place his index finger and thumb on kazuya’s chin with his eyes fixed on those pouty lips in front of him leaning closer so that he could capture them when Kazuya back  away a little again
“Jin, Wait …..” Kazuya started as he blushed even harder the words that came out of Kazuya’s sounded so vulnerable to Jin’s ear that made him pin him to ground right in his room but he controlled desire for the older man a little longer but … a smirk appeared on his face
“No, I won’t wait any more” Jin said as he placed his lips over kazuya’s. Jin’s tongue flick over his bottom lip continuously wanting access to the hot cavern of kazuya’s mouth but to his disappointment Kazuya pulled away from me flushed making him look so wonton under Jin’s stare
“I’ve been holding back because I thought it would hurt Yuya” Jin pulled kazuya to him again kissing him again
“Jin…” Kazuya moaned out a little pulled back again
“But, if we both feel the same, then there’s no problem” Jin said trying to stop the man in front of him from struggling he only held him tighter and moved himself closer each time the older pulled away from him step by step
“Baka, who said we feel the same way, in the first place, we’re both men” Kazuya denied when he felt clasp hands around his waist moving him backwards until the back of Kazuya’s thighs came into contact with the desk causing kazuya’s to stumble and sit on the desk
“But I’m the object of Eternal Affection, Aki-chan” Jin said as he placed his hands on either side of the table Jin’s handsome face staring at him causing kazuya to turn away from Jin as he closed his eyes blush harder.
“That’s no fair” Kazuya in a soft a voice as Jin even closer so that there no distance between them anymore as he licked kazuya’s earlobe in a seductive manner
“Call it whatever you wish, as long as I can make you mine” Jin said when jin’s hand stopped caressing Kazuya thigh making this way between kazuya legs traveling higher and higher to his target causing kazuya breathe to hitch as it moving higher just when he was about to reach his prize and kiss kazuya again senselessly a knock onto the door interrupted him Jin cursed as kazuya looked at him wantonly look that would of made him lose control if it wasn’t for his father’s voice at the door
“Jin, do you have a guest?” Jin’s father called from the door after knocking and Jin pulled back
“What Dad?” Jin answered making his way to the door and opening it to revealing an older man and kazuya there still a little dazed as the smiling older man at the door and then at his son
“I bought some sushi and noodles and I thought you would like to share some with me?” The older man said to his son and his fell onto kazuya when he eyes widened
“Are you … Kamenashi Kazuya…..are…. you not?” The older man said shocked to see the man standing behind his son, Kazuya’s expression changed into fear when he finally remembered the man
“Ryosaki-senpai….. Ryosaki-senpai is Akanishi Jin’s dad….” Kazuya voiced out with wide eyes Jin was staring back and fourth between his father and Kazuya
“I’ve been wondering, how’ve been when we parted like that, what have you been up to all this time” Ryosaki pressed on like was an old friend but Kazuya didn’t respond he was staring at Ryosaki’s legs wobble staring at the older man’s feet when he saw Ryosaki his left foot lift off from the ground kazuya panicked and took a step backwards when Jin stood in front of him shutting kazuya out from of his father’s sight kazuya looked look up only to face with the back of Jin as water was glistering in this eyes
“Jin….” Kazuya stared at Jin’s clothed back
“He’s my best friend’s father, he just came to drop something off to me” Jin said to in father sternly as his father smiled
“Ahh, what a coincidence, it must mean something that we meet like this kame-chan, let’s be friends again Kame” Ryosaki said with a grin on face as Kazuya fisted his hand so that fingernails were digging into his own skin of his palm and the tears down in cheek
“Friends” Kazuya repeated as looked up
“How can you even say that with a smile on your face, after what you did to me” Kazuya said as he remembered how he miserably he felt that time when that incident happened. Ryosaki and Jin looked at Kazuya; Jin’s heart broke to see the older man in tears felt a wall that came crushing down all in at once.
“My humiliation at being betrayed by a senpai whom I thought was my best friend…” kazuya looked up
“Kazuya…” Ryosaki sounded out former friend’s name
“You’re happy to see me? Well I’m not I felt so wretched, so miserable after you did that to me” kazuya said bitterly          
“You don’t understanding anything at all” Kazuya said in an outrage glaring at his formal friend as he ran out the door of Jin’s room.
“Kazuya!” Jin shouted as he stopped to look at his father who was at a loss like so thought he didn’t know what to do he sighed and ran after kazuya minutes later.
“I’m sorry Kazuya…”Ryosaki said to himself as he fell on the floor on his knees in shame  as he buried his face into the palms of his hands “I’m sorry”
-----> Part Two <-----

Akame Wallpaper!!


This is my first time posting here in this community >.<  i've been here apart of  this community just haven't posted anything until now except for looking for a fic i believe was my last time that i posted here. 

Akame wallpaper that i made out of boredom from the LIPS  PV >.<  its not fabo, like some other wallpapers i've seen made here =o) i was playing around with Paint so yeah,  what do you guys think? 

comments are loved! =o)